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This bentley wrap here whoa, so we're actually in route to uh cnc exotics. We got the prius here and of course we got the. I don't know. If you can see it, we got the oem lamborghini gallardo exhaust in the back, so uh you guys haven't been caught up with the whole drama, with cnc exotics and then potentially going out of business, and all these scams happening at the dealership stay tuned, guys.

We're end route there we're gon na swing by, i think they're, closed uh they've been changing their store hours here and there to close a bit earlier than usual uh, not a good sign to be continued. There's still cars in there turn right. Whenever you like, pull in here, just have a little look-see turn right. Oh, it is blocked off as well.

We have mr lambo jesus in the building. All the way from arizona uh looks a little bare. Wow got the entrance blocked off with the duramax. That's a little strange, i don't know that's standard operating procedure, but like uh, i feel like they've always opened a little later.

Apparently, this entire place is for sale, 16 and a half or 16.8 something million dollars and after baller busters after ballerbusters put these guys on blast, i mean, i guess, there's just been a lot of bad business practices happening over the course of many years. So i i don't know this place used to have some of the best cars in inventory and i don't know what happened geez when i came here years ago, they're gon na build a second warehouse. This size serious, like down that way. Yeah they're gon na double their capacity man.

This place just got shut down fast, f-430 spider, a couple of gtrs 599 a couple motorcycles earlier, oh man, i i would not mind a 599 this, so this entire lot here used to be full of like g wagons. Land rovers, like mercedes, being like the lesser non-exotic car, so to speak, and now it's completely empty whoa. There's like you sort of see through the glass there but yeah the inventory is not looking good. I got a couple messages a few months ago regarding the inventory at cnc and how has degraded over the past few months, and it is not looking good wow.

Have you ever seen this lotus before dude? What the heck is this arizona baby? Oh yeah, there you go this thing's hilarious i've. Never this is a mac, show stack car right here, wow yeah. We see we used to see like koenigseggs paganis, literally there's a couple lfas in here: browser inventory, online, yeah and uh. It's not looking too hot.

It's crazy man. Now they got like bmws and i mean nothing against bmws, but no, like literally family family wagons. In here, oh yeah got a couple regular, mustangs and there's an i8 in there. I think we rescued the 599 and the 360.

if you guys haven't caught up with what has occurred here at this once great dealership, ballerbusters has put up quite a few uh stories and posts regarding the business practices of a specific person. We got like a poor old little fisker karma out here, dude this company. Another, that's like the story of cnc is the story of the fisker karma. Oh no.

They keep like getting bought out and rebranded yeah. There's a guy trying right right. Rivero is the name of something but oh yeah. Oh there, you guys have it uh nice little stop at cnc exotics.

You guys look at old photos of cnc right right next to the major highway here. This entire line here this entire street, a road here used to be lined up with like range rovers, g-wagons, a lot of exotics trailers and there's just a winnebago there, unbelievable yeah, you can sort of see what is what? Oh, my goodness, how can you go from high performing hyper cars to a f-type v6? You got to be kidding me dude wow there. You guys have it made this place, rest in peace and uh, everyone that got you know that was affected by this whole fiasco. Get their money back in the titles and all that fun stuff, so uh anyways, all that pain and shame.

Oh yeah! Look at that! Look at the pain in that man. Oh, my goodness, and the beautiful scenery you got the the the clouds rolling through the mountains. There it is really nice, anyone wants a really nicely located dealership. This is this is for sale, that awkward moment where you got ta co-start the lambo lamy, the lambo on your own street, i'm looking around.

There was a family across the street playing uh in the front yard. I think the coast is clear. Oh look. We got mr nakosan just standing guard we'll put him right over there, but i think the coast is clear.

Oh my gosh, god help us all. Okay flow out check that out we got a red sl500, no plate game, oh yeah, that's pretty! I respect the hustle. I respect it. That is pretty nice we're currently here in supercars, unlimited mr nathan enos, oh yeah, that is well nice hopped in his car.

Here. A little sos action, you don't see those every day anymore, this guy's in like a monocle outfit. Look at this. I got the i got the sand that was going on like we are rolling, we got the fuzzy dice, let's go dude.

We are here to spot some dag named cars now skeeter, that's right, worst off spec. Where are you at worst off spec, ronald mcdonald van der hall? Oh wow, that yellow interior, it looks like alcantara or some leather. I don't know it looks like leather to me, but man do the flexors and the boys are out to date. We had to part the lambo, because you know we want to go a little low-key today, just for a few hours and then we'll all pop back in so oh yeah, oh man, the wheels on the benzo.

Did you see that guy? In the background? No, i did not was posing for you. Oh really, oh, we have to check it. We're going to review the footage. No, we got it uh rate the rear wheels from a scale 1 to 10.

Go it's uh! It's a 4 out of 10. whoa, not a big fan, not a fan. Indeed. Oh nice and clean look at that.

You do not see that every day. Oh, my goodness, gracious four g's, four g's orgies. You cannot hate wow, we're currently here on melrose, where all the hypebeasts and the uh all the protests from last year occurred. Things are slowly reopening.

