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Boy, there's absolutely no traction in that car in the way. All right. So G Wagon G-Wagon G Wagon G Wagon G Wagon G Wagon G-Wagon G-Wagon land truck Range Rover and another Brabus G-Wagon Look at this. another G-Wagon three more G-wagons down there and another G-Wagon uh, where where the hell are we? G Wagon G-Wagon G Wagon G wagon and another G wagon Dubai keeping Brabus afloat one G Wagon at a time.

hey look G wagon galonda wagon along the wagon surprisingly in Dubai Chrome seems to be a bit out of style. Oh never mind there, it is low bravis action for you Worst off spec yellow interior with the hmm it's like a minty green minty green. We got a bentega Hello! We're currently here at the Flat 12 cafes with some pretty sick cars. This is really clean.

Look at this. M3 good color, good color on the Porsche Safari Got the E-Type over here RX7 Got a Porsche over here as well, another Datsun and a Ford GT and boom and the Ferrari 550 hiding behind it. We're currently here at the Maritime City Port Rashid that I've never been to a lot of places in Dubai We've never been to a nice little blue mirror right over there. This space is actually a lot larger than I anticipated.

Anyways, quick little update. We'll do some spotting and we'll see what we see. Uh oh, what is that? What do you got? What do you got? Thanks Benedict Eggs Benedict and hash brown on the water. Oh wow, what is that? What do we got over there? Chips? Okay, something we don't really get in the States here.

Coke Zero in a bottle I Like that. Pretty classy. We're keeping them nice and lean today, boys. just a little drink.

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Now back to the video for r129 action. for you boys, that's so 500 C240 AMG I don't know about that. Is that a real AMG Ah, it's got a bunch of charger plates. see what else is hiding in the back? Got a E55 AMG just chilling here.

a Dusty old 220 SE right next to it. These are cars that are owned by the owner of the cafe they're getting worked on. It's not like 40 50 cars old G wagon. Anyways, let's go inside this workshop and take a look.

There's some pretty sick cars here at the 6.8 Cafe Check this out right over here. Boom! We've got the Evo 2 right over there. Got a pretty sick Audi up top E60 sedan right over here. look at the wheels.

Perfect condition I believe this car came from Japan Leave it to the Japanese to always take care of the cars and we got to test a rose over there and another Benzo up front and he's got a bunch of G-wagons out front as well. There we go. Pretty good bird's eye view of all the cars from above Mercedes themed memorabilia left and right and got the Quattro right over here and the Evo2 from the bird's eye view on the second floor Dane and Mr shot at CMS eyeballing that car. Oh yeah, matching wheels too.

This is a Delta final Edition which is only delivered to Japan final Edition Japan Only many thanks to Mr Penfold over here with the integrale knowledge. Thank you very much. There it is. Well I guess that's I don't know what that is I don't know what that is either.

But and before you guys get upset, we are filming the Unimog u90 Turbo a way for it Yes I got it. Yes it's called The Apocalypse Not sure what it is, but uh a Jeep I Don't think I've ever seen that before. I've seen Jeep six by sixes but not this. Well it's got like a sloped roof like a Tesla truck.

Holy hell what is this? It's got no doors. There's like a camera on the top too. Well let me know in the comments below as to what exactly we're looking at. Might be some research.

We're gonna depart the Red Sea Why did I just roll my window down? Oh yeah, it's a River out here. Oh look, who's inside? Yes, yes oh my. God This is really bad. The same goes when it rains.

it pours out of the ventilation. All right. Quick walk through through Elaine Class P1g Trp1gtrp1 carbon series P1 and 18 Senna you got the Man City Veyron got two 4jts you got a Pagani wire up BC in it back uh 959 Roma some Classics Crazy. Absolutely nuts.

This P1 though is top tier top tier spec silver Wheels silver calipers light blue great interior carbon series P1 Interesting spec shiron Check out the Cullinan. wait for the forced carbon bits all over it. hold on a second look. highlighter yellow on the Rolls-Royce Got the Triple Trap combo Svj Black Series what else we got here? oh 4GT Pretty sick before you Porsche aficionados nice Defender that's a good spec.

Really good spec. Check this out. We're just driving around in duster area. We've got a Toyota Century slammed look at this.

What kind of wheels are those? Lord Almighty There's this massive car park here trying to figure out a way we could like get in, but a lot of abandoned cars. legit abandoned cars like this. Range Rover And that 560 sec? Um, oh look, that was 460 for 430 rather sorry ATV or Polaris As you can tell, it's a pretty damn big garage so we're definitely getting our steps in. The rain is coming down in just a second, so hopefully you find something cool.

