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Back on the iPhone 4rs in yellow with the red calipers standard Lambo and then a matte pink. oh that's new. What's cool is this over here. These two Koenigs specials back to back, one in red and one in yellow.

Look at that. These are sick. Hold on a second. Oh my gosh, this is a major major throwback.

The 512 BBI turbo. We've got the Testarossa connect over here as well. One sec, let's get a better View There it is and on the engine bay too. Kce 1000 Turbotronic Connect Turbo Testarossa Get the build sheet right there on the passenger seat and then got the plaque down the middle with a clinic special plaque.

Of course you got the engine bay opened up. Damn that thing is insane. Got a closer look of the front over here and they'd open up the engine bay of the Testarossa. This guy likes to bring two cars to every car show.

Last time was F40 and F50. the other time was an MC12 and a 2a8. GTO Today is two Clinic specials. Got the clinic on the seat belts and you got the Koenig lettering on the floor match.

The interior of this thing is insane. And check out the engine bay over here. Absolutely nutty dude. These things are a real blast from the past.

We got the Honda beat me, We got the Volvo Club meet. There's a bunch of Teslas over there and this guy's got a couple of plushies on the dashboard with some model cars. Yes, Oh my goodness, gracious, Leave nothing stock in Japan Zoval V40. Damn.

Okay. I'll stand behind Ken's side. Oh how do I get in a shot over here now? Boy, oh right over here. Oh Lord A modified Porsche 993 Rsr full-blown race car.

Foreign. So what we've noticed about this particular year at Tokyo Auto Salon is a lot of the old school vendors that have been here for many, many years. They've kind of gone PC. You know what? I'm saying, there's not a lot of show.

Girls There's not a lot of models. There's the crazy stuff that we saw in 2017. 18 and 19 is just not here. They've gone mainstream.

are currently here at the Nats Stand. They turned a Toyota Alphard into a pickup truck. They've literally just stretched this entire thing. put us on.

Wheels A little. uh. pick a bed in the back, some actuators and check out the interior. All right new.

Nissan GTR facelift thoughts: Make them quick because we're leaving in just a second and we're out. This is a one-on-one car that it built off of an RC car that has a 132 scale of Tamiya. Check out the rear exhaust over here. Boom! Oh We got a fighter jet.

Basically, look at these screws here. the actual model car is right over here. Hold on for a second right there. Check out these paint jobs at the Rohan stand.

Does it signify anything? Oh okay, all right. check out the flip and coontosh LPI 800-4 Svj and a trap truck and an amazing green with Crazy Wheels They put gold wheels on this brand new Countach with red interior and red brake calipers. A final walk around of the entire show before the pack up in about an hour or so. soak it in baby! Is the anija stand doing it big with a McLaren P1 with forged carbon fiber I Believe it's a wrap so there's that.

But check it out. What do you guys think? I Already know potential worst suspect moment here, but gotta appreciate it it is. Team Anesia The A Team The best in the business. Got the race car we've got the green Carrera GT nice wrap and a La Ferrari is that paint or is that a wrap? I Can't tell either way.

a strong lineup from The A Team Just trying to kill a little time before the six o'clock wrap up and the cleanup and of course watching the car start up, school up and rolling out of here. So stay with me boys, stay with me just a little longer. Old habits die hard. You never know what's going to go down at the Tokyo Auto Salon Got the energy drink.

Honestly, not gonna lie, it feels a little Tamer this year. In terms of the Showgirls and just the overall craziness of the show, everyone's getting their Final Shots before the end of the show in about an hour. There you guys have it. just a quick little peek.

Just a quick little peek. But like I said, a lot of major manufacturers all here. A lot of big companies, big money, and big sponsorships I Feel like the old days of Tokyo Auto Salon are pretty much over. That's a tongue twister.

E-x-i-z-z exit Exel existed line Well, it doesn't matter because there's a model here so we'll take it. Oh one, two, three break at the end of the show each. Booth Each company or sponsor has a team meeting. They stand in the circle, congratulate each other and say Well Done! add another year of Tas Another Gotta avoid the people with the megaphones over there.

Oh, there's one guy over there and one right over there just lurking. Goodness gracious, They're a little more strict this year, but you know what? We're gonna do our due diligence and attempt to stick around as long as possible. Now we finally get some of the cars in frame without a billion people around. So that's sick.

My goodness. Matchy, matchy, Random. Enzo Here at a detailing or a CPC premium coding booth. Damn that looks nice.

Look at the paint finish on that thing right on cue. Boys and girls, let's go. We got the Super Trafail Lamborghini Race car rolling around here. Oh, hold on a second.

