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Day Four or Five of Ownership of the New Century and uh, something has happened. Yes, unfortunately. I've uh backed up into a poll over here. Scratch the bumper and damage the side right over here. No structural damage, just a light little scrape on a pole or against the pole. Rather, this car is 25 years old. The owner put around 36 37 000 kilometers I own this for five days and I do this to it. So uh yeah. I Always forget how long this car is. The rear overhang is much longer than that of the S-Class and I'm not really really used to a right hand drive, but yup, ah, you just gotta live with the mistakes baby. but it is what it is. We're currently convoying with Mr Ken Sato's Madonna and his LC who are headed to a undisclosed location that was a code startup in the LC. This car did around I think 1500 kilometers from Tokyo to Nagoya around the city and back in one piece. The car is performing flawlessly. We do need new tires, they're quite old. One of the issues that we're having with this car is that when you press on the accelerator pedal, it does like a slow creep and it increases like one kilometer a second. And when you try coasting the car, it just keeps accelerating but at a very, very slow pace. But it's not a big issue if you're able to break, uh, on time or at least ride the brakes while you're driving, so we're gonna have to get that looked at as well. There is a small leak on the car while we're in Nagoya as well. Got the radio going. Pick up the phone Alex oh hello and put it back down. Wait oh oh, it turns off the radio. When you pick up the phone, the line is disconnected. It does not work, but that's pretty sick. We did not know that. Another work of the Toyota Century Apparently it works for both phones. there's one in the back and one in the front baby. That's what we're talking about. and Ken's Lexus LC looks very nice. Thank you! Wow! what a setup! This reminds me of squamous car elevator but on steroids. Goodness gracious! Oh yes, I'm actually wearing shoes for one. So as I'm editing today's video I Got a pretty interesting call from my friend and unfortunately one of my cars just got hit. He was in my Model 3 Tesla and he was on Sunset Boulevard going straight and there's a car parked to the side of them on the right hand side and the guy pulled out in front of him size swiped the rear passenger rear of my Tesla in his Porsche Carrera 4S Here's a few photos of the damage from the guy's Porsche and here's a few photos of the damage on my Tesla. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the accident, just a minor scuffs. Now the interesting thing about that is my Tesla has been hit twice in the past 45 days. now. If someone was hurt, you should definitely check out today's video sponsor Morgan and Morgan Morgan and Morgan is America's largest injury law firm with over 800 lawyers and over a hundred offices. 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The insurance company have an entire Army to go against you to give the least amount possible. Morgan and Morgan fights to get their clients the best results. There's no upfront cost, you pay absolutely nothing. The fee is free unless they win. Getting started is extremely easy. Go to F-spot is going to pop up right over here or dial pound law or pound five to nine on your cell phone if you're injured, so support the channel, hook yourselves up. Check out Morgan and Morgan America's largest injury Law Firm Now back to the video. Uh, opinion on the 2000 GT Roadster Oh, and there we go. Looks like the car's going to sleep, exposing the secrets of Alex Penfold. We're going to follow him. We're going to Shadow Alex Penpal today and see what angles he likes to take his. We're photographing and filming an extremely rare Toyota Gt2000 Roadster but I've been put aside to look at a giant spider I Don't want to get close to it. Oh, that's a big one in the movie You Only Live Twice You have Akis driving the car he had Bond as the passenger in the seat over here. but this is not the actual Bond car. This is just the Press circuit car that made its rounds back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s and now it's making its round again on the show circuits at Pebble Beach Quail so on and so forth. So pretty sick. A real treat seeing a one of two Toyota 2000 GT Roadster in the wild in a dirt lot with some of the best photographers. Daniel Craig the latest Bond said this is his favorite Bond car the Toyota 2000 GT there she is back in the elevator. We need to do a full walk around of this entire warehouse at some point after we do a little photo shoots with three or four cars. The Sun is setting around 4 30 so we have another hour. but this is insane. What a setup! Boys and girls this is. Hmm. very nice and one of my favorite cars is Sat right here. an orange Murcielago LP 670sv That's right boys. And