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Just like that, we're on the road again. We just landed here in Dubai We're at the hotel room 16 hour flight, just chilling. We're meeting with our friend Adam Shaw and Mr Alex Penfold. We just did 8 300 miles from Los Angeles to Dubai but check this out! My hotel room has a very interesting feature.

There's a view here, but it's just a view of the lobby downstairs. We're on the second floor, but aside from that kind of a weird setup, there's a few things you want to do while we're here. in the Middle East and Dubai we have one week There's a few shoots. We want to do some car spawning and check out the dealerships and of course find some weird abandoned cars.

So without further Ado let's roll out. We're currently here in the brand new Audi E-tron Sportback s crossover. Little do I Know that there are no side mirrors? it's cameras. They got the camera or the LCD screen right over here.

on the right side and on the left side we have Mr Adam Shaw the man who hooked up the car. We'll be having an electric car in Dubai for the next six to seven days, so we're gonna see how this goes. But uh yeah, the driving here is a bit erratic. We're headed to some of the dealerships here.

we're following our good friend Arthur and Mr Alex Penfold in the Audi S3. So yeah, doing a quick dealership Loop here in Dubai Pretty standard procedure, but uh, let's see what they got inside. We were here about a year ago. The inventory has completely changed with a Q Series Aston 177 over there.

there's a Remington in the back. it's a couple more Bugattis Over here crazy Got the P1 2p1s all carbon, couple 9, 18s, yellow one Jeez! In the span of less than a year, the entire inventory has completely changed. Standard 16.4 new lights, new Wheels I've got the Black Series over here and a Gumpert Apollo that's been sat around for quite some time. Obviously, we're not gonna do a full walkthrough of all the cars here, but this is pretty wild.

Definitely add these Veyron's to the list. Goodness gracious, this is sick. I Thought there's one with the LA Chente Nair editions, but it is not that it's all carbon. Vincero, Shiron Let's check out the Remington in just a second.

The question is, what is going on with this BMW Over here, it's got a rainbow on the hood. We're next to Reviton Toupee I Think this guy had the right idea. Two-tone Wow. this is just one flat color and it's got the matching interior as well.

This guy's got the two-tone interior gives a little more Flair Jeez, We'll get some of the more notable cars here. We got that 430 scud in white looking pretty damn good. And look at this mirror. great color.

Look at the Slrs over here as well. Hey, we got the Aston section over here. We saw this last time the Gt12. Dang, that thing looks good.

I have a V12 Vantage in blue. is it manual? Uh, alas it is not manual but the Gt12. What a dream! Never got these in the states. You all love a good old super legendary 570-4 in Grigio telesto Good looking car.

And it was only a first gen though though sound infinitely better than the second gen built. Still check out the parking rates to endurance premium from Monday to Sunday is 210. holidays 3 15 from 10 a.m to 12 a.m The Bugatti The tests right over here. passing the photographer for a selfie with the test.

That's how it's done Boys this brings us back OG Spawn days here at the Dubai Mall and just pulled up to the Grand Drive alley and there it is. a little Bugatti The Test Action for you A Lot of cars streaming through the Grand Drive valet but we're gonna Keep On Moving see what we see Good Start What's amazing to me is that in America this will not fly. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. No barriers.

Look at that in Dubai No problem. Not sure these are abandoned, but we're currently here at one of the valets. the red one and a Greener white one. I Don't know if it's dusty or not, but no it is.

Dusty sorry abandoned. We don't know. All right So we got it. What? NSX R34 GTR We got a Defender why I said yes and what in the good Thor's name is this now? Boy oh my goodness.

now we're talking. This is the content you guys want. This is the content you guys subscribe for. Look at all the spikes on the front lip Okay in the grill.

oh it's got It's got uh skeletons. skelly's in there. Look at the interior, you guys see that gold Road Horror Good. It's gracious having NSX on 280 plates R34 G2 on Bahraining place and it's got this thing is chilling.

It's spikes on the uh driver side door as well. So little do we know there are two fashion ballets. This is the second one on ground level. There's another one across over that way.

but check this out wire. Roadster Do you buy plated 2100? Get back. It's pretty sick. The saying goes in: Dubai if you miss a turn on your GPS or you missed seven turns consecutively consecutively seven turns, it will add an additional 20 plus minutes on the ETA we are currently I don't even know where the we were at right now, but there's this truck.

How is he gonna leave? There's no way. No wait, wait wait Oh oh okay. hard turn. Yup, we're trying to find our way back to the motorway.

We have Mr sheep over here we got. we still have no side mirrors. Hold on. he might have it now I think he's got it and turn it.

We did say we want to go find abandoned stuff and uh Adam taken says seven consecutive wrong turns and we're now in some industrial area in the middle of the night. All right. Can you guys see the Burj Khalifa all the way down there? That's where we originally started at the Uh cinema. parking and we've ended up all the way Here we were.

We started there and we're here. Air here. Currently at the out a weird used car market. Walking around and found a random Sherpa look at this I'm tired of deflated, chilled? Well let's walk around and see what we find.

Yeah, with the right amount of like you know tire pressures would basically climb any Terrain in the sherpa. Anyways, here's one for sale. So crazy. Right next to G wagon you see how large how big these are in person.

Hey, still kind of want one, but the MSRP was like 188 000 in the US One Le Camaro good color two-car solution. Nice little uh Aston Martin Vanquish Yeah, we gotta check every nook and cranny here. Every shop, every corner leave no stone unturned in. Dubai Oh look, that's the Rosa Yeah, that's what I'm saying guys.

you never know anything else. Yeah, it's amazing. Look at the suspension on the Bentley over there. Not great.

Um, it did rain like a few days ago so some of the cars might be a little dirty. Rollies What is this? Yenko off-road 800 horsepower? All right. Oh, there's stuff in here too. Hmm what a weirdest storm in a car.

