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Currently, here at the auto conduct warehouse here, we got seance cms motorsports, all through his benzos here all white look at this he's got the goalie in here check out the interior boom. Look at that! What do we got in the back? Yes, sir? The w140 s600. This thing is sick, yes, right next to the s600 perfect what a combo of the ages, mr steven zinn, another k truck for you to buy come on. Let's pick it up, but this oh man, dude really should have bought one a year and a half ago.

Now lambo jesus has one in his garage in arizona. Just just teasing me, jeez guys check out this mazda rx-7 the owner is giving me the keys, whoa whoa all right pop in here, including your boost, your air, your water, temp, air temp. You can read: that's wow he's also got an award at the jccs car. Show.

Japanese classic car show second place and it's got the signature from han right, yeah yeah and on the shift knob right here. That's sick, dude dude. I could see myself in this car. I'm feeling pretty snug in here there you go yeah dang.

This is sick. This is one of the cleanest rx7s i've seen in a hot second, ladies and gentlemen, should we pick one up as a racing beat exhaust, so that's a little bit louder than the factory. One, but it has a factory sound to it and that's what i like: oh okay, gotcha, it's louder, yeah, and you got this little button here. Overheat, exhaust system, light that'll, let you know when it gets a little too warm as far as forza.

Oh, you did and i made it yeah. That's awesome, that's how i decided on the color and the wheels we used forza to design this car wow. This is sick, guys yeah video games, oh yeah, oh he's got the set. Oh no! Oh no dang! I was wondering what all that traffic was yikes stay safe, guys, we're back here at the pad just chilling.

We got a bunch of floofy friends to my right here on the couch now. Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of you viewers, long time, viewers know that, on the f spot channel we used to do a lot of domestic and especially international traveling, and with the current situation, a lot of the borders have been closed for the past year and a Half so going to asia was just not viable at all. I can't make any promises guys, but i'm gon na try my very best to squeeze. Maybe one maybe even two trips before the year is over 2022 is when we go all out we're gon na travel as much as we can because listen.

I think we all need a change of pace. A change of scenery, especially me. I really do enjoy filming some of the more exotic, more interesting things internationally, so to speak. Los angeles has been great and socal has been lovely but, like i said, a change of pace is definitely needed without any further ado.

I'm proud to announce that today's video is sponsored by none other than nordvpn. Imagine this scenario you're at the local cafe. You want to log into the wi-fi, the free hotspot or you're at the airport traveling, because the holiday seasons, things are looking good. You click the button and you log into the wi-fi guess what boom dunzo's.

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That being said, boys and girls 2022 is looking pretty spicy very excited, we're gon na head to beverly hills and see what we see let's head out. Boys here is another viewers submission here for the f-spot channel in regards to some sort of old dusty semi-abandoned cars on the streets of beverly. Hills well not really bear with people; sorry los angeles, an old bmw, old, falcon wagon, a fiat that is hmm pretty good condition. Of course, the grand prize right over here and 500 e that's gone a little dusty.

Let's throw up the windows: we're gon na have to take a quick little lookie-loo and check it out. Oh yeah little spider, webs everywhere, someone's got to rescue this poor old car. That's strange! It's got an arizona plate in the back and a california plate in the front. What is going on with this car here, pretty tempted man.

I wonder if this guy is selling it. I would not mind picking this thing up. Wow interesting. This looks like it's been here for a while: it's collecting some dust, poor old jag, look at that in the sun, too no registration leaves and dust collecting near the uh tires got a ford.

Mustang 65 flat tires on the left side of the driver's side. Here, oh there, it is looks to be in really good condition, though oh, oh u-haul, we got the coversig security guards back in full effect. There's been a lot of robberies again, there's another one in an alleyway to my left. Behind one of these restaurants, some guy got the paddock patek philippe stolen, forced robbery where on the street is there's been a number of other incidences that have not been uh publicized, so stay safe in beverly hills, illegal u-turn - oh no, oh hate to see it.

Yeah you're not really supposed to do an illegal u-turn here, but if you're gon na do it make sure there are no cops around i'm thinking, this guy might get a warning. I'm feeling a warning with this guy. It looks like a warning type of day for him: okay, maybe not he's okay nevermind! We usually don't do leaps like this, but check this out. We have a dodge viper, acr voodoo edition.

Look at this! Oh no! 40.! You slide dog! That is a criminal spec and a half we actually had to park the s600 and check that out. We got the voodoo edition sticker right there on the side, skirts right there, yeah right there boom signature. Oh look at look at this carbon fiber helmet in the passenger right there. Oh no way he does have a carbon fiber helmet right there of 31 voodoo edition acr 2010 in the flesh, one more shot of the voodoo edition right there.

Man that's pretty sick. We know our buddy baxbow 40 has a standard acr man. These have actually skyrocketed in value by like 20, 30 40, depending on the spec and the mileage man super dope, really like it aston martin v12 vantage in red and it's manual hold on there's a lot of glare there. Oh, can you guys see it yeah? You can sort of see the shift off there.

Yeah we put on the right headers and the exhaust. My goodness this thing sounds like an f1 car and not a lot of people know about that. So maybe a feature car is defeat. We'll see there you go.

