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Uh, i can just send you a paypal deposit and then we could go from there. I'll probably try to fly out like monday with my friend yeah we're gon na drive it back because we got some buddies all along the way in like utah vegas. So we'll just be making some stops: okay, well, hey i'm sold and uh yeah i'll definitely be bringing cash with me. What just happened? Can you just give us a quick recap? Well, we started this yesterday, thursday, that's right and uh.

We saw this 4 30 uh. It's a replica come back up on ebay. This was up what a couple weeks ago about about two weeks ago, and it came back up right now now before i had to buy it now of 25 000, it was being bid up with a reserve. I had bid it up to almost 20 grand reserve not met yeah like an hour later after i put in my 19 08.99 bid right boom.

I get no longer available for me, yeah go on and somebody bought it now. He was this guy right. So now he has listed on ebay, the wife not liking the attention from the 20 year old. Ladies, that's sad wow, that's some uh! That's some ohio right! There, boys and girls.

That's uh on the car, so wow looks like it's gon na be mine and then we're flying out in a couple days boys. So here we go. Let's go all right, boys and girls we're currently here in cleveland ohio. This is supercar unlimited's nathan.

He knows his territory we're here to pick up a very special car with anthony unofficial. Where did he go? Yes, sir? I need an energy drink, oh yeah, so yeah we just took a red eye right now: red eye flies uh, four and a half hours. We're going for uber, let's go boys six a.m. Brian and early here we go.

Let's go anthony! It's currently. What time right now, like 7 7 30 a.m. Pretty early! Listen! We just had a really long flight. You barely slept.

I got a couple hours in anthony. Can you just explain to us what the hell is going on in cuyahoga falls? I'm probably mispronouncing that apologize anthony hit me with it baby, let's go we're somewhere in ohio and sir uh. We were supposed to go to this guy's address. Yes, sir.

Now we're at his address yeah uh. This is not according to plan, but you know we're still holding out hope. I think right. Yeah we're holding out hope that he's gon na drive up in the car - oh boy, that's crazy, hold on anthony dude.

That actually looks pretty good, very convincing from the rear. If you just fix the stance a little bit, you know like lower bike. Just a little bit i mean whoa watch out ferrari owners. Oh my gosh, you got ta be kidding me bro holy anthony.

Let's go! Let the road trip begin. Okay, two to three thousand miles back to los angeles. We got a lot of stops along the way. Ladies and gentlemen, mr anthony unofficial, does it again with the official? That's a real that looks like a real freaking badge.

No wonder ferrari shut this guy down. It's those carbon ceramics baby. You got the whole police force, probably they're, like hey. What's going on over there boy, what's going on over there skeeter huh first impressions.

What do you think i mean not that this wide open throttle right here? Oh yeah, that's all the way to the floor! Ferrari power! Oh yes, sir! Let's go baby, i'm still tripping out with these side mirrors dude. Look at the look at the height did the original sun doesn't have any rear seats or no i, what do you mean celicas? This is a ferrari. You want to be successful like this man right here. You want one of these.

You want one of these ferrari. More than you can afford pal dude, you got to buy his course ferrari. Italy's finest ohio has toll roads. This is something i have not seen in uh since uh japan about a year and a half ago yo that guy's looking that guy's looking.

Yes, i got a victim in the hyundai, we, i didn't quite catch it, but the guy was eyeballing the out of this thing. Okay, anthony doing the take, there's a guy in the truck right there like what the thanks to anthony for hooking it up yeah. As always, he has give me the keys to the ferrari dude. We are in excellent shape right now.

Everything we've done about like around 150 200 miles and uh. We are listen. This is a toyota drivetrain nothing's, going to go wrong. It's got a 148 000 miles on the odometer and we're just chilling dude we got cruise control ac, i mean anthony, i mean i think, we're looking good right now, not bad pretty comfortable.

I have to say this might be better than the real thing we're ahead of the shy rack overblock, to see a certain mr bell40 for mr criminal spec himself, nice going with uh less than ten bucks yeah, we were low dang. Another toll road welcome to indiana baby, all right we're currently here in indiana, the weather is absolute dog poo. It was sunny 30 minutes ago now it's rainy and cloudy, and now there's a little weird noise coming in from the you hear rear. Am i picking it up? I don't know anthony just noticed that apparently he hasn't seen any speed limit signs for the past 30 minutes.

