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Another beautiful day here in sunny los angeles, no note on the lambo today no note on the benzo today, let's just exit out here as quietly as possible, i mean, let's just be honest - there's really no way to gracefully get out of this neighborhood, so we're gon Na watch this hold on - oh god, yup all right, it's it's quieting down and we got the benzo looking mighty. Oh, my goodness, all right, let's get out of here it looks like kovitz season - is over. It is currently a staggering 80 degrees, clear skies. What's that nice, 74 74 74; okay, we're getting 70 a reading of 74, oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh look! There's the guy that exercises yeah! There's the the black guy that that does the crazy exercises he's back on a rodeo and he's and he's showing up a couple of bodybuilders.

How did how it's properly done? I guess boom boom boom boom boom. Oh and there you go, wait hold on there. He goes there, you go. Oh marshall, goldman the f40 that was out of front is now gone.

Oh essay is that like rosso dina, it is, and what do we have here? Look at that g wagon wow. Oh, a little porsche action for you, boys and girls. There's the f40 boys looks like someone's bought it and it's gone. What is that? Is that, like burgundy or something or like a wood, it's a chrome gold, matte black poverty wheels.

What is going on? Oh, that makes sense. That's what it's? Okay! That's what i was looking at and then look at this thing. This looks like a poverty spec of like the uh jc's zonda. I mean it's a 600 lt with pink stripes on the peak calibers.

That's all right tires. We're gon na we're gon na we're gon na we're gon na. Let that one slide, but that reminds me of mr jc's uh zomba 760, with the pink stripes and his codex take one to one in china, but i think the both of those cars are sold. So, oh my god, what god, what they're shredded! No that! Oh! I hear it and i see it listen guys.

There's a lot to see here. There's a lot of people got people doing, jumping jacks, doing some aerobics and then there's this guy right here, pretty cute. Pretty cute, indeed, mclaren gt, terrible choice and a line to louis vuitton. Oh my goodness.

What is this woman holding she's just holding like a piece of art? I think that's a body dude come on man, sir sir. That's my car don't give him a ticket. No, and although it's a g.o.e 53 in max, sent the man to take it for a terrible rap, literally the worst place to do a u-turn, i think she's got so much room. She can make it she can make it she's got it.

She's got it. She's got it, people are getting riled up, we got a little photo shoot happening over there with a supra hold on this guy's. This guy's going to do it. Oh, what a dude! That's dedication to the craft at its finest my man on the floor, gain that shot brought the whole squad with them.

Dude. Oh, it's got tricks, oh that escalade. This guy wants to. He wants something there.

He goes there. He, oh all the way from mexico straight man back in los angeles, holy crap. What's next on our left here. What is that m5? Is that matt blue yeah there's a trap out tonight? Oh, oh, you got the rebound whoa! Oh, oh man! They got the ride.

Police out here no way a couple days ago there was a basketball game and i guess ucla won, and there were a couple. I want to say riots, but things are a little rowdy, so i think they were well prepared for today and unfortunately, ucla lost. So, oh my god, the horses out calling the calvary and we got riot police here, no way. That's crazy, dude they're, all taking selfies in front of the horses.

Nice are taking crap on the street, turning up the fine streets of ucla and los angeles and westwood. These horses are uh a little route up, so to speak with the the riot police there there's a block party like i don't really know. What's going on, geez offer a basketball game unbelievable. This looks like a whole lot of trouble.

We got the cls. We got the c63, we got the raptor. Of course we got lamy the lamb over here. What's he doing what is jose doing people getting riled up? It is the weekend.

Ladies and gentlemen, oh my goodness, this car is insane. Oh yeah not too happy about the exhaust, i imagine and of course, supposedly no plates, and i think there is an illegal u-turn of some sorts, but it is what it is guys. What are you gon na do? Ah we got the whole squad here, just chilling. I think eddie is trying to get the dumbbell.

For me. I mean dude. We can't take this car anywhere without getting any sort of trouble and we got the windshield wipers in a pretty odd position. I'm like literally just jammed in here.

I was about to do a three-point turn here and then bam got nailed. You got ta be kidding me right now. I think i've gotten pulled over in this car at least two or three times, but never for speeding, never for any, like major infraction. So you know whatever it is what it is guys, i'm writing you for it's a fixed ticket for the station cool and i put on the bottom here that i advise you on the u-turn.

I don't want to hit you for the movie. Oh okay, i appreciate it man do me a favor just take care of that as soon as you can. Yes, sir, you got it right there in the red box, not a mission guild just cross, take care of the citation my date on the bottom. Yes, sir, thank you cool.

Let me get your copy i'll, get you on your way. Okay, awesome! Thank you busy night, for you guys or uh someone not too bad. So far. That's all right cool! That's your copy! Thank you.

