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The jail is a first come first serve so probably in a few hours, they'll process, everything and then he'll be able to call someone. Okay, no and it wasn't street racing because it's you street racing is you're racing. Somebody yeah we were just. He was trying to film you guys, while you were, you know, going a similar speed as him yeah and his car sounds like he's going a lot faster, yeah, exactly yeah like they just want to like make it exactly.

They should have just wrote a speeding ticket street racing's excessive yeah, that's not even real. You know it wasn't even close to that. He immediately just like said to gordon step out of the vehicle turn off the car and give me your key yeah, which i thought was very excessive, because then he asked him to roll the window down and it was like. How am i supposed to do that when you have the key, so wait this kid he? How long was he driving next to you guys for a while? It was like it was the whole way.

I guess we were going the same direction: okay and then like at one point like we were next to him and i was like oh he's filming us and then he does a little pool and we're spot to do a pull. I guess oscar was like hidden or maybe are you guys on the highway and then you got on that off ramp and then he got you or was it after that off ramp when he went under the bridge and stuff like right, where he got pulled over, We were on the highway like on highway one, and then he told us to pull over and then he told us to pull onto the highway to pull over okay. So you went on to that other highway, like that after he pulled himself yep yeah that like killed me when they told him like put your hands over your head and then started going for the i was like seriously gordon of all people. This is.

It was excessive. The ticket's excessive, no question he's probably laughing about this. Well, the issue is like they took him out of the vehicle immediately, so we didn't hear the conversation, but they didn't mention a speed to us yeah because they just said you stream radar. I'm just glad you didn't bring the lamp up yeah, oh my god that would have been horrendous because then he really would have been moving yeah yeah.

The whole reason why he wants to get arrested. Is he didn't want to share the room with these guys? Damn i finally got my own room, we're documenting this, because we need your reaction, anthony someone's, not here, right now, somebody, you know well he's not in the hallway yeah. What do you think gordon is right now, if you had to guess you get like i mean i mean you could probably guess james no he's not with james no no starts with the j, though four-letter word a word rhymes, with male 1 he's in jail gordon's In jail, what the happened: dude gordon's in jail! No joke! No joke! No joke! He's arrested! He got pulled over for street racing, which he wasn't doing with these people in the car. Some like other 17 year old in like a what a 330i or something a fan, fanboy yeah.

So he was filming gordon yeah gordon wanted to give him a little pull on the highway. Yeah gordon's car sounds like it's going a lot faster and it's really going sounds like yeah. He was maybe doing 80 miles an hour pulled over for street racing and arrested and now he's in county. So we're just waiting for we have a cell phone when he makes his call to us.

We're gon na go, get him out holy. It's gon na be a couple hours yeah. Do we need bail money, we're good, i think yeah, okay, yeah, we'll get it and so we're good. Let me know we're there for them: yeah we'll get them out ftp.

This is what sucks is there some cool cops and then there's some they're just yeah. They told these guys, like anybody who speeds this weekend or like throughout car week. You know they said make an example out of himself uh we're gon na do whatever we have to do to get him out of this. It's crazy really wasn't going that fast yeah.

I wasn't, i know he would we were at dinner and, like all of a sudden, my phone was blowing up, it was alexandra was calling me and then max is calling me and i'm like. Oh something bad happened holy, i'm glad it wasn't an accident. That's the most important. No one's hurt, mine's, okay, you know yeah, but yeah.

That would be this gentleman right here behind us here, dude, you got a purple gladiator. I know, but we literally just got here like oh, i know we just dropped by right here. Oh really, i mean you got ta recognize. There are coincidences.

You just yeah, i think so, we're on our way to the gym. Okay, oh fun, okay, cool! All! Right! Okay, now he's just gon na be released in the morning. Okay, so gordon does a little pool and he probably pulled like up to like 80 miles an hour, and i guess at the same time, the fan in the other car was like going the same speed as us. Oh yeah, like the cop just randomly, showed up in the parking lot.

It was so weird like out of nowhere, and then yeah gordon is just like sitting in the back of the patrol car have a good night guys. Thank you all right, fun sweet guys. I hope we don't run into each other terms like this, we'll take good care of it. Let's all uh be good, so we can keep having fun absolutely for the future, appreciate some of the drama that we found in the past yeah.

That's not what we're here for yeah, no, i know enjoy guys happy new year have a great night. I like how gorgeous release to us as if we're like, responsible citizens, so we're your legal guardians. You just got released test score. I cannot even believe what just happened.

What in the world wasn't? Joking? No, no, no arrested me well we're just sitting here in the parking lot the cop shows up. I know no idea it looked like a setup. How did you find us? They were taking me to county 5 miles down that way right and you just look over and see it? No! No! No! So he goes okay! Well, i'm gon na i'm gon na quiz. You, whose car is that right there he points to your six places, i'm like that's james.

