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And to your right is the public parking garage where they were having so many issues with me parking the lambo at the rooftop and taking photos of mr sheep. But speaking of that matter, guys it is neither here there. It's not a big deal, and i understand private property is a real thing. The real issue is the security guard.

Had such a bad attitude from the get-go, it just rubbed everyone the wrong way and he started yelling at my friend taking innocent photos of mr sheep speaking of conflict. We're gon na go into today's video sponsor conflict of nations. More on that, in just a little bit, let's head back, i've always been a huge fan of player versus player, real-time strategy games and i'm no stranger to conflict, no pun intended now. When conflict of nations reached out to today's video sponsor, i thought to myself what a match made in heaven.

Conflict of nations is a free online pvp that allows you to take command of a modern battlefield. You get to choose a real country to lead in a battle and you have the ability to play against up to 128 other real-time players in games that can take up to weeks to complete choose from over 100 weapon systems that range from nuclear ballistic submarines. Helicopters. Stealth fighters, tanks and more your army, logistics and supply chains make a huge difference in the outcome of the war, choose your own strategy and engage in epic battles and take over the world.

My favorite part of conflict of nations is declaring war on your neighbors, while forging the alliances with other players you can play with the same account on both pc and mobile platforms, hook yourselves up and click the link in the description box below and get 13 000 Gold and one month of free premium subscription this offer only lasts 30 days, support the channel and i'll see you guys on the battlefield, all right guys. We have a very special surprise. My good friend alan here, this guy is an og car. Spotter we've been correspond together since how many years like, like 10 years over 10 years 8 to 10 years, like it's, been crazy.

He just purchased something that i didn't have the guts or the balls to do on three. Let's do it all right. Oh my god. You know what from the rear, you can't even tell that's, not a fake one.

It looks so oh wow, it's actually pretty decent from the back. It looks amazing, pontiac fiero what year 1985 85 yeah and it looks like they extended it and widen it, but from the rear directly from the rear angle. Here that looks like an f50 guys, i'm not even joking. This is very reminiscent of anthony garage's ferrari, f430.

From the rear of his f430, that's based off a toyota celica, it looks identical, and this is the same case here. Look at that. That is crazy. Well, the what's the plan allen here.

Are we about to you're about to take this to a car, show yeah. We got ta, take it to the car, show going to osaka, outlaw right now. Yeah we're gon na break the the car meet. That's right, we're gon na see if we can get in the vip section.

I bet if you wrote them in this. They wouldn't know because they're, mostly like jdm kind of like you, know stuff like that yeah they see this they're gon na, think it's a real ferrari for sure, so we're gon na wait a second hey crowd. 101 on the gt. Let me know in the comments below what custom play.

Mr allen here needs for his ferrari or fiorari f50, but he's got a youtube channel right over here. Speedster 404 he's been at it for many years. Good friend of mine, og car spotter so make sure to check out his channel he's gon na document living with a fake ferrari. F50 uh.

You said it needs a little bit of work, though right yeah, it does yeah. So what the tires, i believe, yeah the tires need new tires alignments and just some overall mechanic. I still need to figure out. What's going on with the car gotcha yeah i mean like.

Basically, no one really knows anything right, yeah yeah. I can't find anything about this car. Is there any service records or no, i don't really know, but people say that um they don't make this kit anymore and oh okay, it's probably some um company in florida that was building these, but okay they got shut down by the ferrari or something i don't Know, but we got the actual logos right here right here i mean yeah. If, if ferrari corporate saw this they'll be none too happy, let me uh just squeeze my way over here.

Oh the interior. Okay, let's check out the front here, i know it's a little. Oh, oh yeah: if you detail this thing got new tires on alignment. Yeah yeah, i mean man.

This will really fool a lot of people. It's got like the real ferrari badge right there. I think it's a sticker, but we'll take it. We think these might be legit momo wheels, but if you guys know anything about them, let us know, because there are literally no service records or any documentation on the build.

We don't even know what kind of kit this is or who built it. So if you guys have any information, please let us know or let alan know in the comments, because we will there's not there's no information, but the interior is pretty sick. Yeah a little stick, because this car is stretched, oh okay, which is why they cannot reach the original okay. So, let's open her up boom, it's a mid engine mid engine.

You got the battery right there, yeah wow! You know what this kid is actually pretty good. Dude yeah, i see some really bad kids yeah for like a lot of these replicas and fake super cars yeah, this one is actually really well done. I would say it's even better. It's more well done than anthony's full rod.

The f430 based off the toyota celica. This shot is done. Okay, i got a painting stick which i can use right there right there. That's it that's pretty funny, yes, cold, start baby, looking and sounding amazing he's backing it up.

We're gon na hop in the passenger seat and we're going to go to the local osaka show that's around. Maybe five ten minutes away uh, it's only a couple miles, hopefully make it a one piece. I i believe in this i think we're gon na make it we're gon na bring this jump charge pack just in case the battery goes out. You never know.

