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We're back here in the united states, in los angeles, where some of the best hyper cars and supercar events and car shows and just general car spawn occurs. We got the 2008 prius right over there and we got the 2008 lamborghini superleggera we've probably taken the prius gas is at an all-time high. We got to conserve some money but hope you guys enjoyed all the middle east and dubai and abu dhabi videos with the vlogs fangio, all the fun cars spun and hanging out with all my friends hope to be back in the middle east in a couple months Or preferably before the end of 2022, with that being said, something is going on in los angeles, car spotting is a dying hobby. If you guys remember when i first started this channel, i had a series called save the leap, and that was me and my friends going around los angeles just trying to find all the coolest cars all the hottest spots.

Sometimes the universe is just whispering and talking to you and all you do is sit there and listen. So i thought to myself espa. What do we got to do? We got ta, bring back, save the leap series on this channel. That's what started this entire channel corresponding at its very core, so we're going to beverly hills, socal, los angeles, looking for some of the best hidden supercars abandoned supercars, preferably some worst off spec supercars.

So that being said, we got ta go right now check out the stephen squad. Look at that! Let's get a clone started with this thing: oh yeah, it looks really good and all black silver wheels red, calipers, no decals or stickers, very, very cute beautiful. We are back in the united states of america. God bless this beautiful country.

It is time for a tunnel run. Stefan bauer, ladies and gentlemen, now influencers in the wild we got not one but a whole squad are those cheerleaders or something or like uh, maybe dancers. What the heck is word. Okay, this is the first proper leap of 2022 in beverly hills.

We got a wira roadster. We got a uh green wire bc, roaster next to it that's sick, totally out of the blue boom. I think it's the first time. I've seen a wire bc roaster out in the wild 3.5 or 3.8 million starting i'm telling you guys it's always the unexpected spots in beverly hills that really just captures everyone's attention.

Car shows are cool and all because you kind of anticipate seeing cool cars running around and sometimes the owners will announce the cars showing up, but an unexpected visitor here looks absolutely insane guys. We haven't spotted anything out in beverly hills in the past three to five months. Finally, something has arrived. Is this the comeback that we've been praying for in beverly hills? Ninos? What do you think come back? Come back season come back season, it's getting a little warmer sun's out.

Buns out bring the cars out. Let's go, which one is the gyro uh mirrors max. So those are the euro mirrors euro mirrors boom, and then we got the us mirrors side by side, which one do you guys prefer max, which one do you want? Euro is quite sleek check this out. 63 edition.

That's got ta, be the nicest one i've seen in all los angeles. If you're wondering what the 63 edition dude's got a nice sticker and it's limited to 63 units, that's it. It was so nice we had to come back a second time. Take a look at it.

Look at that. That's awesome what a great spec jeez escalade limbo! Oh the hover, limo! Let's go! Look at that sv from osaka from last night. I think the man needs a brilliant exhaust. We just saw us, we just saw a spiker go the other way, and this is the oh.

We got the proof, we got the proof, don't worry guys we're turning around we're doing the leap just for you guys. It's a busy weekend, we lost the freaking car guys, we don't. I don't know what to do. We lost them and they got the cops just going wild over there.

They probably got a call turn left yeah, we'll check left on beverly. Here we max what kind of car was it in spiker's c8 laviolette respect boom, let's zoom in check it out, that's crazy! It's got a wing too! Oh wow! This is a beautiful color. Look at the interior. It's like a cream of white.

Do a quick walk around this thing? That is a bizarre win indeed, and it's got a spiker of beverly hills. This guy must be super og because i don't think they have a spike or dealership here anymore. A real throwback into the past c8 laviolette is the coupe version of the spiker dang super rare. None of us and all our years of spotting have ever seen a photo of this particular car, let alone seen it on the streets they made.

Six of these worldwide last one was sold for how much three fifteen three fifteen and twenty twenty. So there you guys have it. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Yes! The ball was not the oh she's sleeping at corresponding cars. Fruitberry boothberry, the rear shop boy.

Let's get it what's coming up! It's coming up check out the buggy slam buggies here whoa. That is highly unusual. Pretty cool, though, on hollywood boulevard nathan, with the eagle eye, says: there's a murcio logo up front hold on. Let's see you gon na spot, this we're on hollywood boulevard.

Let's see it's coming towards us right, yeah, okay, oh there, it is oh sv. Ah black squad coming in strong wow hold on a second guys. Look at this, the electric hummer, no three seconds three seconds: zero to 69 thousand pounds. That's insane! This is the first one that we've seen in person the hev - that is a behemoth we might have to park and take a look.

He actually had a stop and get out of the prius to check out this 9 000 pound behemoth. Hev, it's been driven. It's a little dirty on the side there, but, my goodness, that's insane! Oh, my gosh, zero to 60 in three seconds starts at a hundred and eight thousand dollars by seeing marcus on these that they're just absolutely mind-blowing there. You guys have it money, take res money.

Tank, oh, my goodness, it's based off a wrangler yeah. I did not know the red vines are based off a wrangler that looks terrible 250. Oh my goodness, nathan. What do we got? What do we got? What's on top? What's cheap wrangler on top? Okay, that's the stock oem jeep, wrangler interior.

What's on the bottom, the resvani tank, it's the same! Goddamn thing there you go white on white, got the bellyanne, the 50th roadster. Looking pretty damn spiffy. I once really that's a nice viper right there hold on there. It is where is that mercy logo hiding so right here? Oh that's, clean orange on orange euro spec lp 640 with the front lift up, unfortunately, are those leather seats, max yeah leather seats and it's gated huh, that's crazy to get it and it's get gated.

We have the trap corner over here: the coley bentley's svj and, of course we have a green viper. Hiding over here face, lift one too very rare, color, probably super low mileage and there it is looking really really nice. Look at that. That's sick, sayon coupe got the 63 on it right, calipers, gold, wheels, looks pretty good, not sure.

What's under this cover here max thinks it's a chentinara roadster, but we'll never know. This thing looks pretty sick, nice military matte finish. Let's take a look at the front here: oh that's, pretty sick! That's nice! Gentinario max the front looks like it, though for sure yeah, 100 and then uh dawn, chase's patrol car yeah back in the day, don chase chp. Look at all those lights.

Oh yeah! Here we go, boys show is about to begin last night from last night. Oh, what's up guys love the car man. Oh this intersection never fails guys, it never fails. Oh there, it is.

Oh, that was a professional move by the corvette ca right there, boys and girls. Oh yeah they're, blocking it off down there blocking it off. Oh man that was quick hold on a second. Let's move the show one street over.

Are you seeing what i'm seeing? He has taped his entire driver's side window. I think that's. What it looks like is the camera, picking that up, oh he's, trying to escape us. Oh no, sir, sir, sir, you need a new window.

Oh there, it is. You can see that. Oh, oh my gosh bro. You literally need to go to an expert that does windows.

Let's go to sean he's going to shine at cms and fix your window good. Sir.

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