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What do we even say? You guys are probably wondering what is happening here at anthony unofficial's garage there? He is the man himself. I think the last time we spoke in this garage was with belle 40. Mr anthony show stack was here and we were all trying to figure out exactly what to do with the exhaust uh. It's been about a week, and i think you have what painters come in to we just covered that we said.

That's it, oh, oh! So so now all the cars are just basically just you know r.i.p. I guess we just like gave up. We put some plastic sheets over and we called it a day and that's pretty much, i'm sorry guys. That's the last you're ever going gon na see these three cars on the channel, damn it no! But honestly, i think what was the painters that came in painters came right, make sure nothing happened right right.

You took it upon yourself to take a look at my rear, bumper here and anthony here being the genius that he is discover something well. First of all, you help polish out yeah yeah this this this off buffed all this out. So now beautiful, yeah, looking good and then discovered, there's clear, bra all over the diffuser, which is very. I had no idea that there was any sort of clear bar on this particular car other than the front of the uh, the bumper, and that was it, but apparently these size skirts and the rear diffuser now has has some sort of a clear bra.

So, like carbon huh, oh yeah, on all the carbon, you can see it right here. It's like you know. The clear bra is kind of coming off a little bit, but that's good to know that it's well protected against the elements in toronto, where this car was a couple years ago. So yeah thanks for the finance they appreciate it.

The exhaust is being sent back, they're gon na give us some new clamps uh. We we are returning the aftermarket clamps, that's kind of our mistake there. We should have just known to use oem clamps but uh. I guess summer racing has a very generous return policy.

So here are the oem clamps, just in case you guys forgot what these look like, but once everything gets back here, we're gon na slap on the exhaust slap on the clamps, the donuts and call it a day and get this thing out of here, because this Has this car has? How long has this car been in your garage like about a week and a half to two weeks, so it's, i think, it's time that we finally get this thing out of here boys, i'm not really sure where we left off. From last time, but it is currently day 365 on the install of this superleggera last i spoke to you guys. We had returned the exhaust because there are some machining errors, not really sure. What's going on there, but fmu has sent the exhaust back.

We've managed to make it work uh, i'm going to have to point this out for you guys. So if you guys recall, we had the test pipes, they were machined properly. Then we had the exhaust connecting to the test pipes and now, finally, we have the exhaust tips connected to the exhaust. So there's four flanges on the exhaust itself.

The two flanges that are connecting to the test pipes were: they were sorted out uh. Unfortunately, the last two they're connecting from the exhaust tip to the exhaust as of right now, the flanges as you, if you recall, with the o-ring or donut the fitment - is just not the best um. We did inform the manufacturer about having them to fix all four flanges and unfortunately, only two flanges were fixed and these two were left untouched, but we have managed to make things work by uh, putting a couple washers in between the two clamps right, anthony uh. These kind of washers right here that way we don't distort the clamps, even though the fit is not the best, but that being said, we are so close to getting this done guys.

I know it's been just almost two weeks in the making this car has been here, for god knows how long fit as of right. Now we're just macgyvering this this right here we got washers three on each side. I believe so we have a flashlight here. Max.

Has an amazing idea, we're shining it through this exhaust and we're not seeing any sort of light light seepage. I mean in theory that should be pretty good right. Yeah, let's see light escape with the help of show stack and mr anthony burks. We have aligned and properly put on the two tips we might be in for a real treat boys and girls.

We might be able to finally turn this car on. Let it warm up uh, i don't think there's any exhaust leaks fingers crossed so max, not realizing how loud this actually, okay, so is that or those uh noise canceling headphones yeah, i just should have told me about to bring mine. Do you want to just plug your ears? Plugging your ears will be pretty it will help. We last started this car up about a week ago, right, anthony yeah a week and a half ago, or so uh we're back here for round two.

We have the entire setup bolted on uh. We kind of do a little macgyver, but you know listen. I think it's gon na work with the washers with the tips on we're gon na put on the bumper last boys. Girls ready, ready all right.

God help us all all right. Let me just put a battery charger on it. Please sounds insane holy, that's crazy! How are you feeling we're in trouble? We're we're in a lot of trouble thanks man, i love anthony's setup here - he's got the headphones max was standing across this across the garage. We're in trouble now we're here at the final step.

