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You know what i'm not against it, i'm not against it. What do you guys think arabic, scripture yeah? That's pretty cool, though hey there. It is what a beauty we'll take it we'll take it currently here at the manceri middle east, showroom boys and girls worst dos spec. This is it we have achieved.

We made it boys, we got the mastery for gt newer one. Obviously i think 150 did a video on this particular car or one of them. The forged carbon fiber everywhere check out the white calipers two-tone interior. It's got the massive new wing, the scoops, oh my goodness, and then we have this thing over here: the yellow interior, the it looks like a hulk.

This part right here looks like alligator skin. I saw this on the road. You better believe it'll delete the monster. Sp1, it looks to be stock so so far it's safe.

I love a good double wing. Forged carbon fiber everywhere. Oh yeah, is that the rolls-royce floating hubcaps this is actually really really sick. It's got the manta ray limited edition right over here check out the interior.

Oh yeah, looking mighty fine, the g wagon cabriolet, it's got this carbon fiber brown, carbon fiber all over the sparenz one of one limited edition, g-wagon cabriolet, it's a carbonado evo there. It is definitely getting some cesto elemental. Vibes got the imagery babysitter, that's crazy. This is quintessential dubai spec check out the special edition on the headrest 50th anniversary of the uae right there.

Oh look at the badge. Yes, that's awesome, oh, and on the on the spare tire. Yes, sports department forced carbon baby. The 50th uae anniversary wait what the heck, what no ocean avenue? Oh monterey, montana plate.

They hit. The montana place check this out, we're just on our way to downtown dubai. We found these random two stock. Nissan r34 gtrs one in white, one in black, with the bronze wheels i'm trying to cross the street here.

We're gon na be checking out first motors in just a bit. It's always a good time. Finding random spots here in the city of dubai. Look at that! Oh look at the interior whoa: that's it's just stock! All the way insane m spec nerd r34 bronze wheels on the black one.

Here too, this is literally marcus. Cly china edition on the lamborghini svj63 edition. That's sick, minus the gold wheels sv got the hurricane the stos. This is some pretty serious firepower in this particular show boys and girls very serious, but the devil here, looking pretty damn sick force, a yellow on yellow on yellow sean.

What a spec, t1 gtr very cool for gt. Of course, the senna good spec clean spec. So this thing is pretty mean look at the tint on that thing. It's got red carbon fiber on the door right there.

You see the red carbon fiber - oh yeah, blue 918. Oh, i didn't see the speed tail here. Whoops yeah that white one is really nice got a black one. I got a challenge to dollar in yellow jeez tdf and the p1 are almost kissing right there.

We just noticed there are literally five ferrari sf 90s on display or for sale here. Stealth 65.. Is this a 101 based off a sl65 black series? Let me know in the comments below probably the coolest car here: love it right. Next to this uh mclaren, with the bits and bobs of carbon fiber on it.

Interesting got the two rental cars here, the julietta veloce. We got the one in red and it looks like noah and eddie's got the one in blue. This is a good rental game here, guys oh yeah, looking pretty sick boom. We're currently here at the dubai, auto jump.

Look at that r32 race, car, pretty nice and i think, doing a supercar track day right now. So what are they doing? Oh yeah they're, actually washing the car, that is a two-tone maybach. Oh, look at the bantega look at the bentley, hey very nice and, of course, the rolly oh speed bump. Oh he's painted the rear diffuser of this hurricane.

That is a i don't know. Is it a love it or hate it kind of thing? But, oh my goodness, it's so tall is the burj khalifa we're trying to figure out which car is attracting more attention? Is the sf-90 or is it going to be the bugatti veyron, i'm going with the bugatti a lot more photos are being taken in front of that car up as i spoke, i think i spoken too soon. Everyone is just touching the car they just picked up. The sf90 yesterday pretty sick.

We got the bugatti baron with the f-88 and got the g23 license plate. How much are they worth? Probably if you sent them out? I don't know about you, but lady do not touch the car when you take photos in front of them and got another suzuki chimney with the g-wagon kit. It's the frappus, the fret, the fake rabbits e55. What in the intercede back it up again? Pack it up? It's a center exhaust on the e55 no way.

Yes, that's awesome! That's awesome and another one. How many shirons have we seen eddie huh? What's up how many shirts have you seen now manny too many bugattis out here, bugatti machine, vincero, bugatti, mexi, very cool, fully exposed carbon fiber check out the interior boom. We got the p1 two-tone reverbington number 15 right over here check out this bike. It's the tess bike.

It's got the 16.4, the test engine block right there. Look at that carbon fiber looks pretty dope. It does match the one that we saw last night. So it's literally the bike for this one there it is oh no boom.

You got the superleggera with the lp 640 and turquoise check out the interior too hold on a second, oh matchy, matchy, pretty sick check out the aston martin gt-12 sick. These, unfortunately never made it to the states. Nor did the gta check this out. We have a w140 v12 sedan, nice yep, just a little got a little rolly over in the back there, some weird stuff, that's right, and now we have a coupe cl600 with a tissue box in the back.

