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Currently, on route to cars and copters check this out over here on pch, we got cops, lined up and down the entire strip. The coast is dunzo's, it might not be as rowdy as the previous cars and copters, but we got. The s600 got the whole fluff squad and mr sheep, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned. Things can get pretty interesting.

Let's go no way. Oh you got ta, be kidding me not this thing. Dude got the valves closed. Ladies and gentlemen, here we go cars and copters 2021.

This is a gauntlet if i've ever seen. One myself, i see another guy getting pulled over hold on a second right over there. What's up dude, how are you doing pretty good man watch out for the cops dude they're everywhere? Oh no, i hate to see it. No no dice today! No luck! No luck! We're gon na do a quick walk around here at the carson copter show a lot of empty spaces.

I think a couple cars left but check out this 08 second gen prius, absolutely mint condition much better condition than mine. Dang, yes, the gauntlet here we go look at this. I got the star of the show here, probably the apollo, i.e, intense emotion, probably mispronounced, that hold on a second. Ladies and gentlemen, that's a naughty looking car look at the crowd hold on there.

We go look at all the people on the street. There's no room to do anything unfortunately, but hold on. Let's take a look here: oh we got leafers here we go. That's pretty cute, it's not as hectic as it was a couple years ago, but you know what we'll take it up.

That's the best car in the entire show right here, ladies and gentlemen, a little laugh, it's got the carbon shoots too. The s-class is looking hot. Look at that the palm trees. Very nice scenery sand a little windy, but man she is looking absolutely stunning shant, as cms motorsports has done it again.

This is the real show here is the after show. All the people are gone, got some pretty sick cars here check out the enzo with the uh. Oh i'm more excited for you guys. Let me know in the comments below, but all the choppers are waiting for the choppers to roll out pretty soon.

Let's see what happens, this is what you guys came for. Oh damn, relax, wow yeah, this person right here, there's a dude right there. What? Oh, my god, we're going to take the full experience to the face. Let's go speedy jeff! Let's go! Don't bleach! No flinch! Don't look away in the face, so man, that's the way to do it.

Yeah in front of the beverly will show you guys right here. God help us all all right. Here we go ice gas, yes, sir. Yes, sir, a second coming from uh west los angeles.

Yes, sir, oh that's where we live. That's where you live. Yes, sir, where are you going right now uh this car show right around the corner. Apparently so there's a car show at uh, balsa off bosa, or something like that.

Bulsa yeah, i'm not sure you're, not sure yeah. My car show you're talking about like where people do donuts and all that illegal stuff. No, it's like a uh parking show apparently park and shell, usually parking, shows, aren't very chill because we're out there all the time. Oh yeah yeah yeah, we just heard about it, we're going also: oh nice, all right.

It's a drink tonight, uh! No, sir! Last time you had something to drink. I don't drink at all. No sir! All right just stay in the car cool. Actually, i've been on waves too; he was nowhere on waze, really yeah bizarre, don't mind good sir! Well, ladies and gentlemen, i have no idea what has transpired here literally took the car out the first time in a couple weeks and boom got hit with something whatever it is.

We got the construction workers over there just observing and wondering what the hell has happened by signing that you're not admitting any guilt, you're just promising to take care of the citation. Okay, you're gon na get some paperwork in the mail about a month from the courts. Just respond by the date: okay, okay, we're going to the street racing or the the park and chill i'm just letting you know, there's gon na be a bunch of us out there. So gotcha, it's up to you! Yeah yeah you're gon na have other officers out there and they may pull you over again for okay, whatever reasons no okay, all right.

Thank you appreciate it and, ladies and gentlemen, there you guys have it. Ladies and gentlemen, take the smizers. Please help me out make sure to check them in the link in the description that was a very quick pull over and they were not messing around nothing you could. We could have done on our behalf to prevent that from uh happening in regards to a ticket.

Now, as for the speed, i highly disagree but uh. What do i know? You know i'm just a humble civilian. What do i know you guys can't see it but hold on. Someone else is getting lit up right over there.

Uh. Is that the same cop? It might be the same, it might be the same. Okay. The tentative plan right now is we're gon na leave the car.

Here we got sterling pulling up. It was like what volkswagen atlas. Yes, we got supercars unlimited, so the problem is there's so many cops that we decided to park the car away from all the action right over here and there is our uber. Yes, sir, let's lock up the car that doesn't look suspicious at all.

Oh, my god. God help us all. I was in the front it what up dude yeah yeah, that's right, sir. Oh yeah, we're stacked thanks for the ride man.

This is ridiculous. We got pulled over for nothing. Damn it not the bad game. How did they not get pulled over and i did? Are you no? Oh, oh, oh we're all gon na have currently here at the origins papa me here at oct the usual suspects around here at the origins, papa meep here in the oc.