That's all your information awesome appreciate it. Man, you got it man. Thank you! Dodging bullets left and right. Oh, my goodness, all right we're gon na oh wait! Where's this game ghibli! We can't hear it come on wait.

What was that? Are you hitting me what this is? This is all happening in one night. I think the warm weather is really bringing people out. This is absolutely crazy. It's been a crazy night crazy day, a lot of crazy stuff people.

It's always good meeting. All the fans on rodeo drive and there's only one way to really top off today and tonight, just a little hold up wait for it. Oh oh, my gosh, we got ta get out of here. Let's go man: oh man, this table is looking busy and it's busting with a lot of model cars with a blue interior check this out boom nasser our tony's p1.

With the blue interior. We got the gear rs1, we got the aguero r with some bits of blue and of course we got the super sport with some blue interior as well. But the purpose of today's video is to it's not to really demonstrate that by being nice to a police officer, you're going to be led off the hook for a ticket or an infraction or a moving violation. I've been reading the comments and some of you guys been saying: dude espot.

Why are you so nice to the cops? Why do you say? Thank you, sir. Why do you thank them for the ticket have a good night? Why do you say yes or no? Sir? Might reach over the passenger side seat and reach for my insurance papers and registration? My philosophy is pretty simple guys if you're gon na get pulled over as much as i do, which is not a good thing. Trust me it's not a badge of honor. It does make for entertaining videos, commentary and interactions with some of the cops, but that being said, listen you don't want to be on the cops bad side right, don't give them any reason to write you up for other minor or potentially major infractions.

Just be nice. Be polite, the officer might be having a bad night. They might not even like your car, they don't like. You know how you look whatever whatever it is, that you're doing just be polite, keep it cool, keep it professional and sometimes you might get let off with a small infraction or they might just give you off with a warning.

That being said, guys hope you guys enjoyed today's video hope. You guys learned something we're entertained. We've got a lot of model cars coming in. We got a lot of car mods on my own cars coming in mr sheep.

Take it away baby, oh yeah.

By effspot

16 thoughts on “My ridiculously loud lamborghini is a cop magnet”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Treven Butler says:

    I don’t like how he buys the cheapest lambo and slaps a expensive pipe on it . That’s gay

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rented Gucci Mink says:

    Like the channel, but you sound pretentious at times. "Omg they're copying the livery of the Pagani JC in a 6-figure Mclaren. The horror, what a faux pas!". I know you said it was nice in the end, but damn that's not something the normal person even has to think about.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jorge says:

    I'm so amazed seeing so many people without their masks and don't giving 2 fucks about covid and the 570k+ deaths you guys have…. california being #1 with 60something K…

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ben Schneider says:

    That speech at the end… couldn't have said it better myself. Smart man. It's called respect and it pays.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MusselmanMedia says:

    the amount of utter bullshit cops and firefighters put up with….i wish there was a way besides taxes that they could get the big bucks they deserve it

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Crow Carreon says:

    I dig how you go thru those tunnels before the LAX I bet you light it up in there so much 🤣

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars j g says:

    What's funny is most of the assholes you see here standing in line for louis Vuitton and cruising around in $250,000 vehicles are the same ones telling me I need to recognize my white privilege 😂

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Gammon says:

    Obviously cooperation and politeness is best with cops. Idk why anyone would even ask why he’s polite… 🤨

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Gammon says:

    The microbiome on an la county street is horrible. Maybe stand with your Mac n cheese next time.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PyrexWrx617 says:

    Side note – its also nice to act accordingly with the cops because if you frequently get pulled over chances are you'll run into the cop again. If you can establish some type of relationship it could work in your favor 😏

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Hartman says:

    I'm a details guy and can you please fix the front hood gap on your Lamborghini the hood being high on the passenger side is killing me smalls…

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Young Simeon says:

    The most annoying thing ever is that i always drive recklessly, speeding and doing dumb stuff with my bmw m2 and there is always some fucking dumbass that thinks i wanna race them just because i flew past them like a rocket.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Johnny says:

    Man……. I catch myself laughing out loud when you’re giving it the “FULL Enchilada…. “

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars zeroblackdeath 13 says:

    If I had a Lamborghini that loud I would buy all the neighbors that can hear it, bose noise canceling headphones. I gotten a ticket instead of getting arrested for going over 100. All the time I gotten pulled over if your polite to the officer he will be polite to you and sometimes let you go with a warning

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars polowak says:

    please, who can explain me, on rodeo drive, what is this police trailer lighting???? what is its role?

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Johnny Eskimo says:

    I don't see how that exhaust is worth it. Loud can be fun, but that's just too much.

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