Oh, what is this e55 three e53 amg wow mercedes, going down the toilet, yikes bianco fuji dealer plate nice stripe. That is a very nice spec, that is, that would get a nine out of ten ten. That is very nice here at the santa plaza here, where sunset gt used to go down and all the fuckboy just right around the corner on this intersection, whoa they're speaking up speaking hug whoa, we better take it easy there now skeeter, prince street pizza, used to Have a massive line until they got cancelled. Oh that's! Right! Guy! Just to hit the boys kia! Oh don't don't hit the colon in.

Oh, my goodness. This is making me nervous. Mister. I was going to miss don chase hopped on the little motorcycle today.

It's gon na park up catch the boys, so to speak. This car is definitely not a fuckboy car. We are abiding by all. The rules in the super g traffic is unbearable right now you want to get it.

Oh, you already got it all right, yeah, that's so nice golf gti, very good daily. We are putting the lambo lamy the lambo away for just a little bit. It's just causing too much trouble. It's a real to really just drive around and do loops in beverly hills, not the most ideal car.

I have a lot of space ow max hello, drinking that perrier the perrier baby in the rollie. The driver knows that gigi sold her horse. Really that's what he's telling all the people? Oh, no way! That's hilarious! These tour guys know so much what about all right, so we currently have the lambo parked on the street. It's a little dark! It's around.

I believe 8 p.m and check out this note. I just got here it's a little dark, so let me read it: please, be considerate. Revving up the noisy engine at midnight needs to stop. People are having people are sleeping and have to go to work and school.

The next day. First things. First, this car usually does not reside on this particular street. Let's step outside real, quick and uh get a little oh wow little blue hour magic here guys, but i rarely ever park the car here on the street.

It's only for the past two days due to a filming concerns and i've never turned on the car at midnight, but it is 8 p.m. First of all you secondly, enjoy this, don't worry guys. The car is going back in the garage very soon who the hell will ride this car at midnight. You got to be a complete idiot, good lord, and it is only i think, 7 45 or 8 p.m.

A lot of things going on here. Let's do a quick loop got some police action for you guys. What do we have over here? This is by far, of course, the loudest and noisiest car in the entire collection. But that being said, i would never start the car and rev the noisy engine at midnight.

Never would i ever do such a thing. So listen. If you're on my street, you got something to say. Let me know in person we'll sort it out, but man leave me listen.

This is the second note that i've gotten this was parked right in front of my place and the bose zoka car got another note uh. I wonder if i have a photo of that i'll, throw it up right here boom that woman awesomely did not. Like the look of the bozos of cart in front of her fancy little house, i used to leave my prius in front of that particular house on that street for weeks on end when i used to travel and international travel was widely available. But as of right now, no more international trips.

That being said man, this car is just getting me into all sorts of trouble. We have to put her away back in the underground storage facility, slash garage, but man that's kind of a bummer. This is the 100 meter dash on rodeo guys. Look at this.

We're currently posting up in the gti just chilling everyone's got the the lawn chairs out. Oh yeah, parked up. It is absolutely dead right now, hey! Is this a super again, the yellow one hold on hahaha.

By effspot

12 thoughts on “To the karen who keeps leaving notes on my lamborghini”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wavy Mats says:

    I always just just floor my 370z with a loud ass Tomei exhaust at night where the local Karen lives

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Xtremecarfan101 says:

    That 90's Era Lotus Elan, my neighbor has the same one in white. I will always love that car because of the Yellow one in the movie Honey I Blew up the Kid with Rick Moranis haha.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrOnemanop says:

    "They were going to double their capacity." Sounds like another…(your interpretation here…) Unfulfilled promise.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars deezznts says:

    You are lucky no one kicked that shit. Quit being an immature clown and respect you neighbors.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars liam hop says:

    "E55 ANG!" ok cameraman, only thing going down the toilet is your car knowledge XD

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Han says:

    Its funny how some of these people call annoyed neighbours so called “Karen” im not a professional but as a car m enthusiast myself its you thats not keeping manners if u are going to own loud cars like that at least move to somehwr u dont annoy anyone

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ASC Cars And Big Rigs says:

    Us car guys hate non car people like the person who left those notes…..those non car people need to bug off and leave us car guys alone and mind there own business @effspot

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Danny Rocha says:

    The writing on letter seems like a kid wrote it. Prob jealousy. As he did state he has school. Fuck haters

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DareToBeDeviant says:

    Her penmanship and spelling/grammar is on par with that of a kindergartener's. It is irksome when the context of a note or getting verbally assaulted includes the (false) insinuation it is a repeating thing… which it isn't. It's on par with people in the last few years beginning their sentences with "first off" when they only have one point to make.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vlogs by Wan & Wyn says:

    I love cars to do you now what’s my favourite it’s a Lamborghini avetador s beucuce it’s so cool and fast what’s your favourite car

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Piez says:

    "first of all, fuck you, and secondly enjoy this"

    damn what a badass

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tripod Catz says:

    Geez Karen, maybe grow up and instead take a key to Effdick's POS Lambo? Believe me, you'd literally be scratching something that's really been itching so many of us.

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