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Hey hold on a second good shirt: oh, what the hell all right guys. We have some pretty bad news, we're actually here at an undisclosed location right over here, where this oil stain was that's where the fake lamborghini diablo, based off a either a super or old. Nissan was from a couple videos, past um. It's no longer here either the owner has moved it or got towed away.

That's actually fake lamborghini oil yeah. Pretty sure this is the second time that's happened, the second time the first time was in japan. It was an abandoned enzo, it wasn't really abandoned, but it has sat there collected dust for months and months. We filmed it might have been a thumbnail to a video a year and a half ago and unfortunately uh three or four days later uh.

The car had moved in the middle of the night in the middle of the night and moved no one got the vin. We don't have. There was no license plate. We had no idea where it went now.

We're reliving that same nightmare, except we're trying to buy a replica supercar to accompany your ferrari. We wanted this one real bad. We really wanted this one. We thought it was a winner, a total banner.

It was what based off a mark two or three supra. Oh yeah, lamborghini diablo, you guys saw in the last video it was dusty as hell uh. We thought it was a good candidate and you know i'm just having the worst lock right now and lo and behold, we come back here. What three weeks later, four weeks later, a month later and the car is gone, you got the magic touch dude as soon as you post it up.

It's fine you're like a magician. Basically houdini, yeah abracadabra, it's gone, oh man, so this car is gone. Obviously the enzo was that my fault, i don't know but highly suspicious and, of course, the two or three auctions that have lost or the listings were taken down on top of that we're in really bad shape. Yeah, let's go get some food hold on guys.

We're currently here at a gas station with uh some u.s army, uh military equipment - this, i think, all right so the owner of this gas station. If i have my story, correct, oh shut, the f hey shut the up. If i had my story correct here guys, the owner of this gas station has a car collection. He likes off-road, suvs military stuff, and i seen a six by six here before in the past a black one.

I think i'm not sure, but look at all the stuff here whoa. This is actually kind of crazy. I did not know there are this many cars in his collection. Just chilling is a uni, mod, dang, okay, oh look! What the hold on hold on guys hold on this is getting weird fire engines crazy, that's kind of cool, hey good! For this guy.

You know you're probably wondering how is that a searchlight look at this yeah yeah spotlights yeah mobile, spotlights you guys are probably wondering how does he afford all this? Just take one look at the guests holy crap. Oh, that explains it. Okay, god is good. God is good: okay, hey my hat off to you good, sir.

It almost looks like 76, but it's not like at a glance. You think that 76, it's not it's a sk. The heck is sk. Oh everyone is so bad today.
That is a wild collection. There. You guys have it boom. Today is aaron day.

We just picked up some tools. We got a pittsburgh one and a half time, aluminum jack low profile. We got some uh blocks of wood and what else we got over here. We've got the torque wrench and a couple sockets that right anthony thanks, harbor freight harbor freight baby.

This video is not sponsored by them. I wish it was, but take two guys. We did not have the right socket size, so it's 21 millimeters and we also got an extension breaker bar - is that what it's called anthony? Basically i'm just using a torque wrench with gotcha. Okay, take two a no-go.

I think we need a couple hockey pucks or some sort of rubber circular things for the jack to raise the car even more uh we'll be back tomorrow. That's that, i guess all right we're back. It is the next day we uh overnighted, some of these hockey puck, looking things to put underneath the jack right over here to give us a little more leverage anthony. How are we looking? We got it.

Yes, final! Oh my gosh coming off here. It comes baby moment of truth baby. Yes, thank you. Damn oh holy uh.

I don't think guys. I don't think you guys can see this, but that is not circular or round anymore. This is the seven to eight hundred dollar tire that needs to be replaced. Oh okay, sorry, that's enough! That's not sorry we'll be driving around an hour and a half to corona, where my buddy uncle mike is his neighbor has a shop that specializes in sorting out these kind of wheels and tires so we're gon na mount them up properly.

My goodness look at that look at that damage back here at cms and we got the bozo tires. Whoa a little skirt action. Sean is gon na show us what they've been doing and they're gon na be painting the thing very very soon and there she is. The s600, with the 12 000 exhaust baby, oh yeah, so this is the final step before it goes into the final seal and then okay, but it looks perfect.

I mean i'm really happy. It looks great if you see here even this line over here. However, yeah accentuates into the curve - that's beautiful, everything's on point. These are basically going to be like they were from day one oh yeah and i'm giving it more of a contour, because when you lay down paint the the clear coat it's going to give more coats and it kind of smooths all the curves out.

That's why right now, it's a little more exaggerated, oh yeah, but once we get color and clearer, yeah it'll be like factory. Oh, it's a brand new body kit. Oh the side, skirts off yeah the side skirts are actually in very good shape. These are your original ones, yeah and um.

The the side skirts are prepped and ready to shoot the side skirts gotcha it's just these bumpers are requiring a little more than we anticipated of course, but like it's just unreal, you could see all the body lines accentuate once you put some gloss to it. So how this line just comes down and it tapers right into the body line all the way till the end? It's it's just unbelievably gorgeous super subtle man, yeah and then this body line fades away as it gets there. Yeah i get from here wow, we got the whole squad here. We got anthony unofficial.
We got mr mike we're in a more beautiful e63. Yes, we got a show. Stack giants didn't do too well today, max, what's going on talk to me max got no pitching right now, no, no pictures! I spent quiet all night. I think so i think so so we're gon na do a quick loop of hollywood boulevard looking pretty busy.

