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We are back with another video. Now Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we have a very, very special announcement now before we dive into this video of finding the craziest cars, the craziest dealerships in Dubai We're currently on the road and I have a very, very special guest right over here. Check this out! We got Mr Sheep Official right over here the standard plush size and then we got Mr Many Sheep Official right over here with the beautiful tag designed by my friend Hannah He's super cuddly, super plush and very very Compact and travel friendly. Put in your backpack, your pocket, your luggage or in any car he's ready to roll at a drop of a hats.

If you want to adopt a Mr Mini Sheep official or his bigger brother, swing by the store before supplies are depleted. They're extremely limited. the store is going to pop up right over here. I'm going to pin at the top of the comment section.

So that being said, take it away. back to the video. Things are constantly getting unloaded, loaded up so many dealerships. everything keeps changing, everything is always in flux I think it's just a lime truck in there we're looking for VIP Motors further down the road, look at that color on that Kohli it's like highlighter, green and yellow VIP Motors To say on toupees this one particular with the neon bits.

the slightly highlighted green and yellow bits all glow in the dark so the more you know it's got the gold wheels exposed carbon fiber 63 on the side and we got a matte one with some matte carbon over here looking criminal ass. Hell, of course we got a venino hiding and lurking laferraris white. P1 Got the Sheeran Stos Galore Aventadors of Galore Huracan Evils Galore Basically everything and anything under the sun in one showroom. This one's got blue interior.

nice I don't even see this Monza SP2 We got the G wagons but little did we know they're all Brabus G-wagons with the same interior. Do my eyes deceive me? One, two three, four five. Oh there's five. We got different shades of orange and yellow in here.

Check this out. Orange bits, yellow bits and bits, Black bits good. God Almighty nuts, What is this thing? Oh, it's a 800. Adventure Adventure adventure Brabus Adventure It's got a windshield wiper in the rear.

Unbelievable people of Los Angeles if you're watching this Rejoice because I know Angelino's love a good G-Wagon Dude, this is a Trapper's Paradise over here Range Rovers G-wagons Lamb trucks for days. This is a sick color. The Brad's bits are nice. this blue one with the color matching Wheels Very nice.

Of course got the Bratis adventure in the back this crazy Brabus by Turbo 900 Rocket the biggest of boys, the biggest of the Bravos G-wagons The dealerships in Dubai have completely gone absolutely crazy on another level. second, yellow 918. there's three of them right over here and a white speedtail. Jeez man, Last time we were in the Middle East was literally less than a year ago and some of these dealerships I've never seen in my entire life.

but oh, there's a oh, there's a Countach In The End Zone there. Oh, we'll have to swing back, but we're going to first. Motors We'll be doing another dealership Loop and covering every single thing, leaving no stone unturned here in. Dubai Back at first Motors Check out the Seon yellow of course the vanina Roadster Another one got the white Countach and he's in the Guerra R over there checking in.

Just a second standard R34 GTR 512m yellow F-150 in red yellow Enzo black Enzo Looks like they've rearranged all the cars here in a more organized fashion, but we've got a lot far in the back there. 2A GTO Oh my goodness. Wait a second. There's three of these Lamborghini bikes.

These are super limited, but there's three of them here. No way. 1280 Lamborghini Ducati And there's three of them here right next to Sterling Moss Unreal dude that's wild. And of course the OG of open top speed stairs.

the McLaren Sterling Moss better looking into SP one and two definitely better looking than the McLaren Elva And of course the Aston Speedster. this is the OG of OG's Sterling Moss that's sick of Boreal colored 16m. Top down. look at the spec black calipers.

Insane is the camera even picking it up? I Can't tell it looks white on my screen, but it's a definitely a cream color There it is the dream. The Ferrari 599 GTO V12 Naturally aspirated. they do not make these like they used to. Silver Wheels Yellow calipers.

There's blue carbon bits inside I don't know if we can be able to see that, but very clean. Oh yeah, you can sort of see it. There's my reflection and a bit of blue carbon. Originally a Japan car.

Japanese in the specs they know what's up. one more angle right here. Wow! Stunning! I Don't know if I filmed this car before Mercy level SV would be ducktail, tiny wing? huh? Have I have I not I really can't remember. we got a pretty sick of internal SV and a blue Roadster top down Koenigsegg Agera in silver.

Pretty much the new Coontas and white 722s Roadster Tdf or Gt. two P ones one in papaya, orange, one in yellow La foreign. Yup, what else can you say? Dealership came in Dubai is beyond strong. Check out the Manchuri Land truck though.

Uris Carbon Pretty aggressive looking. Got another Manchester kit and Tiffany blue with a forged carbon Bonnet and the front splitter and bits and bobs doing this. Gracious Trappers Unite Worldwide baby! Trappers Paradise right here with these two cars. Got the Mansury Cullinans over here.

