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Um boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the spot channel. It's been a couple of days. I do apologize hope you guys had an amazing july 4th weekend. I know i did relaxing chilling and of course we reorganized the entirety of the living room and the entirety of this living space and you're, probably wondering f-spot.

What's going on behind you, it doesn't look like a dilapidated couch. I didn't know that we got a brand new couch. We've got a coffee table right over there. We got a model car to show you guys a couple bits of sheep and, of course, the mystery man who keeps popping up on rodeo drive and giving me free bottles of champagne and wine he's giving me another bottle of wine two nights ago at 1am.

I don't know how this guy does it, but first things. First, let's do a little walkthrough of. What's going on here. Many thanks to my good friend, anthony unofficial for graciously donating his couch and his coffee table to the s-bah pad.

He was moving houses. That being said, the mystery man who gave me a bottle of champagne last year and a couple months ago, another bottle of wine. He struck again. We were chilling on rodeo drive hanging around at like 1am, and he appears out of nowhere and gives me another bottle of wine.

We got the cake, bread, cellars, 2017, cabernet, sauvignon, napa valley. I don't really drink any wine or liquor or uh champagne for that matter, but it makes for a nice little centerpiece on this brand new coffee table boom zoom in initiate. We got the 112 scale, mercedes amg project, one i forget who the exact manufacturer is. This was not sold to the public, it was given as a gift to clients of mercedes who ordered or pre-ordered the car years ago, and one of my friends i don't even know if he ordered the car, he probably did.

Maybe he canceled it i'm not entirely sure uh. He decided to give this to me as a gift. I cannot stress enough guys. Thank you so much for all the support and the love we're getting the free wine we're getting the free furniture.

Look at this and, of course, the model car. Now that is absolutely insane. That being said, we got mr sheep flanking each part of the mercedes project. One and we got ta go pick up my own mercedes, the s600, let's wrap it up and head out boys.

We are back in the s600 boys and girls. Look at the c300, this mercedes c300. It's got no side mirrors on both ends. Oh they're both broken off.

What that surely cannot be safe? I mean you guys, can't see it, but on the right passenger side it also does not have these psi mirrors guys correspond is back in full force here in the city of angels. Look at this green 918 and a la ferrari whoa! That's crazy! Oh yeah, 8. 12 as well check out the zebra porsche over here to my left hate to wait on the plane. No way, that's crazy man! It is good to be back in business, so we had the car at the shop and my buddy shot best motorworks for around two weeks, they're really busy, but they managed to squeeze me in.

They sorted out the overheating issue and it was the oem clutch fan and once we replace that the temperature sensor uh showed that the car is running very coolly at a nominal temperature. So that's been sorted out. Amg wheels still looking really fine and i accidentally scuffed. My freaking car, this big body car around los angeles, no good man - absolutely not great, but we do have the amg kit coming soon and, of course, the i think the brake sensors are all replaced as well on a warranty in the near future.

I think one of the rear calipers might need work. That being said, i think all we got to do is get the amg kit on the side, skirts front and rear, and then the windshield washer reservoir that thing still leaks. And unfortunately, we do have one major repair and we got nick kim pulling in with the beamer. Oh yeah.

We do have the rear suspension, hydraulic lines that we need sorting out and unfortunately i am left with two choices. We replace it with oem or two. We go coilovers or some sort of static, uh suspension. So that being said, let me know in the comments below what i should do in regards to the rear suspension.

Do we fix it oem style and rewire the whole hydraulic lines and make it as is from factory, or do we go aftermarket and never have to deal with this again and get it done once and for all currently filling with the samsung galaxy? Or i don't know what fun i have anymore, but you know it's a couple years old, but man we got these we're on scene here holy crap. All right, guys check this out. So we have an overturned car. I think everyone's okay, it clipped the park car.

There's another car that's involved over. There got the fire and paramedics over here and this guy's carrying a robot around hold on check this out boom. What he's taking pictures of the accident right? We got. We got anthony on scene here, he's a new he's, a streamer.

Now yeah yeah right he's got the camera, but he's got the robot in the shot see the robot did the robot like overturn the car or something i don't know you guys. Let me know comments below. This is the most bizarre i've ever seen in a long time anthony. This is your first time doing some strainer some night crawling.