He goes all right who built it. I'm like taught agility to us seriously, i'm not even joking, so he goes all right. We're gon na pull up and he goes well. How do you know him goes i go well.

I have his hotel key card in here. I checked in for you right, for you guys, he's playing like mind, games dude, i'm going to release the hotel key card to james and then we're going to be on our way to go to county. We go all the way in where they pull in the uh chp cruiser cars. Where, like they're going to book me and everything, and i swear the last one, he goes, you know what i'm just going to release you and i was like what are you kidding me when i gave the key card to you.

He thought i was like. I thought was lying, he goes. Oh, you got some streak right now. You know.

Oh, you know, strand man, i was like okay yeah and then dude you got ta help me get out of jail. That is think about the chances of what just happened there. We literally picked this parking lot out of randomness complete randomly what's going on here, we're just unloading because we didn't know where to unload. We just like todd just pulled in this parking lot, randomly yeah to unload for no reason - and he said you guys had like some airbnb issues or something yeah, so they showed up to the airbnb and there was no furniture inside look at my wrists.

You could see that oh geez, they cuffed you. I was handcuffed for like an hour and a half i was going to go to county jail. We thought i mean because the cop car rolls up right and he's just like we're going to make this quick, someone's going to jail. We have a room card yep from gordon, and i like i'm like over in the gladiator like whatever yeah, and i would like walk up, and i was like dude yeah, wait what and then he just pointed the flashlight at you or whatever.

That was when it was real you're just like, and he goes. I appreciate your honesty you're under arrest for street racing. I was like hold on a second and before i knew it, he put the hands behind my back and i was done. There was nothing else.

I could have said that's crazy and they impounded the car yeah. The other bmw and my car is in comfort. Before we even begin. I don't even know we're headed to the impound law.

It's the next morning, we're in the ferrari with anthony unofficial. It's going to help me retrieve the monster: the thousand dollar exhaust uh. Let's see how this goes: boys at least you're a free man right, yes, you're right at least i'm a free man. We just got ta set the car free, that's correct! I, like it, take her away: let's go car week, baby, let's go, let's get it, how we managed to get out of that situation last night, but we are here at the impala.

Oh no, i can't get out. Okay, sorry, you know for ferrari problems. Let's go get this sucker, i think i see it there. It is right there hold on yes, sir, and make sure everything's on the up and up we did take mr sheep and all the good stuff out of the car.

Anything that was of value, including a bottle of wine, mr sheep and alpaca uh. I think we're in good shape guys all right. We are free scot-free. Oh man, it's been crazy.

Past 12 16 hours got a little bit of rest, but we're back in business day. One of monterey, not bad, not too shabby. What do you think anthony? I mean. What do you think is gon na happen this week if they took this situation that seriously? What do you think is going to happen this weekend? I might be in bad shape.

Dude get that bail money ready baby. Let's do this cash only baby go monterey. Tell them to bring it no. Actually.

No, we don't want to bring it. I mean if they're pulling people over and impounding cars like mine over just nonsense. I mean good god bad shape, as you would say, bad shape, but on the bright side, there's a jamba juice, a half mile away from this impoundment, let's go baby. Everything is in one piece that was a very streamlined process.

Um yeah i'm not really sure where to go from here, it's only day, one of car week, so we got the ferrari adding an official, a couple rallies rolling in chp coming in hot, so everyone's got to be really careful this entire week. I i don't know. I don't know what to tell you guys we're gon na get some jamba juice, recollect our thoughts chill and uh yeah back here in downtown carmel, with the full rar behind me, mr anthony unofficial. Let's do some uh good old fashioned car spawn cool down the jets? A little bit and take it a little easy.

So here we go. Let's see what we got a 2008 toyota prius, not bad rap on the vantage but check this out four gt right over here. Oh, that's: pretty sick wow hold on a second a little bugatti cheer on not too shabby. Apparently here on cannery row looks like furon just rolled up.

There are cops everywhere. Anthony has parked his car somewhere behind us and look there's a ton of people right over there, a little zoom in action. Oh there's anthony yes, let's go everybody's been asking for you, man, i'm gon na hop on god. Oh god, everybody's wondering what's going on.

They want to see you, oh no, wait until you roll up. Oh there you go there, you go! Oh no too. Many too many cops too many cops they're watching they're listening little. Do they know what happened last night? Are you kidding me guys by the way? No way i'm taking you for holding a camera like that yeah, so just just so you know that's, apparently what a guy in a white corvette got ticketed for okay, so we got to be, i got to go.

Hands-Free hannah is uh on camera. Today, oh yeah, you don't get up again: oh yeah! We can't afford another uh hell, i'm putting my seat belt on right now. You should probably put your seat belt on good, sir yeah he's at 600. Oh game recognized gay.

There you go yes, sir. Oh it's! It's d badge he's back d badge, not a v12; no, not a v1 boom nailed him. I hate to see it. Man double duty, double duty.