Apparently it came with a free ferrari hat so yep there. You guys have it nice and ugh. Oh, it's actually really nice in here all right, we're pretty close in here. It's got the pioneer speakers, i don't know if the f50s had those.

It's also got the ferrari logo right there as well. We are in we're gon na roll up in style. Oh, by the way, the dash lights don't turn on um when they do the cabin lights turn on as well yeah, it's like, and unfortunately i don't know where the uh, the rear view mirror is, but it was here. I think we're just have to reattach that at a certain point there it is yeah but listen.

You know like when you're driving a real f50. You don't need these all right. You can't see, there's no rear visibility. Anyways.

This is very reminiscent of my prius 2008 prius when my dashboard on the prius doesn't work. This is literally what i look at just darkness and emptiness: there's literally nothing there but we're in a f50. We don't need a dashboard. I think we could sneak into the vip area at the osaka outlaw show.

Here i mean it's a ferrari: f50 yeah, hey just come around, go down this way and then come down that middle island. Thank you. Man appreciate it. Yeah yeah, no problem.

Dude. All you got to do is roll up in a fake ferrari. Yeah the gates will open up baby. Oh yeah, i got a personal escort.

This is great. This guy is literally escorting us to the vip section this guy's the homie right here. This is the uh. The we call this the gauntlet.

This is the gauntlet where people are just gon na be all eyes on you ellen. So here we go in the house yeah! Oh my god. Look at all these three pikachu hello! What's up we'll park, you right there! Next, to the little sparkle sign right here, all right, cool cool. We made it dude in the vip lot.

That's just jokes dude! I saw you guys like hey, there's a yellow fry pulling up, i'm like okay, and then i see this, i'm like! Oh okay. Do you think this is a real f-50? Is it rio? Is a replica wait now that i'm on camera, i'm just gon na, do a double take come on austin tell them it's real bro! It's real bro yeah! It's real! It's definitely a real ferrari like that's. Like from all the i've ever seen, this is the most real one. I've ever seen before.

That's a great answer. I love it no way hold on a second, oh, oh, we got natasha cars here too how's it going man dude. It makes it even more legit. Now that a real ferrari is parked right now, yeah yeah yeah, so now you're like doing business, yellow, combo alan.

What do you think? I can't believe it and you got prime spot right here, everyone's looking at it and everyone thinks it's real. I know right. That's hilarious like because these cars so rare that they don't people don't see them on the road. That's right so they're like is it real? Is it not? No, it's so real.

You know, and the back is very convincing, so i mean we might as well not tell some people, we don't want to break their hearts and dreams. You know, do you think that's real there's, no right answer honestly. I do not know the pay. Work is immaculate and it's got the karina badge on it, so you think it's real and it's mid-engine, so okay, the rear fitment gave it off.

They gave it away a little bit like the rear will fit in okay gotcha. But i mean it's it's. It's really great close enough: yeah, the interior leather. Ah, the internal debate begins once again.

Is it a real ferrari or not? We just noticed this. This ferrari hat is actually from ferrari scooter ferrari. It's the only authentic piece on this car. I think maybe the insignia's an emblem, but not bad.

I think we fooled a lot of people alan. What do you think? I think so too? They, the jdm crowd, really thought this was a real thing. So, yes, that's right. We don't do pulls in ferrari.

F50S. We keep the mileage down and we get the rpms down the general masses or at least parts of the jdm crowd and supercar crowd were absolutely fooled by the ferrari. F50. Absolutely insane, i'm telling you from a dead, set rear view right here.

You can't even tell that it's not a real ferrari, but man. The people at the osaka show, i would say, 75 of them were convinced. This was a real ferrari, especially when it's parked right next to a real one: an f8 spider, but man, oh yeah, bam, and there it is. The builders got to transform a toyota celica into a ferrari f430 scuderia.

This is what anthony unofficial has in his garage that car is being worked on right now, but this guy has documented the entire process of how he built his fake ferrari. That being said, i hope you guys enjoyed today's video like comment and subscribe. If you want to see more fake super car content on the channel and authentic and genuine reactions, the real deal, no fake nonsense, and hopefully we get anthony's ferrari from vegas back to los angeles in one piece and get the two fake ferraris rolling on rodeo drive That is the ultimate goal on this channel. Hopefully we can make that happen for you guys, but many thanks to our sponsor conflict, the nations.

Without them, this video will not been possible so make sure to check them out guys. Conflict of nations is a free, pvp strategy. Game happening in modern global warfare. Choose your own strategy, engage in epic battles and take over the world.

This offer is only available for 30 days, so don't waste another second hook yourselves up by getting the exclusive gift. You're gon na get 13 000 gold and one month of premium subscription for free click. The link in the description box below choose your country and fight your way to victory.

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