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As you can tell from today's title and thumbnail, we have some pretty bad news: the uh, yep, that's just the front splitter of the Toyota Cresta 1980 Kylo Racer The bosses over car is unfortunately out of commission. It got into a small accident. we'll go into it in just a bit, but the original plan for that car was to take it out because it was in hibernation, dormant abandoned some might say for the past six plus months and we haven't really done too much with that car on the channel and I wanted to bring that back. There's a lot of new subscribers who haven't seen the car or basically forgotten by the car.

That being said, let's roll some of the footage before the unfortunate accident of us essentially putting new battery, putting air in the tires, and checking on the overall health of the car and getting some gas before we take it on a little draw ride. So enjoy that. All right, we're back on the iPhone We got Mr Handyman Bill 40 over here, saving the day. We're reinstalling a new battery on the Kaido Racer, the Bozoka car.

now. this car has been out here for like a good four, six maybe eight months. Uh, got the new battery. apparently the old battery He said it's corroded.

Is that corrected? Oh yeah, look at that. All right, all those high speed runs Oh no. Say It Ain't So Anyways, we got some uh tools over here I think we're in business so we're gonna connect it and see what happens and make sure this Kitty purrs once again. Well it's come down to this.

This is the ultimate Resurrection Let's Ride The last time I drove it I drove a lesson 34 kilometers. Wow, here we go. Oh yeah, this car has not seen sunlight in six to eight months. Think about that for a second.

she's been sheltered up hiding now. hold on. I'm about to pass the camera over to miss about 40 here. this is gonna be a little crazy.

Hold on a second. Oh yes sir, let there be like yes, it still works. let there be light. Well a little bit of haze.

but yeah, look at that. Oh man, she's looking good A little Dusty Oh no. look at this dust. Oh, before we continue with the video, I'd like to thank today's video sponsor Morgan and Morgan a long-term partner on this channel.

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or you can dial pound law or pound five to nine. Again, for the people.com Sbot eff spot for more information. Hook yourselves up, support the channel. Back to the video.

Come on man. they love it in the Mbz down here. The World War II bet I know he's like what is this? Appreciate it. No pretty slow.

That's fun but it's fun. Thanks man! Thank you! This is it boys. Uh, the car in front of me just slammed on his brakes and unfortunately the Bozoka car was so low that I thought my splitter was going to hit him and unfortunately the hood of the car got pushed in so the car runs. Nothing's leaking.

I Think underneath. let's check. Looks good. We had to take off the frame and the front splitter all as well, but unfortunately the car is in pretty bad shape.

It is currently non-operable Nothing's leaking the engine I Don't know the the intercooler. Something is pushed in towards the engine and like clipping a hose. So we're currently waiting for a tow truck here. but that being said, yeah, the guy in front of me was apologizing.

He said the car in front of him slat on his brakes. So this car unfortunately did not have the best braking system. so it is what it is as to what happens next. That is the real question.

So we're going to zoom in on the damage here. Look at this damn man. We were so close to avoiding this guy too. Well boys, it's all come down to this sir.

Well we're back here at Sean's place. Let's move the chain and get this show on the road. Hold on a second boys, you know what they say and everything has a beginning and an end at Marina West Auto Body baby. this is Sean CMS Now what does he have over here A little Windsor Benzo he's a little work.

We'll take a look at that on Monday But so far so good. Unfortunate: Noah was injured. uh you know. Driver in front of me was apologetic.

It is what it is. There's not much else to be said so we'll update you guys after we drop this car off as Sean's so close. so close guys, we're literally a mile away for disaster struck. Dane Don't worry about it.

So as you can tell, this is not a Title Racer a Toyota Cresta 1980. this is my good friend. Mexico 40s Dodge Viper ACR Now walk of shame wasn't great, but we luckily the shop was right across the street so we made it one piece. And the craziest part of us right now we're actually discussing this ongoing conversation is that when we had the accident, we immediately pulled over to the right into a parking lot and there's a guy two cars behind us screaming at the top of his lungs.
Get the F out of the way. what are you dumbasses doing? Move move move. You guys are crazy and he starts recording us and I'm like hey man, like we just got in an accident. This is crazy talk, What is wrong, What is your problem So you know we give a couple charts back right? What are you saying He chirpsed back and goes move the hell out of the way.

you're blocking the street. You guys at this NF that. So listen. As before he said we have bigger fish to fry we had to take up the situation.

but that being said, it is what it is. You know? Uh, we're going to talk to insurance and see what they want to do. But unfortunately the Cotter Racer the bozo car is out of action and all I have to show for it is a front splitter. So Currently just chilling in the Super Legera in the passenger seat, you're probably wondering s spot what is going on? Where's the pools, the accelerations, the coast, startups, the ton of runs, and honestly, we're just chilling.

We're meditating on what to do next with the Cod eraser, the Bozoka car and honestly, it's kind of a bummer. I'm not gonna lie, it kind of sucks because all my cars that I have in my garage are super bespoke, very custom. It's not like a let's say a Range Rover or a Tesla or a Prius or like a Hellcat something that's mass produced. Every car that I have minus I would say the Super Legera is essentially one off.

The Mercedes is a one-off with the exhaust. the Sentry is a one-off with the exhaust. Hot eraser is a total one-off Everything is custom, even the paint. So the shop in Japan called new Jack.

They're the ones who help customize and really flesh out the Cotter racer that I currently have and they took him like a week or two just to get the paint right and on the hood. I Don't know if you guys noticed but it's a star that's been painted. There's no decals Japan does not with decals. So that being said, the paint job, the paint work, and of course finding and sourcing the parts is going to be extremely difficult.

So I'm gonna need your guys's help trying to. Source a 1980 Toyota Cresta Grille Chrome Bits on the front and of course I think a new hood is in store. So I think Shawna CMS will help sort out a list of parts that we're going to need time being. We're going to clean up this Alcantara on the interior of the Superleggera with this sonax Alcantara upholstery cleaner that was highly recommended to me by my friend.

Hunter Yaz Madness So that being said, let's get to work. They clean up the Alcantara over here guys can't print you guys can't tell but it is and span so super clean. smells nice I do need a vacuum the interior here but man it was looking mean and clean. Goodness gracious.
Uh, maybe we'll do one pool that's sick. Oh yeah, oh that's what I'm talking about now. all is well in the world now. Whoo glory! Lord Skin is gracious.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed today's video. We'll give you an update on the Bozo car in just a second. Peace out. Hold on hold on hold on.

The video ain't over yet. Hold on hold on. Check this out. This guy's plate is just Okie dokie.

Yes, that's got to be the best play I've seen in a long time. Look at that Okie dokie. Old School California plates. What an absolute Legend Jeez All right, that's it.

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