Oh yeah, hey! Look at that! Oh yeah, not the mclaren, but the alpino down there yeah. That's it yeah forget the mclaren performance. I saw something down here: hey. What is that wait hold on? That's a nice speck on the suv, not sure what's under the covers here, but that that does look like a guy.

It is a guy. This particular benino roadster was in los angeles, probably four to five years ago, and we were literally two streets away from we heard it drive. People were saying it was on rodeo, we rushed over and we completely missed it. This is also the same one that was owned by b14 on instagram and was seen in monaco across europe uk and finally, it is here with its brethren, a black gloss, black bean and a roaster with a red interior.

Both the tops down insane. You got a black enzo right behind, don't mind the elva. We don't really care about that, but this thing is pretty damn nice. Look at this geez come full circle with a matte black with the green accented, the nina roaster after missing it twice in beverly hills.

Four to five years ago, unbelievable there she is one more shot of the interior hold on a second insane and one more of the black one here, jeez stratman, i know you're watching this video. I think it's time that you uh, sell feed your cars and try to pick one of these up, because this is crazy. I don't know what they're asking for, but my goodness so max shostak has proved as uh made at the point that this is the one that crashed to malibu years ago. What is going on with this car show stack wheels.

Interior is red indeed well she's. Here now boys right next to two evils and two benito roadsters. We got brabus here, one with the orange interior and one with the green interior. We've got the final edition: s65 v12 by turbo.

I don't even know we have time to cover it all all the lamp trucks here got all the cullinan's here. Look at this. There must be like 15 20 culinards here. Another 10 lamp trucks g-wagons in the back range rovers.

Goodness gracious got the cadillacs escalate escalate. G wagon dragon bentley bentley rolls right it's a little overwhelming. Honestly, we completely walk right past this bugatti chiron, that's sick and we got an abandoned land cruiser sor for days on days. Mr pops, what kind of bike is this right here right here? Tell me now quick: is this a custom bike? No, it's like the music, the 9t looks pretty sick, looks pretty sick i'll, take the slr yeah all day baby.

That is really well nice, a diablo sv in red, very, very nice. What kind of place is it on back it up the kingdom of bahrain, sv roadster gang greet you telesto and 50th, really lambo jesus. What are you doing over here? Huh good spec over there now son? Oh my favorite, a porsche wait for it guys! It's a! Let me guess: 964 flat nose, turbo bacon, gts 0.2779. It's a little dusty look at this coloring, though this is a good spec.

This is a nice speck. I love the orange pinstriping blue orange interior. It seems like there's a couple other cars hiding around the corner. There, but this maybach is sick.

It's probably one of the best ones. I've seen v12 boys slr, someone says wait which one's the mercy this one are you lying to me now, son yeah. It is a mercy sv well sv, probably but the wing interesting driving randomly you see this place called toys for big boys. This is my point of appointments.

Only age 16 plus we've got a couple cool cars hiding around here, not too shabby. Now. This is a random spot, a very unusual spot. It's a kunix egg 101.

Is it blue carbon yeah, blue carbon looks so dusty. Look at that! It's insane! What is this car doing here? We're just driving around and lone boho is a dusty clinic's egg, one to one right over there. You can see it's a cool carbon fiber in blue, that's pretty dirty! That is pretty dusty. It's so dark! Here we had to turn our headlights towards the car to get a photo of this thing.

Yup the things you find in dubai there's also a uh murcielago first gen, i think, there's an f40 look how dirty it is. What is going on at this shop guys. I don't know hold on f40 f40 is right over here. You can sort of see it.

It was spotted getting unloaded off a transport f40. Here you can barely see it's a little dusty. My reflections in the way and the murcielago first gen is right there and then, of course, the kunix egg, one to one full blue carbon fiber back here at first motors and a porsche gt1 has come out of the woodworks. Here we were just here about a couple days ago.

You know we're just here yesterday, right yesterday and boom here we are look at that. Rumor was that there was a uh aguero zijin, the purple, one that we saw in london years ago, but it is not here - and this is here instead we'll take it all right, guys we're here at elite cars, we have amg black series sto, and then we Have this interesting, spec elva with a two-tone black red all right, guys check this out. We have a 812 and largo in a matte black orange engine. Look at this guy! Oh my god! Oh beautiful combos on confidence! Oh yes, all right guys check this out.

We have a lamborghini looks like an sc30, but we're not too sure it's got the wheels. It's not the bumper. I don't know you guys tell me if it's real or not obviously yeah the gated, it's real okay. We have it that it's real real sc30.

We have a mp412c over here, another mp4 12c and another diablo. It is blue, but an mc12 all right guys, we're in our rental now for romeo we're gon na do a little launch control on this ready. You.

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