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How to embarrass supercar owners: bring twelve classic cars – effspot

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Three two one happy holidays. Merry christmas: we all face the wrong direction. Oh, we got roller skaters. Yes, there's a lot going on.

Here we got the ferrari. We got this guy on a uh, candy cane bicycle. What does it even mean, just in case bh.org, with all the crime recently everyone's getting their watch stolen, armed robbery, just in case we are currently here with the s600. It has come out of hibernation for about a week.

Looking pretty spiffy check this out currently here at cms, motorsports, slash, marina west, auto body, mr shant himself has gone completely insane. We're headed to radwood 2021. Here, in los angeles check this out, it's got 10 cars going on display one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight there's two more in the alleyway, that's nine and ten holy smokes. He said he's gon na bring ten cars to the show and he was not bluffing.

Ladies and gentlemen, look at all these mercedes got the 420 sel and you got this insane wagon that he's built right over here that everyone loves a lot of cool retro stuff. So the radwood show is all 80s and 90s cars, nothing more nothing less. So this would be a really cool retro show for all of you guys. I've been wanting to go to the show for a while - and here we are with this shot with ten plus cars, looks like load up is nearly done here.

We got two four six, seven, eight nine ten, maybe 11 to 12 cars, including the s600 right over there. We're gon na do a complete walkthrough of all the cars that are going to the radwood show in just a little bit when they start unloading everything, but where on the street, was that mr sean wanted to bring 20 cars, but they only allowed 12 to 15 Cars, so yeah go figure that dominator gtp right over there. Super dope got the old school 3 series wagon right there. We got the s 500 2k, with all the amg bits and a cool little uh ducktail on the rear there, but man, apparently the red one up top, has an insane sound system.

We got a couple surprises with that particular car and, of course we got these two right over here as well. My goodness, this is how to shut down a car. Show this guy's a maniac, you're gon na kill him out there. Oh man, we got the whole convoy out here hold on a second, let's hop out boom.

Oh yeah, look at this thing. There you go. Oh yeah, oh check that out that's a squad and a half your own 18 wheeler. This is the car show right here.

Boys, oh man, but the s-class coupe we got ta get a v12 variant, get another brilliant exhaust. What do you guys think matchy matchy with the uh sedan? I don't know honestly, i haven't been this excited for a car show in a really long time. I had no idea that sean was going to bring this many cars, but my goodness, you got the 18 failure in the back. Yes, sir, let's go i actually don't get excited about.

Car shows that often, but uh today is an exception. Baby, slow taste. I got ta say there are actual talks of bringing the bozo car here and i'm looking at these two massive off speed bumps. I would have gotten beached twice over.

That would not have been good, but i guess row out is happening right now. So, let's see what we got here in this lineup of cars, yeah old school gti - that is an og max - show stack nice little carrera, oh yeah, old, school acura integra. Don't worry guys full walk around of this entire show in just a little bit. Ladies and gentlemen, my goodness got the beamers over there.

Oh yeah dark blue one up there. It's calling my name with all the amg parts on it, my goodness so nerve-wracking, just unloading, all your cars off the 18-wheeler, this guy's about to fly for sure dude. Yes! Well, how big are these speakers here? There's one facing the octopus: oh no kidding dude this thing's on bags as well. Yes, it's got the old school phone right there, yeah super retro, stuff, speed line, wheels, red, looking mighty, fine wow and then the subs.

We got two right here, one right there. It's definitely ls swap 45 000 miles, not bad wow, that's pretty dope and the rear seats are completely um super mint, wow man. I think it's like a slightly lighter and brighter blue than mine check out the interior. Here.

Ladies and gentlemen, oh yeah super dope, we got the puri, correct, amg, floor mats and, of course, look at the back seats. Absolutely mint condition, look at all the buttons, so many buttons these days. Cars have zero buttons and we don't like that around here. We like buttons on the spot, channel, wet and low look at the spikes on the wheels here.

Of course we got the dominator gtb kid rider here. This thing is super dope check out the wing so clean, there's little me in the s600 and the v12 right. Next to the s500, with the amg kit matching wheels. Fitment is perfect.

The paint is gloss black. You got this little lip right here as well. Should i pick up a coupe? Let me know in the comments below, because that would be pretty dope. Also, looking for a w124 wagon man, imagine having a coupe alongside with the sedan, but we have to make sure it's a v12 no v8 nonsense.

Sec is all locked and loaded got the cash and the cell phone, the motorola brick phone. We got stacks and racks. I got two what's going down: oh yeah, dang, that's old school! Let me check these out. Yeah he's got the bricks.

Baby he's got the bricks. It doesn't get any more 80s than this, with the sec going. My goodness got the old sl500 and an e-type got the bikes got. The wagon got some of his buddies over here as well.

Oh yeah, looking super super sharp love the wheels. Oh yeah, i'm going a delorean yeah, two of them too, not one but two hold on check out this cat here on a leash hold on a second. Ladies and gentlemen: oh yeah little siamese, it also has a very yummy face. Yeah the booth is starting to come out really nice, so we got the uh the photo booth yeah - that is so sick 190e right over here on lorenzo wheels schultz kit, 103.

Apparently it's very interesting check out the interior for cargo's all around. We got the new integra here, i'm going to make this really quick. We've got a lot of music in the background thoughts on this jordan, a on the new integra. Ladies and gentlemen, i got these super clean, integra type, r's right over here.