Check out the carbon bonnet pinstriping at the Manchuri logos and check out the grill. It goes from Orange from this angle. Okay, yeah and then orange on this side. The devil is in the details.

One two three on Sports One in matte white and one dark green. Crazy specs. Of course you got the standard 918 Sf90 60 degrees Gracious If you guys ever wanted a gold covered ignition switch cover for your Benador, an 18 karat yellow gold handmade limited edition one of three five thousand Durhams and you got the Ferrari key with the diamond encrusted 97 diamonds limited edition one of 15 106, 000 Durhams. This guy in the 63 Edition has the gold ignition cover and 16 karat gold.

There it is very fitting. There's two Murcielago SVS LP 670-4 This one's a matte black pretty Sinister as Bill 40 would say criminal spec with the tiny SV sticker. Over here let's see a little Shelby action and the other one is right. over.

Here is matte White right next to an SLR in blue. Really sick combo two-car solution Oh Angiziki Black Series and so clean. there it is blue. Oh Maybach 57 S's another SLR back over there new GT3 G Wagon G-Wagon land truck rolly Sbjs or is it hiding? Oh I See it I See it here.

One two and then three and then a triple G wagon combo right there. Very good Albany Edition Cool, All right, All right. Um, well. it's somewhere behind those cars.

Sorry guys, we tried our best. I Mean we could just pull back into the car park and walk down the ramp This one. do you care that much? We're doing this just for you guys, the audience people watching this. We do this for you.

We exit it out of the parking lot and we're going straight back in just to get you guys a leap. Quality leap. Well well well, you look at that boys and girls. As fate would have it, there she is for GT new one.

pretty nice spec. hold on. let's get a nice little aim over here. Boom.

This is Not a carbon. Edition Is it? um I Thought the whole thing was carbon? I Don't know either. but yeah well. listen, we did this for you guys.

All right. We got the mansory one of one. It's the Coupe one of one and that is Evo C and it's got the words Kubei embroidered on the headrest on all four seats. The interior: It's a two-door Lamborghini Urus forged Carbon Wheels kit.

It's got the badge here as well. Look at that. We're back on the iPhone more casual, a little more discreet and I like the wide angle as well and the stabilization. but this is absolutely insane.

I Did not even realize there's a two-door until I looked at the badge. good Lord Almighty that's crazy. And the paint shift wrap teal interior badging on all sides and right here as well one more angle of the Interior bones. Check this out over here.

This is a four-door land truck. green and yellow interior then that is Evo S One of ten. There you guys have it. Massive Wing Rear diffuser forged carbon Galore Another one over here.

This one actually looks pretty sick I like the wheels, the orange accents. not bad. This is the P820 Performance Forge Carbon Galore We got this: Rolls-Royce Cullinan with gold flakes and forged Carbon on the hood. Look at that on the side, on the wheels, on the grills, sides and a Fades into black I Believe this too is a one of one Linea D'Oro Put that out.

Hold on Boom This one's a little bit more subtle. just some forged carbon bits on the mansury kit. badging Mantri Linea De Oro unique Edition One of one for the gold flakes. Absolutely insane interior too.

Look at that. No expense spared on these cars. this one. Not gonna lie.

if I was gonna have a trap truck, this is the one I would have. Look at that of course. Got the Bentley P750 Performance one of one as well. right there face from yellow to Black and the sheets are all yellow on one side, black on the right side.

Same with the interior. The tests one of one forged carbon Galore It goes from yellow from the right side to a black to the forged carbon finish along with a grill matching. Grill And we've got this thing here that we saw last year. Pretty sick A12 right over here.

Hold on a second. This is wild one second. Boys and girls one second Italian flag calipers carbon fiber or I don't know what that is on the wheels. it's got Italian stripe down the middle and throughout the entire car.

This was not here last time. This is the Tempeste Nira PA 30 Performance one of one. They love the tricolori colors man. I've got the brushed paint effect right here.

Look at the interior. Italian flags left and right. You can't miss it even on the cluster gauge center right there as well. This is nutty dude.

Look at this from the rear Stallone kit to Pasta Nero one of one. oh my. Lord that's crazy. Got a couple more cars over here.

Jet ski that's been mastered out over there. Oh and this thing right here. Oh look, it's got white seat belts. We're back here at first.

Motors This is a strange one. We got the 107 Silver Specter Rolls-Royce Wagons made by a Dutch designer I think it's right here I'm probably mispronounce the name Neil's van Royce design in London 107 and it boasts one of the largest or the longest interior. with these star lights on the roof in this wagon. this bespoke 107 pricing is not available According to some of the Articles we looked up online, so take your guesses, this is pretty sick.

Yeah, it does look like someone have a movie. Hold on, Look at this. Oh wait wait wait, it's like that movie Mad Max But it's Mad Alex Two X's on the Mad Max Mad Alex.

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