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Okay, here we go guys first, pull over filming this gordon here we go, you got your driver's license and everything. Oh i'm gon na get it out whenever he asks all right good. How are you all right? Cameras are on okay, oh yeah, sure yeah. The only thing is uh.

The reason for this stuff is your plates came back to toyota man. To be honest, this is a toyota yeah straight up. It is it's a kit car, oh god, so it's actually a 2001 toyota celica yeah. Yes, i just bought it.

So i bought it in ohio. I have an ohio title, it's a mess, i mean. If you want to try to figure this out like let's, let's try to figure it out. No, i mean it wouldn't be by the vin.

You know that would be the only thing that would right away give it a give it away. Yeah the vin is going to be a 2001 toyota. Salary cap is nice. Yes, sir, i'm going to be reaching in my pocket sounds good right.

I'm going to yeah! I'm going to reach right back here: okay, yeah you'll see the insurer. You guys are just visiting chicago, yes, sir, so we just purchased. This in cuyahoga falls ohio. I have the ohio title uh and then we're driving it actually back to las vegas.

So that's the plan. Do you have like an insurance? Yes, yeah. We do like youtube and stuff for like a car channel. So let's see here, it's called f-spot e-f-f-s-p-o-t yeah.

There you go, sir. Yes, sir yeah, we have a couple cars in los angeles vegas and then we just picked this up for fun. You know so yeah yeah, yeah, sure yeah, it's uh like four years or something like that yeah, so yeah, not too bad. So far, it's it's pretty good.

So far you know i can't come play a lot of fun. It's a dream! Job followers uh decent amount, yeah! Well, that's good! As long as you get that going, yeah, absolutely oh yeah! I appreciate it yeah! Yes, sir, all right. Let's just go run your dl real, quick, absolutely yeah good! Thank you sure, you'll be on your way. No worries at all sounds good.

Thank you. Okay, all right cool! It's like he came back to a toyota and i'm like yeah. It is a toyota what it is yeah i see another cop long day had it less than 24 hours already got pulled over and we're looking pretty good right now, right, yeah we're in business, but luckily they seem pretty chill. You know i i plugged in the f spa channel.

Hopefully he subscribes and see this video so shout out to shy rack pd baby, oh yeah, unless we get over. Oh, my god is it that all back at the it's at the hotel, um yeah i'll, tell you another thing: this car doesn't have door locks. I realized it after picking it up, so we didn't want to leave anything in the car. That's why i left in the otherwise.

I would leave everything in this right. We can't lock this car. We can lock the interior, try this try this in the door lock. No, i believe you dude, it doesn't turn it doesn't turn, and then this watch this.

It's not connected to anything. It's not connected yeah alarms watch this, but it doesn't move these yeah yeah. It's like it's like a speaker or something yeah. So if i lock these and shut the doors, i'm locked out of the car, i mean with the windows up anyway long story short.

I've got some work to do on this thing right. Okay, what's your youtube channel uh anthony unofficial, he's got f-spot. Yes, he's got lots of good stuff, yeah yeah yeah. Where are you going yeah just carry that paper with you.

Yes, sir, they have the picture of the insurance at the vent and everything. Oh that'd be great yeah. That was yeah because then yes, some of our cars also have plate readers. So if it pops up it's a different car, you're gon na be getting pulled over all the time.

Gotcha passing through bud. Oh sure, it's probably every single department, man, usually it's fun - to have a fake ferrari, and in this case it's not that much fun yeah all right man, we'll let you go for sure man. I appreciate you guys. Thank you.

Have a good night have a good night. Yes, sir, thank you dude! Let the paper work we'll take photos we'll take photos of it. We're gon na be fine, i'm straight up. That was a hundred percent, no uh.

No, no! No! Have it with us because 100, you might have just got two new subscribers. Congratulations, mister, anthony unofficial! Let's go bright and early at a whopping 11 30 a.m. I had to sleep in a little bit but check out this freaking combo. We got the armada from illinois.

We got mr sepps in the ml, we got the ferrari f420 and we got an 8th gen. Is it 8th, gen uh anthony, oh yeah, with the gas cap, corolla 2 two-car solution right here beautiful and, of course you got the pt cruiser with the flames on the side. Let's see boom we're currently here in iowa three dollars for regular gas 350 for the ultimate 9-1 octane and we just insert through this little uh pipe thingy here and boom. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, it's a little way got ta, wipe it down because you know it stinks and reeks of gasoline, but there is that.

That's how you fill up a uh lake ferrari. Currently here at the iowa 80 world's largest truck stop come here. Oh man, hey, look dude. We need this rear collector tones catch.

The other white me i used to have a light, but then i got a computer and a modem dude. This is boomer humor. What were we just talking about the other white meat yeah? This is an office, it's hell with fluorescent lighting like some medieval going over here like knives, staves swords, maces and a pig bench, and now we're talking guys. This is the content.

