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All right, we're back with another video and we're gonna start this video off with a banner and we're gonna go to Beverly Hills and over Los Angeles and do some proper car spotting looking for hyper cars, super cars, and all sorts of weird stuff around there. But unfortunately there's also some pretty bad news. and that is basically every single car that I own. starting from the Prius, the S600, the bosses of the car, the uh, C43, the Lamborghini, Super legera, so on and so forth.

And of course the Sentry are all unfortunately down, broken or crashed. So without further Ado we're hopping in Good Old Reliable the model 3 Tesla Right over here with almost 24 000 miles and very very few issues, just minor minor stuff. So that being said, Beverly Hills Here we come. Is that white or it's like a awesome.

It's a cream instead of picking it up on the camera guys, look at that dude, it is popping with cars today. No play on a cream for GT It's gotta be one of the more wild specs on the Ford GT It's got the blue on the hood and the wheels too fair to see it. green color. Dude, it's an off-white that's amazing.

And that man's outfit? Yes sir. Also amazing. All right. So Show Stack made a good point.

It is an old Ford GT Heritage delivery right there so that makes a lot of sense. Listen in the sunlight there gentlemen. Oh my gosh! Wow! On the Washington plates dang yellow calipers we got mini sheep in frame checking it out. Miso Ronnie Radler is out.

damn perfect day to have that car top down cruising the perusing. and Beverly Hills there he is. All carbon is carbon. Edition 4GT on the organ plates here on Rodeo this is the second one he's trying to do the thing where he gives people samples and then ask them for mine.

Pretty good spec on the Panamera but check out the plate. goodbye. Payne Check this out. Black Enzo at the Ferrari service center? Whoa.

Mint green Lamborghini Amira Dude. check out the interior too. Hold on a second gentlemen. Oh that's so nice.

This hotel is notorious for not allowing Dslrs or camcorders. so we're on the cell phone. But man, check out the plate. Sublime Antique Outlaw New Hampshire plates on the Porsche over here 356 top down crazy.

I'm assuming it's real because we've seen so many fake ones. but dang, it's funny how the presence it just pales. it pales in comparison. That's right, we're back with another lineup.

a Sunday lineup of classic cars here. Got the Old School 560 SL in red, tan interior looking mint old school Rolls-Royce Drop head look at the interior. Absolutely pristine. Very different flavors.

Very bored here. very different flavors. We've got the Ford Mustang in red and then check this out now. Obviously I'm not a Porsche connoisseur by any means, but this looks to be a Bonafide 356 with a number on the side.

Speedster Is this real? Probably. this is like some special variant I Don't know, Maybe it is and then boom rally Monte Carlo Whoa. Drop top Cruiser Classic race car vibes riding on the cloud, riding on the cloud. No plates to wow.
Are you going old school? Yeah. a little bit of everything. DSL Damn. or just get the core band in the back.

Is that a Virgil ablo one of 150? Maybach Just chilling over there. Let's take a closer look. Yes, we are back here at West Marina Auto Body and CMS Motorsports behind me we got some of the parts that have been taken off of the car and of course we've got the hood that's been slightly straightened out just for cosmetic purposes and to see if it latches back up. But we do need a completely new hood for a 1980 Toyota Cresta where it has Sean here in just a second explain exactly what is going on with all the bits and Bobs here.

Mr Sean Can you explain to us what is going on over here? Yeah, so what's up man. So we basically tore the car down yes sir and we itemized all the parts that need to be repaired versus replaced exactly and luckily most of the parts are salvageable. Uh, some of the plastic Chrome has been hurt, but at least it's things that we can glue and get re-chromed and repaired. Uh, the main part up front that's completely destroyed is The Grille which we're gonna have to go ahead and probably build you some kind of a billet grill to mimic the original.

Sure. And we're gonna have to make the cutout for the lit emblem to make it complete as I I mentioned previously. The good thing is it didn't hit the frame so the front bumper is intact. But however, it did push the front radiator support back about almost four inches.

I See that? So here you can see like the center support, the headlamp buckets. the radiator support is a section. it's the center and then this is all part of the apron that's welded as part of the fender apron. Got it? which we can repair? I'm gonna have to harness this on the frame machine.

Okay and pull this forward. it's going to come forward about four, four and a half inches. I Did seem to pull the factory measurements on this uh from a database. So I do have the factory measurement so this is a measurement Point here.

Okay, so we're going to measure from here to the shock power which is in the center here. So when we tram it, we're going to have to tram it in an X form and we tram it to this point. So it's gonna go from this shock Tower to this bolt and then from that shop Tower to this bolt so it'll be completely Center and square. Got it and the Shroud is also broken.

The parts are missing so you can still use this until we Source another one. Sure. but um, the cart will be running and driving and it will be functioning once I'm done with it. Perfect.

