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All right guys we're back here at the uh garage where the car got vandalized. So yesterday night we were about to move the car out of here, and the issue with that was the car started to do a really rough idle, and that was no good. So we decided to keep the car here and we're trying to determine if something was put inside the fuel tank here. But if i recall once you lock the car the fuel tank cap over here on the right hand, side for all mercedes is sherlock too.

Right. Now it's unlocked, so it looks fine yeah, it doesn't look like it's been tampered with at all, at least nothing that we're aware of yeah. It smells like gasoline. So i wonder if the rough idle was caused with some of the rubber hoses in the engine bay.

A lot of the transmission fluid actually seeped through this hood right here and it's gotten inside the engine bay, as you saw in the last video. So let's pop the hood so yeah, you can see some of the residue right there on the top. I don't know if it went through some of these hoses here. Yeah, that's running pretty rough i'll rev it a little bit hold on.

That's not what it yeah tentative plan right now is to move the car asap out of here. Just in case this dingbat comes back sees the car is all cleaned up and goes you know what let's go for round two? I personally do not think that the fuel tank was tampered with, but uh something might have like gone through like one of the hoses. The rubber might have been corroded and who knows so we're going to figure that out we're going to drop the car off at like an undisclosed location. Sean at cms is going to look at the car with this mechanic uh in a couple days.

So that being said, there's nothing else. We can do we're going to start. Her up sounds like we got ta get out of here all right, we're currently here at cms. We have a few observations.

First things. First, there's a clip that michael took on his phone. That we're gon na play right now. You said: there's a lot of smoke.

You can see. There's a lot of smoke coming out of the car. Now is this coincidental i mean it could be, but i highly doubt it the exhaust tips right here. There's some sort of gunk: it's like a milky gunk, if you guys have any idea what this is we'd love to know, but the mechanic is coming in a couple days.

That being said, the saga continues currently here at one of the infamous socal boehner's meet here. In mike's e63 s got nathan got mike in front on the back. We are in the gauntlet trying to find parking and it is just not happening. Look it's a full bar.

Oh, it is a full bar whoa. Wait! Look at this! Oh he's got the dollar bill. Dude he's got a flex how low it is yeah, damn the crowd reaper. What were you saying, nathan? That is the biggest instagram the tag i've ever seen that that's got to be it.

He wins nathan. What do we got? Here's collectors, not a bad selection of cars here tonight, nathan look at find those hot wheels. Yes, sir yeah, that's pretty nice! Yes, sir check this out only sedans yeah, that's sick. That's the best thing! We've seen all night.

Yes, sir, this guy's got a first place. Sticker on it, yeah stuffed animal. Oh there you go yeah. Oh look at that wing here.

Whoa! Look at that! Dude! Look at that drag tires on this thing. Oh my god. That's there's something! There's something going on with that car. It's too tall dude! This thing's intense dude.

What is going on with this thing? Oh, oh, look at the interior yeah! Look at this got trunk candy right there, yeah wow, okay, check it out! Oh you're! There you go! What do you got? What that twist clicks twix, you can't go wrong with twix. Class twix are for kids, we are here doing the little impromptu garage spot, and this is the same a12 gts, where we saw it in front of ocean prime versus mr chow and the woman was freaking out because i guess she put either some drugs or a Blunt on the uh tire well or the wheel well, and then the valet moved it and she got pissed she's about to go full caramel and then at the last second, she decided to drop it so uh yeah there. It is. Let's take a look at this thing.

Look at that! Oh yeah, that is a spec and a half wow. The moment of truth has finally arrived we're in the prius. We got the whole squad here: cms motorsports, slash, marina, west, auto body to my right. Next to the chevron - and i see the s-class with the hood up all right, so we got mr francisco here he is the mechanic who is taking a look at the car, so pretty good news.

Actually so we found out that the person who vandalized the car basically squirted an entire quart of transmission fluid into the exhaust pipes. That's right, so we thought it was like a situation where uh, maybe the fuel line was messed up or that, like something has seeped through the rubber hoses uh, the mechanic francisco behind me who's installing the fog lights. Right now he said he had to drive the car a little bit on the highway. Let it run and we're gon na probably drive the car in a little bit for around 30 to 45 minutes clear it out lucky for us.

You know the ang kit and all that stuff and the paint were not permanently damaged. I know that the car is extremely loud, but the issue is in this particular area. I usually drive with the valves closed and they're, not open. I don't floor around this area as much as i do.

Let's say on a highway on-ramp or an off-ramp so anyways. Maybe we triggered the one boomer who knows? Maybe he was having a bad day and he saw us pull into the visitor lot and was like you know what this guy, i'm gon na mess stuff up so anyways. Luckily, it was not any worse, so we're gon na take our blessings, count it and we're just gon na run with it, but for the most part we are in pretty good shape. She's looking mighty here at marina, west, auto body make sure to check him out.