of course the century is looking very very good minus the little boo-boo on the other side. but we're just going to pretend that didn't happen two and a half years ago when I had my first century I too backed up into another Pool in the exact same spot. So yeah, I guess I haven't learned there she is the RBX GT2 race car engine in the 400r. Every other part is replicatable from the Inismo factory, but the engine itself is not. This is the only Discerning factor from a fake 400r versus a real one. A race car engine inside of this chassis 7 000 kilometers one of one in Midnight gray Pearl Very interesting color. looks amazing. Goodness gracious, let's take a look at the inside over here. Whoa, look at all that plastic baby. That's what I'm talking about. Yes, just in case you forgot, this is a 400r. You got the badge right here on the wing. on the side. over here, let's open up the driver's side on the right hand drive nice the dash it says 400 r as well. right over there and on the steering wheel. Very cool. They're Koji over here who has just purchased a brand new Honda beat in an amazing color yellow. How many kilometers does it have for six? Six thousand Five hundred, Six thousand, Five hundred Sixty Five hundred kilometers on the odometer? Basically it's in pristine condition, but many thanks to Koji over here and Mr Ken said over there for setting us all up. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel. I'll link it right over here and on the description box below. He's the one who's been helping out with the century paperwork and buying and selling a lot of the cars I've had in Japan So I really appreciate you for bringing us here, but make sure to check him out if you have any questions on buying or selling, import, exporting any sort of cars. This is the man. Oh this is sick. Oh yeah yeah. oh it's a little cozy in here. Strive in the Honda Beat baby chasing a 400r. Uh, both cars are out of gas so we're gonna go to the gas station real quick. We should pick one up with the channel. it's like a little go-kart on Wheels Awesome! And the 400 R is right over there. There's something to be said about the Uh petrol stations. We'll use the correct terminology in Japan The petrol stations here are so clean. Look at that. look at the pavement here. There's no gum, no trash, No no, nothing, no stickers or graffiti. Very very well lit and very very clean. And the prices are quite agreeable. Nice. that's a full tank 29 liters or 18 liters 29 34 Yen That's so cheap! Some may say the best part of Japan isn't because cars, but it's the food and the convenience stores we're current here at the 7-Eleven. Look at the wide selection of fresh produce to go meals, pastries, just everything and anything under the sun. snacks. Frozen Foods Ice cream I Mean goodness gracious, if the 7-Elevens in America look anywhere close to this, even just half 50 percent of what it looks like in Japan or how they stock. My goodness, that would be a game changer. but here we are. let's find some snacks. See what we got? Any photo shoot car at the local 7-Eleven this time it's a one and a half million dollar Nissan 400r Oh that's a sixth shot right up there. Ken Sato Going up baby! This is a real treat! We have Mr Ken seidle over here our guide and savior in Japan showing us all the coolest Collections and all the car shows around Japan Now we're currently here in an undisclosed location. The owner is very generous and has allowed us to film all the cars here. So this section here right? Kent is all of his own personal cars. Yep, got it. so we're gonna go one by one and you can explain me exactly what we got under the cover here. So we got the RX7 RZ R Z Yes sir. Um, it's basically the spirit off before the spirit. Oh and this one has less than 100K. It's like 96 97 kilometers. Yeah brand new car brand new on Bbs's very nice. This one. Yes hey this is factory color. like the Lamborghini cheetah. Wait is that like an off-white It's like um it's like a coffee color. this is from Factory yeah. like the Lamborghini cheetah. I Don't think I've ever seen a color like this in my entire life. It might be the only one. It could be a one of one that is pristine and it does is interior white as well. or is it matching? The Experience yeah, matching matchy. Oh it's a bit creamy. very nice. cream white. very cool. Got some race cars over here my mama. oh it's the shell of uh seven I think I Believe this is seven six seven days seven six seven. Okay yeah he's trying to like recreate. Yeah, we build it, rebuild it. Okay so we got the shell over here. Excellent. There's a lot of like shells of cars and race cars here. Gd40 It's made of real Gd40 parts right? But it's not real Gt40. it's one of those music spare parts. Yeah yeah yeah. Did he put did he make that himself or was bought as is? Oh okay Gotcha 2000 GT another one 500e that's right up my alley. So this one is uh for you Americans oh it's an S209 yeah us? uh limited only model. Oh okay. okay so he imported one because he imported one from America into Japan into Japan because we never got these. Oh I see I see Gotcha gotcha Um what do we have over here? Lola Oh I see I see very cool 190e DTM 190e DTM that's pretty sick. Nice 924 Carrera GTR I believe it was in like 16 or something in the world. 