So here we go what the hell is going on over here: fender bender, pretty cute uh, oh naughty boys over here, oh there's, the exercising guy hell, yeah yeah, damn he's getting reps at home. This cop is pissed off we're looking for somebody. 10 30 p.m. He's getting a couple reps in dude: damn oh he's fletching the i8 hold on this truck's blocking the eye.

Damn it hold on whoa in the car flexing zoom in zoom in is he still dancing or yeah there? He is oh, oh he's got moves hold on he's got no. This guy is just holding up all the traffic dude come on. What's going on, there's no one, even in the driver's seat, what the hell this traffic jam, this one person is causing jeez just can't. Leave your car like that, come on best effing food truck wow holy wait.

What is that wait? What the hell is that hold on a second hold up: whoa: okay, that's the bike! Guy! Damn check out this dude's bike, dude! It's a baller ass bike, hey popeye! Dude look: do you think kids even know who popeye the sailor? Man even is anymore. He's right behind the pole hold on, he might be smoking some crack. Oh, oh little, dude, just hollywood things! No big deal dude all right. Let's get this.

We are in the extend what what kind of range rover are we in right now we're in the long wheelbase lawn wheelbase check this out. We got the 720s. The svj is that a coupe or a roadster coupe keep going keep going. People just staring at me staring at me.

I can't vlog. I can't vlog guys huh. Let me vlog yeah sv fa, tributal mercilego sv. I think that used to be the arizona car right and then we got another sv in red.

That's pretty crazy! Damn! Oh! Hey! Hey hold on a second good, sir. Oh all right keep going shake. Okay, a little shake a little turret! Oh oh, we saw you last week, dude! Yes, sir! There you go, keep it up! Good, sir god. Welcome to hollywood.

Are you trying to fornicate your bar? Oh, what the is that, oh, is that a chrome g-wagon hold on: let's roll the wizard holy smokes. Oh, my goodness, wow! It's a holographic wrap! Ladies and gentlemen: oh revving, it little revving going on. Okay. Hollywood is getting a little uh, a little crazy.
This guy right here, eddie on command, one where's, the third one, two, oh you're right. Three uruses florida played a nice car man. Oh it's called star lights. Oh you got the stars.

Oh yeah he's got the star lights inside no way sos right there, not bad white. Very nice, oh oh, hold on check this out hold on we're going towards memphis. We got the prius got the prius, the land truck and the mirror edition. That's crazy! No! It's not it's.

It's still halfway hold on guys. We got a performante spider here. He's got the roof. Oh, what what happened? There's no one in it as he was pulling in.

He tried to lower it, and i think it just got stuck halfway. Whoops watch this here we go the drummer on the pickup truck that guy's crazy, he's going to start performing. I think, there's like glass all over the place got a breacher. Over there we got crew vendors, hell, yeah, yes, dealer play looking pretty gangster on sunset boulevard, yeah, it's a little quiet, but you know oh just got in front of me.

I feel like lambo. Jesus would approve of this one. This is like yeah batman's batman, but listen batman. Only rolls v12, though murcielago and avenador is that robin robin.

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15 thoughts on “When car spotting goes terribly weird: hollywood edition”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ETS2 on the road says:

    Im living in Germany, im 15 now since I was 10 it was my dream to live or be one time in America,in Los Angeles/Holiwood. One day I will be there an can’t realise it… i pray that this day will come…

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pedro Le says:

    before buying a new car can u get that SHIZZNIT of your eye removed plz for the sake of the viewer some of usee are eating watching this vlog

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scale Crawl NL says:

    Marvellous effspot, fun team presentation, much enjoyed✌ Perhaps 'forget' for this moment
    the replicar and when you are not eagerly looking for it, the right one wil present itself to you
    and then you can secure the deal. Meanwhile I 'll cross everything as they say.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AUSTIN says:

    LMFAO you dont ever use a torque wrench to loosen highly torqued nuts. especially a shitty harbor freight one that is ALREADY massively inaccurate

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ignatius Marcus Lee says:

    i love how he says HEY when the windows closed really loudly but says stfu really softly when the window is down HAHAHAH

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RUD3Y says:

    Why do you rich guys like to dress and talk like drunk hobos? It's fkn weird 😐

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lorenzo Amrani says:

    What the fuck those gas prices are horrendous! Are you fucking kidding me
    And here in OC I pay $4,99 for premium at 76s not SK

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Karl J says:

    What are the best nights for car spotting on Hollywood Blvd? And what is the best night in Beverly Hills? Is Fri better than Sat? Or is it just keep looking?
    Planning a trip, thanks.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Julian Gonzalez says:

    Wow, in my country you get straight up murdered for screaming at someone driving a black suburban 🥶

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ameen James says:

    The dude in the beginning looks like a GTA pedestrian glitching out before dancing

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Romain says:

    This place is weird, it's like everybody want to be the most viewed . From a french normal guy .

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sal Monella says:

    Jack stands are always a good investment. I rotate my tires with just two of them.

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    Hollywood is so dirty, grimy, loud and obnoxious! Freaky, weird people walking around, and the real possibility of gunfire at any moment! …….Beverly Hills is much better, and safer.

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