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Ladies and gentlemen, we got another video with hidden supercars, maybe a few abandoned supercars, and we have a very rare specimen here today. The bozozoga car one. I think the only one imported from japan don't know who the owner is, but it has not been driven. In some months it's been collecting a lot of dust.

Someone has written. I don't get to see that i want my sheep ass whoa, hello funky. Could that be said, the balls are car boys and girls. We do need to take this out a lot more wash me uh.

Oh i'm, not gon na repeat that that is a very offensive word, so this car has not been started in a number of weeks. We got the portable charger right over here, let's spore up, and hopefully you don't wake any of the neighbors up for any car alarms. Here we go. Oh geez hell yeah, we are rolling and we are in business and gentlemen.

The mosasaur guitar is alive and kicking. It's got a lot of dust, that being said boys and girls. We got a pretty action-packed video, a lot of super cars, hyper cars and a lot of garage spot and a couple of abandoned cars minus. Of course it goes apart.

This has been a talk request for a lot of videos. We will get to it very soon, i'm going to fix the tire once and for all. Ladies and gentlemen, i do apologize. That being said, mr sheep, take it away.

Baby, oh yeah. Now, if you're a long-term viewer of this channel and if you're, not you better get to it, you better start watching those videos putting on repeat a lot of playlists okay. But that being said, i love doing these videos where i go around public garages checking out supercars, hyper cars, a lot of secret, hidden stuff abandoned cars and, if you're a long-term viewer of this channel, you know that i thrive on craziness, randomness surprises and just general Chaos so to speak. I really appreciate it when you guys send me hot tips where we can find some pretty crazy stuff that really get the juices going but check this out right over here we got alex penfold's print that he sent me about like a year.

A half ago right before kovid and uh, it's finally hung up. We got anthony unofficial, he was like listen, i'm gon na get some nails, a hammer ban it out and boom. We got the m4 and we got the svr. Looking pretty damn good off ach hold on to your horses, because before we go out and check out some of these crazy hyper cars and super cars, we got to talk about today's video sponsor, and that is raid shadow legends.

Today's video is sponsored by none other than raid shadow legends. They've worked with me in the past before they're always happy to help support the channel and provide you guys with free content. Ray shadow legends is available on multi platforms. We're talking pc.

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Finally, we got man eater great for end game raider and hit super harley pommel. These sacred shards give you the best summoning rates and are very valuable in the game. There are nearly a dozen ways to acquire these sacred shards, such as daily vlogging, rewards arenas, events, dungeon challenges, and many more. This month raid has a non-stop schedule of summer events and activities.

There's the special fusion events to get the brand new legendary champion tournament. Against other players and much more, they just released five brand new champions as well. Download the game in the description box below there's also the qr code on the upper left hand corner. Once you scan my personal qr code, you get an epic hero: shonaroo, 200, 000 silver one xp boost one energy refill and one ancient shard, so you can summon an awesome champion as soon as you get in the game.

All this treasure will be waiting for you right up here in the upper right hand, corner in the game where the inbox is. This exclusive offer is only available for the next 30 days and for new players. Only it's absolute no-brainer i'll see you guys in game. That being said, let's go find some cars all right guys.

Let us know in the comments below exactly what we're looking at here. We, i don't think this is a demon. It's got the wheels, though i think it's missing some badging inside we were here a couple weekends ago, doing a little abandoned car spotting, a little uh guaraha spawn of los angeles, now guys, if you guys are enjoying that kind of content. Let me know in the comments below uh some of the views on some of those videos were a little not satisfactory, so to speak, because i don't know, i think we have we're putting in a lot of work in these videos running around los angeles, going off Tips, but this is really weird - is this a soft top conversion? I don't know, but that being said, if you like this content, let me know in the comments below give it a thumbs up share with your friends but uh.

Let me know exactly what we're working with here. I think this is one of two that's popped up here in this garage that i covered, i think three or four weeks ago, so uh, and this is a wrap too. You said right yeah, you can tell by the front oh yeah, you can see right here. What is this wait? Look at this.

What the hell did they just like glue the zone or something or like check out the w140 wait for it to s-900. I know. That's strange: do a new technique here we're going to the fifth floor. Oh you guys hear that fifth floor.

God help us all. So the technique is that i'm going to go to some of these garages to the top floor with a scooter, it's more accessible. That way, and it's easier to just slip in and out of but uh huh wow, that's a pretty sketchy elevator. I don't like that.

Unfortunately, i don't think we'll be finding anything here in this particular garage, but you never know not entirely a an abandoned, supercar or a rare car at that, but we got a huracan evo spider in green. Just chilling here never been to this garage. It is another publicly accessible garage, that's divided by i'm guessing monthly and visitor lot. So all right, and what do we oh hold on a second, i have spoken too soon.

I see a little something something right over there yeah. What do we have over there? That looks a little dusty hold on zoom zoom, zoom zoom zoom, not bad check out this old bentley here whoa, i'm not sure if that's really a band or not, but man, okay, we're going into uncharted territories here. This is a parking garage that we drive past. All the time and never even bother to look underneath, which is really bizarre, but oh, what do we have here hold on a second there's, some secrets around these parts, whoa um hold on just a second.

