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I swear mr sheep was sitting right here perched in his little spot. I rolled down the window, i think, was on the 73, the sr70 north and he literally just flew out the window. I kid you not we're in the oc we're turning around so i'm 15 minutes back leather right here is a little slippery, so i think the wind literally just sucked them out - and i watched them tumble around to my side mirrors here - dropping off a fix-it ticket Got that sorted and mr sheep is gone: oh my god, dude check out these ding dongs over here v6 and a coa, or i don't even know, wait for it. I don't know how i'm gon na find mr sheep.

I think it was around a mile up where he flew out. This is gon na be tough. We got a lot of cars on the road too jeez man come on wait. I think i found him.

Wait. Wait, wait! Wait. I think i found him. Yes, you got him.

Yes, oh my gosh. Let's go! Oh that guy, just honked at me, too, hold on let's go and force his here. Let's go hold on look at these guys here. Who was the guy that honked at me trying to rescue mr sheep huh where's that he's a little dusted up? Look at this guy, i'm gon na find this guy who honked at me just a little dusted up and a little dirtied up.

I think a car ran him over, but we are in business. Mr sheep is alive and kicking all right guys. We're currently here at the malibu country, mart on a sunny sunday and we got the rs here and i see an identical spec 4gt, hiding in the corner there that resembles the mana strapman's car. Oh look at this.

We got the jdm crew here mr2 we got the toyota, oh celica, celica or celica band michigan plate whoa. Look at this montana plates. This thing is so nice i feel like this is identical. Spec to stramin's o4 gt check out this audi game going on over.

Here, dang s4 rs6 rs5 whoa quattro game coming in clutch. This is nice, though, my goodness who wants to see this on the channel nice little new daily r6 got the new rs e-tron gt. I don't know, i guess that makes sense. That's why there's so many audi's here, i don't think i don't think anyone's been asking the rest of it.

Cold startup starts revving his car. Why would you have a little mechanical sympathy? Man come on absolute. We got a nissan gtr here we got someone code revving like jlo, trying to lead in the majority step back a little bit. Damn it's good! That's a nice! Looking car, you got that v-spec.

I literally have no idea what that is. We need max show stack on the case what lucra dude ctsb wagons do we need to add one for the channel guys look at this. Oh man are you kidding manuel v, dbs super legera and we got the green 918. That is a malibu country mark combo.

If i ever die, go on scene, one dog spot back in town, look at that! Look at this wow what a color! If every porsche owner started like inspecting their cars like this we'll be in a better world, it's got a qr code on it too. That's real! Oh my gosh, i'm convinced! When do you ever see this two audi r6s just chilling! Look at that wow sick sent by ot spider, not bad, on faucens, murdered out! That's the most malibu thing ever with this surfboard! On top look at that! That's pretty nice, i don't even surf guys so yeah the old jack-in-the-box antenna ball. If you guys know what this is, you know for those who don't, i feel bad for you, man, that's a throwback. We got ta get one for the benz old m3, guys skyrocketing value, much cooler than the newer ones with the not gon na say i'm not we're not gon na talk about the grilles on the newer ones, but man these are so classic.

Look at that check out the plate on the gt3 over there eight miles per gallon is that true, the license plate game here is on another level, goat m. On the m3 check out the audi s3 here, quad exhaust they're chrome check out the bimmer squad dude. We got chrome highlighting the trio here white on white on white man, the ferrari 599 gtb. Oh, not a nice, not nice, but this is really nice completely stock.

Pretty immaculate interior looks really nice as well hold on my goodness i properly, i probably would not want to buy a pristine conditioned 599 for the channel. I would definitely modify mine so either. I want like a salvaged title or something. That's like a little rougher around the edges, so to speak more mileage, not in great condition that way.

When i cut it up or modify, i don't feel as bad, but man you put a brilliant exhaust on one of these cars literally game over twinning is winning look at that. Oh, that can't be in the same picture together. Oh dang, good m3 nice play dude. This cop over there is just lurking it's like robocop man.

Look at that. Oh it's, a stock, oem guyardo! Let me roll the window down. Oh yeah does intense, though i'll take the tents i'll. Take the tin check out the trap.

Combo on rodeo drive the roses. Someone ring up worst dos spec. Let's do a drive-by take a look hold on wait for it, boys, lam truck. Oh my sweet baby jesus there.

They are just chilling waiting for the next victim, so be careful. You're on rodeo drive right across from the louis vuitton store, there's, usually a cruiser or a couple of motorcycles, just chilling, observing and waiting for you to up guys. What do you guys think about the v12 vantage? Is that an s or not? I can't i can never tell, but you put on the right exhaust on those things and boom they absolutely scream. Maybe it's time to add another supercar to the channel.

You are probably wondering espot what the hell is happening here in your living room. You got manuals. You got car parts, you got lighting materials, you got a broken couch right over there, it's still broken. You got the dusty model cars over there, not in boxes dirtier than ever.

He got just junk everywhere and got three more additional scooters for the squad. That way we can roll around on rodeo drive hollywood los angeles anywhere. We want in style with the boys just for the boys and we got the rear bumper for the amg kit. Finally arriving here.

I think i might have some bad news, because i just dragged this in very gingerly very carefully, and i think i have reason to believe that the rear bumper here might be broken into several pieces. I felt it wiggle a little bit some of the packaging here. They package this really well, but i think in transit from moscow, russia to los angeles, i don't know not looking good. We are also dealing with the usps united states postal service and those guys have absolutely negative to give there's some damage on the corner there.

