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You anthony where you at oh yo, oh shoot! Oh, what's going over there! Oh, oh, oh, my goodness check this out anthony unofficial is making a huge comeback on youtube. Listen! What's going on with all this cashier! Can you just fill in the viewers real, quick, getting ready to buy a car boom in cash? We're flying out tomorrow to ohio subscribe to anthony unofficial check out his channel? There's gon na be a pinned comment in the comment section and in the description below he's buying a new car in cash. It could be anything stay tuned, guys he's going to be dropping the car unveil on his channel very soon, so excited all right guys. So we've been doing a lot of door dashing because we're just simply, i'm sorry guys, i'm lazy, it's expensive.

I know i get it, but first order anthony what did we get? We got two chicken bowls from uh flame board, we're supposed to get you. We were supposed to get two. Oh you only got one complain of doordash. We got like 10 15 credit.

I ordered xanthe chicken right over here, a little chicken tarna plate. I asked for basmati rice and um a salad and i got the incorrect items. 242. Incorrect orders, they gave me another 10 doordash credit.

We will take it. Everyone's favorite segment of the video is opening up new model cars that have arrived this one's from hong kong from aaron, shawn and cadman. Let's see what we got, oh no, oh geez whew! This is a triple whammy for you guys, not one, not two, but we have three model cars. We have anthony unofficial here, open them up just slow.

Oh this way, oh yeah, oh my goodness, gracious aguero are in black. Last but not least, don't think we forgot about this guy right over here toyota sentry tomica limited vintage, neo man yeah. That's not the exact same blue that i have but uh. You know what i will take it battle hardened, mr sheep fallen out of s classes.

It's missing half an eye right there. That being said, we're just trying to drop this car off the s600, get the amg kit done once and for all, and my goodness 11 in the morning los angeles. Currently, here at marina, west, auto body, aka cms motorsport we've got that exhaust on the mercedes s600. It is finally going in under the knife we're going to get the amg bumpers on a lot of you guys are wondering what's going on with that, been a little busy, but that being said anthony, what do you think we're in really good hands? I think super excited really excited uh.

I mean it's going to totally change the look. I think so too. That's about what couple inches and a half yeah that'd be really nice yeah we're uh we're looking in really good shape. Here guys, we come to the right shop.

They've done the wheels they're a lot of attention to detail so very excited to have this project finally come to an epic conclusion: what do we do after that? I have no idea that being said, it's time to roll out. Oh there are some there's a couple of secrets in the back that he wants to show us. So let's go in the back and have a little look see boys. So everything that lorenzo made is on this car every manageable option.

This was their demo car back in the early 2000s, of course got the thousands seo. How crazy is that boys a lot of work to be done here for the man, apparently even the tint? It's like a purplish bronze tint, it's a custom, one-off tint aftermarket lorenzer, exhausted and the rear bumper insane check out the interior hold on. Oh, my goodness, gracious look at the custom, suede interior purple two-toned, even the uh steering wheel. The stories that come with these cars are even crazier, wouldn't have to do that.

Do that another time, but check out the rear right there rinser they do some of the best stuff in the early 2000s. This color is tripping me out. They put those tvs back in 1980. That's when i was born.

That's insane! No wow yeah, look at the interior whoa going doors; oh my god! That's insane! Beautiful! Oh and it's already stored dude, i mean yeah. It just stopped just a couple of things. You know pretty much yeah a time capsule from 84. man.

I love it. We're currently here at the lamborghini newport night show it's made a comeback. We've got the reguera the speedtail, but check out the 30th anniversary se30 diablo wow. This is gon na, be a million dollar cart one day we're not gon na.

I'm not gon na make it by the way. Second gen superleggera 570-4 matt black whoa l40 criminal spec the mirror edition of vannadore's. I used to really dislike these. I i mean it's still a marketing gimmick, but this is a really nice spec, they're really growing on me.

Mad blue, oh man, guys this is the worst coverage ever i apologize. Matte blue gloss, black crazy interior, one of the best looking svj roasters on the market. Wow steven tell me about the huracan sdo go, let's hear it, it's faster than normal really did not know that crazy. Do you think that roof speed is real, because i can tell you what it is? It's not.

It goes nowhere. Dude forget the supercars. Yes, low rider man are you joking hit those switches, hell, yeah, whoa man. There you go dude, forget the super cars anthony, anthony, low riders or supercars come on.

What do you think, lolos all day, guys i kind of want a 118 scale model car in this svg? It's got the blue accents. It's really really nice. Look at that. I think that guy needs a brilliant exhaust, i'm saying it dude we have sold after lambo jesus put on the uh brilliant exhaust on his 50th, 10 of benidors of all variants have picked one up in the states, so we're in the caddo racer slash bozo car.

Oh, we need gas we're back, headed to beverly hills. This car has not graced the streets of rodeo in many months, come on audi q7. Let's go wake him up. Anthony's lamb was getting leaped whoa yeah caught you red-handed son, just put on the pipes.

Two meter pipes: you really have to appreciate from the profile view right here: dude they love it hold on. I'm gon na be in the photo too bam in front of the gucci store baby, it's good to be back. It is good to be back. It's a pretty busy night for a weekend, so uh glad to see beverly hills alive and kicking.

We got the tourists enjoying the bozo car look at these tones. He just pulled out saving the spot for anthony unofficial, no way. That's vip. Oh yeah check out the cones wow.

I got ta get some of these dude no way. That's amazing! Look at that combo. Are you serious now we're talking baby wow? I didn't not know this at the clear engine bay rent, x, 700 plus horsepower. We got the lineup tonight.

Look at this. I still have my front splitter, so it is anthony. There's a lot of construction going on over there. We got the range rover behind us, supercharged bozo all right.