Oh hell, yeah. You guys thought i was joking. I am not joking welcome to los angeles baby. Even the firefighters have no idea what the hell is going on.

There was a homeless, there was a homeless guy going through the bag looking for stuff, and then the police had to come in and tell the guy to get lost and he's gone. He was wearing a papa roach shirt and we got a guy with a robot. Are you kidding me but guys? I don't know man this guy with a robot dude, there's something going on man. Let me know in the comments below geez.

That is just some of the most bizarre i've ever seen, and we've done some proper night crawling before and we see some really wacky stuff, some stuff that never made it to the channel. It was too graphic and uh. I don't know this really just takes the cake, wow all right, guys we're here. With the s600, we got some breakfast burritos boom where's, my lucky boy, lucky boy, there you go shout out now.

What is this contraption of four coffee? Are they even straws with this? Yes, they're straws, they're, straws turkeys. Aren't they yeah you can suck through it. You got four of them. Why do you have four of them? It's better than a paper straw, so they gave you a paper straw, yeah and they gave you it broke.

So they gave you four of these coffees yeah. You did that yeah give them a paper straw for a milk. Who does that? Oh wait! We're in california check this out guys we're currently here at an osaka night, drive the first of its kind. We have the s600.

How is that breakfast burrito good, sir whoa jesus? That's a bike. Let's bless them just a little bit. Look at jessie. Is it really that loud yeah, oh okay, out of the blast radius? Oh sorry, yeah bless him a little bit now baptize those ears now boy, all right here we go check out the squad here, look at all tonight, whoa through the sunroof.

What's up? What's up? Oh, it's too much hey! What's going on just running through the reds baby, we did not do the entirety of the drive because we're uh a little busy with a little baseball game. But that being said, we're here on rodeo and brighton, it's around nearly midnight. Oh, no, oh, it is sterling. It's gon na get a little rowdy boys for the fourth of july.

God bless america and go gti's. Oh oh, my gosh max shostak on steroids, boys and girls. Wow, look at the crowd! Look at the crowd! Oh man, max. What do you think there? It is all the way from he.

Ladies and gentlemen, would i even point my camera? I don't even know i swear to god. Oh, oh, my god. Oh my question is: where are the police hey what andy? What do you think? Oh, my god, hmm oh alex larson, not a single car. That's our kids, clutch dude! That was clutch 100.

That makes sense why you could hear a rev like. Was it spinning? Oh, my god, dude we're in hot water boys release the hounds. Oh, they turn on the sprinklers. No way they turn on the sprinklers to get them moved.

Wow yeah check out the slammed e63 wagon wow sterling's wife just picked up. A new whip got the 720s they're getting the hurricane done and we've got the e63 amg wagon. Damn that is really nice, not only power washing the streets but they've also closed. The entirety of rodeo drive got the whole lease.

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14 thoughts on “Supercars drag race on rodeo drive! $12,000 exhaust is back!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars minibike madman says:

    Man those tent cities are crazy. Everywhere! I just couldnt do it with all taxes you guys pay.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Allen Thomas says:

    I don’t hang out on Rodeo, 🤔that might change! Didn’t know they had this much action WOW!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Simun says:

    I know technically it’s illegal, but what about a drone? Filming with one would permit wider shots, and further shoots. If possible, having multiple cameras so, let’s say an four way intersection could be recorded two ways at a time, or however the setup was needed.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Naren says:

    Hey can someone tell me from where can I get some good model cars for good prices ?

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    That wrapped corvette C8 in the thumbnail is a tiktokers car he has like alot of followers i can't remember his name because all he does is mostly make videos about his car…kinda boring 😴😴😴 but it's nice

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J, Ludwig says:

    damn I was in that malibu autobahn. too I didn't make the video 🙁

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MemoMii says:

    lol I'm glad i don't live around people driving this retarded, but it's funny to watch on youtube.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars EyeZ says:

    Static susprension and you should do a wide body kit with some AMG components in it

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars cellow says:

    I cant believe I saw a g35 and q50

    But this was so crazy

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