So Random Regera just chilling here 66 Motors Purple carbon. Who would have thought that is pretty crazy There it is like a Chinese Nothing. or uh yeah, it's like a Chinese knockoff. G-Wagon No tank.

This is Chinese bread for sure, right? Well there you guys have it. They got tanks. Regera's Porsches A bit of everything is that. it's a it's like a dog.

It's like a flying drone car. Are you kidding me? No way guys are you guys seeing this? It's like a I don't know what to say I Don't think it's open though. Okay Dbx Fisker Karma NG GTR You're asking what that is and I'm telling you that's God in the marriage but that's Freedom right there. Brother 's weird little cars there, we've got some American Muscles This is a what is this Super Truck Obviously my truck knowledge is pretty limited, but look at that Smoke Stack up there.

Oh gosh, my, my wide angle lens can't even capture the brevity and the height of this thing. Um, like I said, you have to check every single shop here. Check this out. Wait for it.

Wait for it. Community We got in here. That's it. That's a long boy.

Anyways, what else you guys find over there? E500 No one's going with this car. Interior looks pretty clean though. Nice old school. Mini Cooper Pontiac It's a Buick an old century where the colon is Aston Nice.

This place is the right idea. He got 118 models on display. Check that out. Inside though, anything nice okay Citron Excel got a good old Cadillac Continental Monte Carlo and this weird Range Rover over here yellow, it's a Bentley B-e-n-t-e-l-y Motors yes she's got the smokestacks.

This is a G wagon right here and this is one of these trucks. Look at that good. Lord Almighty this is some Los Angeles Trapper right here. look at the Coley the white Wheels wrapped in matte white.

look at the interior. It's turquoise. all right. I See it I have in here I see a green sto? Oh Lord Am I huh I mean the suspension doesn't look too well, but pretty sick w140 S600 baby.

oh it's got a boot on it. Oh that can't be good. How's the interior look? Leather looks decent, nice and white. 6x6 Land Cruisers Extended edition are these Factory That's pretty sick I Had never seen one of these, nor did I know of their existence until now.

There's two of them side by side. This place is pretty damn big. We're on foot and what we found here Alpena Also an Eqe Edition one that's pretty nice. Hold on a second.

B10 3 .3 What was this? Who knows? Let's take a look at the interior. Hold on. Oh my goodness. Jeez what What do we got over there? Hold on a second.

He's randomly chilling here. All right. He wants to see of ordinary cars with coffee Suzuki chimney can I see the real one next to the real one? That's pretty cute I Like that. Same lights as well.

Okay, so this is not a Suzuki Jimny Apparently don't quote me on that but they we asked them to pop the hood but it's made out of like genuine bonafide. Mercedes Parts I Don't know, something's not up here. It's raining now. Yeah, you guys have it.

What do you guys think? The man tried to tell us that was a real mini G-Wagon I Don't know man I don't think so. Maybe made out of like real G-Wagon Parts But yeah. anyways, onwards and upwards. Check this out with the goodbye autodrome.

Gotta yell a little bit. Get the 599xx Evos and the F X doesn't FXX in the garage Bay next door I Think they're just turning them all on to make sure they're ready to roll tomorrow and it drops the hat. but of course it flea. It's pretty evident in Dubai that the, uh, lack of sewers or gutters to disperse the water when it rains was definitely an afterthought.

So they're pumping out water on this flooded Street Into the sewer. over there literally being pumped down here into the sewer. If it wasn't for that I Think this entire area would just be flooded as if it's not already flooded. But look at it.

that's crazy. There's a generator right there too pumping out the water. Oh Lord Nobody.

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13 thoughts on “Dubai dealer tried to scam us! visiting al aweer used car market”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Johnny G says:

    That shade of blue on the Muira makes my heart jump… what a unique color. Great video once again my dude 👏

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sean Phillips says:

    Oh snap, get MR sheep or else the terrorists win…

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NEAR says:

    Someone make 5 unit cars.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars S Y says:

    Suzuki jimny with MB parts

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SIM1N-RFD says:

    Yo effspot I can’t believe you haven’t came to australia yet , please come we got a crazy car scene here

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Woody L. says:

    Big truck looks like an International P4XL. Don’t see to many 6 door ones

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nimish Anand says:

    The mini G-wagon you see is a kitted up Suzuki Jimny. Pretty common around here to see them. Multiple kits are also available to convert the Jimny into land rovers, Toyotas etc.

    The dealers in the area you went to are known for their scummy tactics. They will tell you anything to sell a car. Plus most of the cars you see there are usually US or European imports that are salvaged, auction buys or low mileage used ones as they are cheaper to procure than GCC spec cars made for this region.

    Super cars in Dubai often come to the big showrooms first on Sheikh Zayed road. If they are not sold after quite a while they are then either shifted to their other branches or sold to someone from these kind of smaller dealerships at a lower cost.

    Nice having you in my city 😊.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Randy Le says:

    Buy it bro and resell it like 3mill over

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Braydon says:

    You can really hear the flip flops grinding this video. 🩴🩴

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars C Johnson says:

    Awesome to see such sweet content Gordon!
    Hope you guy are having a blast over there in the heat…get out in the dunes on one of those buggies man!

    Like 6 plus months ago I watched a popular local YouTuber's channel (Mo Vlogs) over there cover those Suzuki conversions to G-wagons…?

    You phone has 10 times the stabilization than you camera…LOL

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fotini Aslanidou says:

    Thats freedom right there :)))))

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jotunhammer says:

    big black is ford f650

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan C says:

    I think the white SLR is a Crown edition 722 made by MSO for Middle East royalty… one of 10 (?) I didn’t even know there was a white one 😮

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