Look at that boom, uh sort of see it yeah. You guys get the idea we're trying to figure out. What's going on here, there's a broken down bus. The entire street is closed.

On that end, on santa monica boulevard, um there's a metro supervisor. I think the bus is definitely involved, yeah, the bus. You got the metro supervisor we got a is that a lady in on the bus? Wait what they're just chilling over there. We got caution tape, so we're not really sure what went down but yeah.

It's a little dead in beverly hills, so we're just out here with the boys check out this wait, it's missing a head, that's kind of creepy dude! I don't like that. Second, oh ho, ho, let's go yeah as you can tell it's a pretty slow night in beverly hills. That is something i've never seen in my entire life. Before look at this, that's funny, wow shell power.

Yes, check out this dodge durango hell kizzy with the rainbow chameleon wrap. Let's see we got under the hood here. Oh boy, man, these things are pretty sick, guys they're running for around. I think they start at 87 or 88.

They go up to like a hundred. Should we pick one up for the channel, i'm looking for like a new daily, slash, suv or like some sort of car to uh do road trips in this thing? Has a lot of power may get the hennessy package? It's definitely a top contender. I like this car. I really do like this car check out the bedazzle hood baby, sequin galore.

Oh it's trying to zoom it that there it is yes, listen guys i apologize. We got to put the lambo on the channel more anthony. I mean i'm messing up here. The viewers want the lambo i got to go to more shows, take it to beverly hills, i'm messing up anytime.

This is on the channel. I think everyone likes the video instantly there you go and i always get pulled over instantly. Now so you guys are probably wondering gordon s spot what is going on with today's thumbnail and title and we're gon na turn. The camera on mr anthony unofficial, he's getting close to 10 000 subs guys make sure to follow him on instagram on youtube.

Give him a follow. He's got insane content thanks the ferrari everyone's favorite replica supercar appreciate the support, no absolutely yeah, so the thumbnail and title as to instant karma, getting pulled over in your lamborghini huracan before you tricked it out with the kit the wheels and all that fun stuff. That was me in the yellow car uh. Usually you just see the instant karma, video and you're like.

I wonder what the story was exactly so we were out with lambo jesus. Give him a follow by the way there you go out with alex he's got his mercy. He just bought it just bought the car, so we're out fuck-boying around dude that murcio logo can pull holy. Crap alex is much smarter than me because he didn't do what i did, which is.

I put the huracan in launch control. I did not see that there was a cop coming up behind me. Nobody saw that nobody saw that coming. Even i didn't see that coming dude, also by the time i put it in launch control and look up uh.

There was actually somebody coming as you can see across the intersection, so i'm not proud of it. I don't condone this type of behavior, but i messed up and i own it and yes, i did get convicted of an exhibition of speed, so it's not a fun thing and um. But you know you take your lumps sometime and you go. I messed up.

So damn i messed up at least look. The officer could have towed the car. He could have impounded it for 90 days. What is it? 3869? I don't know it's a lot of 30 days he could have taken me in.

I could have been arrested right. He didn't do either of those things. I think the lesson here is in the future. We all have to lawyer up for any conviction any misdemeanor, any sort of infraction always try and get a ticket lawyer.

They know much more than i do you do all of us combined together. I should not get a lawyer. I thought i could handle it myself right. It was a horrible experience showing up to court.

So anytime, you can definitely get the attorney. It's my it's. Our advice there you go, i mean we have ticket dismissers hanley my case. It's a it's a misdemeanor right, it's a misdemeanor for speed contest.

They thought i was racing in the s 600, with the 12 000 exhaust and, unfortunately listen guys if i was going to race somebody which first of all i wouldn't, because i will lose every race all my cars are slow. Even this gallardo, it's quick, but it's not as fast as say a huracan or a murcielago or an aventador or any sort of you know newer, bmw. So that being said, why would i even launch or like why would i even race, with a 25 year old land barge against a bmw, it makes no sense anyways guys. So that's what happened enough time has passed for you to finally talk about this.

This happened like in what 2018 or 19 i can't remember or 17. I don't know if it's getting it off my chest now there you go um legal reasons. We couldn't talk about it or even post the footage, but there it is guys and i will never speak of it again. No, oh, no! Oh you got ta, be kidding me right now.

Oh we're gon na swing back, see what's going on here, uh! Oh, that cop came out of nowhere holy crap um. Let's see i'm gon na roll the windows up a little bit, i think he's gon na be calling her back up. It is not looking too good. Jeez.

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    That little kei truck at the beginning used to belong to Ryu Asada, a Hot Wheels designer who passed away earlier this year. There's a Hot Wheels car called the Mighty K that's loosely based on it.

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    Gordon, please put Eastern Europe on your travel radar, more specifically the Baltic region. 90's – 00's BMWs, Mercedes and Audis are everywhere here and people make them look super clean. Car parts are cheap as peanuts as well. Once you're here Russia is right next door too

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Reinissulbergs says:

    Gordon, please put Eastern Europe on your travel radar, more specifically the Baltic region. 90's – 00's BMWs, Mercedes and Audis are everywhere here and people make them look super clean. Car parts are cheap as peanuts as well.

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