Oh, very dusty. Yeah, Aha so there are cars up here confirmed. Polaris Slingshot Okay, a little bit of dust clean is. oh, that's really dusty.

Listen, we love a good bit of dust over here on our Channel and that is bonafide abandoned more. Dusty Mercedes Whoa. Rolls-Royce S500s Class 280 Old Benzo Audi R8 over there this is pretty cool. Good color.

32 000 kilometers 2009 Fan It is pretty clean S500 Is that black or Tina Homer Going up boys going up. let's see 430 huh? Jeez, look at this. I think those are all new cars on that end? Not entirely sure, but yeah, the true scale of all the cars here. Oh, it's starting to rain.

It's a little bit. S500 It's got the tips, the kit, and the wheels. Definitely worth a pretty penny in this market. 140.

safe to say abandoned. Thank you. This one just says don't buy this. Jeez, it's my California plates on look like two plates here 2012.

that's a re-registration sticker. What's that? Someone's interested in there? Please call. I'm interested. We got the triple yellow crew over here.

Just wait a second. We got a yellow Regera. now. take your time.

take your time. Just take your time. Yellow Regera. What in the world That's pretty sick.

Hold on a second getting the phone shot as well Black Series and then a yellow LaFerrari He's getting a shot. Nice triple yellow threat. Do buy plate, do by play. That's crazy.

You got the uh Bulgari Marina with the residences in the back there purple colon in a couple Bentleys over here. drop head two-toned damn that's a clean smug. We got the new Lamborghini showroom. We're on the iPhone again boys and girls.

We got the say on Roadster What a 19! hence the 19 on the tail right over there or on the wing to be this I Believe this is launched spec over here. This is the uh, how many currently here at the Lamborghini dealership got the one of 19 seon Roadster over there pretty six spec. It's a bit windy and it's still a little rainy, but I believe it's like the second or third one we've seen this entire trip. Pretty sick car, just like the one we've seen in Japan.

They're legitimately just pushing the water down the sewers. The rain is slowly subsiding. We've got the clouds, the Burj Khalifa and a ton of Godzilla Oman Club one two three four, five, six, seven, eight, at least eight. GTRs here.

That's crazy once. look at that. That's crazy. Especially with the clouds.

that's how tall the Burj Khalifa is. Oh yeah, extended edition. Crazy. What else can be said? Half the city's underwater and we got the Burj Khalifa high and mighty Above the Clouds eight or plus eight plus GTRs R35s, the Godzilla Oman Club that's pretty sick and a couple other cars on the other side.

but stick video right over. Yeah, just don't open the windows. Oh my gosh, Yeah, it's like yeah. curling.

It was like yeah, it's like curling, but they're trying to get the water down the sewers. No, just drive through the whole thing. There's cars scattered about. Oh my gosh, that's what I'm saying.

Look how flood it is over there. Wait, wait for it right here. Look Jeez man.

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12 thoughts on “Hunting for the real abandoned supercars of dubai”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mickey B says:

    Dubai: Supercar spotting with the Burj Khalifa towering in the background, and a $0.5m watch advertisement casually in the shot.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nimish Anand says:

    If your standing next to the famous Bugatti and Cullinan that I think you are, then you should know that the cullinan bears the second most expensive number plate in the world worth a little over 10mil USD and the Bugatti at just over 6.7mil USD.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GT500 says:

    Ukraine is getting boomed up by my boy Putin, and there is nothing anyone can do about it, UKRAINE WILL DIE

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    Have a good day everyone!!!

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    Apocalypse Jeep’s are all over Miami

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! The1RealKtmRider K says:

    How do so many many people have g wagons

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tourè says:

    Video quality : Nokia 3100

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    Any KoinegSpecials?

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    Same recycled videos every time

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    The wheels on the Century are Cosmic Venerdi Hereborrani CL-010

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    poorsh-ah not poorsh

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gorbachev_x says:

    Like I asked in the last video, why are these so many abandoned luxury cars in Dubai? There are thousands of pictures on the internet of supercars and luxury cars just collecting dust in this place for apparently no reason.
    There has to be a reason for so many high standard cars being abandoned in this place. They can't just be all from the same people who got drug lord/war lord money or corrupt politicians from the other side of the planet.

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