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All right guys we're here at the west lake gt cars looking pretty damn 50 wide open roads, they're playing some music over there, which i don't like for copyright reasons, but we're here there's like 30 40 minutes left on the show wide open roads, no cops. I think this could be a recipe for disaster. Let's take a look and see what been shut happens here we go. Oh, my gosh, someone's gon na get clipped today dating needs.

An exhaust 100 come on, get the old and the new baby redlining someone just got their new brilliant exhaust system on the sv wow we've migrated to the malibu country. Mart it's pretty popular. There's a black enzo, pretty nice cars, but check this out. H1 hummer fire attacker malibu.

Look at this thing: crazy hold on a second check out the rear. Oh momento boom hoses wow green mercedes 300, sl historical place, matching that looks pretty good in the sun, dang red interior historical place. That is a sight to behold. I don't think we've seen this one at the malleable country mark a lot of regular cars, a lot of supercars a lot of just everything, but this is a hidden gem check.

This out we got a patrick type, r, stop parked up front and whoa. We are currently in the depths of orange county d.o.c and look what we found a tvr tuscan convertible top look at this on british columbia plates dude. We go to a lot of car shows. We never see these things ever and we're at some random jdm, slash american muscle, just the usual.

This has seriously got to be the spot of the week. Big bang mates. We got the arcades all set up here. It's like a whole little marketplace for all the vendors.

A second got the t-rex yeah. This is a very clean supra. I would do without the uh, the ducktail, oh baghdad, i'm saying bag that super g hiding in the corner there with mike's e63s right behind this guy right over there stunning revelation here at the car mate. We have mr nino's here now who were you before supercars unlimited here hot wheels, unlimited no way, look at that, let's zoom in oh, is that your collection, i just some of them.

Oh yeah! This was the collection. Oh my gosh, that's crazy! We got a little hot wheels right over here. That's why the topic came up, got some pretty bad news, we're enroute to the s-class where it was parked and apparently uh. My friend said security has told her that someone has vandalized the car a targeted vandalism.

I i think we're gon na find out more details. Uh we'll see if there's any security footage not really sure what's going on, but i had a few photos sent and it looked like some sort of red liquid, a sticky red liquid at first. I thought it was either some sort of soda or like an energy drink or something like that, but where it doesn't look like it, maybe it's like oil, hopefully not like paint thinner, so we're going to go, take a little lookaloo and see what's going on guys. This is not good all right.

Let's see what we got scene of the crime, boys and girls. I see some uh huh. It's like an oily substance. Is the camera picking that up it's all over the car here, oh yeah, there's huh.

What could this be hold on? Dude come on. You have to be joking here and there's a bit here as well. I have no idea what it is. It is all over the car here, jeez um yup, so we got on the windshield here a little bit on the roof.

Some on the hood here you guys can see that dude. I have no idea what the hell that is either way. This car needs to be washed asap. You have to be absolutely kidding me guys come on.

Let's get a bottle of water here. I guess we're gon na have to file a police report. Uh. We did confirm with the security guard that it was transmission fluid.

I think the guy was maybe smoking a cigarette right here. I don't know they found a bottle of transmission, fluid right next to the car right over here, and it was puddled up. It was a red liquid and you can see a little bit right here as well. I guess the guy parked his car right.

There walked straight to the s-class dumped it all over. The car left the bottle right there and bounced. So i don't know how long it's been sitting like this uh, maybe like either it's either 12 or 24 or 36 hours either or it doesn't look good, um yeah. We have to remove this asap.

I don't know. Is this going to eat up the paint we're going to find out but shant, as cms motorsports, actually swinging by in just a little bit to assess some of the damage here? Isn't that this is the strangest thing we did nothing to piss anyone off get like these seals first, because yeah mission, fluid is known to expand seals gotcha, so just wipe it all off. Okay, uh, we'll we'll get it clean man and we'll get it off. This is so up.

This is so uh. I don't know what to say. We got sean here from cms saving the day, letting us know the proper procedure to fix this up, but destroying my masterpiece. Dang dude had it for less than like what two weeks, yep.

