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All right, we're currently headed to the Dubai Auto Drone. We got a new rental car. this one's actually powered by gasoline and has side mirrors. Currently traversing through the Red Sea again has ran for the past two days and apparently the entire track is flooded and the Ferrari uh, corset cliente has been canceled for the day because the track is unusable.

so they brought in these tankers to pump out the water on the track and off the track. Um, Yup. All right. Oh, check this out.

Civil Engineering 101 When building a track, or any sort of public infrastructure or private for that matter, you should probably have some sort of drainage system. A far distant building over there and this structure right over here has been abandoned for quite some time. We got water an entire Lake over here and got the two truckers or the Pumpers pumping out the water and it's starting to rain again. So I don't know I think the entire day for the Ferrari Corsa cliente has been canceled.

We got our new Rental Car in Mazda 6 I believe. So we're gonna go somewhere else and maybe do a little spot and add some salvage yards and some abandoned cars. So goodness gracious! I Ain't never seen anything like that. Throw one of the auctions here.

Look at this. We've got Bentley Beverly Hills Plate O'gara all the way here in Sharjah What is this doing here? Six seven thousand miles from home. Here's the Moroni Sticker Bentega V8 and it was delivered to Bentley Beverly Hills That's the model number, that's the VIN number. Everything interior is Burnt Oak 232 Thousand dollars all the way here in Sharjah Who would have thought at one of these? Uh, it's kind of like a CO part.

It's not a co-part's auction, but it's about the wrecked cars. This is the only interesting thing out here. Everything else is pretty standard over here. people just checking out the cars.

It looks like this got completely T-boned It's got the ogear plate in the back right here as well. Look at this before we get into exploring the secret world of chop shops in Sharjah and Dubai Let's take a quick minute and Rewind things just a bit with my Tesla that's being currently fixed and in pieces in Los Angeles Unbelievably, the car was not only hit once, but twice in the span of two months. I'm sure they ended the drive-through and the car behind me accidentally hits the accelerary pedal instead of the brake pedal and smashes into the rear bumper of the Tesla. We're currently here with the Tesla Model 3.

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Again, it's Sbot or dial Pound529 or Pound Law for more information. So that being said, hook yourselves up. Support the channel. Now back to Sharjah and some of the crazier chop shops that we found over there we're currently here in: Sharjah Thanks to the world's largest off-road Museum we got the World world's largest Jeep and underneath is a regular Jeep for scale Now at the entrance of this Museum the man clearly states, if it doesn't have a solid front axle, then it's not a real off-road vehicle.

So that being said, let's hop inside, pay the admission toll, and check it out. 4x4 by four four engines, four torque converters, four automatic transmissions, four differentials, four planetary years, and four steering. This is one of three amphibious vehicles that they just picked up the other day. Oh, what in the world? Wait, it's another one I didn't see that one.

Um, Yep This is the same man who dubs himself their Rainbow Chic. He's got three new acquisitions. They're all amphibious vehicles. what they are or what models they are I don't know I wish I did, but that's pretty crazy.

Here we go. We're currently here at the entrance of the 4x4 Museum The largest museum of four by fours in the world. The diameter of the planet is 40 000 kilometers. This car exceeded a million kilometers almost 25 Cycles around the planet without changing the car engine and just perched up top there acting as a is it a barometer, a wind thingy.

Uh, yep. there it is. You got the world's largest working Hummer For scale, there's Adam and a regular car and there it is Giant. Hummer They call this the spider.

It's based off a Nissan Patrol Look at that. It's got four horns on the front. It's got how many axles, one, two, three, four. Oh, the lights are off because we're the only people here.

Well, it doesn't actually say that I Just decided that oh little Alex Painful knowledge everybody. Okay I See you Now that's uh, that wasn't Nissan Patrol Um I've got a Hn39. This is the black spider. That's the white spider.

Oh it is a six by six Patrol Incredible. Yeah, six by six Hn37 Troll Nissan whale based off a Nissan Patrol pickup 4800 VTC and has literally got a whale sticker on the side. Uh, they just got big wheels. It's a pickup truck and then you got this thing.

It's one of those that's incredible. that's honestly want to drive this way. You want to drive that way. You go both ways.

I Mean that's the front and that is the rear. but they put two front ends together. That's a Excursion limo. Have I ever seen one? I Feel like we need like the Sheik himself to give us a proper tour of this place where we have an Excursion Cabriolet or stuff like a soft top over it and then Adam is one with this thing over here.

10 Custom. There it is driving rolling around in the desert before and after. Oh it's based off the Jeep plus the military Boot Care butcher. So there's two cars rolled into one and it looks like a massive Hummer and look at that.

