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All right, ladies and gents, we're here at the peterson museum, where they're hosting the sunset gran, turismo sun to gt, show, and it looks like there is a massive line to get in hold on a second. We are in pretty bad shape and i'm 30 minutes early. Oh boy, all right guys we're currently at the top of the peterson museum check out the lineup. We got the carrera gt f40 mclaren alba.

We've got a couple sent us here. I think trust of fun has their new senate in the middle of gt check out the new super sport here, apparently he's at the velocity hyper uh car track day a couple months ago. It is a press car, but it looks pretty sick. We're really used to seeing the orange stripes and the exposed carbon fibers, so this is giving people an idea of what can be done: spec, wise, spiker and, of course, as a pretty solid lineup.

Nonetheless, and you get to see everything below while the cars rolling through, that is a trap squad and a half, you got two rollies cullinan, two g wagons, escalade, the s-classes, the panamera more s-glasses, oh smokes that must be the flattened crew rolling in strong dude and Of course, we got the svj to 765 lt and a bentley wow, but that mercy sb right there in the middle white gloss, looking pretty damn good holy smokes first production cobra here the csx 2001 chassis number one. How much do you think this is worth owned by none other than bruce meyer signature on the dash right? There boom priceless sb man, lp 67-4 in white. This is it, ladies and gentlemen, this is the final boss. It's the ultimate car that i ever won on.

The f spot channel this time lfa but l face, have dramatically gone up. The price we did not know he could write a message on your digital plate. Did you touch my drum set? Is that a reference to step brothers? That's it yeah? I got it dude. It's a goddaughter, aston martin, here right next to it's 63 edition svj, you can't get any more different than that.

This is nice check out the dash in here. Oh man, this is a total max, show stack car wait. Where is he here's max where's matt everyone's been asking segato, it's calling his name guy attention to detail. What can you do when you have a car? In that condition, you got to take care of it.

Man, the sun is beating down on all of us. It is, oh, my god, really warm. I had a center right. I like the way the wing going up and down.

Is he trying to back it up or uh? Oh okay, right next to the carrera jeep, the trapped out, carrera gt and matt black and he's having like a salisbury livery on that thing, and he took it off by the way. The interior of that carrera gt is alcantara versus like standard leather. There's like a stock black gloss, one, i think he's done the interior. That's pretty sick, bird's eye view.

Look at this yeah! Look at this template, it's just like his website and he just hand written it. That's the way to do it. Man trust the funds new sena here, yes, sir, oh, i got the tail end of that. Just like that.

Lp 640, ladies and gentlemen, that's hot there! It is right next to my second favorite ferrari. Yes, beautiful sexy dude guys. I got ta film, my own car sometimes look at this listening. I put the car cover on washed.

It gas it up and i just put the cover back on uh because i don't want to drive it, but here we are at the peterson museum holy smokes. It looks so good, damn i'm just admiring my own car. Don't mind me. The show is over.

We got the laugha right over there. We got you, we got you in our sights. It's so different to see these cars on the road. The presence of the la ferrari perta on the streets.

Second, to none! Look at that! Oh wait! Oh we're good! We're! Good! Yes down to wilshere corridor baby! That's beefy! Right there that smells nice! That golf is so sick. Damn did you see this whoa? Let's go baby check this out. We got the mana strad, fully serviced veyron. Here we got alex joy's hysterically insane huracan.

What sto? Of course, we got the stock oem first chance super jair. We got the whole squad here. Look at this little happy holidays from us to you so to speak. Man i have to say this is probably the first time i seen your car out in the open, mr james, i've never i've! Never! I don't think i've ever seen your car driving.

What's because you never come to visit me, i invite you literally once a week i'd hit you up like bro come visit me in utah. You got a free place to stay. I got oscar marshmallow free food, texas, roadhouse whoa. I am putting you on the spot.

I'm putting you on blast come see me we'll see you guys please this day, oh and i like that, i want to visit r square again. You do oscar misses you too. Oh man, look at that yeah. What do we got? Oh, this guy's back, oh gt3, gt3, look check out the interior here, all the switches you got to be kidding me.

I feel like we're like a f-22 fighter jet here, all right, we're gon na hop in alex troy's insane race car we're gon na make it one piece. There we go. Oh yeah files. Do you have on this hurricane? 50.

000. You absolute maniac! That is a true testament to how sturdy these cars are like four inches but yeah. Oh whoa, whoa we'll cut that out holy. What the hell was that what the hell was that that'll wake you up, that will wake you up.

Oh wow, oh holy! What? How many horsepower are we pushing right now how many horses, like 300, oh stock, i feel like my lambo needs to be more colorful, though you need some more color like some pink some uh pink bro. I i i'm rocking. Just i'm really boring sorry. You're not boring uh.

Look at this. What's blackened man, i got ta get some colors in my car. I know what you need, gordon. What do i need you need a mr sheep wrap.

Look! Oh yeah! There you go! That's what you need. All right guys looks like the man of strat is headed back to utah. We got a pretty nice crew, we got the e63, the c63, the gt4, the veyron and alex choi's insane hurricane and, of course, the sheepy legera baby, we're headed to bh2 man. There's a lot of cops out.

We got to be careful, yikes, nice and slow. Oh yeah, look at this whole squad here, oh yeah! Oh look at those gas prices six dollars! What really here at the vh2 ticket dismissers night drive, i'm not really sure we're going to do the whole thing, but a pretty solid turnout here. Oh man, not too bad, indeed, not a 2j. Oh this man's got the top down.

It's 35 degrees out what a g maybe 45 - i don't know wow. Oh boy, ticket dismissers, if you guys have a ticket in california, make sure to hit him up. Man. Oh yes suited razor, he's back in the viper baby.

Oh he's back with the porsche. Yes, sir, what's going on son, i got new tires just for tonight. Oh really, oh man got ta break them in so man dude. Oh, my gosh! This is really bad.

This is worse than we thought we're like. Oh, what's that smell like oh, i wonder what that is. It smells stinky outside here's. What it is turned out to be this two and a half gallon left for how long saudi arabia this whole thing leaked out in his car.

Oh god caused this moisture problem. It's only the past day or two because it didn't smell like when i left. Oh, my gosh, all all these paper, towels too, oh god, wait. Did you try drying it up with those or is it yeah? I thought it was just like a little puddle.

It wasn't, and i was like: oh it's like the entire bag holy like. Is it worth salvaging at this point? No, if you want leave it behind my car for a little while and then pick it up later, yeah it's too cold yeah. It won't do anything like it's too cold. I would keep the mat, though the last hell yeah.

That's awesome. Oh man, there, it is that's sick. Mike here has found the ladies instagram. Her name is magical food fairy there.

She is that's pretty sick.

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