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Foreign. Funny thing. I've never shovel snow my life. Can you hand me that shovel? Let me get a little go at it.

I Got I Got to earn my keep around here. You can stay here as long as you'd like. You can shovel my snow any day of the week. Here we go.

Do you know how to do this? There's a lot more technique. a lot more skill than you realize. Gotta put these calves to work baby. Wow.

He had to flex the calves like this. Yeah, yeah, there you go there. You go all the way. Pretty good technique for a first timer.

Yeah, not too bad. You're finishing this. By the way, this isn't some boy to get some camera time baby. I'm getting done Here we go.

Oh yeah, no way. showstack. you're the young boy. There we go.

You got a loose grip on the top of the shovel. I Can't believe you guys have never show. Is that true? No. I'm dead serious.

What? like I mean in California we don't see snow so we come to my house. Show me up. It's the shuffle technique. the shuffle.

I Like that the shuffle technique because it gets heavy with the wet snow it does. You don't want to throw the back out. We're not as surprised we used to be. and we're in elevation too.

We're like 4500. your lungs are working hard. I'm feeling it already. Look at that gallop.

Look at that gallop. Whoa. Good job! Funniest thing is that we're recording us shoveling ice and there's millions of dollars of cars behind the garage doors and we're not filling them. Look at that gated Murcielago 40th anniversary edition.

So surprisingly we did not see one of these in Japan At the Lamborghini event, we saw a lot of Diablos Countaches, not a lot of Mercy Lagos Anyways, Four Five Eight's going up take take five cars to Houston's Hot Chicken There She Goes Look at that. It's the first time seeing this elevator in action. This is so sick Mr Stranded. You've outdone yourself again Millennium J wrapped a Garrett HH by Mr Houston himself.

Surprisingly, we just flew 5 000 miles from Tokyo to Los Angeles and my buddies downstairs Mr Belforti Showstack! The whole crew convinced me to come up to Salt Lake City This is going to be a very special day. The V12 naturally aspirated A12 super fast with a brilliant exhaust right over here. My goodness, we got the keys to the Kingdom baby! This is going to be sick. Oh yeah, this is what dreams are made of.

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Again, hook yourselves up, support the channel. Check out Morgan and Morgan. There's a link in the description box below. Now back to the video.

thank you. Press the magic button. A little loud all right. Let's walk in here.

it's hot in here real quick. Listen: I'm no stranger to loud coach startups, but that was pretty nice. Do an old Workforce the invented her toupee we got Clayton in the house we 've left here as well 8-12 looking amazing in white 40th of course he couldn't take HH wrapped in Millennium Jade We got the wide body 458 as well. so without further Ado It's a little chilly here I Just came back to Tokyo 5 000 miles and we're here at the Man of Scratch House.

The adrenaline has definitely kicked in, the jet lag has not. front lift is up I'm gonna crab walk this puppy out. Oh now that is a squad over here. Oh my goodness.

Oh Lord There's a lot of wind noise here I apologize but we're gonna do our very best all the way from. Tokyo There's a tear coming down my eye. it's so cold but sounds so good. The pitch is everything.

There's no drone in the exhaust we got the boys. we caught up I managed to catch up I Got left behind at a light, but we made it in one piece I haven't really driven a car in nearly two weeks after the Toyota Century broke in Japan suspension went out but man, it is good to be back behind a naturally aspirated V12 and I Cannot wait to get back to Los Angeles and rip the Super Legera and the S600. But man, look at this squad rolling up here an overpass. well you look at that.

hold on a second. Oh dude, the pressure is all for showstack to park this thing. First time in the 40th man look at all these people here. Oh my goodness.

Stay fresh. Honestly I Don't blame it man. Oh yeah, he's got the door up. Yes, Come on.

Oh my. God Nothing like Brilliant baby. That's right baby dude. I Didn't really get a chance to film much here, but my goodness, the amount of people here is insane and this car sounds amazing.

All right. 4 000 RPM That's a sweet spot. We're gonna take it nice and easy here. I'm telling you, Brilliant Exhaust makes some of the best exhaust in the entire world.

Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. If you want the best of the best, take a look at my eighteen thousand dollar. Toyota Century exhaust. Take a look at the twelve thousand dollar brilliant exhaust on the S600 And of course, take a look at this A12.