Um, these parts my fabricator is going to pretty much hammer out. If we need to remake some brackets and parts, we will. The biggest challenge is going to be the hood. We tried to kind of straighten it out I saw that? Yeah, so as you can see when it shuts it is semi-flat which I've fixed hoods that are much worse on cars that are pretty much you know hoods are discontinued and nowhere to be found.
Got it? So we're gonna do our best to try to fix this until we Source another one. If we can Source another one then it's the best way to go obviously. but I can make this thing work beautifully I appreciate it. The Chrome is a little bent so my my uh my metal guy said he can basically massage this out.

It's got a couple of dents here and then we're gonna re-polish it and get everything lined up. so all in all the car is going to be back together. Perfect. Um, the front section.

I'm not worried about it's going to be 100 just some of the parts. When we do Source them we can always swap them out. but uh, you're gonna be rolling again bro. sweet man.

No frame damage, just some Hood some bits and Bob's over here and before you know it, this thing will be back in action or sat in the garage for the next six months. But we'll see. We'll definitely got to take this car out more. But man, thank you so much John Bruh Now you guys thought we forgot about the W202 C43 AMG alas, she's still alive needs a full paint correction.

Unfortunately this car too also have a few minor cosmetic and mechanical issues. The door he latch over here you open up the door here it doesn't fully close and some stole the Mercedes-Benz logo. like who still does that? That's like something like kids in the 90s and early 2000s did in the last is gone and the tire pressure looks good. The paint obviously needs a bit of work, but overall a few bit of trim pieces here and there.

This car is so show stacked here. Actually took out the car a few days ago. Yeah, and what happened? You ran over a gargantrum bolt in the middle of the road, ran over on this tire right here. We'll throw up the photo of it right here it was.

It was pretty massive, but the managed to Patches up real nice. So that being said, we're dropping this car off at Uh Brady's Mercedes Oh pretty nippy. they're being talking along as of right now I Only have two operable Vehicles: the Tesla and of course the 2008 Lamborghini Super Legere. Now unfortunately, we have some potentially disastrous news with the Super Legere and I noticed that the car was burning through a ton of oil I sent the car to the shop I do my Anno service I Even had the 30 000 mile service done uh I had the new clutch put in.

Oil changes have been done regularly, so we do keep the car in Tip-Top shape I probably get like 150 to 200 miles per quart, which is completely unacceptable. So let's hop in, turn the car on, and see exactly what's going on. I Stumbled across a YouTube channel by the name of the bull rider. This man owns a 2008 Lamborghini Super Legere with over a hundred and fifteen thousand miles.

He does all the work himself. He's a mechanical engineer. He knows the ins and outs of the car and has been doing tutorials on fixing his 08 Super Legere. He gave me a diagnosis and said Gordon there are two potential problems and it could be both leaky Valves and potential cylinder scoring and none of them sound good.
The cylinder scoring is probably a worst case scenario which might require a full engine rebuild or a completely new engine. Let's turn the car on kind of see what's going on. Drive it just a little bit because someone on the road actually told me the car sounded like it was misfaring as well. which I don't really think that's the case Outlook Not very good.

Without further ado, let's run it warm-up drives if there's like a misfiring cylinder as well. Real nice and easy. Nothing too crazy here I think the sound is pretty decent I Don't hear any knocking I don't feel any loss of power with like you know, a misfiring cylinder actually I don't know I'm not a mechanic, but this is my initial assessment before we send this car back to rageable Performance with Frank and they're gonna do a borescope test and of course the compression test to see really what's going on. Do we have leaky valves? Is there you know? mild or severe form of uh cylinder scoring and uh, do we need to replace the engine or do we need to fix the engine so time will tell? No misfiring cylinders at least survived Limited knowledge so we might be looking at a very expensive repair with a guy order Superior if it is both of those issues.

So that being said, hopefully I Have an update for you guys very soon. But uh man, we're pretty bad shape guys. L Train knows absolutely no limits and no bounds. We got the Prius down with the bad battery cells.

We got the Sentry down because of the air suspension, the S600 is down because of the air suspension. and of course the Bozoka car is down due to a minor accident that happened a few weeks ago. So man, I'm just I don't even want to drive the car until I Get this thing looked at. We need a borescope and a compression test to really see what's going on.

Just when you thought the crow fat was over, yes sir the CEO on the plate. Go! Chrome Baby! Yes! Giving off some proper 2012 2013 vibes Arab Style baby. You gotta love me. You gotta respect it.

You gotta respect it. This one looks pretty nice I Like it I like this one. Yeah, the blue is stunning though you guys can't see them. Oh there you go! Yeah, what a classy Speck on a shiron.

It's really hard to come by these days. Man, please come on.

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