There you go. No time to waste. That is a new model of 2023. Hold on a second.

Let's get on right over here. On this end, there we Go. Silent but deadly. The V10 the P1 the forged carbon livery.

just a little. RAB You know? rev It Out Boys Rev it out. just. Oh, we got the young leapers.

That's what. They know what's up sticking around dude. All the workers rolling in ready to deconstruct the entire show. Oh leap, it's a little leap here.

you go. Leave it to team a ninja Force Carbon fiber wrap on a McLaren P1 Who would have thunk? Honestly pretty clean 675 OT Looks pretty damn stock unless they did the carbon fiber work. but who knows I Love the security guards here. They take their jobs very seriously and we're the utmost.

Pride Making sure everyone's safe and sound. That is a crazy color on a brand new Countach Too look at that. Oh, apparently they're around over a dozen LPI 800-4s the brand new countaches in Japan alone. That's like over 10 percent of the total production line.

and there's one right here already modified. Apparently they got a new version It's the AE86 H2 concept. Is it electric or hybrid? I Can't remember? Well there you guys have it. and now it's gone.

So take it in in a split second while we get the other cars to roll out. This guy's just jamming out on an electric bike. That's literally the dream right there. I Love it.

Okay, so we got one of these silhouette Liberty Walk kits rolling out over here. Another bike on his way out. activate every imaginable flashing light. This guy's got it proper.

underglow, proper lights all around. You gotta love it. Just have to love it. The Vedino inspired Wayne on the GT Evo kit right over here.

Check that out. Boom looks absolutely stunning. Very aggressive looking. You gotta love it.

The silhouette kids on the Aventador are out of this world. OG Leap like this. It doesn't get any better. This is what dreams are made of.

Boys and girls. It's on the air suspension baby. Damn that is sick. Not gonna lie.

the rear. that's a beautiful thing. Man and his machine. Mr Kato sawing himself.

You know it's one thing to see these cars as a static display and a large Automotive event or car show. It's another thing seeing this thing moving around crazy elevated on the second floor. Here we got the good old leapers again that F40 Liberty Walk some of the cars are rolling out. they Testarossa over there moving out slowly but surely.

but this place has been completely transformed in the past 30 to 45 minutes. They are not messing around Japanese Efficiency at its best. You just hate to see it. I Think the Testarossa battery died all the way over there.

They had a jump starter earlier, but oh well. It is what it is. car batteries the bane of our existence. And we got the F40 Liberty Walk Chilling down there waiting to be transported on out of the Tokyo Auto Salon That's pretty sick.

A little rain, a little photo shoot. Dang, that's insane. The rain is coming down pretty damn hard. Get some photos though.

Be on the lookout for them. Back on the iPhone We got the RX-7 with the Coke Zero livery out in the rain. Oh Mr Ken side over there Aaron Chon The whole Jonathan over there the whole crew is out. Honestly, the best part about this car is the Coke Zero Livery.

You got it. Come on there it is. How sick is that in the rain? Quick photo shoot with a Sentry Atkins Uh, it's raining. His car has been to Nagoya twice back and forth two throw two full round trips to Nagoya in the Toyota Century This thing has performed absolutely flawlessly.

We've got new tires. We did have the car sorted out in terms of uh, leaks with the transmission or is it the power steering fluid. Either way, this car has performed above and beyond Is a 1997 car 25 years old. When I got the 1994 S600 that car was an absolute disrepair.

New brakes, new tires, transmission. the AC did not work. This thing runs fine like a diamond. Foreign.

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13 thoughts on “World s most controversial ferrari shuts down tokyo auto salon: liberty walk f40”
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    How did effspot become so boring last year…….

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    The Königs still looks modern

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    I'm a Coke Zero Fein

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 1Nexusdd says:

    The Konig Testerossa has an upgraded 4.9 L flat 12 from the Testarossa but they added 2 turbochargers and supercharger. It has a switch in center console for 500, 700 or 1000Hp. I remember seeing the car in a magazine when I was a kid. Nice catch bro. You just saw a legend!

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    thanks gordon for these roll out coverage!

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    They got rid of the models, thus getting rid of the obvious perverts who are just there to skeez on the girls.

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    It looks so badass in that body kit 😍

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    Just a LM style copy

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    Honda beat meat 😂😂

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    another supercar ruined by libertywalk it looks horrible.

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    Exzizzle fo shizzle!

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    I love this car because it has everything to do with saying “fxck ferrari” 😊😂

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    Those Koenig Specials were insane. You don’t see those every day.

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