16 in the world and we have a white one here. Just sat here look at the wheels. Yeah, this is some proper Max show system stuff right here. A Mac shows that car show Khan indeed it is. Wow. Sick. Okay, very nice and that's a 962 Porsche 962 taken apart here 1997 Toyota Century without the exhaust. stay tuned for that. What else we have over here? Porsche Up Ferrari three Ferrari Corvette C8 Excellent. And now this section over here. These are customer cars, customer cars. People like friends. cars that he keeps in storage. gotcha. Now this is the one that we've been eyeballing for a little bit. we if orange Mercy logo LP 670-4 SV baby. Oh yeah, that is, um, delicious. Wow, this is almost an 800 000 car in America Upwards of almost a million for some of those crazy people who are trying to spike up the market. But damn that looks good. Looks like a Ferrari 288 GTO right? It is in the Ferrari Suite Okay, it's based on the Ferrari 308. Oh okay okay um. the owner of the storage made this car at the request of his friend slash customer who couldn't drive manual. Oh um okay. we can't see the engine but the engine is from a Ferrari 355. okay, mated to the F1 gearbox. Oh I see paddle shift. Oh I can sort of see it. Nice. That is interesting I've never seen that before. No. I've never seen this before. Oh uh. a car you would have seen before. Is this one? Ah yes, this is our friend. Murcielago LP 640 with a questionable wing and some interesting bits from Japan But overall a very good car. Very nice spec. Beautiful calipers. Hold on a minute. What the lip's gone. Hey where did it go? Mark IV Supra Turbo Wobble terrible model TRD Cat TRD kit and the front splitter you were telling us yes, it's early Factory Option Factory option front retractable Oh very nice. This one is a very very low mileage r33b spec. Oh with the period correct impulse dang that's black I Don't have to do anything I just like follow you around this one 190.

yes to look So um, because he made he's uh, he owns a manufacturing company so he makes these kits for the 190 to make it look like an email too. I See are these kits for sale not yet? Link my Uh Instagram below and message: oh if you want a a 190 evil kit message Kensado or slide into his team Evil 2 Is this a kid as well as a real car, it's a kid as well. Ah wow Wow. Okay, very good. Oh 22b 22b very cool. 300 000 car in America Now what is under the cover over here? This is probably Crown Jewel Nismo Zetune. Wow! and of course we can't even film this car. It's the Acura Nsxr in white. Perfect perfect spec. perfect Car looks amazing and of course we got the 2000 GT Roadster covered up again. Man that is one nice looking car There you guys have it! Crazy crazy collection of cars here. Many things to Mr Kensado and Koji for hooking it up. Now have you guys ever watched the Crusaders of the Lost Ark the final scene in the warehouse where they have crates stacked up to the ceiling? I'll throw a clip of it right over here. That's exactly the kind of Vibes I'm getting around over here. just wild stuff man. crazy crazy stuff. So anyways, we're gonna move some of the cars around, get a few more photos. That being said, let's Roll It uh the rally from Tokyo to Yokohama in 2014. yeah but like what is taking a look in the back? you know nothing about this car. Oh, there's nothing in the back. All right in the back of the century here. Check this out. Oh crap, there goes the bat. The Triple Crown baby with a copy of the VHS Aladdin that does not work. That being said, we got Mega Sally right over here because this sucker over here is called the Sally speaker. So I want this sucker at a claw machine? Now we're going to open up this and we got another phone right over here. Boom all the controls and of course the Walkman with the Sentry logo and the headphones. so this thing is fully fully loaded to the gills. Super cool stuff. but for the time being we're gonna have to leave this car here for some registration and paperwork. That being said, Sally and mega Sally and Triple Crown It was nice knowing you. One final treat for the boys guys, they're moving the 962 Porsche into the elevator downstairs for a few photos. So yes, foreign, There is ever a time to get a cool shot of the 962. This is it. Boys and girls. Oh folks, it's completely dark outside, the sun is down. Got all the boys taking photos and video on the 962 rolling out trees. That's it. You guys have it. Nine six two going up going down.

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