Goodness gracious look at this. This mess yeah, that's like really yeah. As long as they don't hit the body kit from russia, dude, that's the main thing i know i was worried. I was like man.

I thought it was me like paint thinner or something like that, as long as it's not brake fluid yeah, it's not like things like you know thing, that's highly acidic, you're fine! I mean transmission fluid okay. Do you see what it did to your seals already right here? Oh that's! What i mean transmission fluid is not good for rubber. It expands rubber seals. Oh this dude! That's why it deteriorated and it started to god, damn it! Okay, that's why i would hit the seals first, yeah yeah completely, get it off all the rubber yeah and then because that's the first thing it hits is rubber and then it starts hitting yeah yeah there.

So this is all kind of flaked. Oh that's annoying! It's! Okay, i might, i might have replacements, okay. Well, let's just wipe this down real quick, get all the rubber first man see like. Do you see these little points that came on your little weather strip? You see how it like bubbles, rubber or plastic gotcha, because transmission fluid has detergents in there that eat away rubber and it makes it expand.

Oh okay, got it dishwashing, soap, okay! It's it's not recommended to wash your car with that, because that strips away, naturally like grease and oil from like your plates - yeah yeah yeah, but yeah, but you need something to basically cut the grease and cut the oil. Oh okay paint now gotcha it's best to wash the car now with uh dishwashing sauce, washing that's soft, like dawn, so i just like pour it on and to spray it. I would probably take a little bucket and take a rag, okay and just soak it all down, and what that'll do is that'll strip away all the grease. All the oil it'll probably take all the wax from the detail we did, which is fine, yeah yeah, bring it back and we'll hit it again with some color correction.

But okay, that's the only thing. That's going to get this oil out because the regular soap, the car yeah naturally has like the carnauba oil in it, oh okay, but it's defeating the purpose of what we want to do right now. Okay, i will do that. Then current here at a coin, operated self wash here a little oily, but we do have some uh detergent that shant suggested so we're gon na throw a little bit on the car.

Get the oil. Oh jeez get the oil off. Here we go all right, so we got the car all washed up. We got the detergent we wiped it down.

The car is looking pretty good. You can see here. Most of the oil is off, it was slathered all over the entire car, so the car wash definitely helped we're gon na probably re-wash the car. At a later time, i think to the person who vandalized the mercedes s600, with the infamous 12 000 exhaust.

Listen, i don't know what kind of gripe you have with me or the crew or anybody that i'm affiliated with. We did nothing wrong. I don't i'm trying to think of anything that i did that particular day that pissed any person off, and i just can't think of anything so we're not really sure why this happened. Um.

If anyone knows anything, let me know in the comments below but transmission oil. That's the trick, mr sean, as cms has hooked it up once again, as you can see right here, all the oil is off the car. I think we're gon na rewash the car probably like tomorrow, and have a little lookie-loo and on friday, we're going to drop the car off at his shop and he's going to re-wax and do a little look over. It could have been worse.

Thankfully wasn't. Luckily it was not keyed or, like you know, someone lit a fire on my car. It could have been way worse. That being said to the perpetrator and the person who vandalized my car first of all you.

Secondly, what's crazy is that inside the garage there are cameras, security cameras, they have your face, they have the make and model of your car, the color of your car. They have footage of you taking the transmission fluid out of your car and dumping it all over mine. So that's all on videotape, i'm trying to access that footage. Very soon i filed a police port.

I think a detective is going to call me either today or tomorrow. I can't remember, but either way you're in pretty bad shape. Good, sir, so we got a flashlight here. I see some more residue on the rubber here, the weather stripping that is not water uh.

The damage is a little bit more severe because gone through the creases and the cracks of the car here, so i've opened up every single door. I think it. I think this site is alright. We did a pretty good job, removing most of the transmission fluid, but uh the weather stripping on this side is not severe, so we've opened the engine bay.

