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He's looking he's looking he's, looking he's, looking he's, looking he's, looking he's, looking he's, not any pain, he's not paying attention to a word. She just said we got anthony unofficial here, boys and girls. We are here in las vegas. Let's go make sure to check out anthony's channel subscribe, like he's putting out insane content that no one else on youtube is doing right.

Now, god damn right. Sorry, mr s; okay, that's right! Sorry, anyways boys and girls. Let's flip the camera around boom 2200 miles in to the road trip we've been in vegas for a couple days we got anthony has gone fran. Stefan, a good friend of ours.

We got his reaction. Uh make sure to check out that video we got ta get back to los angeles, baby, yeah cuz. Listen all those boys watch out anthony and i we're coming out comment. Come come for yourself, safe door boy, forget the cars boys, we're doing aquarium spotting here.

Yeah! Mr graham stefan and mr ferrari himself what a beautiful piece of work here look at that, graham, what's the most expensive fish in the tank right now, what do we got so the one this is called the gem tang okay, that little guy right there yep it's A gem tang so when i was first in the hobby yeah those fish used to cost anywhere from 3 000 to 5 000 for that fish, wow yeah now they sell about, i want to say anywhere from 500 on the low end to a thousand dollars. Okay, why did they go down? They just became more common to collect. Oh okay, i got you so i'm doing a collection. This entire rock is going to be a collection of what's called zoanthids.

Okay, these little polyps here and they come in all these different colors. So give it like a year this entire rock is going to be orange. Green, yellow, like all this, this whole shape right. There see a little shrimp in there.

Oh yeah, i see they're hiding under there yeah they're rock there boom. There you go. What are they doing? Uh they get on back of each other, and they don't like that. Oh okay, a little dark spot, hello, bright and early 8 a.m.

We're headed to sons of gt got mr anthony unofficial, with the ferrari make sure to like subscribe to his channel. Yeah sunset gt has not had a show in over a year and a half it's one of the biggest shows in all socal. So today we're taking the ferrari i mean: what do you explain to the camera? We're either gon na get kicked out yeah, it could be cool all right or this gets accepted sure and that's cool too you've uh registered. Oh, it's noah loom.

It's noah. I wish you the best luck, i'm gon na head over there to the corner, where the crowd is: let's roll, it boys, okay, all right, godspeed anthony! Oh, my goodness. Look at all the cyclists whoa green 918 spotting at the loft ferrari, the whole lineup here boys. That's what i missed at the newport level show i've got a film sto here.

What is everyone's thought on this one-off, unique paint on this detail? Ladies and gentlemen, the line to get in look at that look at all of that. Nice 599. severely underestimated the line here. This is insane walking an entire block down and there's still more cars.

Look at that! Oh hell, yeah! Look at this! We got the real deal in the boat rari side by side. Ladies and gentlemen, we got a piece of spider. We got a uh gt40 could be a kit car, there's that, yes, not sure if it's a kick car, but a trifecta of here look at this got cars here there and on the opposite side. Oh, my goodness, gracious, hey! Look! It's three ferraris together! Here we go nice, that's a squad game! That's what i'm talking about baby! I think the lot is full they're, not letting anyone in dang it.

That's pretty sick, sprinter, refresher. Unfortunately, the ferrari didn't make it in uh. It looks like the platinum quick strike is going to roll out around 30 minutes or so so it's gon na get a little hectic. Honk louder.

Look at the crowd. Baby look at the crowds cox is chilling. You know on security duty, no big deal they're making everybody. Unfortunately, the forward did not make it but check out this traffic here they blocked off sunset boulevard.

So, that's why the came to end real fast, truly one way to really shut down a show by blocking all the entry and exit points, so the crowd can't really uh. You know egg people on so anyways, headed back to the pad, had a few videos anthony. What do you think next time for the ferrari next time, we'll give you guys a video trying to get it into a show just make it happen today, just too busy. They shut it down before i could even get up there.