I hate bothering you guys with every little update. So all we got to do is put on the wheels. We got the final middle mesh grill right here we got the uh, the heat shooting. We got the side wells which need the wheels the rear bumpers on the the diffusers on everything looks aligned.

We have anthony unofficial right here, of course, just just this and the wheels, thank god sit down. No, are you serious? No, maybe i'm just a all right. You do what you got ta do maiden voyage. We got the whole squad here.

Oh my gosh! God help us: oh, let's roll down the windows, we're getting a lot of codes here, left and right, oh boy, my god! Oh yeah - oh, oh, my god, oh oh hold on hold on hold on hold on. Let's go! Oh, let's go guys holy smokes all the blood split in tears. Many thanks to anthony's garage june. Mr bell40 show stack.

Oh my god. Oh come on! Oh all, right! I better chill out. I better chill all right! We're chilling out we're chilling out holy god! Look! What i found a race car corvette whoa. Oh that's, sick, dude! Let's go yes, sir, put a fourth gear, nice and quiet nice and quiet just the way.

I like it just the way. I like it. Oh, oh, my god, all right boys um got a couple. Friends with us here do a little tunnel run if you guys remember from lambo jesus.

Oh my gosh jesus christ, my foreign wow on, oh, my goodness. What have we done to this car? I guess patience is a virtue. You know good things come to those who wait, unfortunately, have a couple of issues we're having issues with this particular grill right here and unfortunately, this one too it's a little loose anthony is swinging by in just a little bit to have a little look-see. We try zip-tying it.

I think it's either the shock waves from the fires from the fireballs or just the sheer. I don't even know the heat might have melted off the plastic clips. I don't really know what happened, but that's the reason. I don't really go too hard tonight, we'll be doing some proper tunnel runs and all that fun stuff in the coming days.

But for now we got to put this thing to rest, wait for anthony to check it out and uh wow anthony. I thought we were out of your hair, i'm so sorry we got the s-class, oh yeah, loud exhaust, but this thing this thing is just oh, my gosh, you guys seen the clips. You guys seen the clips, so i'm going to turn on my flashlight, for you guys just a quick little little update, so we have to zip tie one right there, one right there and on the other side as well, boom boom bad bad quality. What do you think just lamborghini plastic? So the zip ties.

Luckily it's black on black, you can't even you can barely even see it. So that's the temporary solution, we're going to go to a hardware store later, try and find the matching bolts yeah. Oh my goodness. This is my ride back to anthony's house.

This is his stripped out race, variant corolla. This is like the amg of corolla. The m power right here completely stripped out, there's no front passenger seat, guys we're rolling in the back here holy we're in the santas with the socks. Oh, i got it.

Thank you here we go check out the team, oh yeah, with everything close yep. Oh, my goodness, this is absolutely hilarious. Anyways here, let's see if we can see you, oh yeah, sure, oh there, you are. Oh thanks, wow this thing's about everything, anyways uh yeah.

What a day guys anthony garage saving the day again wow. I highly recommend the full five percent time all the way around holy. Let's roll baby, yes, sir privacy yeah, luckily anthony, has been extremely patient. So i really want to thank him for having this car here.

No problem, listen as long as i can find a chair and a rope. I'm good we're gon na cut that out.

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17 thoughts on “This exhaust is insane! meet my flame spitting lamborghini”
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    Are you running cat and muffler delete? I need this on mine. The cat deletes and fabspeed exhaust don’t cut it compared to this

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    Epic facial expressions. Only 9 thousand likes? What is wrong with you people? Hit it up. Great!!

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    A few times too often I come back to this video just to enjoy this phenomenal sound

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    Ladies and gentlemen . Close your eyes . It's an LFA

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    Great to see Effspot more and more,on the other side of the camera 🎥
    That’s a huge jump

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    Graham Stephen is just chilling there car guy. exhaust sounds insane 👍

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  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Heks says:

    You know the exhaust sounds sexy as fuck when grown men giggle at the sounds it makes. <3

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Keith Jackson says:

    On decel if you give it 5% throttle quickly it should shoot flames on command

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fajry Malik says:

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