Mr sean cms motorsports always hooking it up. Yeah, oh yeah. There you go much better, much better dang thanks man. Once again, the cms touch the car is looking mighty.

Fine still need that pain, correction and potentially some sort of ppf or ceramic coating. So if this ever happens again, we're gon na make sure that we're protected from all the elements of perpetrators, intruders and that like to vandalize people's property, 300 sl or the sel 6.3 liter. That thing is gon na get looked at, but man, ladies and gentlemen, always something crazy showing up here at cms. The engine bay is looking to be in a much better state than it was 48 hours ago.

Oh yeah, let's close her up and of course, this piece right here was a little loosey-goosey, so he put two bolts here and we are in extremely good shape check this out. It's got a remote control for the flatbed press, one button and voila: that's sick! That's what i need my life that is insane no hands dude we got ta get. One of these. You got ta be kidding me we're back in the s600 manny thanks to sean at cms, always hooking.

It up make sure to check out his instagram word on the streets that shant might be starting a youtube channel, so stay tuned for that that could be pretty crazy. He said he's already filmed four damn videos, so this guy is always on top of it and we'll be talking to the police very soon and getting this guy's identity stay tuned. For that, ladies and gentlemen, mr sheep, right over here, he has definitely seen some. I could write an entire memoir of his uh, his adventures, anyways traffic.

I got the tail end of that, oh my god, actually actually. Well, none of us actually said do a burnout that was on his own accord. Nobody said nobody said it. I did get the tail the tail end of that i couldn't press record fast enough.

I apologize. Let's go we're not incur he he passed. Oh there, it is. He passed the test.

He passed the test. What's he gon na do? Oh, he has the part he has to leave. Oh no, oh! No! Oh! No! What wait hold on a second? No way you got to be kidding me no way. Oh! No!.

By effspot

14 thoughts on “Assessing the damage on my vandalized mercedes”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Calvin Cooley says:

    Why are you parked in the disabled parking spot on the thumbnail?
    If you were parked there years ago the old me would have flattened a tire for you.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars :0 says:

    I park in a city that’s known for bums and car theft and it’s awful, its always a good day coming back to my car in one piece, like man it’s my only car I cannot afford to lose it :/

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Master says:

    I hope we find out who did this and make them public. Then I will take care them because stuff like this cannot go unpunished. The legal system can only go so far and people like this bank on that. I will punish this person…

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rayzin4 says:

    @effspot have you ever thought of installing a dash Cam front and back in the Mercedes which doesn't require them drilling any holes? Which can be monitored through your cell phone if where you park it has good reception that is. Maybe a brand like Thinkware or something which is better etc. Maybe on all your Vehicles to be honest.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tsarrite says:

    Crazy, after watching your video I found someone kicked my passenger door denting my car. I feel your frustration, it's just a pussy ass cowardly move.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars x iDropKillz x says:

    Def great call putting the car away at an undisclosed location. Some crazy crack head smashed my windows 3 times!!!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andreas Wilson says:

    Watercooler and transmission cooler are integrated , corrosion can damage and in combination with foam build up in the heads can get heat damage and break the head gasket , so yes it can be transmission fluid mixed with antifreez in exhaust. It is a older car , who knows how it has been serviced ?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KlipschHead281 says:

    Thank you for assuming it was a boomer, the assholes who don't like loud cars come from any age, stop making assumptions.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Toaster says:

    Had a problem with my Integra where the valve cover gasket was leaking oil into my spark plugs and it was burning oil off out of my exhaust, it’s possible it could be burning off the fluids they poured on your car

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sin. says:

    effspot that check the headgasket of that engine looks like a mixture between coolant and oil and might not just be transmission fluid even if its not it would be good to check that since the age of the car

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JOHNBEA says:

    Hey son, looks like you done blowed a head gasket on a very complex Benz V-12 vintage engnine. One too many redline pulls perhaps.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kev27RS says:

    Love how you kept your S-Class period correct !
    Nice & Classy!

    You didn't slam it with air suspension and put some Rotiforms on it like people do nowadays…

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars High Altitude Motorsports says:

    That was me in the blue McLaren at the end of the video we turned and the cops never followed us and I didn’t get pulled over LOL great success

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars overindulgent says:

    Honestly it looks like coolant on the exhaust tips. Might be coincidence and you blew a head gasket. But like you said probably a hose got eaten through and coolant is getting into the head from that.

    Edit: Glad it wasn't something serious. Fuck that guy.

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