There are a hundred cars that didn't get in front of you, god, damn it, what the oh? No about the glasses - oh, not the glasses currently here with mr ken seidl himself, all the way from japan. We got mister, yes, leave me escalate, baby, just open the sunroof. Look. How massive this freaking thing is.

Courtesy of ken cyto make sure to check out his oh wait, not channel but instagram there. You go i'll link both of them in the description below, but man we're on our way to lax to pick up a very uh vip, sasaki-san, brilliant exhaust customer, mr lambo jesus and alex so uh stay tuned anthony. What do you think so far excited excited? Wait till the guys get picked up in this. Can you imagine it doesn't matter if your flight was bad, it doesn't matter you get there.

You come out. This is waiting for you. Life is good. What's up boys what's up there, we go how's it going.

Let's go: oh yeah upgrade rolling rolling presidential. You guys land get picked up in an escalade. Oh your cars ready unloaded. I had a drop of a hat.

Look at that like jay-z right now, oh anthony, that's whoa, yeah anthony you got ta pick one up, dude yeah! That's calling your name a true mark of a boy anthony is. When you put your ig tag on your car. Oh there it is. We seem worse.

It's okay, we're gon na. Let that one slide at least listen at least the color matches the the font and the color of the card matches. I've seen some really wank ones, though that's the way you're saying i can be a boy. If i do i'm gon na, do it immediately? Are you kidding? Yes, let's go all right, guys, we're here end round to monterey car week we got the whole squad here.

We got mr alex mr jdm, mr lambo jesus alex. What's up, what's up baby, this guy's a madman, i was going okay, it was 104 miles an hour which isn't that fast sure in this car yeah. I look back and i see ferrari mobbing on your ass to catch up, i'm like dude, anthony yeah and he's on spacers man. What's up what's up, tell me what's up, tell what's up honorary charlie and we got the ferrari ferrari ferrari all right, all right! Man fired up, is it really five dollars a gallon? Oh man, 5 14.

dang bring a real lambo to the gas station, gives a oh man. You know this happened yesterday, uh or two nights ago i had the lambo right next to ferrari. Yeah dude. No one took a photo of my car dude.

I love it. Anthony's yeah, it's just too funny. We made a last-minute decision to bring the s-class listen. I wanted to bring the gallardo and the s-class, but unfortunately the gallardo, just the e-gear, the hills.

Listen, the terrain! There and, of course just how loud the cold star is and how close all the motels and the hotels are in the area. We would have been in a lot of trouble, a lot of trouble ferrari living out its best life. We got an alpaca, yeah, amg, gt black series. Oh, it's not focusing whatever you guys get! That's dope yeah a little little plane spawn boys little learjet, oh hold on a second.

We got a red pj hold on. You can zoom through the fence. Oh, i got it. Yes, all right max fit check, fit check.

How much was your shirt? 10? Bucks? Nice? That's crazy! Oh that's! A lot of monzas there's like maybe 30.. Let's count them all. Wow! Look at the caliber matching calipers, all blue interior holy when we begin damn pretty sick colors here, there's around 30 plus monza, sp1 and twos over there no photos today, i think they're servicing some of the cars not really sure what's going on. But that being said, we'll get a few clips for you, boys boom, the guy that said not to take photos is taking photos, got him.

No photos, no problem on. Oh there they are yeah yeah, that's funny! That's sick, a one of what 25 20 or 25. I don't know what i was thinking. We racing we raised one before we raced one many years ago made that car rest in pieces, but here is another one that i've never seen before.

Gimbal gt holy smokes, that's sick, that's sick! That's athena, beauty, wow! Some guy! Over there is freaking out, he goes, that's a mclaren orthovenador and my goodness it is the man himself and two brilliant exhaust vehicles here imported for japan, okay, hello, no juice holy smokes. What is going on here, gambala whoa, that does look blue hold on a second. That's not black! That's blue, anthony unofficial! Oh! What's going on what's going on boom, you came at the right time. Watch out, there's a car coming in right.