I i don't know man. This is not looking good. I have no faith, let's open her up and see what's up damage poor, i think the entire thing is in one piece. I thought like this part right here was a weak point that was going to bend and snap.

We do have some damage on some of the tips right here. Uh there's a couple of dents right here i mean this is the rear bumper. This is really old. A lot of the paint is peeling off, as you can see over there, but overall the integrity, the structural integrity of the rear.

Bumper is looking pretty good mind you. This is a 20 25 plus year old body kit. We bought this entire kit in end of october and it's finally all here in one piece sort of so that being said, we are absolutely rolling, hopefully cms motorsports best game in the business for restoring your classic cars. Hopefully we could uh send this over and have them take a look because i'm not a professional.

I don't restore cars. I know nothing about restoring cars all right, so all the pieces are in place. We got the scissors the front bumper. All these screws, nuts and bolts some of these styrofoam things, the rear bumper i've already tested - does not fit the s-class.

So we are in quite a pickle, we're gon na make either two trips or rent out a van or a pickup truck. That being said, i think we're good fits like a glove sort of all right, we're on our way to cms motorsport. This moment has been in the baking for what five six plus months absolutely unacceptable. Let's roll baby all right we're here at cms, motorsports and restoration, sean the owner is going to hook it up.

He's gon na send these out strip him we're gon na paint him and then we're gon na remove all the bumpers, the side skirts and all the chrome parts man it is finally good to be. I can't explain to you guys how happy i am to have this project finally rolling. He said the condition of these side skirts and the front bumper are, as is, of course, the paint is cracking we're gon na have to repaint that anyways. There are no s600s out there on the road in this condition, with this few miles, with the matching wheels in midnight blue and with the amg kit, on top of the brilliant exhaust, i mean guys it's literally game over boys.

In los angeles, you better watch out we're coming for you boy, take a closer look at this 280z. Looking absolutely gorgeous, i got ta say guys like a lot of the newer stuff. Just doesn't do it. For me, anymore, old school is the new school.

Hence the bose zoku car, hence the 08 superleggera, hence the 94 s600 and of course we got the toyota century just chilling at home. Unfortunately, back in japan and this close to an empty tank here, let me zoom in, for you guys look at this hold on wait for it boom, so close, so close, we made it look how close that is. Obviously, everything here is analog, no digital screens or any sort of estimated. Like you know how many miles you got left on the tank.

Oh yeah will we hit 100 on this phillip and i think yes, damn those guys are jamming over there, but a lot of europeans people from japan, hong kong, you guys are complaining dude. The gas here is so cheap at 430 per gallon for premium, not in the states boys at least not in california, 104, 32, 24.2 gallons baby check out these chrome cars check out the two holographic mustang and 350z. What in the world holographic making a comeback? Boys look at that man after the cairns. Earlier this morning, i've been demoted back to my scooter, putting the lambo away boys and girls just for a little bit.

Damn the squad is growing by the night, mercedes game, whoa whoa, don't keep going chris. Don't stop? Don't stop we're doing a little scooter. We got three big new scooters here. We've got a new seret that just opened up absolutely packed to the max we're looking for more abandoned, slash secret supercars here in beverly hills uh-oh.

What do we have over here? Oh 720s. 765Lt, oh same thing same thing: now, that's another mclaren, 720! Yes, third, floor news, red, absolutely packed rest in peace, pretty sick up here. Is he going to launch it all right here we go just a little bit a little bit.

By effspot

16 thoughts on “This will be my next supercar”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SSG Live says:

    Supercar cannot have front mounted mid engine. That’s what hicks drive bro zzzzzz

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars -R says:

    Just started watching your videos,

    How did you get your benz exhaust to sound like that?
    I love it!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mikołaj Nadzieja says:

    Hey eff, when Mr.Sheeps online store will be up? 🙂 I thought you mentioned in some video there will be chance to buy one and only Mr.Sheep!!! Cheers

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr PRUSHINSKI says:

    put it in a bucket of soap and detergent and do it by hand with dishwashing gloves and a shower scrub

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SUB-ZERO says:

    Fam…. did you really go back onto a highway to go look for a plush toy stuffed sheep doll?

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ananya goswami says:

    Mr sheep has grown beards well he was out their in cruel World for an hour or 2

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Banbury Holmes says:

    somethings wrong with you for getting out on the freeway just for a stuffed toy

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Damen McC_ says:

    If you’re passing through smaller town’s in Cali than I’d get gas there. It’s nearly a $1 jump in price from Santa Paula to Ventura. Literally a 10min drive but since Ventura is so much more populated the gas ain’t even worth it

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Leaf fan Hockey Breaks says:

    4.299 per gallon is cheap compared to Canada, that works out to about 1.075 a liter. We are paying $1.53 a liter right now , that works out to about $6.12 a gallon.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Niagara Joe says:

    If Mr Sheep needs to see a therapist after that traumatic event, I have a guy

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CTP 1111 says:

    v12 vantage S with a proper exhaust sounds like a fuckin F1 car, so awesome

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A&C kids fun says:

    When is the best time to see exotic cars on rodeo. Taking my daughter in July to CA and she wants to go.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RetroNeil says:

    I just converted the gas prices here in the UK and we pay around $6-7 per gallon 🙁

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars legendmusic says:

    Does anyone else also almost only listen to rock music like Metallica/Delta Parole/Oasis when they drive? Whats you guys favourites?

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BOB DREXLER says:


  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Q45 says:

    i dont think he knew what he was looking at with the GT FOUR Celica. thats a unicorn in the USA

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