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Man, it's been a hot second, since we've uh featured the good ol, 12 thousand dollar brand exhaust on the channel. Let's kick it out with this. Oh all, right we're currently here at the osaka outlaw show we got a lot of exotic cars here, whoa easy there. Now, son, i'm gon na do a quick lap around here and just uh just to familiarize ourselves with a new location here like with all shows.

We don't know how long these things are going to last. Let's just have a little look-see here, not nice. Oh, we got ta bring the bow soap car here next time, but this location is so far it's about an hour with no traffic wow japan vibes here entire place is massively packed. Oh, my goodness, so it starts at 8 pm and ends at 10 p.m.

I believe so we'll see what happens this owner here he's got the balboni exhaust. It's got the signature, let's see if we can find where's the signature sick. What number do you have number one number one yeah, damn that's baller dude! I can still feel the heat from from the whole engine bay here, but that's awesome man, so we're currently here doing a little walk around of the entire show. This place is completely packed.

Let's see what we see boys here we go. Oh, oh, that's! A very modern interpretation of the riddler, i suppose dude he looks like manny coffman no way. Let me know in the comments below, if that looks, like manny cosby, with a riddler costume bro. It does take a closer look right over here boom.

There you go nsx rainbow tube chrome wraps are out in force, my goodness, which one do you know about this. It's it's a it's an eye, catcher, that's for sure. It's an eye catcher or an eye sword someone's got ta. Tell this guy with the gallardo he's got ta get the fmu exhaust the fluid motor union exhaust with the cat to leap test pipes, reverse megaphone x-pipe.

Then this guy will be howling. Bro drag tires on this thing. Oh, my goodness, that's a hell of a license plate. I like that wow check out this lexus suv here.

What is going on here? Oh, my goodness, crazy. Gx470 lex. It's got the v8. It's got the rear, splitter carbon fiber.

I can't tell lexus racing parts everywhere wow. What do you guys think is this guy doing canyon wrestling he's got like he's got the canards here. No way, look at the whole ass photo shoot right behind us or something look at that dude. That's a sick car! You can't even see it sorry guys, i'm not gon na, like i'm too lazy.

I just knew i just knew as soon as the american cars came out. Like you just know, goodness gracious, it's! The riddler is the riddler, my god do this guy huh you better step, take a step back, take a step back, get to get the emo motions going on get the vibe set. That was a lot of hype and no go a lot of show. No go right there right there, all the cops just chilling, dude they're like all right, that's enough riffraff enough, jaggaloom, behavior, all right boys! It's been a hot minute since we got some new model cars on the channel.

This is by far some of some people's favorite uh segment in the videos. Other people don't really care and they make fun of us for playing with little toys, 118 scale models, but these are the 250th anniversarios that i never even took out of the box max. What do you got over there and a spotter can't really see it we're going to open these up. I got a sesto, i had a p1 and what is that one all right guys, so we managed to unscrew the p1.

This is a composite model and the only reason i really got this is because nasa ortani our buddy used to have the exact spec. It wasn't matte white. It was gloss white. It's got the blue interior and check this out on the bottom.

This, i i'm pretty sure this came from a smoker's house, a lot of the styrofoam just stuck to it. If you smell it smells pretty bad man. It smells like a smoker's paradise in here and then, of course, you've got the blue and spada, and then i got the sesto right here. I think i i kind of messed up.

The windshields are a little cloudy, but i think that's an easy fix so yeah and we got the certain moss right over there. We got the koenigsegg rs1 with the blue interior. We got nasa autonomous p1 with the blue interior. We got the mervillo edition.

Bugatti super sport close enough and, of course, we got the aguero r with the blue interior right over here. Dude, the blue interior game squad is coming in strong there. They are. Indeed, this is the ultimate aaron and ed halibri combo double svs parked up.

Do you know which one has the brilliant exhaust? I know probably the white one, i'm guessing the white one too yeah, i think so off spag, where you wet wow. There are some serious heavy hitters here at ilpa style. Just don't wear richard miley watch here. You might get stolen, i'm saying god, damn oh yeah he's he's he's scoping.

It he's scoping. It check out the gold wheels on the gt3 rs and the mazzy behind it classic drive combo. Here i got a camera too. You know i got a camera too.

Oh man, we got the bonneville out today, courtesy of mr nino's. I have no idea what's going on over here hold on. I just put the initials, so just one second, can i follow you too yeah? As far as you can right? What's this, this is making followers on instagram. You just asked for them on roadster.

What's his name, though, what's his name godzilla? No, what are your thoughts right now welcome to rodeo drive? Oh my god. I can't wait what i haven't done this in a while sorry, i got ta always get a little bite, i'm so confused right now. What's happening, i don't know what's happening, oh my god. Oh man, if you saw the last video guys, we were right here at this intersection where it all went down with the malibu autobahn absolute circus here.

Do you want to get out for one too i'll? Take both of your pictures? Oh no! It's our youtube! Video youtube whoa youtube: let's go i'm trying to do a little car spot in here and all of a sudden boom. Thank you. So much all right have a great day. I am not cut out for you almost got nailed by the traffic lady.

You better pay that you better pay that tolls good. Sir yeah go for it, go hello. Knee knows he almost got nailed whoo. I can't describe you.

I just saw him there's a camaro that just did a little pull over there anywhere. Oh, i think he's gon na get the camaro zooming action spider on perhaps one of the greatest sounding ferraris of all time. That's crazy, 720 blacked out as belforty would say. That's criminal spell! Oh it's daniel mack.

It's the! What do you do for a living kid? Oh seriously, oh my goodness, gracious there's a lot going on here in this picture. Ladies and gentlemen, i don't even know what it's gon na get made lad, pull him over for the stripe. Get that stripe off that card. What happened? What happened? Oh! I got one last week i got one last week.

No plates expire meter is eighty dollars. It was 83 or something yeah. It was nuts nice dino here, let's zoom in there you go that's sick. One nose down no plates still wait.

What is that thing? That's not very uh. Oh, my gosh dude he's got a matching hat in the corvette wow hold on what is going on with this gmc truck here this lifted truck, i think, he's a little lost saying no texas man street veyron, these uh, this huracan and this ferrari are just u-turn To check out the mayor, yeah, not a bad find, indeed, i will take it guys check this out license plate cover all right press the button. Oh my god. How much did that cost to install it? I got to get one of those things.

That's awesome! Oh 63 wagon full moon is out tonight. Full moon and the weather is pretty nice. So, oh, my goodness.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Miguel Lombana says:

    If all they are, are wannabee's should they really be called influencers?

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    Wow its different to see youtubers from a different angle 😂😂😂
    youtubers pandemic is really happens

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    lol when you’re pretty cops let you get on their motorcycle

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    $83 for a ticket? Man come to Australia and pay $500 for using your mobile while driving

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    Hello everyone!
    goodbye everyone!

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    I have that Autoart P1. Number 46 of the production line

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    Bahaha Organik looks even more ridiculous from another persons perspective😁😁 worst spec has to be all over his fleet

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    LOL this is me 😅 I was filming a yes day challenge poor chase

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    The pot calling the kettle black.. 🤣🤣 How many people do you think you piss off every day with your driving and cars.. Mr. "Influencer"

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    I bought a anti photo plate cover. The cops stole my car, went through a left turn red light, issued an illegal photo ticket. Never gave me a court notice, then sent it to collections, and DMV never wants to give my paper work.
    Some FINE LADIES from CIA came up missing here in NW….I had to contact Secret Service in a bunch of them.
    But hey, She is from Germany.

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