You guys subscribed for right here. Hatchets axes, daggers, knives, switchblades holy god bless them. Dude. I've always won one with a wolf right there - dude, that's god bless america and god bless every flavor imaginable for nas you got the original.

You got the purple grape nitro mango and sonic sour, that's really rare, but even the original believe it or not, is sort of rare, really no kidding all the gatorade, the body armor holy smokes taking a selfie hell. Yeah you've been fooled. Yes, sir yeah got scammed. Sorry about that, oh man, we're currently in the state of nebraska.

We just passed omaha anthony how you feeling uh tires not looking so great but uh. The grills are coming out too. Oh yeah, the grill is actually somewhere in the back there we'll do a quick walk around of things that are falling apart on this car yeah, but user uh, some of the silicone like, but i think that's cosmetic, all cosmetic, but the tire that's a biggie. So we're gon na have to address that yeah we're currently oh about 960 miles 12 and a half hours out to salt lake.

It's all right! Boys pavement ends right there. State maintenance of this road is over doing a little switcheroo here, but uh yeah. We got a couple more hours and then we'll hit up, i think a amid nebraska and we got a full day of driving tomorrow to salt lake city. Uh yeah a couple things with the cars parts of the rear.

Diffuser is kind of coming off. It's like a little strip part right right here, a little rubbery part silicone uh. Our tire is in bad shape, but fingers crossed we're gon na make it and then the front grille is uh. Well, there's a little uh missing mesh so to speak, but that's all cosmetic, i think we're gon na be just fine anthony.

How are we looking over here? Chunks have come off chunks, so it's ripping it yeah, okay, yeah well, fingers crossed. I don't see any uh wires or steel right, so uh that was just so jagged up there. It's uh, you know it's doing the velociraptor all right, there's nothing! I mean you guys saw in the last video right there there it is. We try to bait it out, but you know it is what it is so dude people live here, dude, look, there's like rvs right there there there and there sorry guys, currently having a little wendy's here it's around what midnight you think.

What do you get? The dave's dave single stay single. I got the grilled chicken sandwich and we are currently here. That's right. Nowhere, guys we're currently in the twilight zone check this out.

This is literally next level. Oh, my god dude uh yeah. We should probably get the out of here. The rattling's back, we are gassed up, there's not a soul in sight in great northern, the north platte north platte yeah another day.

Another dollar we're here at our lovely hotel, western nebraska, we're almost out of here. It's uh, the american by wyndham, another boomer, joke, nebraska loves boomer, jokes, but we're gon na go outside we're pretty well rested anthony. We have uh a couple things we need to talk about in regards with the uh the f-420, so that guy is changing a tire in the parking lot of the hotel. It could have been us exactly that could have been us, but luckily it is not us missing a rear diffuser.

Last night we hit a bump and it just went bang and uh. Apparently it was held together by zip ties and a couple boats, so you went in the morning, got a screwdriver took it off and uh yeah. This thing is literally falling apart. So that being said, without any further ado, let's go to salt lake city.

I have just noticed something anthony why this red button here? What is this red button? I don't know, but when i pressed it it stuck in and i and i went oh, i should have done that for the boost so uh beautiful state of wyoming, which passed through cheyenne, a much more enjoyable drive than say nebraska or iowa, no offense to all You, corn, huskers out there we're currently here at burger king anthony. You said this car is a good 10-footer. Can you can you explain to me what a 10 good footer is yeah 10 footer is like from 10 feet away. It looks pretty damn good.

I'm talking about like the paint, oh yeah, i mean, like 10 feet away 20 feet away. This car is a damn looker. That's honestly, the paint really does the job. It feels like black red silver.

It just doesn't really pop as much the blue, pretty good job. Guys, heavy rain standing water 20 miles ahead, turn off cruise control, 13 feet width and one mile ahead. Yeah those look like rain clouds, bro lightning storm. Here we go, i guess it really is a thunderstorm holy hell.

This is this: isn't through the reader, dude dry heat humidity, now thunderstorms, oh boy, there's a guy behind us getting pulled over. Can i cameron pick it up? Absolutely? No! He just got nailed this guy in front of us. Just got nailed about a couple months. Back someone else got in there: wyoming highway patrol watch out boys, two of them.

Oh whoa, double duty. Here we go boys tunnel run yeah. That was seven thousand. Yes, let's go baby, strap and we're coming for.

You check out all these cool rock formations, we're on the western side of wyoming, headed to utah. The man is strad, believe it or not. We kept this a secret comment for at least a week, so uh, let's see his initial reactions and go from there boys. The fo rari has made it here to utah we're here with the man of strad man.

First impressions on the ferrari dude i mean come on: it's sick. It's not bad right from the back three quarters and in motion. It looks amazing, honestly, no sounds pretty good too for a four-banger, it's not bad or not it's in the four-four band. It's not bad and unfortunate.

