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Just like that boys we're back here at raging, bull annual service complete. Oh, let's start her up got mr sheep just chilling there! Oh yeah, oh man, look at these gas prices, 105, 21.5 gallons we're at 4.87. That's actually pretty reasonable for a shell gas station. Believe it or not in california, after picking up and dropping off the lambo, i went straight home, packed my things for a 16-hour non-stop direct flight from lax all the way to dubai.

We then headed to the yazoo marina circuit in abu dhabi, for the world unveiling of the deluxe fangio hyper car. Here we got the boys all the way from europe, asia, america, we got the broncos war, we got the denali bird over here. Oh, we got half a helicopter here on an 18-wheeler hold on. I got it.

Oh that's pretty dope. We got the banjo rolling out of the garage here. They just switched out the tires. Things are all slicks now look at this jeez.

That is absolutely insane. This has got to be the craziest car unveiling i've ever attended, yet the entirety of yaz marina here at our disposal. No one on track from 9 00 am to 4 pm check that out. We've got all the americans here.

Yes, sir, we got shostag mr eddie and mr noah. What do you guys think of the fangio? So far, three sticks, you guys like it. I love it. Oh we got it in japan.

Where are you going hold on a second now all the way from japan? You know you recognize them now, look at that. This is pretty crazy. There are no traditional media outlets. There are no real car journalists, just a bunch of cool guys car spotters from around the world all here to enjoy and chill.

I really appreciate the car for what it is. The banjo absolutely gorgeous word on the street is that there might be a possibility. We could get a ride in the car, so stay tuned. For that with that being said, what do you guys think i really like the front three quarter angle view and, of course, the side profile view is absolutely gorgeous.

This is the result of no budgetary constraints, no upper management, no manufacturers that you have to report to no time constraints, uncompromising unfettered access to a crazy, crazy car - oh my goodness, just hanging out with all the boys here, our friends from around the world. Oh, my goodness, you got birds just chirping up in the rooftop wow. What do you think zach come on? That's pretty crazy private track to ourselves from 9 a.m, to 4 p.m. Crazy, cars, a lot of good friends! What can't go wrong! All right! We got the helmet, we got the protection gear extra large for that helmet boom.

We're going to get in a ride in this thing check out the santa box. Here you throw your helmet in here close it. You press the button, apparently it just sanitized the helmet. These are all carbon fiber ii.

Pro sport, we got the extra large we'll be riding in the banjo in just a little bit guys check it out. We got the helmets on we're ready to roll in the fangio. We got almond right over here. All the way from germany say hello, hello to the camera.

We got no glasses because, unfortunately, helmets with glasses do not mix well together, so we're gon na go pretty much blindsided here, i'm ready to go. Yes, hey me, um! What? Oh, my goodness, unreal jeez, louise papa cheese, wow. Thank you so much man. I really appreciate it.

Thank you. Your good friend mr belforty was saying that's a time. Travel right there, ladies and gentlemen, in saying how fast this car was around the track. Sounds amazing.

Look at all the dirt already accumulated from the track and all the brake. That's when you know you're properly, driving the car boys there's a ride of passage with the fangio. You got to sign the wall. Wait who took this photo.

Was it you uh? I think it's henry, oh okay, if you look, let's gon na bless this wall with our terrible full. Look at that. That's professional right there. What does this say? It's! It's scribble bless the wall with their signature.

Let's go where's that blessing fill this gap. Here we go hold on who's, got the coolest signature. Here, that's a pretty good one. I like that check out the new digs here on the sunset lounge second floor.

At the yasm arena circle. We need a drink boys after that lap. We need a drink, a casual lap, around jazz, marina circuit in a bus. We got the fangio just chilling here for a photo op right next to the hotel here in the marina right here we do a little yacht spawn actually here check this out.

Geez hold on a second look at that one over there currently moving to a second location, get a couple photos there. This is a uh, pretty exclusive experience, walking on the track right next to the w hotel, with the yacht. We've driven past this w hotel in the past, and you really fail to understand and realize the magnitude of this building is absolutely huge, when's the last time. Anyone has ever walked on the track.

I don't think i ever have. I don't think i ever have yeah. This is the shop boys look at this right here boom all the photographers here, oh yeah, right there underneath the w hotel. That's pretty crazy! Oh yeah! Let's get that selfie in look at max.

Look at max. Look at max, oh get the get the angle get the angle. Why are you running away there? It is guys make sure to follow this instagram for all the updates on the fangio. We got the club music going on here boys, oh yeah love it.

This thing has gone around the track like a dozen times. Look how much dust and brake dust is on this car. This changed the entirety of the exterior color from white to like charcoal ash gray. What do you guys think of the design language on the fangio? There's gon na be 12 built not sure on what the msrp or what they're going to be asking for this particular car, but there will be a more hardcore track, oriented version in the near future.

Look how low the rear diffuser is. You guys thought my kaido racer local car was low. This takes it to another level. What usually happens with a lot of these press releases for prototype cars or future hyper cars that are either like a clay model, a rolling chassis or just a non-functioning car in general? And then you have to wait several years before those cars ever make to production or they just fizzle out and die.

This is a 100 fully functioning car that you're seeing right here, and you just saw with the previous footage of me getting thrown around like a ragdoll around the yas marina track. What really astounds me is the fact that we're so used to seeing vaporware products in the automotive space, where a lot of manufacturers and up and coming manufacturers promised to the moon of these crazy numbers and figures. A lot of these prototypes just never make it past the prototype phase and right here we have a fully functioning car with a custom and complete interior. No five percent tints around you see everything inside and outside in working condition.

That's crazy! No tint around the entire car - this is a absolutely 100 bona fide working supercar.

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