Look at this oem to the max anything oem from the 80s 90s and early 2000s. These days forget about it. Price is going up crazy, acura nsx in pristine condition a lot of dime pieces here at the radwood official. Look at that boom little white bottom hold on guys.

Type r in yellow apparently has 6800 miles on the odometer, my goodness even lower than the one in the white over there jeez isuzu amigo, and he is chilling in the back. My man audi s1 check this out. It's going over here. Let's go jalisco mexico plates, yes, give us a quick fact about this car.

Mr matt groener come on. Let's hear it they're, not road legal in the us! That's why it's on plates? Yes, sir little mexican market car, i really don't know anything about these, but it's just that it's rare and it's not sold in the united states. I've never seen one i've never seen. I don't even know it's existing, so jalisco.

I think jalisco. I said jalisco. Oh jalisco, that is an interesting plate on this supra chp level with the in and out plate frame. I hope it works out for him when he gets pulled over just get 11.99 play next time.

Dude, you don't have to go out chp lover. I don't know man, that's that's a bolster it's not 80s or 90s, but we'll take it check out the outfits baby. Yes, sir yeah beamer and the mercedes section here and the spectator: let's do a little walk around see what we got over here. A lot of interesting and very, very enthusiast oriented cars here, not too bad check out the color on this sec.

Yes, sir man, that's clean, sl, 500, r129 in the beautiful blue. That is pretty clean. Oh yeah, we got a matching 118, no rev, no rev yeah. There you go, these are pretty minty dude.

Look at this, i'm not a porsche guy, but you know what this one's for you boys. This is for. You guys hold on a second. Ladies and gentlemen, look at this alpena dude, that's sick! Oh, look at all this whoa look at the watches and everything gear.

Knobs alpena, frighten a2 domino's pizza delivery, car yeah. There you go hold on a second. Let me check the rear out. Yeah permanent montana place.

Question is how do you get something like that? Geez? We are here checking out some of the whips here. Look at this 600 scl, yes, sir, and we got the 500e amg. What bentek? This is what my car used to look like before, all the modifications we got, the oh, we got the carlson wheels now we're talking. That's pretty dope, v12 black leather.

Looking pretty damn good, oh yeah! There! You guys have it check out this super mint. M3. Oh yeah, look at the wagon baby super clean another one. Apparently this guy in the 308 gts took it all the way to alaska.

Look at the wheels tires: camping gear, dude fog, lights and everything. Look at that wow, this guy's, a maniac, absolutely mint, he's got this magazine. Facts take that as he will, of course, the interior here, the cassette tapes boom. If you know you know, if you don't, i feel sorry for you a lot of cool cars here.

Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of cool integra ours all lined up right over here we're doing the awards right now, so a bunch of nsx's as well man, step on up pretty snazzy yeah. Thank you guys appreciate it. Shawn just won an award for the dominated gtb on the ford mustang there. It is e and the 600 sclv12 with the carlson wheels no play game.

My man or woman, sorry woman. It's the end of the show at redwood we got, the nsx is rolling out right in between the benzos hold on there. You go boom. One two, there's two that left earlier, i messed up.

Didn't capture, got a couple: crx's hey! We got this thing here. Yes, oh yeah, trd off-road on the lexus.

By effspot

13 thoughts on “How to embarrass supercar owners: bring twelve classic cars”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Xavier St John says:

    I have probably the loudest VW Passat 🐺 sburg edition. Would be happy to have you troll people and film it

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars shatter71 says:

    You know you are old when 80s and 90s cars are considered classics and you are still thinking of classics being 1970 and older. 🙂

    effspot – car AND cat spotting youtube channel

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Buickgnx007 says:

    Epic video! Like Like Like! U need to get a amg wagon! What's up with the Toyota century???

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rev To Redline says:

    Car show was abysmal. 80's 90's cars are some of the most boring cars out there .. also whats up with 1 video a week these days . You said you were gonna change that and upload more YOU LIAR !!!!!!!!!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars m4st3rFun says:

    another Brilliant Exhaust V12 Merc, YES PLEASE
    These old school Mercedes & BMW Cars looking better then the new ones!
    Nice video!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Abdullah Z says:

    Yess get a coupe! It would look so baller next to the W140 honestly and just in general love the coupe

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Calvin Cooley says:

    Lol I came for the Mustang but stayed for it all! Great video here, I rode in and drove a few of these cars (not these lol)
    in my youth when they were new or a few years old.
    Used to see 1st gen NSX pre production cars around eeevery so often as the engines were built near (Anna Ohio) my home in Sidney, Ohio.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jeffslegacy says:

    Where's the coverage of the looting in BH lol.. Actually I think that's how I came across your channel over a year ago and have loved your vids ever since!! Keep up the great job Effspot!!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tamara B says:

    This is more my kind of a car show
    Acura should have called it 2022 ILX and make a real Integra

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars slow_e30_316i says:

    I really love those Cars from that area. Hope to see more. That wagon tho. Got my self An BMW E30 and my dad An Mercedes sl500 r129

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sim Racing Everythin says:

    It cracks me up that the most common cheap Audi here in Europe is sought after in the US, obviously being a small car it wasn't sold in the US and therefore is rare there, you see them here everywhere.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rahul Sudhir says:

    Maaaaaaaan em SELs look so damn hawt! Lookin forward to pick one up within the next year. They look so butch! 🔥😍

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars garduphoto says:

    i had a jaguar xjs in the 90's and took out rear seats and had twin 12" pyle subs with 3 1200 watt alpine amps running it all ….love that time car stereo worth more than the cars

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