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You already know how to go down boys: let's go oh man, boys and girls. It never gets old we're here at the overfill lot. The main lot has been arbitrarily closed once again check out this integrale. This thing is super clean about the clk 63 black series.

With the windows down, look at that both windows down on both the cars respect the 918 and then we've got the black cgt all the way over there unused parking lot that might possibly open in a couple hours. What a damn! Shame that sucks this guy is selling his 500 years. The e500. That's a 500 e92 look at the white fenders man dude that project car, our buddy marcus had before with the china.

We should have picked that up and finished the job, but man it's a clean car, don't park underneath this tree at the country. Mall. Look at this truck. That's been parking for less than 10 minutes, a town and country picnic basket.

Wow, that's crazy! It's making me kind of hungry wow wagons, man they're, making a comeback. Now this bee out right here with the wood inside the wood interior. This is straight up, monocle right here, dude, that's amazing! That's a total malibu car, though i like that electric mode man, that's a no-go for aaron and eddie right next to us, he's once again boys don't park underneath this tree god damn these birds are actual pests. You got the cops and the security here.

Apparently, this lot used to be open at 10 o'clock. Now it's open at 10. 30.. Oh, no, no way, bro leave the guy alone.

Man are you kidding me? This is why nobody wants to come to this show anymore. It's burnt! They let you in and they're like calling it here, boys, no more malibu country mart at least until 10, 30. Apparently so, damn that sucks hell, yeah, dude, yeah, hey man, that's how you get it. That's the way to do it.

Baby, oh round, two aaron. Will he get in and charge his tesla model? The answer might be a resounding n o no dude. This place sucks no offense, that's up, but they can't even let him get so dumb. That's so fun the chargers right over there charged right over there.

So close there you go, mr manifest, mr organic! Oh, no, oh no he's gon na manifest the ticket. No, let him be free! Oh, i think he's good. I think he's good. This is a sight for sore eyes.

S65 cabriolet, b12 top down. You never see those rolling rolling around with the top down mind you and look at that. Parking is reopened at a very arbitrary hour and minute, not gon na lie. Malibu is a bust check out the traffic on the opposite side of pch.

It's all because of one traffic light that went out so yup all right, boys and girls, we're back at the s ball pad. We got one of my sister's cats mew me right over there. I think the other one brubra is hiding. I don't really where she went, but so i want to reiterate a few things before i show you the next few clips um the malibu country mart, show it's not sanctioned or run by a specific person or group of persons or an organization.

It's just a free show that everyone shows up to between, like seven eight am to like noon at the malibu country. Mart what's been happening in the past few months. Is that a lot of these security guards and cops have been getting involved and they've been shutting down parts of the parking lot, because i think property management and the owner of the lot have been gaining complaints from locals, or they just don't like that. A lot of the car show attendees are taking up spots for from uh potential customers, so they close the lot from like 8 a.m.

To like 10 30 a.m, very arbitrary, there's, no rhyme or reason they just open it whenever they want, and it makes no sense and a lot of these security guards at least one or two of the security guards. I've got a lot of complaints about oh yeah. There she is, but my buddy ryan actually filmed a uh, a little tense argument between a car show attendee and one of these security guards a few weeks ago check this clip out, take it as you will, but it it's not good. Look at this here we go here we go here, we go so the next clip you're about to see actually happened a few months ago.

Um. I didn't really think much of it at the time. I just thought it was pretty funny that a security guard was getting so triggered over absolutely nothing uh. We are leaving from lunch at the malibu country, mart around noon and we're on our way.

We have parked the car to the side for a brief moment to say goodbye and he came in guns blazing yelling at us and then he caught two of our friends ugly. That being said guys, i totally get both sides of the argument. You know on both sides of the spectrum with the locals and the police enforcement. Of course, the security there's the issue of you - know: noise complaints, boys doing accelerations and of course, you know, car show attendees taking up spots for the local business owners and, of course, the property management and the owner aren't going to be happy about that.

That being said, i feel like it's a hostile environment. Well, mimi where'd. He go it's a hostile environment. I don't really like going to the show anymore really because just things get arbitrarily closed and, of course, police are taking people up.

The wazoo now check out this next clip with the security guard. Let me know if we're in the wrong or if he's in the wrong or we're both in the wrong, but either way you shouldn't, be calling other people ugly and tell him to move out of the way. So it is what it is enjoy. Dude.

I i think, just because you're on security you're here look at that for a minute and then actually you're out of the car, so 30-40 minutes gives you the right to talk like that to somebody or whatever i'm not going to go until you go. Do you actually work for the parking lot? How do i know you're working you're, not some random guy, just calling people or some weirdo. I've never said anything like that. Oh it's not even on the camera! Oh that's why i heard you and you got all defensive.

Homie, actually i'm not your homie either. I don't give a what you are. I know i know you are okay, so i'm a dude. I don't care about them.

I don't if they were random girls. I wouldn't give a if you call them a right right. If you don't give a, then why are you step up bro because they're women bro you don't call them what? If i called your mom a your mom's a i don't care. Oh you don't care about me! Yeah you're dead! There you go, you didn't do it! Your mom was standing right here.

You do it's disrespectful, yeah, you did you. Don't care, call him right now i don't give a right. It's like. I don't give a video all day fill me.

I know you you little tuba dip right. What the speak! English! It's three numbers: dude 911.. It doesn't take that long to call it there. We go ahead.