The diffuser it's in the trunk, but it is okay yeah. Once we slap that thing on it's gon na look beautiful. Absolutely anthony, how was the uh drive so far? I mean just well uh a lot of rubbing a lot of rubbing. That's right.

We may have it sorted, but we're gon na do a little bit more work on this side. Sure you know it needs some tlc low tlc. I know you know, though i guess the last couple owners. You know you think just like ran out of money and time and patience with this car and then just got rid of that close enough.

You know it rolled down the street and they said yeah good enough. I don't think anyone anticipated driving this thing across america, 2, 000 plus miles no way, but let's take a quick look at the one and only 40th anniversary murcielago. This scene is absolutely insane all the way from canada, six speedo. Let's take a look at the interior here, whoa man dude.

How many miles does it have james? I mean this is 17 000 miles 17 thousand miles a well-driven mercenary. The fourth anniversary has a lot of miles. Yeah. That just means i can drive it and enjoy it there you go so bad.

I love that number nine see. That's the last numbered that's right, yeah they don't number stuff like they go like one to five hundred. So they can build more, they can cheat the system. Oh yeah.

I said it here first well, this carbon piece is so cool. It's like the old school carbon, too yeah you're right yeah. This color is one of a kind. I s, i sold you a 1 12 model of this car.

It's your fault and you told me that you looked at it long enough every single day, i'm looking i was like i need one. Then i bought one there. It is you whoa? It's all your fault, yeah i'll, take four take full responsibility, but man what a beaut! Oh here we go holy on the engine bay and everything too dude. That's insane! I should never see 2003, that's crazy.

This was this. Was it yeah almost 20 years old? Now, goodness, 6.2 liter v12. I just need to get the f-spot exhaust mods. Oh yeah, the best in the business i'll be happy to help out yeah.

It's got a uh uh, it has a tubie. It doesn't sound bad. It's pretty good, though yeah, but it can sound a lot better. Oh work, some foreign well uh, we'll do some inquiries and uh find something nice for you, so damn that is so clean.

The first time i've actually seen mr james's veyron wrapped like this. We saw this uh stock at the dealership many months ago, and it is here in the flesh check out how close he's gotten to the concrete wall here. That is very impressive, amazing parking skills, my man, that is, that is nerve, nerve-racking, my goodness quick little update. We just got here to utah we're currently here at mr stradman's warehouse very nice digs.

We got the bendpak lift here, we're about to uh anthony's, about to put on the new lug nuts. Do a little surgery make sure to check out his channel and his video for everything wrong with the ferrari he's going to do an extensive, in-depth, comprehensive review of the car. It's done around. Let's just say around 2 000 miles guys check out the weather here in utah beautiful and we got james's brand new liberty walk aventador roadster with the underglow we're gon na do a little rolling shots check it out.

It's gon na switch up the colors, but man. This is the first time i've seen this car in its final four, listen just between you and me guys. I think he needs a brilliant exhaust to really just take it to the next level. Yes, let's go make sure to follow.

Anthony unofficial, give him a follow. Yes, check out his channel subscribe. He's got a lot of content with the ferrari in the coming days and weeks. This is just the beginning, boys and girls yeah and we're here with amanda stratt.

We got burlacker in the urus, the whole squad's. Here i don't know who this guy is, but he's part of this one. Let's go get it baby. This thing just sparkles in the sun wow look at that no brake lights! Headlights! I don't even get it wait.

A second. Is there no door or you just got ta like just got ta slide on in wait? Really? Oh yeah! Oh that's! No yep! Oh okay! I i was not aware that i thought there's gon na be a driver's door. No pop up you just pop in there and just bam another day. Another dollar boys we're here in the state of utah the sun is shining down on all of us, and the ferrari is running in tip top condition.

Right here we are headed to a charity. Show we're gon na check it out and uh. This is the first time this ferrari is going to be at a public car show, so las vegas we're coming for you los angeles, we're coming for you stay tuned boys. Let's get some reactions, i don't think they're ready for this.

I don't think anyone is ready for this. Does that hurt? Yes, it does. Oh, my gosh. It actually does yeah.

That's interesting. Listen! If that's what we're not getting leave hell yeah, we got a leap. Dude! That's what we're talking about baby! This is so busy here. Look at this guy in the shade this guy here he's like hold on a second yeah.

What is going on with this car? I like these guys. They know they know, that's uh getting leaked in the ferrari baby. Yes, we're out boys on to vegas. Let's roll boom.

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    Ummm why did the cop run the plate in the first place? They can't just run plates without a reason. I would of asked the cop why the plate was ran to begin with? Illegal stop based off no cause to run the vehicle. Cops were just fishing and profiling you guys. Bad cops

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