Jeep Wrangler class Monster Truck Hummer with a RV top Land Cruiser Oh what the heck. Wait a second. What's going on here? So like how does it works and then that like moves around a bit. Oh I see a Jeep towing a rear end of another Jeep Incredible Dude The Mastermind Behind some of these cars and or not this car, some of these off-road vehicles.

Next Level This is great. Three Four Five Ten Wheels. This is based off of the F-550 Ford and a Jeep Wrangler Hmm. Pretty sick.

It's also the most expensive car in the museum according to this. Uh, well. that's what it says right here. Look Well I guess it's how you depends how you value the other, right? right? This is Travel All Year production 2018 based on the international.

Um, it's quite long. It's got one, two, three, four, five doors on this one side amphibious jeep. What is this yellow hero? Oh that's a bit of America right there. Look at that.

Boom. It's American Flags ski rack and the custom interior. Look at the wood. Is that wood doors? I Don't know.

It's like the wheels All right. So we're in the next building with all the military 4x4 vehicles. Um, yep. Needless to say, there's quite a bit.

hence why this place holds the world record title of most 4x4 vehicles in one location. Land Rover Rolls Royce Dodge Jeep Volvo Lore Oh what is this thing? Look at this. It's called a ferret. Just the American section.

We haven't gone to the Toyota section or the Land Rover section. Oh my goodness. Pretty sick though. This is just one row in this massive Warehouse one, two, three, four, five, maybe six rows of maybe like a hundred cars each row.

Yep. Oh, look at all the cool fire trucks over here. This one's a six by six in the carry section here. Jeez.

I Mean, what else can you say? Truly, this man loves his 4x4. Vehicles 280 GE G wagon. It's got a nice little uh mural. It's got a rainbow Shake Rainbow on the top.

It's got its horns custom mirror painted. We're now in the G wagon section here and we'll see about the Fords excursions and everything on the right hand side. Oh Lord I Mean, we could probably make it. It's not good.

When it rains, it pours in the Middle East That guy's yeah, he's even not on the road slowly. Traverse This All right. It's still raining, it's really windy. We're currently here in somewhere in Sharjah I'm not really sure what it's called, but it's a bunch of uh, salvaged yards.

We've got a Maybach and a Benzo over here. Load of Benzes over there in the back. Geez, hold on. Let's see.

looks like each shop specializes in like a particular set of cars or manufactured. Jeeps Mercedes Lexus Let's hop back in. Oh Lord Escalade Limos? No way. Look at that.

Oh, it's raining really hard. We're on the hunt for salvaged or abandoned cars or supercars. Rather, it is absolutely torrential downpour here. Who would have thought it was going to rain this much old benzo? Americans But it's good.

Alabama Play. Look at that thing over there. Have to come back here. Oh there's more.

half an R8 that's a 4A right there. Half an R8 half an R8 It must be the Audi one that up there. Bentley Mulson Action new Cadillac Yeah, there's a bunch of Cadillacs in this one another. Corvette C8 this one's Mustangs some Fords that was just called bright Future.

So much for any of those cars inside though. All right, he needs us GTR Three days and Corvettes Oh lord, it's raining again. Belly howdy. TT there's a purple one in there is.

no, he's in the veteran here. Oh R8 Aventador Oh, that's just cut in half another. R8 in half? That's crazy. Wait, Is that like a full then? Or a half an inventor? Oh no way.

Lord Almighty Saying so. let's see if we get this camera behind this gate. Bentley Rsq8 TT Huh. Well, we gosh darn ladies and gentlemen.

Bentley Intact up there? Yeah, those are just halves of cars. What in the world it is a U.S spec with the reflectors. Hold on. there we go.

That's the front of the R8 That's the rear of the R8 and that's the rear of an Aventador Rsq8. RS3 A bit of everything here. Um, we're not really sure if we're a lot of film here because they're closed, but if they do open and we come back tomorrow, will there be happy to see us filming and taking photos? I Do not know? So huh? Not sure what to think of this place. There's a lot of other stuff in the back there too.

So huh? it's got a Porsche logo? yeah, kind of mirrors. more. Porsches Oh, cayenne's a lot of bumpers. Oh, it's flooded.

Cayenne's nothing too crazy here. We got the bend section over here as well. S-classes S-classes half of S-classes that one sees to be intact. not the front bumpers here cos over there there's like new cars.

Maybe someone on these cars I Don't know. Well I Hear music. it's a lot of. Range Rovers Cayenne GTS Yeah, look at this.

Continental though. Oh my goodness. Stop. look at this.

It's a converted pickup truck. Range Rover No way. And there's a Mosan over there. more.

Range Rovers Range Rover Range Rover Range Rover Mohsan Pretty sick. Don't worry about it, it's fine. he's sick. Oh look, it went to Leewood just in 2023.

Wait, that was just a year. That was like a month ago. What's this doing here? Do we risk it for the biscuit? Like because we can't tell how deep it is I Can't tell either. Turn it around that.

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