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Welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video. Now we're currently here in Tokyo Japan with a few furry friends. We got Mr mini sheep right over here and of course Mr regular ship over here. pick yours up if you haven't already at the F-spot shop.

We're currently in Japan for one major reason for the 60th anniversary of the Lamborghini brand and we know two things about this event: one the date and two where it's at at the Suzuka circuit. Other than that, it's a total crap shoot. We have no idea what time it starts, what cars are showing up. we have no friends that are going, we don't know any owners, So that being said, here's the plan.

Step one: Rent a car drive six hours down south and we're just going to basically risk it for the biscuit and show up on the day of and see what happens. Because there's no media credentials, we don't have any passes. This is a major scent for us. Hopefully everything works out.

We'll see you guys there Dude, this is literally flat out in the Toyota Daihatsu Mira we're catching Mr Saito here. Oh yeah, you know. listen that V8 of his natural aspirated VA in the Lexus LC 500 ain't got Daily Squad on this car. Oh no, are you still Florida We're flat out foot to the ground, pedal to the metal and we've got Mr many sheep joining us on our little venture to Nagoya and then the Suzuka circuit for tomorrow's Lamborghini event.

Unbelievable. Look at that guy. Yes and Ken Sato is gone. Hey Kyle just made an incredible Discovery Here we were just admiring these polls here.

they look like people. It's literally a man holding it up with his arm. Look at that. I Love Japan Yes Kyle What are we getting over here? Come on, what are we doing? But that's a classic.

Uh Hello Kitty right over there. 1100 Yen Not bad. and it is the 45th anniversary over here as well. The countdown? Yes Yes.

Oh that's pretty sick. Hold on. let's hold on. You know what? That's a pretty good size.

So we got the Hello Kitty right over here and it looks like they glued this, um, this plastic thing. This this plastic divider has been glued to the table. Ken I I Held parking area. Meals here in Japan are second to none.

Look at this. We got the Sashimi bowl with some soup. Oh Wasabi look at that. This was around what it was the 1800 Yen I believe.

So that's like what? 14 17.50 So I mean you can't get this kind of quality of food anywhere else in the States off the side of the road. Let's put it that way. I Didn't know what this is. It's like a little Shortcake and some strawberries for like four bucks.

And what is this? This is your Eddie boy. A little pancake with a strawberry ice cream. It's a red bean mixed with it. No, they even included like a little ice pack with it just to keep it cold in here.

That's crazy. How much was that? Uh, like 450? Yen So probably like three bucks. What? Oh yeah, that's it. Now on the topic of food and cooking.

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It takes a lot of time. a lot of research, so support the channel, hook yourselves up and go to Use code F Spot 65 and get 65 off your order plus free shipping. Now back to the video age 43 We're back in the K car following Mr Seidelson in the LC 500 we got Mr sheep over here and of course we got Mr Kyle at the helm sir the amazing K car. How much did it cost to fill up this particular K car 3600 Yen Which is like what's that us like 28 28 30 bucks and you got like 400 plus kilometer range from yesterday.

So first things first: there's a teepee to my right Japanese Love a good ferris wheel in every city that we visit and we got a couple spotters right around the corner home. You see these guys. Whoever. You guys are absolute heroes.

In the rain, in the cold, at 8 47 a.m we're ready to rumble. Let's hope we see some! Lamborghinis Today we managed to pick one of these up over here. Um yes, that trailer over there says 60th anniversary stuff in the garages too. Oh yeah, all right, we are in pretty good company.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've managed to somehow finagle our way in here. I Don't know how I'm going to assume is because they looked at the LC and were like this guy means business. Oh yeah, Dashboard cars are slowly trickling in and the man playing the drums has taken a break. Sc30: Oh yeah, it's pretty early.

it's a little chilly, but bad cars are rolling. Oh my goodness, we are in great company here. All the cars are rolling in said that clean instead of T FDR Ome by the classic is rolling in that shot. two toss rally two Tosh Rally we've got white We love a good Countach Oh my goodness.

oh look at that. Oh my goodness. oh this is this is crazy. Yeah.

10 30 over here. One of the best colors on Lamborghini right there the moon Tosh is and Diablo's four days. Apparently this guy only shows up for official Lamborghini days we're out in the public. This guy's just pulling up in this thing at the same time.