Luckily, it's not that bad, but right there, you guys can't really see it, but this this section right here. It's all sticky and uh that little vent right there as well and the weather stripping right here. Look at this all this stuff right here. Look at that crap! So we're going to do a very deep clean of the interior of the engine bay and there is oh yeah right over there as well right over there as well next to the wipers and on the other side right here.

Let's see see the gloss and the shine on this uh right here and on this little box right here as well and the door gems the cracks the crevices of this car. We got to do a deep, clean, so man, what a which is totally fine, because we had this guy on camera. That being said, let me grab another towel and start cleaning again guys all right, so we're about to take the car home. We're with mr show stack right over there got the prius.

We have some pretty bad news. Uh the car is rough idling, we're not really sure, but when we turn the car on it's, it does like a little rumble. It sounds like an american muscle car, even with the valves open and closed it. Just doesn't sound right.

So i'm going to lay the camera down here. Gon na see. We can replicate that noise that car does not sound right when we took it to the car. Wash it was totally fine.

I drove with the valves closed not really sure if something leaked into the engine bay not really sure what this reservoir or whatever. I think that's like a vent for hot air, but i don't know this is not normal. I've had the car actually rough idle in the past and i don't remember what the solution was but did go away, but that does not sound good and it's running really strong, so we're gon na have to turn that off with asap before we kill ourselves. I better make it quick cause it's going to smell, really bad, i'm not sure what to tell you guys.

This is not good. I'm going to park the car here, even though i didn't want to because obviously got vandalized hold on that, doesn't sound normal all right. Let's move it, you got to be quick yeah that doesn't sound good.

By effspot

15 thoughts on “A hater vandalized and damaged my mercedes s600”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Xxx Xxx says:

    The culprit is likely driving a silver 1994 Toyota Celica.
    He was heard laughing and saying "Endless money pit."

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lloyd V. says:

    Imagine how upset you’d be if you had to work and your car was vandalized. You just might have paparazzi’d the wrong car during your exploits. Act like a good citizen.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Geada 7 Music says:

    What i say to people who vandalized any car is.. You deserve everything you have in your life because you are a loser, jealous mindset, envy of others.. Losers

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kimsour Sem38 says:

    Bro i can tell someone is trying to set your car on fire because i think that its a lighter fluid by you taste it kindle not good but i can tell the hater of your car was trying to set it on fire

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Master says:

    I hope we find out who did this and make them public. Then I will take care them because stuff like this cannot go unpunished. The legal system can only go so far and people like this bank on that. I will punish this person…

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ste Shar says:

    Dude people are losers. How much of a loser do you have to be to do this to someone not deserving of it

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GG says:

    I’m sure it was someone who’s either dislikes your videos because they hate loud cars or someone who sees you around town and hates loud cars. Except this car isn’t just some old car with a loud exhaust, this is a mint old model SL600 that sounds like a F1 car so who the fuck would vandalize it

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RANDOM NONSENSE says:

    That's just not cool, no matter how much you hate the person never ever mess with their car. That's just scummy.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jun cho says:

    1. You need to install dashcam
    2.dna check oil bottle(finger print) ( sounds stupid ,but if you really want to find out)
    3. Check camera which it aiming at your car

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A Google User says:

    you tasting it is like that scene from Spaceballs when they jam the satellite dish. IT TASTES LIKE JAM!!!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars milecoupe says:

    At this point gotta be a place you can rent for your cars that'd be safer and end up cheaper then these spots

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hodillac says:

    My car has been broken in and scratched so i know how you feel. Was your gas gap locked??? I hope that little shit didnt pour anything in your gas tank…

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NiCoOo says:

    it's the loud exhaust I know some ppl find it obnoxious and go after the driver's car, I think it's a warning.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ali BakarE60 says:

    Whoever did that, is totally weird but the brain must not be existed because the S600 is not cheap to replace its engine or the exhauat, like $19,550 or more? Idk man but thank you for letting me know about it.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FurryQueen_ÙwÚ says:

    Everyone’s upset about the car being vandalized (which it does suck that it happened) while I’m here wondering how traumatized poor Mr. Sheeps gotta be….

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