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Back with another video, boys and girls, Now you're probably wondering Gordon what are you doing on the ground of your own apartment? Well, we're currently checking out and meticulously cataloging only 143s, 164s, and even Hot Wheels that we picked up from the last two trips of Japan. Of course we got the 118s all ready to go at the drop of a hat. so these will be all for sale very very soon, so stay tuned. But first things first: I Did not mention to you guys that if you guys have not picked up a Mr sheep or Mr mini sheep, make sure to check out the Mr sheep herd.

You get both of these for 29.99 We've got an extremely busy schedule ahead of us, so first things first: Beverly Hills and then the Bozoka car. Update: So let's roll got Mr sheep perched up in a new spot here. Got more visibility here. We got a Dbx and Mad Green.

Now check this out! The dream is over in Beverly Hills Even the workers here are protesting on Rodeo Drive City is literally falling apart. We've seen quite a few things here on Rodeo Drive and uh I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this Now hold on a second, ladies and gentlemen, we got a massive dog. Yep, we got the. We got the massive dog and then we got the pony.

Yeah, I Love the pony sir. hold on we gotta We might have to Flip Flip a 180 for this one. Hold on a second General Oh this guy's this guy saw the pony he goes I got a U-turn There they are again the dog and pony show literally Console Plate Console Plate cosplay GMC Contemplate: S-Class Console play G63 in green Console plated S-Class Contemplated Maybach Contemplated S Class More S classes, more ass classes more GMCs Bourbons all console plate Of course you got the Defenders over here as well. Look at this.

Jeez! And of course our favorite right over here. 997 Gt3rs and orange. Wow, now that's a sick color. And of course this placement of Mr sheep.

Pretty sick. We are currently being extremely inconvenienced by this. Infiniti QX60 Major Leap alert this sheep in his new position and Montana Planet Speedtail Very nice color. There speed towels aren't that bad.

it's just the Rarity of scene one. Driving around, they got their Road presence. They do have rope prices. This guy's ready.

Oh oh, look at that color on that. Colony Oh you got Mr mini sheet Mr sheep and a showstag who actually pointed out the speaker I was about to drive right past him on the other side. Both of us almost missed. We literally almost missed it.

Oh nice dude, people. gotta watch out man. Jeez, we are definitely on a roll right now. We're currently here at another undisclosed garage here.

Got a couple stos that's thick. Listen, these are pretty nice specs but the Technica not bad. say ux mad I Don't know if the camera caught that, but they're driving like maniacs. Yes sir.

Anyways, good. Sunset It was a bit cloudy. Got a nice little surprise right around the corner. Let's check it out.

Check out the front windshield tin five percent all around. You can't even see the interior of the car trap. Trio baby. Nathan with the Eagle Eye Here they just got the cover the Moroni sticker and still got the plastic inside on the driver's side.

No way. They literally just picked this up. Well you see them coming out from here. blue.

Oh sometimes you just gotta take a break from the leap and soak in the colors of the sky. Look at that. That's why we pay the big bucks here. Dude, What is going on? This guy is Chest.

Oh he's testing the red light cameras. We still use those. Come on, this is. America We don't believe in cameras.

No way. Get this guy out of here. dude. He's fooling people.

He is gotcha. Yeah, the where's his laptop? Oh I See him on the laptop? Yep on the ladder? I See it. I See it? Yeah. What? The Don't flash me.

Don't flash me. These guys are so shook right now. He's probably just some unstable, uh, homeless person baby. Oh yeah, Oh yes, the knights.

It's getting a little weird dude. Mr Sheep alerted us that there may have been a girl washing her car wand on paint with the window on. So that's that. Should be a crime.

Literally in the middle of La Hacienda Doing a little leap here for the Svj coupe with the gold wheels. Look at that trapped out. Honestly, not too shabby. Nice little tuck right there.

a little little stance that's in Japan right though. isn't the cross over here? Oh yeah. La Cienega One of the worst streets in this entire city that is pretty sick look at that. Wheels Dang.

All right. So an update to the Cod Eraser: the Bozoka car that unfortunately got into an accident about a week ago. Here's the update: We're currently here at Sean's shop West Marina Auto Body He also does CMS Motoring and Restoration. We are in very good company over here with an SGS 600 and of course the cloud eraser is sitting pretty damn good and very very low.

Of course no front splitter and with a bit of damage on the front. So we'll talk to Sean in just a bit and get a quick update as to what needs to be fixed. All right, we're with the man himself Mr Sean at West Marina Auto Body. So we dropped this car off a few days ago and you guys are talking insurance and just run us through what we need to be fixing over here.

basically. Yeah, we spoke to the insurance company by the way like great coverage. You know they were very helpful. Yeah, they they wanted us to basically get you going.

They said do whatever it requires to get you going back on the road. but yeah it basically got hit. A good thing is it got hit from the soft spot which is like above the frame rails gotcha. If it got hit from the bumper, yeah it would automatically hit the frame rails which are here yes which would definitely cause the whole front end to go out of whack.

Okay so the pro and con good thing is it hit the soft spot of the car so it didn't affect anything that has to do with framer structure gotcha. The the con is is basically just uh, a lot of parts get broken. you know, the grill and all the plastic stuff gets broken but it's all replaceable stuff. um The Grille pieces and all these minor stuff definitely need to be replaced.

Okay uh, the inner structure is pushed in. Yep, um so we're gonna have to probably pretty much get it open. get the radiator support pulled and the hood is the only one that's kind of like. that's tricky thing.

