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That's right, we're back in Japan We're on the outskirts of Yokohama. We got Mr Kaz over here in the rental and we got Mr Eddie Boy Floyd Where is he there? he is and we got the Toyota Century right over here. It's got a dead battery. The suspension is completely shot.

It's leaking fluids all over the place, so we're gonna jump start it using the Renault GT over here and hopefully it turns on. Then we're gonna take it to a shop. But good news. Oh oh.

automatic look at that. But the good news is the exhaust is back on at the Toyota Century So that being said, fingers crossed and let's see if this thing turns on. Let me give you guys a close-up of the suspension. It's looking pretty sad right over there.

Look at that. that's pretty bad. Yes sir, that's what I'm talking about. Love it for a little bit.

Valves are closed. code start when Ken and Cass told me that this car is having some issues I Did not expect the suspension to be this damn low. Look at that. All right.

Slowly but surely the suspension is rising. That's what we like to see. But the problem is when it's parked for like a long period of time, it goes down. Look at that.

Yes, we're sending this puppy back to the shop. It needs a new battery suspension, fluids, obviously some gas. Uh, but hopefully we have the car back sooner than later because we love to do some tunnel runs in this car. Last time we did a ton of runs in this car was several years ago.

In 2020 we had the S-Class and the Century together at the Aqua line which is a 10 kilometer lawn uh, continuous tunnel. All right. So we have an R32 with an R34 Engine with around 500 or 5 000 kilometers and it's in, uh, it's in pretty rough shape, but apparently it is for sale for around 1.1 1.2 million yen. So do the conversion on that.

We're dropping off the Sentry over here. It's a little beat up and Dusty and it needs some work, but the exhaust is actually sounding a little raspy for some reason so we need to sort that out. but the engine is running pretty strong so we're dropping her off here. This man specializes in Toyota centuries.

He is the go-to guy so he's gonna sort everything out and will be on our merry way. We are here at where we dub it Shack Road Perfect dustbed SV in blue. Oh yeah, we got the Aventador boys out today so we're meeting up with the boys down the street. Let's see what we find.

You never know what's going to happen on a Sunday here in Tokyo that is one bold spec Sir with the gold wheels and the Tron dog spot on a Sunday morning. A little poof ball over there yes, straight up leaper stance I Gotta set my game up all right. That's pretty cute. Nice little Porsche Got the indeed crew.

Fortunately for a lot of car enthusiasts down. Shake Shack Row down here, closed off due to some sort of marathon. so hmm. where even is it? You know that does look like Strawman's like a white.

Wheels Hey Let There Be Lamborghinis on the seventh day God created Shake Shack Road The Verge So few parking spots green on green Bentley Alas, there is no more space Shake Shack Road Oh my. God You'll see in the Exotic Venador. Yes sir, he's getting ready. That's pretty good Bike: Foreign in the camp with a camcorder and the bike we've now dubbed him Sensei He is the lead Master of Oyama, the lead master of Tokyo and that's a brand new 296.

we just saw a white speedtail going down that way. We were actually in the 7-Eleven Uh, perched up, got ourselves a drink, and we literally missed a goddamn white speedtail. So thank you! Lord So quick he decided to take a detour and swung by Daikoku. It's around afternoon three or four pm.

Check this out. Deacon by Turbo Peanut V6 7 the 40 lurking Over Yonder Oh unbelievable site here. A manual first Gen Mercy logo stock in yellow that's sick. Got a matching 40 plate with the F4 looking clean and mean goodness gracious, you want a tar.

This is a rare site to build Hole mystery Eddie over here with the DSLR and the F40 shot over there. hibernation. That's right there we go check this out. We got a silver Sentry over here.

pretty rare color. Oh there it is. wait wait wait Yes. All right here we go.

We got Mr Jonathan in the Honda beat and a water painting of the S holy that's pretty sick Damn that's nice. It's the correct plates as well. I checked Oh that's amazing. He signed it as well.