How was it that only me and a couple other guys got clipped by the police check out these speed bumps we actually considered bringing the bozo car that will not have made up yeah you're right, it's more rounded right here and it got smoother or it's lower. On the main stretch holy, that's a lot of friends. Oh i don't know. But oh i don't know about that.

One. The least we can do is bless everyone's ears, just a little bit so wake him up. Wake him up. Sometimes you just got ta jump start.

The bozo car, when you don't drive it for over two or three weeks here we go there, we go starts right up there. We go it ain't easy, but we got the hate of it. There we go windshield's a little dirty but she's a little dusty. A little dusty yeah go for it dude tinder profile.

I am honored to have the bozo car in the back. Yes, sir, it's a little dead here in beverly hills. We just want to stretch the uh the legs on the bozo car just a little bit. It's looking pretty nice, pretty nice! Oh, let's put: let's do this hold on there.

You go oh yeah, oh yeah, like we all instinctively knew he was going to do something and lo and behold he does launch control. Yes, it is a wide body. Is it an m6, though, is this california on the bottom there? What kind of kit is that oh yo, look at these guys they're like what is that car? Oh yeah, oh wait! So we got super cars. Unlimited hot wheels, unlimited roll.

What do we got? Gta? Oh, my god, i hosted car shows in games in games. Yeah yeah, oh yo, that's a flat tire flat tire flat tire you got ta pull over there. She is looking mighty fine on oh rodeo hold on a second boom see. This is what i'm talking about.

Rodeo drive these days looking a little sparse, but you know you find a few hidden gems here and there. Let's hope this car uh starts up one. Second, yes.

By effspot

13 thoughts on “Sick and tired of cops harassing me (selling the lambo)”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garrie Parsons says:

    If your getting targeted by the police and harassed… you should go down to your local police station and report it to someone in charge an official complaint… and lay it on THICK… I had to do this in the past when I had a nice car … it put a stop 🛑 to me getting pulled over every time I went out in my car 👌.. don’t give up your passion because of the police 👮‍♀️

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Henry Que Vlogsss says:

    Damn I live like 3 blocks away from there. I live right next to magnolia and I get to here all kinds of cars speeding down at night. Never seen anyone pulled over and takeovers here either.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Highway Star says:

    Go around speeding in tunnels and freeways then post the evidence on youtube they cry why???? Are you ignorant??? You are a marked man and so is everyone else doing stupid things.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GameBoyKolor says:

    Just move out of California. It’s that simple Effspot. Don’t sell the Lambo. Try moving to a state that actually approves of modified cars. Nevada is one, New York is two (or Connecticut or New Jersey, really doesn’t matter) or try Texas or Florida. That way you can at least enjoy your cars without the cops harassing you or ever having to worry about state reffs

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Veka550M says:

    Silver Enzo with aftermarket wheels is stunning!
    Alwasy hated the stock wheels on it, so generic and unspectacular for such a car, also not a fan of the shade of red most of them had.
    Top spec.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Opalivian says:

    Drive a 250k Porsche. No one will pull you over. Lamborghini is for attention and you will get it guaranteed. Finally you filmed a Porsche.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sam Owings says:

    YOU CAN NOT GET RID OF THE LAMBO! That would be more illegal than the exhaust it has 😂
    no but for reals, gotta keep it..

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eddie G says:

    Cops are ridiculous. Where I live in Calabasas, California, MOST (probably 95%) of exotic/very high-end/celebrity cars don’t even put plates on their cars!!! Where the plate is there’s a “plate” that says “O’gara Westlake”, or “Beverly Hills Ferrari”, etc. And the cops don’t care, or write tickets.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DarkWater4Eva says:

    So many fucking cops in "free" America. Land of the free LMAO. Car meets in Saudia Arabia or Dubai is more free than over here.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mexican Spec says:

    I was stopped at a alcohol check point, in a small Mexican town, and the officer asked if I had been drinking. I told him I don't drink. I was ready to ask, "What about you", but I thought better of it. I know what his answer would have been.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mexican Spec says:

    When the officer said they were going to be out there tonight, I would have replied "There is a lot of money for you to make tonight".

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eight Tree says:

    Part of the reason is probably because you’re in california. Over here in massachussets, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting pulled over for having a loud car lol

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matthew says:

    seems to me the cops over there just pull over anyone that seems to have money. got a lambo? PULL YO ASS OVER modified exaust? 1 ticket i saw you go 60 in a 30 BRO its a school zone i was going 15 mph Cop: shut the fuck up, ok get outta here I dont wanna see your face again

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