Follow we'll see what they say: we'll wait, 30 minutes, because that's how long they're gon na take to get here little kids here, training with body arms yeah go ahead with bodily harm. Uh! It's right! There off of pch village cross country mark cross country mart yeah. I'm asking you guys nicely for about 5-10 minutes right now. You don't do that.

First, you just want to call it um. Well, you don't call it a girl two. Did you call her an ugly too, because i have to have credit yeah. He got all over the place: nice yeah real, respectful buddy, this guy's, hiding by the tree, what the dude, what in the world is happening here on sunset boulevard? Let's take a look, this guy's on the jeep, oh yeah, you got the chop.

What's that look? It's the white coat. Oh, i see i see it is that bad or is that just bad suspension? I don't know uh. What do you want to bag both the front and the rear? I don't know svj roadster with green calipers to my right and white. We got a bunch of paparazzi at craig's, oh yeah, they're.

All there they're just waiting, they're lurking yeah dude, it's so slow, we're actually tapping the paparazzi in the prius. We've got mr sheep. Oh they're, getting ready, they're getting ready. We got what we got.

I can't tell guys who is that person that's getting the autograph right there tapping them pretty hard boom boom boom boom they're walking, walking walking. Where is that, we got the lacrosse ball back. We're bouncing that we're on rodeo drive check out this matte black mini cooper with a type r engine. Oh my god, that's pretty sick.

We got the scooters. We got the lacrosse boss dude these balls on the second bounce. These are dangerous. Rolls-Royce limo, i'm not gon.

Na lie, it looks pretty beat. I think, everclock might be back one one, six, four by four ten seers, no tens there at all wait. Why is it yeah? Why is this jeep in the middle of the road in the wait? It's just there. What the holy yo, what the oh, my god, dude, wait what what is going on here! Okay, 7.

20. 7. 20. um.

This is a new technique to wash two cars for the price of what i mean, i guess the bay is actually yeah yeah. The hose will reach both cars. So hey! That's how you afford a lamborghini and a beamer. What i'm saying you got to save money wherever possible i'll! Let you go first, oh get! Yours! First, don't worry about mine! Oh no! All right mine is dirty.

No! No get yours first, don't worry about oh yeah, oh my gosh wow, that is pretty silky, 2-1 baby 2-1. That is one hell of a way to save some money boys. I love it.

By effspot

14 thoughts on “Why the malibu country mart car show is cancelled”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Christopher Crowley says:

    Your boys act like spoiled little brats. One did that guard constantly smack you in the shoulder, 2nd thing would you still act like that if it was you solo. Maybe you need to show respect before arguing you require it

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bene János says:

    Why are you obstructing the conflict in your work that you went to the security guard, you don’t know the fundamental rights and that’s inciting viewers with your stance!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Al Borland says:

    I’d just send that video in to the company that the “security guard” works for. That clown doesn’t even know how to handle himself, I’d hate to see him try and help someone else out if need be.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Josh says:

    What days do the cars come out to rodeo? I been wanting to go and show a friend who’s not from LA please lmk if you see this bro and what time? Thanks in advance!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Origami Nefretami says:

    Serious question: what are Teslas doing at carmeets? Its like showing up to a football game in cricket gear. Stop it.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Richards says:

    Whether a city cop, state cop, or rent-a-cop, they're public servants, and they should speak to a citizen in a professional manner. It would help if he dressed the part too. He started the argument with the "ugly bitches" comment. If he had attempted to apoligise and not stand there and argue, it would have been a different ending.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Gammon says:

    He obviously has the IQ of a pigeon. He probably shouldn’t have a job where he is in charge of much of anything. He’s just not smart enough. It’s sad.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ILike Waffles says:

    He's callin other ppl "ugly bitches" while dude built like wreck it ralph if he become a discord moderator and a sandwich away from getting obiese

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ChefTamable says:

    Might not be a popular opinion here, but these guards are hire by the property management at barely above minimum wages. They have a job to protect the property they are assigned to as well as the safety of people in the area. If one fuckboy does something stupid, they have every right to kick everyone out. So maybe not highlight all the fuckboys doing stupid shit, or just put up with the security guards, they are just doing they job man.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kiysew says:

    I was hitting the blue bottle coffee right by the meet and they wouldn't let me in cause they thought I was a part of the show lol

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars B A L L E R says:

    Gordon just doesn’t get it. The parking lot is needed by the merchants for customers. I own many cars and I wouldn’t just show up, and say a big “fuck you” to the merchants that pay heavy rent and need the parking. Ask the merchants if they want all these cars regardless of the type, or value. A bunch of tools including Jay “The Chin” Leno.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bronxtaskforce1 says:

    My question is why waste time on arguing with security when on private property? At the end you touch security you get battery charge for something stupid. Those 2 need to learn to avoid situations. Bet they wouldn't act that way in the hood acting cocky.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alberto Lopez says:

    Why did you have to say speak English 🤔 hell sometimes I can’t understand what you’re saying he’s Mexican you’re Asian both you guys in the wrong. (Vary suspicion)

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars effspot says:

    It's one thing if the locals and the police want to shut or limit the Malibu show. It's a whole different story when someone with authority calls your friends "ugly bitches", threatens you then tries to deny all of it. Either way, let me know what you guys think. Don't think I'll be going to the Malibu shows as often.

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