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A lot of you guys have been asking f-spot the bozo car come on. We want more footage, more videos of the bozazoka car rest assured that is coming very soon. It's just the issue is that there are no car shows to really take this to and, like i said, it's just a huge hassle having to take this car out and when i do want to take the car out, i want to try to align it with A slightly larger show that way we get some. You know good laughs, good reactions.

I haven't started this scene up in a while. Let's see what's happening, come on yes, nice, mr influencer. Oh the violation is out here and it starts right. There the whole tires needles.

What do you got to say about that? Don't do it, oh man, the violation, the scene 30 seconds at all, not even on a good day: oh yeah, junior police officer, yes, sir get out of jail free card whoa, mr chief you're, officially a junior good day. What's up dude how's it going man there's a lot going on. There's three huracans in front of us: we got gg's 720s. We've got karoos in the range we got a master here at work parking this sucker.

So apparently this guy was drinking a cup of coffee. In line and now they're not letting him in, i don't know what's going on guys, i have never heard such a or ordinance of any sort. Oh no can't like that's crazy, don't go to dior rodeo guys with a drink. Go get! You go! Kick your ass out! Damn there you go, we got nino's display.

Oh, he is a bonafide junior cadet. Now oh yeah, and i got one on right over here boys. Look at that. Oh yeah put the lift down good, sir! Oh, no, the hydraulics are going to get killed that way come on now, boy put them down, put it down or leave them up.

I don't know dude nick is busting everywhere. Is the gas cap on your s550 good? Sir? Oh sorry, s5. 60.. Look at this guy, how many svjs have we seen today at least four damn? Is that the same one that were the kid's dad brendan brendan curry? That's this! I don't know if you guys know you know.

Basically, the kid had was driving the dad's black uris and he unfortunately killed another woman and that might have been the dad's car. It's all over the news guys. If you look up to the guy's name yeah, i don't know what's going on over there, what what i don't know, that's a lot. That is a lot especially at a fine establishment as the beverly hills hotel.

I don't know it doesn't really fit the mo here. Oh, what in the world raps on raft guys vaping out the rs on dbs? There is a lot going on over here. That's one way to skate around like a skeeter. That's a pretty nice shade of blue on the bentega are venture.

Looking for more abandoned, supercars strewn about these parking lots and storage areas, all over socal and beverly hills, los angeles continues here we go whoa. What do you just say now? Skeeter you're, not oh look at that. We just saw the typhoon. This is the cyclone.

I think whoa, that's that's. A little abandoned he's got a little dust. This is a general parking lot. It's pretty crazy, dang.

Okay, i'm calling abandoned on this one. This has been driven in a while. Oh man, it's got some deterioration on the bed of the cyclone. Here, but not bad, this one's got a little dust on it.

A little viper action, huh wow. These two guys must be together for sure yeah. Listen. If there's dust on the car i'm calling abandoned.

These are probably just here for long-term storage, but we have never seen any of these cars running around beverly hills or los angeles. I forgot look at the gas cap yeah. This has been driven. This is actually really clean.

This is super clean, wow, oh yeah, and these two guys, just on hres too matching calipers a little bit of dust, a little bit of dust ooh with dust on this. This jag over here as well scoot on over here, dfs rbi, we'll just say, vander applause. I wonder if that's the dealership name or special edition, not really sure, but we need mac showstack. You know it's an old person's car two box of tissues in the back or someone that just likes a little hanky-panky a lot of dust on this one.

Oh yeah. That's crazy! Oh look at this poor old, abandoned dusty as hell. I think i parked this car under a tree for like a day. We got all this pollen and all these leaves on it.

But 12 000 exhaust is making a comeback. I'm guessing! There's no gas in this oh yeah, very little gas right up baby nice! Sometimes you really do wonder - is the v12 really worth it: 92 dollars and 18 cents, 22 gallons, not even a full tank? Oh man killing me out here, california, absolutely killing me and the gallardo is also empty as well so and the prius too, and i think the bozo car is good. So man, 100 - phillip, almost currently here at the bel air hotel check this out. We got a 1993 is dara cometh door, commentador, i'm absolutely butchering the pronunciation, but apparently one of one is so that what bottoms are rm auctions.

Rm. This thing is absolutely insane: it's got the bbs wheels, literally even max showstack. Here has no idea what this is. Let alone any max facts or show stack facts on this particular car.

It does have the w140 v12 engine in the back looking mighty familiar here, a light blue wow. This thing is sick, it's like the 600 v12 badge, but they add another one. The v one one two it's got the little is that eagle or falcon, i'm not really sure but yeah. If you guys are a car enthusiast - and you know anything about this car feel free to write it in the comments below.

But this thing is absolutely stunning. Just chilling here at the bel air hotel, i think the leap is coming back. Is that like a mirror on the top max - or i think so, let's just take a look boom. Little mirror got a couple range rovers in the back course got a z8 and, what's actually pretty interesting, is there's a ghibli under this cover right over here, but check this out.

It's gon na an abandoned 50th anniversary. Oh just sat here looking mighty sad, it looks like it's been sat here for at least a couple of weeks. The wheels have been curved to hell. Yeah i mean i'm seeing a lot of a lot of debris, a lot of water spots.