Ladies and gentlemen, absolutely let's take a look real, quick out. The ford bronco and we got a g wagon cabriolet, look at that. That is pretty dope. No big deal jack xk8.

What's interesting over here we got the escalades and the g wagon murdered out criminal spec got an old porsche. I'm not really sure what this is. It just says: qp, i'm guessing, maybe an old quattroporte. I could be completely wrong and we got a berto x, one slash nine, as you can tell by the car cover.

I think this looks for bmw. Z8. That's my guess, and then this one says: ferrari: 365. Gt4 2x2: i think that was for, like 60 to 100 grand so very eclectic, weird cars.

Here we got this thing right over here on montana plates the land truck, ng, gtc or, i don't know, rose range escalade huracan, california. That looks like a low rider. That is a hundred percent, a low rider and a 488 right next to it. What a combination got a bunch of r129s here, no way more over here, hold on a second let's park up and take a quick look.

This is pretty dope two sl side by side won't work. That's pretty awesome! Just checking up on one of the old garages around here i think that's an aston martin, i'm guessing a dd-11 or a rapide. You guys. Let me know in the comments below got the abandoned dusty 8 series.

We got the murcielago coupe lp 640 and a clk 63 black series wait a second. Do we see this car out yesterday? I think this is the same one that we saw the other day. I just didn't film it, but yeah nice little find here nice little trio of cars, which one would you take. That is volvo max.

What kind of assam are we looking at here? I think it's a dbs, i'm not entirely sure. I don't think i've ever seen. One like that or the advantage or something and of course, the classic interesting set of cars here, huh another one of los angeles's, extremely vast and vacant parking lots due to cover 19 and god knows what else a lot of lost business at commercial buildings. But that's not a bad set of cars that volvo is really nice.

We're back here in one of the garages here looks like some of the cars have gotten boots and notices for no overnight parking. That's not good. Man got a bugatti pure sport under a cover. Pretty sick and then we've got the mastery veyron that belongs to wires.

Only. I think oh some new stuff here, every single day. Let's take a look senna! Oh look! It's the chrome p1 that used to be owned by sam lee. I think i think that's the one yeah interesting boom 765lt, all right, slr senna without a wing interesting integrale, valencia.

That's a 63 edition! What's over there, some secrets down here, boy p1, speed down, got the dusty mclarens over there, but check out the wheels. That's so sick. We need that style of wheels on the toyota sentry. Can you guys imagine a little vip style whoa? What brand are those? Let me know in the comments below you know what i'm getting out of the car.

I got ta take a look. What in the hell, they're shiny potential maw for the toyota century with the 18 thousand dollar exhaust? Oh yeah, random, look there's a gallardo in there and then we've got an eventer on a curb sidewalk cool, there's stuff everywhere around here check out the kohli pink. Some girl driving it too rdb plate frame wow, and we got the amr rapide yes right over here. Now we are rolling wow, it's the right, spec too, that is the right spec.

I think that is the launch spec. Today we got a h1 hummer military spec. We got a frozen red m5. Is that the launch edition? I can't tell yeah oh rapee there, not bad, damn music videos dude, they got the white hell, yeah stale, they got they set up a light on rodeo drive holy and look at this guy.

Here it's got: tron whoa, that's a that's a setup right there, that's a setup right there. I like it. I am liking it guys. What do we talk about? Moving a lot out of los angeles, throw that idea right out the window baby, and then we got the meanest looking amg gt in all of los angeles, guys check out this center mounted exhaust on this huracan, one of one from voodoo motorsport from our good buddy Sterling hello, wow, oh jesus, so we got the aventador and we got a purple lp 640.

What dealer place dealer plate that is, i don't think i've ever seen that in my entire life aftermarket wheels, that is funky adv. Once we got the yellow lamp truck, we got the rolly. Okay, have you watched indiana jones? Oh man, there's a scene at the end, one of them where there's like a warehouse just full like boxes and hidden artifacts and everything some indiana jones warehouse vibes. Look at that! That's ridiculous! This is a public garage, believe it or not, guys look onto the map black with a saber.

It's like a chameleon color carbon fiber hood acid green characters. What some secrets hiding around here in los angeles, look at this saber cheer on exposed carbon fiber. That weave is impeccable, got two senes ones. An xp edition got a veyron test right over here.

Are they going to leap it? Are they going to leave? The veyron? Are they true car aficionados, ladies and gentlemen, not even a side glance, no side eye for the bugatti veyron that sucks boom there? You guys have it and that's your that's all you're going to get hres hres. Indeed.

By effspot

18 thoughts on “Uncovering a $20 million secret hypercar garage in los angeles”
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    Volvo P1800 looks better than basically any classic 1 million dollar car.

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    dont like how short the clips are of the rare ass cars man cmon

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    Change The Title OF videos to names of the cool cars in the video

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    Top street credibility car spotting it’s finest…only thing we need from you effspot is inserting Twitter handles of owners and prices of the cars you show..-

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