This is honestly insane. We had no idea what the turnout was going to be and it absolutely paid off. The sickest hero right here. Brown Mirror with gold wheels ceiling we saw at a Kyoto Concourse driving several years ago.

Oh dang oh that's got a Midnight Club red sticker on a Midnight Racing Team sticker on home doors going up and more is going up about the legendary Midnight Club Gutosh! Alright so we made it into the show here. The amount of cars here is absolutely insane. We need more! Mercy Lagos I Have not seen a single Murcielago SV just yet, but don't hold your breath because that might be showing up in just a bit. We got a lot of one-offs in the garages over there.

we got cars rolling up. Man, this is crazy. This is just a fraction of the cars here. That being said, we're gonna keep walking around and give you guys a little tour of the Lamborghini Day Celebrations the 60th anniversary celebrations of Lamborghini here at the Suzuka circuit and of course one of our favorites right over here.

Yes sir, One of the elements. One of the five elements that was gonna build a few years ago. Yokohama Lamborghini day with this debuted man. so I gotta respect her.

This looks like a proper racing movie, but on the land truck a little suspicious I Don't see these every day. 36 specs Super calipers are the gold wheels are white, pretty clean. a lot of Stos. it's like a more modern section over here.

We've seen at least half a dozen Ultimate Coupes and roadsters, so more to come. The classic cars are going on track in just a bit, but man, a lot of cool specs. A lot of cars that no one has really seen. Man that's crazy.

White wheels are the ultimate. that's not a Lambo Ken side of what do we got? What do we got? the bronze? Busters So he had a 50th? Yeah and now I guess he's got an Ultimate in the same specs. Holy crap this is from Factory Yeah, sick Dad is the sickest Ultimate I've ever seen. This is this is this is: LP 640 two Ultimates and of course Mr SV Hallibury Eddie's favorite car in the middle I'm telling you the specs at this event or next level next tier so to speak.

This is so nice. Oh look, they've got a Lamborghini bus I just says Lamborghini on the side. They're wheeling in people left and right so we have a schedule. There's a couple cars going around the track right now.

Look at this. Super clean LP 640 right over here. look at this. Wait, what's going on over here? He's gone.

He's got a Polaroid of him with the CEO of Lamborghini 60th Anniversario sticker. Dude, this guy absolute gangster. Hats off to this gentleman over here with the Polaroid on both sides of his Murcielago Coupe Over here, look at that. it's a different Eurovision No wait what? Oh so there's two mirror editions in identical spec with two different plates.

Oh we got it. We gotta go. We gotta go. It's crazy I guess they just finished our lap around Suzuka So much going on RAM Mira that's about 40 would say Absolutely goaded Diablo GTR Boontosh Mira s Do not get events like this in America Nothing even comes close to this.

Look at this amount of money in the 80s and 90s in Japan before the economic bubble and crash was absolutely astounding. That's why you see so many crazy and of course Ferrari's factory paint, no wraps, no repaints over here at the Lamborghini day at Suzuka circuit who are two action over there. Oh yeah, Transformer badge down the middle right there. and there's also a Transformer badge right over here.

So good! Back on the side back when they used to number cars number 49 out of 80. a lot of crazy cars. they're almost no one has really seen before. One off Lamborghinis in here as well Mr nearest Remington has made it out here.

Check out this furnace over here. my hands are absolutely freezing. we gotta warm up a little bit. We had a brown toontosh you gotta stay on Roadster over here and the Santa Nara roaster and Mr Mira's Remington insane.

Check out the spec right there. that's crazy and Espada over here is zero and a 350 GT one and only Nira Yota over here from Dingo Motorsports This music is overwhelming so I do apologize for yelling Diablo and the adventure ultimate. But what's missing from This entire lineup is emergency logo Hey Where's the Mercy? Law Boy, where's the Mercy I Don't know it's hiding. Check out all the cool colors here.

Italian Oh I Thought you're pointing at this tricky Lori Electric Glory What is this? It's just like Celeste So fast going to cigari it's like a straight push. It's a straight No, it's no favors Of course the infamous Rossly Festo named after Mr Vic in the OC when he ran a Lamborghini dealership that was his color and then unfortunately he got himself into a bit of legal trouble and then they discontinued that color. It's back. I'm gonna assume that's a wrap I Can't tell crazy foreign.