Maybe it was here when it rained weeks ago - i don't know, but it looks like it has not moved in quite some time. Goodness gracious, i'm just kind of like hiding from the uh the workers there. I don't really know we're supposed to be here filming, but we're out here filming some abandoned cars, so to speak, of los angeles uh max. Take a guess: how long do you think this 50th anniversary is it's a roadster right yeah? How long has it been sat here a week or two a week or two i'm guessing two to three weeks: nice little uh, little japanese garden, vibes here at the bel air hotel, but uh.

I think we're gon na try and get out of here we're gon na hide the camera, but one last look of the abandoned sodas. I don't even know it's abandoned. I think the guy just like been staying here extended stay, hasn't driven the car in a little bit, but there it is another quick glimpse of this thing here. Absolutely stunning wow one of two literally don't know much about it.

We'll love to see this running around on the street, damn anyways, we better head out before we get yelled at so one last, look guys. Are you actually ready for this? It says it's. A security like hold on just wait for it to zoom in hold on. Are you kidding me if i was gon na hire security? I would not want that to be my security, that is the jankiest thing i've ever seen in my entire life.

Where do we even begin with this ia wow? That's special! That's special! No, not you! The i8: oh, no, we're just eating a little chick play here in the range rover and mr michael pulls up the people who bought it put 200 miles on it in three years. Left it in the garage they got every carbon fiber package no way, that's crazy! This is this bell: 40 criminal spec, it's pretty cute 2018, with 200 miles. I know we literally just like left all the doors open and i'll make. Let me close my door, so this is aaron's loaner car, while his model 3 performance pack is in the shop.

Let's close the door here, dang everyone's getting new cars boy, hey. What is that this is fully optioned now dude. I have uh no way. This is the invitation to the monterey racing school.

The original owners didn't even use it really. Is it still valid yeah? Oh really, i could use it. It's unopened. You're gon na have to take this to the track.

Oh yeah dang it oh yeah, the peasants, the haters block, the peasant. I like that fully optioned out e63. It is pretty nice in here. Let's check out the driver's seat here - whoa! Oh, oh yeah! I could get used to a newer car guys.

Look at this! Oh, what are you trying to do start it? Oh, like just oh yeah, that's nice! I need a newer car man. All my cars are old. My newest car is a 2008 prius wow. I am sold dude, it's got the puddle lights and everything someone just left these bentleys here.

Look at this wow cornish. Is that a boot on that car right there wait. Why is there a boot on this car? What is going on standard colony, there's no 2016 plate sticker wow el dorado? What happened so many questions? Okay, interesting stuff around here boys and girls, a lot of interesting stuff huh! Look at that jeez! Oh yeah!.

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15 thoughts on “Searching for abandoned supercars in los angeles”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Super extreme bros says:

    Fr if I found a abounded Lamborghini Aventador then I'll just drive it home and repair it and claim it as my car

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Darren Sice says:

    I was working in some high rise units on the Gold Coast in Australia and every day my father and I would walk past a rolls Royce and if we had of pushed on the boot button and had a look in side we would have seen $300,000.00 dollars nicely stacked in the boot.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars B.k Parekh says:

    Brendon gifted his son a lamborghini urus and after some days he crashed it to a women comng from work to home.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Curt Cour de Lion says:

    I really like those vids with all these homeless people driving their Supercars through that failed city of L.A.!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Swartz says:

    You should go out front of grocery store next.. TONZZ of abandoned cars there. All of them must have been there for AT LEAST.. 30 minutes, DANNGGG maybe up to a whole hour they’ve been abandoned. Wow 😮

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars osmosis 01 says:

    😆 nothing worse than if your napping in your buddy's car just chilling and BAM!! He throws the anchor out! Only positive is you get to get em back

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars First Prototype says:

    When "car" YouTube,ers don't know nothing about rare cars!
    You find two Porsche Speedster and you film the jaguar, really?

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Liamiscracked says:

    It wasn’t his dads car the urus it was his birthday gift but very sad accident kids should not be handed such nice things

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tyshown Ramirez says:

    Some people abandon these cars to claim insurance or hide them So they won’t lose them in a divorce

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Luke Skywalker says:

    Some of these cars are very interesting. The Isdera especially. But most of these guys just kind of come across as spoiled rich kids. I like the videos with people actually building cars like the Hondas or the Chevrolets. That would give me a lot more satisfaction than buying an expensive car.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Luke Skywalker says:

    My God I would rather have the Syclone than anything else in that video. Those things are so iconic. And that one looks completely stock.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesus J says:

    The Isdera Commendatore 112i is a concept car conceived and developed by the German low volume automobile manufacturer Isdera. Introduced at the 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 112i had a compact and sleek aerodynamic body work and was to be a successor to the Imperator 108i but the lack of financial reserves led the company into bankruptcy and only one prototype was completed.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Drwstr2015 - CS GO says:

    The Car you did not know about is called Isdera commendatore 112i. It was co developed with Mercedes-Benz

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars VICTOR CRUZ says:

    I feel like any car so called “abandoned” in California Is just some poor bastard trying to get free parking.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sal Monella says:

    If the brake rotors are rusty, definitely hasn't been driven in a while.

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