A little mark super action there with the gold emblems. Gold, emblem is really dude, whoa turn to jesus and you will find peace. This is what we're talking about right turn. Only here headed to downtown carmel, the police have blocked it completely off uh.

I guess you have parked in the uh on the streets prior to them blocking off you're good, but on top of that you got the outdoor patio dining taking away like 20 of the parking. So not only oh, we got a cop here hold on we're gon na. Oh, oh, oh, that is a very unique color on the tournament, not bad more. Would i rock it no heritage edition or gt nice all right, little hyper car spot for you, boys, sabre santa pagani bc, sheer run whoa, look at the leaves.

Oh, it's horatio, it's horatio, oh no way, horatio you and i use the same engine. We use the same engine block horatio facial consignment ratio, oh boy, wow, go baby; let's go damn all right, anthony all right, i'll meet you there for sure. Yes, sir, we are currently here with the car week, ambassador himself, chris morrison, and we got aaron orion and the passenger seat. Can you explain to me what, in the this is right here, a little uh hello trying to slow us down? So we don't speed on 17 miles, so we got these guys in vests, cones, probably out here all night yeah they're here all night.

This was obviously not here. Two years ago, in 2019, carwick has been changed yeah. This is insane what, if someone didn't see this and just went straight through this guy, that's insane dude in the middle of the night, the spanish bay inn. So we got a couple eggs.

We got a little laugh, spj uh, what's going on here, whoa anthony what kind of detailing uh flu we got going on. This is just some old optimum, instant, detailer oid, oh hit. Okay works like a charm yeah, we just decided it looks good. You have to get a ferrari hat a ferrari jacket, they're here right, yeah nate said it would be funnier if, like they were fake, you know, but we need to get you some ferrari swag.

You need to wipe it down with the ferrari. Swag. Maybe wear some gloves:.

By effspot

14 thoughts on “Stradman bails me out of jail”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian from Lancaster County, PA says:

    Where do these young guys get the bucks to buy such absurdly expensive cars ? Or are they Chinese knockoffs ?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RANDOM NONSENSE says:

    This is why I have a radar detector, and police scanner under the seat. I haven't been pulled over in 7 years, idc if it's illegal what these cops are doing nowadays is more illegal. And dude get a head cam so you don't have your camera in your hand, it's dangerous for you and for other drivers.
    It's pretty obvious you have money, so use it wisely. 😐

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NGOGE3 says:

    People might want Gordon's cars and following… But i want friends like his! You have great Friends Gordon!

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars the droopy wanderer says:

    The fact that you got pulled over for speeding and all your little rich buddies are saying it was "excessive" shows how distant you people are from the real world and life

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eddie Gaines III says:

    Money makes the world go round. 💰 🌍 respect the all mighty dollar 💵, Now all I got to do is , become RICH 🤑 😂

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pixelated dount says:

    Man U deserve it to be honest with that obnoxious exhaust. Too much is too much. It’s matter of time they snatch u

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joseph Possanza says:

    Didn't even go to jail. Cops don't release you to your friends if you are arrested. Good try though.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Melvin Freeman says:

    The cops that arrested and almost booked effspot seemed fake. They told him why the arrest, but no reading of his rights. The details of the “street racing “ makes me wonder about the legality of arresting someone who wasn’t resisting arrest.The speeding was illegal.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Mahan says:

    Anthony's reaction was hilarious, I suppose it's the reaction I would have given, because the last person to be arrested would be Gordon. The jail bird is free 🙂 and reunited with mister sheep 🐑 😂👍

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars K Liss says:

    wats the movie title again Series of unfortunate events ?….
    Series of Fortunate events in Gordon's case lool

    as and ex convic n street cat with my share of odd situation n release thats high up there in the WTF Just happen XD

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kaichu says:

    I'm curious of the legal memes to come out of this. Arresting you and putting you in handcuffs and then just saying "yeah nvm you can go" sounds like bullshit – what was the point of the arrest then

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars js002003 says:

    ugh. don't say 80. say 79 (assuming in 65 mph zone)… bc 15 over usually grounds for reckless driving in a lot of jurisdictions

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mad Man Matheny says:

    I’m from the Monterey area and I am sorry but our cops are horrible. I did two donuts in an old abandon Fort Ord parking lot then all of a sudden five cop cars surround my vehicle and told me to get out of the vehicle and get down on the ground they searched my truck and they searched me for any paraphernalia which I did not have Most of the cops were really chill about the situation and were wanting to let me go with a warning but this one female cop had to get her way and so they impounded my truck and said it was to be crushed the next day I went to the police department and all charges were dropped after being reviewed for unnecessary charges. I sure did get out lucky

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vincenzo says:

    I’m confused, so did he tell the cop he had Stradmans card and then they ran into them? Also if they arrested him wouldn’t that have been called into a supervisor and then they show up to booking and don’t book him and then leave? No one said anything while these cops were doing all this. I really don’t understand this is to weird.

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