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Mr Sheep is now available for purchase!

We are back with another video. another Banner Now today is a huge Monument today for the Sy Channel Because we launched the Mr Sheep brand, the merch is now live. Check this out. We got 200 orders right over here already packaged up ready to be sent to the post office and we got another 150 orders right over here.

Being packaged, we got even more orders on the ground over here. there he is Mr sheep official looking mighty fine. like a dime. Check this out! Super roton.

Super fluffy and super adorable. And the first 500 orders get this custom tag designed by my friend. Hannah Many thanks to you guys! I Cannot stress enough. We could not have done this without you guys! The response has been absolutely phenomenal.

If you want to pick up a Mr sheep, support the channel, hook yourselves up and get in for 19.99 Super super adorable. There's a link in the description box below I'll pin at the top of the comments. so there he is available now at the Xbox shop. That's right on on.

Round two: Round two: influencers in the wild were in the oh, she wants to she wants that over there. Well, you better get on your knees son. Get on your knees. Oh yeah, that is one hell of setup.

They definitely just came from the Cosplay Anime convention in downtown. Los Angeles Nothing oh my. God Oh my. God this is.

Oh look at the dogs dog. The dog don't like it. and there's a little twirl dog doesn't like to twirl. I Mean what's going on over here? Get the tick tock.

Oh my good. Oh wait wait whoa. Oh oh. Is the performance still happening? No.

Oh yeah, yes. Where's it at where? Looking in the glass? oh in the door. What is she doing? What is she doing? Oh dude, what is she doing? Oh she's going in. She's going in.

She's going. Oh performance piece. Imagine if you're eating dinner dude. Yeah, there she is.

Yeah. Oh wow. that's really weird. What are you? Oh oh, you got a card? He's got a card.

Oh thanks. Yes! Yes! Beverly Hills Right here with a with a speed light flash. Oh hell yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Yeah, it's got like a bathrobe on my man.

Hold on a second. Oh now influencers in the wild. We got not one, but a whole Squad Are there cheerleaders or something? Or like, uh, maybe dancers? What the heck is word? It gets even better. There's more influencers behind this influencer.

Hold on. A little photo shoot there. Oh jeez, just another day on. Rodeo What is this guy doing? It's got a bell.

Oh yeah, and he's jamming. but he's not a man first. but he's got a Bible look. he's got a Bible Hell yeah it's not a pink Bible Look at his store owner.

He's like what is going on We this guy. He's like what's going on. He's literally like what's going on. Whoa Yes, Oh no.

they made him leave. no. yeah, oh man, they that sucks I thought oh yo Nathan getting we just put two girls on the Porsche in the middle of Cannon I think Cannon we're on the that's amazing I Think the tourists look at all these tourists. dude.

no way. that is hilarious. Yeah she's got a saxophone. Oh saxophone is she actually gonna play? Hold on I'm gonna listen Studio Lighting Are you kidding me? Yeah yeah.

always. thank you I wish he charged for his Services 3.99 Okay Nathan you're up man. you gotta do one for the you got like a bumble photo. Yeah oh wow.

he's got the phone. He's got the phone. Oh hold on a second. We got the photo shoot from The Beverly Wilshire with the rolly oh what is that? oh hell yeah and trap truck.

oh oh oh that's right. move a little closer buddy. There we go. You got him now.

Skater! My zoom is not capable enough to uh I sitting in the road oh my god oh is that guy doing oh dude, it's too early for this. it's currently 11. A.M On a weekday we got homeless guys. just I don't know what I don't know what he's doing.

he's just screaming to the world or he's seen it I Don't know. Um, all right, maybe he's not homeless I Don't know. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. Sunset Boulevard finds.

Hold on. Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it.

Oh what is that is that? Elon Musk Is he on a rocket? He's not Elon Daddy He's got the dog. Got the QR code he's got Elon Musk with a coin on his necklace on a rocket? a Dogecoin necklace Alex This is a proper Los Angeles Fine. Foreign yo. You guys are not supposed to.

They're in the flower bed. What are they doing? Wait the photographers in the flowers. That's that's not cool. Round two: Round two: In the middle of Rodeo baby.

Hold on. Yeah, yeah. Oh oh, they're done. They're done well.

Self-defense In the middle of: Beverly Hills In the park while we wait for a friend to use the public bathrooms. Oh what is that? Oh my gosh, a real knife. No it looks like one of those like rubber knives or something. yo.

even this guy's entry. he's like, what is going, what and what the flying hell is going on over there? Dang yeah, we gotta pick up some self-defense Maneuvers Because you never know. Beverly Hills These days you wear a watch, you drive a nice car can get jacked. You know? So oh oh boom oh dang, oh boom And then bam whoa whoa.

You see, in our fair share of dog strollers, she's got a double decker for her pugs. Dude, that's insane. This dog is living life with a custom car. Legendary play.

He's got the two water bowls. oh yeah, it's got the sunglasses, but they're having an argument now. I'm interested content. We've been all wanting boys.

Let's go. Are they part of the are these guys part of it? Or hold on a second now. Oh we all right that's pretty sick. And we got the Hollywood bus tours literally cleaning and detailing their wheels.

Oh my gosh, they are. Oh what? wow that is that. Check out the dogs. Oh that's so cute.

Oh man, look at that little poop Squad going on over there. yeah like Mr sheep just chilling in the back. yo influencers in the wild with their rental California That guy's on one wheel. He's on one wheel.

Is he part of it? He's not even part of the rally dude. he should join. Whoa. The music.

oh yo, that one's sick. Oh the helmet right there. Candy cane. Wow.

Oh there's a chopper right there. What the heck? Whoa. it's pretty sick. That is pretty cool.

Give me a ride I Want to ride I Mean come on. Only in Los Angeles You want to talk about crazy in Los Angeles Wait till you see this car on my right here. No, not the lady, but help Matt Matter of National Security Two webs to Duke Citizens and hack U.S Cyber infrastructure paraplegic driver. Back off.

That's right. Let him know son, You let him know. Literally no context in Los Angeles There it is, Boys and girls. we're on the iPhone again baby.

it's lost one team. Oh it, it isn't F1 Car Yeah Catering Ct03 2013. Oh Tesla talking to Tesla It's got a holder ornament. What is that? Thank you Oh my gosh, do they need help or something? You might have to stop I Don't know.

Not fun John Bro right you can just parking enforcement guys. What the hell am I Seeing.

By effspot

10 thoughts on “12 minutes of cringy influencers in beverly hills 2022 compilation”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Car Hoarder says:

    How come y’all pronounce Rodeo like that? I say it like a cowboy rodeo

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars longo says:

    us really need help

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Espaillat says:

    That a GTA lobby

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars EricH_1983 says:

    We are the decadence phase of the collapse.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BusyStuff • 23 Years Ago says:

    Yk what is cringey though😂tryna sell me a stuffed animal sheep

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BusyStuff • 23 Years Ago says:

    The cheerleaders were pretty dope tbhh… middle the night street life like that’s cool asf

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mountainx0 says:

    I never knew I needed a Mr. Sheep, until today. Thanks, Effspot!

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jamison Jarosz says:

    Ohio this, ohio that, WHAT ABOUT LA INFLUENCERS PEOPLE??

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pardewski says:

    Start hucking nades at em

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jerry Herdt says:

    I love this guy, I'm japanese as well, Go Japan 🗾❤️👍👍

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