We're coming back to this Svj because it's been befuddling us for the past few minutes. I Think it's a wrap I think I think exactly like this. at least I think so. Look at the interior too.

it's got green bits inside I Don't think Lamborghini would sanction a wrapped or highly modified Lamborghini At one of their events another cycle spot over here, they removed rails over here so we could get easier access like such. Oh, they do this for you. They do this just for us. I Do have one gripe with this event.

it's a very small one. There's not enough Mauricio Lagos being represented here, but that is super clean. That is basically a Lambo Jesus spec right there. Lambo Jesus Where are you at? oh Camera car.

Oh check this out. We got Mr pocket sheep mini pocket sheep right there getting all the shots. Make sure to follow his Instagram and pick one up at the store because they're limited and they're selling out extremely fast. Back to the Lambos We got these spread here at the Lamborghini Lounge Managed to swipe up a little uh media pass.

look at this little ginger ale, the sun is out and Shining down on all of us. Check this out. What in the good Lord's name? look look back and Venom go down and take a little. Gander that's the man himself.

Okay, all right, we're currently chilling in the media room. There's literally one, two, three, seven people here. I Think no one either knows about this event or could not get into the event. so we're trying to figure that out.

But yep, empty. I'll do it. Do this for you. Something you don't see every day.

a gated Gallardo spider hold on a tag on second now gentlemen and ladies, this is another Countach bronze Wheels Dark green. Same. It looks very similar to the one in Utah but I think this is like bronze instead of gold wheels. What's interesting is that this particular car has never been spotted or there have never been any photos of it in public until now.

I Guess that's really sick. You've got the Teal Sto and we got a Lambo Jesus spec over here. all white, no stickers and then the green interior. You guys see that little Christmas Vibes the red Countach s, the yellow Diablo VT like a mirror s and of course the standard Countach and cocaine White Diablo VT 666 on the plate.

that as well to the owner of this LP 640 This guy has been hitting nothing but net for the past God knows how long what 15 years since this car came out. This man also has been killing it for decades. This is for you. Look at these specs sto a dark green with gold wheels.

We've got the ultimate and also a very similar dark green as well with the black wheels and red calipers. How can you forget one of the Elements 50th Anniversario special editions and check out these Euros right next to it also in a very beautiful dark green. 50 Shades of Gray more like 50 Shades of Green I Believe this is the final parade lap with every single Lamborghini going on track so we got the countaches right over here. All right.

Looks like they're setting up the group photo with all the staff there. Got some cars that are going on the official Rally from here to Kyoto tomorrow. it's probably like what 70 cars on the main track here and these cars over here are going to go through a lap around the track and go to the very back track in just a moment. So stay tuned.

these three cars right here. Mira Pluto and the Sc30 Diablo is around 300 plus Lamborghinis Just confirmed by the announcer. Now, funny enough, there's not a single first or second gen Super Legera amongst these 300. Lamborghinis A little disappointing and no mercy SVS either.

Oh yeah, how can you possibly be any of this? Wow. Super nice Guinness World Records Honestly I don't even know what else to say right now. It's also overwhelming I Don't know where to go, just enjoy to see the baby. Truly the greatest Lamborghini to have been to without a doubt hands down.

the countdown. No way. today it'll take a while for them to crawl around the entire track. 300 plus cars.

but here we are gentlemen cool, we are going to actually Ultimate Roadster Oh today too big as as spotted by Arnold Land trucks Svj's SB Oh my goodness. Well what can be said about parlay Labs Going five to ten miles an hour? Uh, imagine having E-gear or a manual car uphill downhill. That's a bit frightening for the clutch. Anyways, it looks like it completed the lap.

Suzuka is actually a pretty damn long circuit so it took him like 10 minutes to circumnavigate the entirety of the track you best see it in the house is up on that Ferris wheel at the very very top overlooking nearly the entirety of the track. Looks like they broke the record over 300 Lamborghinis on track These guys and the OG Lambos wasn't tired after a strenuous 10 minute parade lap around. Suzuka it looks like they're having all the owners go to the front can get a photo group photo We broke Guinness record of most Lamborghinis on track. This is a very good opportunity to get some pretty sick shots Us: Wow!.

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