Yeah, we're gonna try to fix it if we can't find it. I've fixed hoods before? Okay, but if we can find the replacement it would be much better. Okay, but yeah we can definitely make it happen for you bro. Well I appreciate it man.

thank you so much. Yeah for sure. Yeah when I initially hit the car in front of me I was really worried because I was the car was so low that the front bumper essentially went under the guy's SUV right and the I hit his rear bumper with the uh, the hood here. Exactly.

So I thought hitting the hood was worse than you know, hitting the front bumper. but you're saying it's the complete opposite. Absolutely, it's much better. you hit the hood because it's softer.

This, this is complete. So this, what you see here is like a plastic cover. Yes, the bumper is this metal bar which is called a reinforcement which is directly welded onto the frame rail. So once you hit the bumper yes sir, then you're throwing everything out of whack.

so you're lucky you didn't do that. So the car doesn't have any structural. it's just a lot of sheet metal. and Rain you know it's away from frame, but it's just sheet metal.

some of the inner structure stuff, but it's all repairable. This is what we do gotcha, Man, it's a blessing to disguise for sure. I thought I was totally screwed. but you're saying you're good.

Yeah, I'm good. All right. you're golden with me. I'll make this thing beautiful.

Perfect man. Thank you so much. So this is actually one of five that they made the way they tuned it. Gotcha.

It's got cams, It's got full exhaust, It's got, uh, basically the fuel injection systems been tweaked from Bravos Got it? Um, so this thing is just a beast. It's an 88 560. That's what it's based off of. Yes sir, they're gonna be a special build.

Um I've heard it's pretty quick I Haven't driven it yet because I'm still kind of going through all the essential stuff. the brakes, all the rubber and all that. Yeah, it does have robust. Wheels Actually, that it came with, these are just the placeholder.

These are just the lorenzers we put on there to use as rollers. Spare Lorenzer Wheels Sitting around for these cars. Oh man. you got to make sure the car's sitting pretty no matter what, Exactly right? So always in style I Love it, always in style.

We are in very good company over here and of course we got the badging right over here. SGS Germany and of course the 600 SGS logos in the back here. Oh boy, the car's getting opened up. Let's see what we got.

It's got a refrigerator in the back. Um, it's got the refrigerator where the hand rest goes. Oh yeah. I See it There you go.

Pop a bottle. That's where the TV goes. VHS VCR Oh yeah, there you go. That's awesome.

My Toyota Century has a VHS player as well. So and this has the full wood kit. Like these. These these are all wood veneers.

It has these as add-ons Yeah yeah, all of this is just the SGS add-on It's so ball. so this is kind of like they're fully fully equipped. Uh, 126 model. they did in an 88.

got it? They had the Thousand SGS oh that's right, Yeah, which was the ones with the curtains and stuff. This was the 600 which was geared Morse Tourist performance. That's why they got Brabus involved. Okay, but they still needed all the luxury thing and you could still smell the Leather Man after all these years.

I Mean let me get in here. Oh yeah. Leather. Geez.

what a real treat. All white interior. Yeah, you know you're a baller. When you have your your your signature autograph on the dash.

you know Absolutely. that's how they did it in the 80s. So this is that's sick. That's gonna look so good when it's fully restored.

It's all 12 cylinders being exposed over here. Cl600 in red. Oh yeah. I just need a little Scrump start and she's ready to roll three.

Richard Stroman Coachwork convertible cars. Wow, yeah, it's uh, gonna be ready for this summer. Oh man, got the tag inside that authenticates that it's a Richard Strawman car. Oh no kidding, where's that? It's right here.

No way. The car is a 95. So after two years of ownership, yeah yeah, converted it to a convertible. Um, so it's a full Lorenzer car with Lorenzer kit.

Lorenzo exhaust. Got it! It's got the the three-piece Rsks that are going on there. 19 by 10, 19 by nine in the front. Perfect.

And this thing's gonna be unbelievable this summer. So I can't wait. It's got the uh, the fake recaros. There you go that's great.

That's right. Lightweight, great, lightweight version. As you can see, there's always something cool here at West Marina Auto Body and CMS Motorsports with Mrs Sean himself Mr Mercedes-Benz he's the one that's worked on my Tesla he's the one that's worked on my S600 They put the S600 AMG kit on and they paint matched it to make it look super smooth and super gangster. So that being said, goodbye back to the Tesla lineup at the Beverly Hills Hotel off San It's a baby.

Look at that. Truly though you never see 918s being driven anymore, you see them in showrooms, dealerships, collections, people's garages. Lo and behold, it's always good to see people driving their cars. Speaking of, wish we should probably Drive some of my own cars it's surrounded by Trappers We got the lamb truck to my left, the Rolly to my left, the G wagon to my left and to the right is a Dbx on digital plates.

Now I Don't know about you guys but digital plates is a tail tall sign of a Trapper Check this out. This might be a first 4S with the bronze or the goldish Wheels dark olive green black calipers. good spec. and of course we got the one of 150 Virgil Hablo Maybax s680 V12 Sick and it's got a plaque down the middle next to the cup holders that says one of 150 You probably can't see it, but insane spec.

Now this is the ultimate two-car solution right here. The 4S with the Maybach How sick is that? Incredible specs. Love it. Oh Beverly Hills Look at that.

It's got a clock with a peace sign rotating in the lobby of this building. here. What's interesting is if you're like a security guard on duty at the front desk, you have to look at this for eight to ten hours straight. I'll just get dizzy.

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