Brilliant Exhaust Foreign. This is our final day in Utah We're having a blast here with the boys. Always a good time here in Utah with James and the squad. but man.

Mr Show Stakovich over here struggling some snow. Now through this particular door is where things get very interesting. You have another kitchen, we got the table top over here, a fridge. but man, wait for it.

Views over here are absolutely insane looking. Very very powdery and snowy. But lo and behold, the grand finale. The creme de La Creme right here.

I've already opened the doors to the kingdom downstairs. We've got all the cars, at least most of the cars down there. We've got the Lambo pour the sparta of Leonardo Roadster Murcielago 40th anniversary who paid the OG of Benador Coupe We got the JDM corn over here, the side by side and of course the man oh man, the beautiful A12 super fast that I just drove with the chef's kiss. The brilliant exhaust sounds absolutely insane.

What an absolute treat to see this entire garage finally coming to fruition and nearing completion on that though, let's close her up. Currently here on top of the car elevator that descends down below to the bat cave where there's even more cars and even more room for storage. But that being said, seeing the crazy cars here in the garage on the ground level is truly awe-inspiring and truly motivational. Uh, we were here eight to ten months ago and this place was I Want to say chaos but it was a massive construction site.

as you guys seen in James's videos and you know, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. he encounters so many setbacks, so many issues. but he is a strong individual, a very, very smart man, and he persevered And that's something that you guys need to remember. Never give up.

Looks like Mother Nature had other plans for today, but the snow came in a little uh, how would I say heavy? just a little light, some fresh powder And we got the rental car the Nissan Rogue Sport on Georgia plates. And now today we got Mr Mac Show Stack putting in some good work around the James around the house of Strad Man here. everyone's got a pitch in. He's got his good technique over.

He's done a pretty good job over here. I Actually had to shovel some snow the other day, but uh, we're gonna be headed back into Nissan Rogue 10 hours back to Los Angeles Joe Stack. How you feeling right now? I've never shoveled before, neither have I This is a trip of many. First garage doors are finally up.

The V12 two-car solution right over here, the Aventador or the Mercy or the Mercy and the Espada. Let's see it a little bit and see how the back seat, oh you know what? it's actually not bad. 1974 Lamborghini Espada V12 in the windows like that. Perfect.

and all the gizmos and gadgets and buttons, flips and switches. they really don't make them like they used to. Now we got a bunch of Teslas with no buttons and a massive screen. So it's not just Tesla's all the new manufacturers and all the car models.

but dang, look at that. So cool. You know the guys over there covering up their ears? Yes, that was only four thousand. That's my four thousand.

That's scary I can go higher. That's scary. Just a few blips and that will be good. That's it.

All right? Gordon Hello, You need a Ferrari V12 I Do you do? I've been talking about them. It happened. It's gonna happen this year. 20.

We're shaking on it. I'm gonna do my very best. No, no, not your very best. We were shaking on it.

You were doing it. It's happening. It's happening. Yes sir.

We got to get the 599 on the channel boys. We got a pretty cool set of cars over here. Why? Body 458 as you do? And of course you've got the Delta integral in yellow and the M3 lightweight over here. This thing though showstack is in love with this thing.

Actually, you know what? Let's let's go. Yeah, that's so sick. Nice. Uh, camera can sort of pick it up.

Let me get my flashlight out here. It's quite dark here in the bat cave, but man, that is a very clean interior. What? Give me one quick fact about this Delta Integrale right over here? Come on, let's see the Delta Growli is the last launch uh to win of World Rally Championship Okay, respect there You guys have it. Yeah, these are commanding a pretty big premium these days.

It's got the lightweight Wheels and we got this nice little decal over here and then on the side under the wing and of course in the interior over here. Let's open it up. Special cloth seating radio. delete.

Pretty standard stuff. Very cool lightweight M3 and this is only for North America right? Yes gotcha. Come on! Max Come on, pick up the pace. We don't cut all day.

Awesome! Watch out. Watch out! Oscar Don't care around him. he's the king.

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    Now that is some beautiful snow shoveling form if ive ever seen it

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    Hey Gordon, get a 599GTB and put 6-1 Fiamenghi Full Exhaust! Best sounding exhaust for the 599.

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    Signing in[] 864 to the 562

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    Don’t anyone mind the twin turbo merci lol

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