Look at this guys. Let's go dude all right, guys, we're in pretty bad shape. Here we got anthony unofficial behind me with the ashes on something has gone terribly amiss with the rear. Left tire see, there's smoke coming out of it.

We are limping all the way back. Home luckily happened. Halfway through had to pull over on the highway good, lord uh, you can see the steering it's just not really happy kind of zigzagging all over the place, so uh we're gon na pull into the garage have a look-see. This is really bad, pretty sure the uh tire is gone, uh, anthony so you're behind me on the 405 we had to pull over well, i couldn't film it because it was so dangerous get on the freeway, i'm smelling rubber.

Oh, my really bad and then you're you're like starting to fishtail something a little bit yeah, i'm like that's, not good, no, and then i even saw sparks a couple of times it's because the camber right, the camber, means it's that inside the inside of the rim. It was actually hitting the pavement. You guys can't see it, but if you touch the tire, it's really hot, it's so hot yeah right there. No, i thought we had that sword.

I could still smell the rubber. Damn it dude, it's. Okay, it's just a tire uh! Unfortunately, it's just the fact that the the tire is, how do i put it, not in stock in the united states, so i have to have special custom order for japan, boys. We were doing so well, we took the car out.

We did. We had to do and unfortunately we're having issues with the rear left tire almost fishtail lost it on the 405, but luckily we stopped and uh made an assessment and boom uh this thing's out of commission again uh, just when we thought we had it fixed man. Nothing but problems. What are you gon na do so we got the lucky old prius over here, thankfully anthony over there behind us uh gave us the the hazards in the huracan to help us.

You know slow down traffic. Behind me. I was going like 45 miles. An hour on the 405 so back to the prius baby, you just can't go wrong with this thing.

With these tires, oh yeah, they they work perfectly fine one, two, three, four four cars just parked here randomly. How bizarre is that guys? We're thinking cos mercedes, maybe not sure, honestly, this one. I have no idea 80s car yeah the headlights sort of go yeah, i don't know and uh that looks to be a porsche carrera over there. That's our uh educated guesses way.

Look at the old toyota tercel that thing is beat to hell. My parents used to have a red one, no way and check out the volkswagen van here whoops dust 325i dust. This is dope whoa yeah. That seems to be up to snub.

It's got. 20. 22 registration, so someone's uh uh. Oh, i haven't done this.

Oh. What is this thing? This is what i don't know. What that is look at this old porsche here, suzuki x90. What hold on! Let me, let me get a photo of this thing.

I got ta get it. We got a hot tip here for you guys boys and girls an abandoned lamborghini, but i have reason to believe that this might be a fake lamborghini. We got ta find this boys we um. We found it home.

We are looking pretty good here. I've never seen a fake replica, lamborghini diablo abandoned in a public uh. It's not even a car store, it's a public parking lot. So let's walk around and take a little look-see boys anthony.

What do we got baby for tony? Never laid a finger on this car come on. Maybe it was like his like his uh, his cousin or something i don't know his american cousin bertoni. It would honestly fool me at around three or four blocks away right, maybe like a mile, but when you get close, it's a little too short. It's too stubby.

It's not wide enough guys. I don't know how we're gon na buy this, but if we get, let's say if i hit a 800 000 subscribers i'll buy a fake lamborghini for the chat, yeah yeah, oh yeah, 800, 000 you're at least leaving a note on this thing. At least like this video right now sub, if you haven't subbed because gordon might buy this, i will buy either we buy this or we buy something very similar, yeah wow. This is oh man.

You know what this does. Look like a nissan like a 240 essay. Look at the front yeah, it definitely looks like it hold on. Let's take a look at the interior here.

This is uh, there's something else, boys and girls. This is something else, lamborghini sticker no way, and then we got the lambo sticker as well. Stickered up. It's got to be real at that point.

Like yeah, it's the birthday misjudged it the bertone sticker got me, that's what really sealed the deal? Yeah! It's missing a uh center cap right there, okay on the front, late 80s plate was registered in 2020, but it's got the lamborghini newport beach frame. We were discussing that the rear three quarter angles right here. Let me do a little zooming for you guys. This is the best angle, but as we progressively move to our right for a side profile, you see that's not proportional at all and it just kind of falls apart.

When you get to the front but uh yeah, 800 000 subs, i will buy a fake lamborghini boom. You guys heard of here. First, yes, if you have an abandoned exotic or any sort of supercar, that's collecting dust or any anything, that's collecting dust. Let me know in the comments below or send me a dm.

I would love to film it and put it up for the next compilation. Video. Let's see what we got: okay, wrong, button wrong button. That was pretty good yeah.

That was very good uh. I can just send you a paypal deposit and then we could go from there. I'll probably try to fly out like monday with my friend yeah we're gon na drive it back because we got some buddies all along the way in like utah vegas. So we'll just be making some stops.

Oh yeah, it should be a real good trip.

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    The tire just came off the bead is all. It’s probably still good just needs to be stretched back on! Also any other tire that same size will work. No need to special order a tire from Japan.

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    It would probably be easier to make a fake Lamborghini Diablo of a Nissan 300zx because of the headlights

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    $75,000 to Over $100K for a replica? might as well get a REAL Ferrari 360, F430, 911, Gallardo

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    Please don’t do what everyone else is doing my friend. Your a leader of sorts. Please put on the brakes a bit. You do not know if so many of these high speed deaths are from followers or fans that have caused countless deaths of innocent people. Please consider your power my friend. I can not stress this enough.

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    Cool team presentation with Anthony, effspot, marvellous report,
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    Please buy something like a Chevy S10 and put a 1gz-fe with a brilliant exhaust in it. (both are relatively affordable)

    The pros are youll have a truck to haul stuff around, nobody is going to expect a V12 engine in a S10 and it'd be rad af.

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