2023 Dude, that's awesome! Thanks I don't know I need to figure out how you need to like carry this though I need to like uh uh, a plastic covering or something. So this is a gift for Mr Frank all the way from Taiwan this is his Instagram right over here son. Frank Frank's son came all the way here to Japan to give me this but I was not in town who then gave it to Mr Jonathan over here who then gave it to me so that's awesome. Thank you so much Man Sick we'll send baby.

We are currently here back at Garage Defend with the boys. There's a Kyle over there Mr GTR We got our buddy Zafar over here showing us all the cool cars. Yes sir, thank you so much man appreciate it! So we got Mr Lambo Jesus's our friend Alex's R34 GTR in Midnight Purple Three Dang listen Mr Alex Good sir I Think it's time you swim by Japan and take delivery of this beautiful car that's been sat here for the past few months. We were here around I think October of November of 2022 and uh, we took it around the block, got some photos, got a startup, we sat in it took some interior photos but man this color really shines in the sunlight.

Unfortunately in Nagoya it's currently a little cloudy and rainy so we won't be taking any of the cars out. But that being said, always good to see this car in the flesh. Mr Lambo Jesus I Think it's time to swing by Japan and make the inaugural visit and drive in your R34 GTR There are so many GTRs here under the rafts but we got the big boy. we got the mines over there with the green carbon fiber and of course the million dollar 400 R LM one of one color one of 88 400 R's ever made.

super clean for sell here at Garage Defend. Listen million dollar GTR Who would have thought but here we are in today's market. Check that out! My goodness beautiful color. This is one of the cleanest one of 75m spec.

Nur R34 GTRs with a full mines package we got the My Sport decals over here got the wheels over here the Nismo Wheels 2.8 liter 600 horsepower full engine build by mines based off the N1 block. Take a look at that. The engine bay is so clean you can literally eat off the carbon fiber baby right over here and check out that Wing green carbon fiber on this GTR is looking insane. and of course the Forge R Look at that.

The decals, the logos carbon fiber. Perfect condition. There are some true gems here at Garage Defender My goodness Gracious! Currently here at the auxiliary Warehouse of Garage Defend. We've got probably like 20 plus cars here.

Jeez! Quick walk around I mean all right. Kyle you are a huge GTR fan Now why don't you just tell us which one of these cars would you choose out of probably 20 30 of these out here? Do I choose one? Hmm I See a couple Millennium JS over there? Yeah, it's a big one. Honestly? yeah. um.

what do we got? What do we got? Come on. talk to me boy. Nsxr, that's a dark horse right there in this in a sea of GTRs this guy that's that's pretty nice I Can't lie. Okay, the red specification almost looks like it's an Arty Edition too.

Yeah, yeah, just really, really cool. Millennium Jade I think is probably the one you'd have to go with I think so one all the way in the back right there. Eh yeah. Let me tell you, this place is amazed.

We have to carefully navigate. Oh geez, All right, the mark IV Super on the gold Bbs's manual right hand drive. Now there's a little story behind these Mark 4 Supers. A few years ago I was looking at the JDM car and I asked the viewers if I should pick one up.

Most of you guys said yes and I did it complete opposite thing I decided not to buy one and now prices have literally doubled if not tripled on these cars. So big mistake. should have bought one in 2019 or was it 2018. I Can't remember, but alas, here we are in the sea of JDM Cars at Garage Defense auxiliary Warehouse good googly moogly I wish I knew a bit more about the Uh GTR community and the cars I only know the very Basics But that being said, what do you guys think? you guys have it? Soak it in! Wow! it lasts and we're out of here.

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    Do you still have your Mercedes s600?

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    You mean to tell me that r32 is for sale for like 8 grand usd๐Ÿ’€

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    what he has stopped having 12000 dollar exhaust in the titles now?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CJ P says:

    what he has stopped having 12000 dollar exhaust in the titles now?

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    Too many Japan videos. I'm Japan'd out.

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