Next to us, you're good! Nobody get out of the car. You got it grab your license: registration insurance yeah! One second: let me put this uh parking brake down, wait! Dude, i'm having one i'm gon na reach. My pocket here come on. Just do your license! Plate we've got the off ramp.

Yes, sir roll the window down. I i can't you took the key. I can't roll the window, the uh off-ramp here to north fremont street okay. As soon as we get into the city start to the right shoulder and stop it.

Yes, it's like a sidewalk. Okay! Oh you have my key. So yeah yeah i'll keep your license all right. Thanks man appreciate it all right.

We are currently here in monterey. Getting pulled over the officer is taking my license and we are pulling over here on the off ramp to the right out. Okay, bring your registration insurance with you. Yes, sir okay, i don't think that's legal is hand uh.

It feel duties around here. So, okay, were you filming uh moments leading up to the traffic? Stop you don't want to lie to me? Okay, because i have the authority to seize property, this car - i guess for its exhaust - i guess - on youtube this type of behavior. We don't really tolerated yeah interlace, your fingers together, separate your feet all right. Well, the issue was there's someone next to him.

I guess like speeding as well, so they classified us as street racing. They also pulled over the person extras as well. Oh, i guess they did. I think they're arresting him as well and they're arresting that guy guys.

You got someone to come pick you up. Um is it possible for one of us to just drive the car back? No, it's not gon na happen. Unfortunately, oh yeah i'll, send you. Is there anything that can be done not about the car? Oh about him at least like it was something so stupid, and so it was not innocent.

Okay, two two cars doing that on the freeway right next to each other. It's not innocent! It's so he's under arrest for street racing he's totally cooperative with me, and i appreciate that, but he committed a violation and it's my job to enforce the law. Okay yeah, i just wan na make sure you guys get safely on your way, all right, because we won't be here for too long and what's gon na happen to him, he'll be booked at the county jail for the night um, i'm guessing. He doesn't have any type of like prior charges like this, and so what normally happens is once we get to the jail they'll get his information for the system runs fingerprints all that as long as everything comes back clear which, like we probably figure it will um, Then they will release him with a court date.

So as long as he promises to show up in court at a later time, he will be released and he shouldn't have to post any bail or anything. Anybody in a lambo, yeah old friend, oh yeah, and then what's gon na happen, uh with this car, it's being impounded. Okay, so is one of. Are they going to give you a ride or yeah he's going to give one of us? So let's have money, get out and go hop in with where that person is and you're going to be on your way, i'll hop on like talk to him, claim that he was street racing because he did a hole next to another vehicle.

That was doing a pull at the same time, but are you all friends or are you just acquaintances, we're friends? Okay, does he have your old number yeah, okay, he'll be able to make a phone call once he gets up there and then, let's see it's uh, the jail is a first come first serve so probably in a few hours, they'll process, everything and then he'll be Able to call someone okay, so, like i said, if he lived local yeah, there would probably be no fail. There would just be a uh he'd just be released on a signature, but either way you can't do anything until he calls you okay. So the only thing i would tell you is wherever you guys are staying just go back there he'll get a hold of you, maybe a few hours, maybe less maybe more. The good news is like i said it's it's 11 o'clock.

It's wednesday, the jail shouldn't be too busy. He should get right in get right out, got it all right. Um do you know which jail? It's called monterey county you're in monterey, county. So, okay and um.

Do you know how long the car is gon na be impounded, for i i don't know what they're taking it for if they only take it because he's arrested, he can go, get it out in the morning if they take it. For the speed contest, the speed racing, it's a 30-day impound. I have no clue what the officer is doing. I'm just helping him out.

Okay, okay, but he'll he'll have all that info in his stuff on where to go, get it how to get it out. Okay, so so make sure if you guys have like clothes phone chargers, anything like that get it because that car may not be accessible. You know what i mean like they won't. Let you you're not the registered owner.