Wherever the hell we are i-80 west. I think or something like that. Dude there are no speech signs or speed limits. No, that's! How those indiana state troopers nail ya currently here at shy, rack headed to downtown uh, we're just discussing we're, not really sure how this vibe that chicago is rubbing up on us, but uh.

A lot of traffic roads are great. You know feel right at home, just like los angeles, these downtown uh, you know condos and the apartments look really expensive too man himself criminal, smack mr bell, 40 on the bike in front of us, giving us a little uh personal tour down. Uh downtown chi rack headed towards michigan. That's where all the uh the hubbub is at so uh there.

He is yes, oh baby. What have you guys done? I don't know people love it. Dude hold on just checking it out high density, foot traffic, high density, car traffic, pretty dope down here cool now, because we got seven eight days by 16. anthony i mean oh yeah, it pretty much look the same.

I mean just roll it right in there, but for sales, yeah firing up on all close cylinders had a beautiful, delicious dinner at portillo's. We have max belford. He looked like mr captain badass over there without the helmet and the gear - oh yeah, but listen. He doesn't ride like that.

All the time he says he's just we're just cruising around town yeah in the rari anthony. How are we feeling we got right? Oh yeah. We got an extra little shake right here. Boom we're gon na be meeting up with a couple buddies of uh mr bill 40.

Here oil brothers, aka matt. I thought we were trying to escape traffic in los angeles. We drove straight into a congestion zone over here. Oh my gosh look at this we're gon na put this thing on the rack.

We're gon na take a look at underneath. What we're working with currently here at the oil brothers man cave with belforty check out all the cars she's got the tesla single turbo super legere, we're gon na. Take a quick look at that viper corvette. Here we go! Oh boy, nothing is oem left on this car at all front.

Con hearts, hres punch glitter. This thing is gnarly they're, going to do a little tuning in just a bit man. I think i'll. Stick to mine being stalked, i'm a simple man.

Oh, my god, that is a wrap here at oil brothers, sick garage, slash, man cave the artwork is absolutely stunning. We uh is that a main cave that is a true man's man, cave all the work that you guys are doing to the little fender there and the wheel uh. You guys got to watch andy's video on everything, that's wrong with this ferrari. F420.

Huge. Thank you to oil brothers, absolutely guys, dude, just hooking it up, yeah saving our asses and he's got the sick, single turbo, gallardo, superleggera and uh. We got ta say a send off to mr bell 40 over here sure all right. Thank you max jesus, a pair of pliers, and that's it a little bit of tires and a little bit of grease mentality.

Okay, here we go guys. First, pull over filming this garden. Here we go long day had it less than 24 hours already got pulled over and uh we're. Looking pretty good right now, right we're in business.

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13 thoughts on “Buying a fake ferrari and driving it 2500 miles across america”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Max Schöndorfer says:

    The most reliable Ferrari that one can buy! (only because of the Toyota Parts)

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BASS BOOSTED says:

    "When you buy a Ferrari, you buy the engine the rest are free."
    – Enzo Ferrati

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars C San says:

    a REAL ferrari wil give you error codes and engine light on and oil/coolant leak and probably need tow truck during this 2500miles roadtrip

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars R3D1X 4 Ev3r says:

    hello can someone tell me what chassis and engine was used for this replica?

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars royden janse van rensburg says:

    Would you sponsor it to someone who might never be able to afford one in Africa once you all done with showing it off

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SSG J says:


  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars carson coleman says:

    Had me weak in the knees when he said I'm flooring it 😂😂😂😂😂 and the car still isn't moving anywhere 😂😂😂😂 I love this content had me dying 😂

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Smith says:

    Damn are all those cars fake too the Corvette the lamborghini the Tesla wow 😳

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars W H says:

    ngl, most people wouldn't even notice it's a fake Ferrari except car enthusiasts or Ferrari owner themselves

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Willis The Snowman says:

    The rear actually looks pretty baller.

    I really don’t want to like it….but I do.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pdog says:

    You know so many people, non car people esp, dont even know fake supercars exist – so already out the gate the general public will think its real lol.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ghilliiee says:

    Why does the back half look so legit and the front half is just like what the fuck

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DOWNRANGE06 says:

    Boomer jokes are outdated. Remember all that you have is due to those how came before us. No boomers no youtube.

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