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Foreign. The sun is shining down on everyone. Great turnout. 10th anniversary.

We're here a few years ago. It was literally a tenth or a 15th of the size of the amount of cars here. So this is truly a spectacle to behold. So many cool cars look at the crazy winds and the downforce and the arrow on the front Splitters the rear Splitters All sort of splitters.

Check out the side air side. Arrow Theater all carbon fiber and of course the engine bay. Oh my goodness. Crazy.

That guy's got no rear bumper. So the idea is you want to go around the track as fast as possible if you go under a minute at the Sakuba circuit. Pretty damn fast and fast. Now the question is, if you get under 50 seconds, the fastest car around the circus here is 49 seconds if I'd be going around the track later.

Today we got the Red Bull car right over here as well. But yeah, anything under a minute is really, really fast. Anything under 50 seconds, you're basically a God on the circuit. Got a GTR over here, heating up those tires, keeping them warm, and they're cleaning up a track right now.

and there's a drift track behind it. But the black car that we just saw pull in that was basically nearly on fire skewed oil all across straight away right here at the Sativa circuit. so we're doing a little cleanup back to normally schedule content in just a second. Seems to me that the car was probably spilling some sort of fluid or oil on the track.

They're just sweeping it up with some gravel as you do I guess. Meanwhile, you can enjoy some drift cars in the background. Um, my cars are a completely different breed. I'm not sure if time attacks a big thing in the States but man, look at this front splitter not carbon fiber and the wing.

this was an RX7 we were back here on the iPhone I'm not quite really sure what to say here. Uh, it's a pretty well-known shop out here in the in the sticks in the countryside. Got Miss Jonathan and Kyle in the Honda beat rolling up right now. Hold on.

Oh, zoom in with the 2x there they are. Yes sir! Now this is the Alpena section of the salvage yard. The real question is wait, do they own these cars? No one knows I I It looks like they do own these cars, but I don't know if they're restoring them or um, yeah, there's a lot of questions that are going to be unanswered in this segment of today's video, but a lot of cool. OG Alpena Cards look at this one right here and that oh that is the bottom half of an Alpena sick B6 2.8 nice B7 Turbo right over here 280 S Mercedes Got a couple Toyotas as well.

Um yeah, very interesting stuff here. I Know we're on the iPhone We're just gonna be a more low-key but because Ken Sato has talked to the shop owner and all is well and we're able to film and take some photos here. But yeah, who would have thought? you know? I'm a sucker for abandoned car spots. abandoned car lots.

uh, car graveyards. just anything that has a store behind it. It's not about the cars, it's about how they got here. and these stories behind the Cars Always fascinating.
Let's go over there, take a quick Gander and cross the road. Alpena B10 V8 Altezza tactical Mazda Roadsters over here. a bit of everything. Um yeah.

Top Gear Came here years ago and filmed that uh, that super out front the GT500 race car I Believe it's squeeze on over here slowly but surely don't get cut up. Oh Alpina 635 CSI A lot of cool cars here. let's just squeeze on over here. Jeez.

Like I said, the stories behind these cars are more interesting than the cars themselves. How do they get here? What are they doing here? Are they for sale? Are they working on them? Nobody knows. Let's go back here. Oh look I'm Alpena D3 by Turbo that looks pretty new and a sex without a wing another NSX crowns Beamers Type R Wow I Did not know it went back this far look a Corvette of all things but um yeah.

really nice couple that's running the shop here. If we only knew a bit more. Japanese but unfortunately we do not. but we do have the blessing from them to come here and take a quick Gander that is a old NASCAR Duplex Motor Oil.

Check this out. M3 Nice and we got an NSX hiding around here as well. right over here. BBS Wheels Nsxr Of course you got the GT500 race car that's been seen all over social media.

Uh, the story is that it's been basically left there as a Keepsake They wanted to bring attention to the shop so they placed out front and the racing team no longer wanted the car. and essentially they changed sponsorships back in the 90s and it was too expensive to run. Nobody wanted it so they basically either adopted or bought it and just placed it on the front. Uh, part of their shop here as a Keepsake and as a Memento to draw in visitors and potential clients.

So there it is. the history of the racing history of this particular car. I'm not so familiar with there's it's in a Top Gear article if you want to read up on it, but pretty crazy. and of course we got this NSX over here r just chilling here.

It's a legit one. Some pretty cool stuff in the uh, the shop here as well. a Toyota Sports 800. Crazy.

Think of all the crazy stories that these guys have. Look at the trophies they have just hiding here. It's wild. This is the stuff that really truly intrigues me.

These stories behind how these cars got here. why they got here, and these stories when they were racing on the track or around the world. Truly. But there it is.

The uh Toyota Supra GT500 race car and the LC Apparently it's strawberry season. Check this out. Strawberry Festival thousand yen for the package right here. Oh, got the parfaits over here too.

You got more stuff over here. a lot of little knickknacks and snacks. jeez gelato and of course the creme de La Creme Oh my goodness dude. dude.

check out this truck. We're more interested in the truck here. The art racing. Bree Dotson Truck here.
look at the wheel covers in the rear. That's insane. 356 Is it real? Is a replica? is a fake? We will never know, but this truck is pretty sick. Oh no, we got we got silverware.

we got silver, we got the boys got Mr Cash We got Mr Eddie Over here in the cut we got the sampler size five eye Samplers We got the mac and cheese grain pie with potato meat sauce, cream, spinach pie, jambalaya pie, and asparagus and bacon pie. Oh Lord Almighty Make it stop. What do we got over here now? Eddie Boy Floyd Got the grasshopper pie. the grass sober pie.

It's like mint, mint and some chocolate. Okay, we got the peach pie over here with Mr Cash and I got the Dutch apple pie with cream on the side. Oh geez, it's a shirt clock here at the Uniqlo in Ginza no way and wait for it. Wait for it.

It's a sock clock. Wait wait what? Yes, that's pretty sick display. but the saw clock? Honestly? Takes the Cake Right here. Boys and girls look at this.

color coordinated and moving in unison that is Athena Beauty Mesmerizing Dude, We're just literally cruising the perusing at some of these random toy shops in Ginza and we got a monster chunkster over here. Look at this guy. These are insane. Pretty good selection of, uh, stuffed animals.

I Know there's not a lot of car content happening these days, but we're gonna do our very best. But just a little side quest. basically in NPC world that is. Tokyo We got a little Chiclet over here.

Yeah, we just stumble across this place. We're just walking from model shop to model shop. Found this five-story train store here. That's second.

Oh yeah, look at that. Oh yeah, we gotta get into trains now. dude. we got into Planes Cars Trains is next.

I'm not gonna buy it. but we were just walking to Akihabara and we stumbled across a soap dispensary. Uh, vending machine. number 10 is around 4 000 Yen The cheapest one is like 1870 yen.

Uh, it takes credit card. That's crazy. You got the standard UFO catcher slash tray machines here. No problem.

This one's a little weird. You know, a little problem? that's okay. And then we got this thing here. It's insects.

you can't eat. You guys seen this? Yeah here is the selection that you can have I think I'll get the zebra tarantula for 2600 Yen Giant water bugs. Um hmm. this is a new one boys.

wait. so that's Tagame Cricket cider. And then we got the cricket salt. and you have all the different crickets from each prefecture.

You got the Hiroshima Gunma Kyoto I Mean which one do you want? What is this? What is this here over here? Yeah sir, a little beer. But what interests me is the zebra tarantula. If you do the translation it says it might. it looks like it's gonna move.

Strong presence do a little. Marathon Yes, let's go.

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