Only the registered owner is gon na be able to assess the car okay. So if it belongs to you get it out of there now, because you can go down there and they're not gon na, let you have access to it. Only he'll be able to okay. So don't like, i said, hotel keys or cell phone charger wallet credit card.

Don't leave anything like that in there, okay, okay and then so. The monterey county gel is in saline yep. Okay, it's the only county jail. Thank you.

If you go to google maps you put in county jail, it'll be the only one that comes up all right. Thank you. You.

By effspot

15 thoughts on “Police abuses power and arrests me…$12,000 exhaust impounded”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Roy Smith says:

    Under California law, it is illegal to engage in a speed contest with motor vehicles on public streets or highways//
    competing against another vehicle or against the clock, this should of been a speeding ticket at the most.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Black Water says:

    They did you real dirty homie.. phuck that shit bro, if anything press charges on the phuckboys. For at least 100k cash.. This is USA for crying out loud.. Your lucky you didn't get gun down.. 🚷 🪓

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 50 nic says:

    I love eff but this in no way was a cop abusing his power, we know how eff and his friends drive, its lit but theres a risk to it and he got caught. The cop was chill and he was professional only reason he fame off as angree was the crowd, look at the people in the car, 4 ppl and they all look like “immature teens” (I know they good people but the cop doesn’t) so he has to maintain control of the situation. Glad to know hes out and ok now but don’t disrespect the police because you did smt wrong

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RANDOM NONSENSE says:

    Yo if you have all of that recorded and you weren't racing fight that case in court!
    Getting arrested for showing someone your exhaust, that's ridiculous. I'm so glad I don't live in California where the exhaust law is strict, be that officer is just jealous bc he drives a 90s Camry.
    This is theft, they're basically stealing your car. I hope you right this absurd case!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Just harper says:

    The reason the cop wrote him for street racing is that is one of the very few reasons they can impound your car when others are there that can drive it away for you lying money grabbing cops!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eddie Gaines III says:

    I’d like to know what would have happened if on the camera they had proof that guy asked him
    🗣”Hey your the guy with the loud exhaust right? “You think you could hit it so I can hear it in person”
    Probably still go to jail, but it’d give some credibility to his side of the story.
    🤔Eh! Who knows

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars isaac shively says:

    100% was racing he said he didn't record any of the racing… Keep it off the streets or don't cry when you get caught

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Strongman says:

    I don’t see why the vehicle needs to be impounded when there are people right there that can drive it away.. Seems unnecessary.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Strongman says:

    What’s with all the swearing and pretending your cool.. You do realize that owning a Ferrari doesn’t make you cool right? Especially and everyday Ferrari. In blue.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bhdv says:

    That cop was so mad he coudlent enjoy fast fun cars in his life ! Dude really said “ it was not a innocent act “ that guy needs too see a therapist

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars WNDRKD says:

    what a fanboy, can't wait til he's proven dumb in court. no way effspot should've been arrested smh cop trying to get his 15 mins of fame. Plot twist this cop is a subscriber I bet

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ETIT says:

    The law requires a contest or a recording of time over distance or recording the rate of acceleration to prove street racing. Stepping on the throttle without measuring anything or racing another driver is not the minimum requirement for street racing. You can accelerate as hard as you want to if you don't go over the speed limit or spin the tires or make excessive noise or endanger anyone with aggressive driving.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MTM Community says:

    Effspot: floors Mercedes s600 to 45 mph

    Cop: you're speeding and racing you're going to jail.

    Edit: I didn't know going the speed limit is speed racing

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jake Lee says:

    More importantly this is a false arrest. He should hire a lawyer and sue the city and fire this officer power trip after an investigation

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ••• xD35P153x ••• says:

    Revving exhaust is not racing of any kind. You wanna issue a noise violation that's one thing but going 0mph revving the engine isn't gonna win you many "street races". Officer Dumbfuckery is just being a tool and filling a quota.

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