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All right guys we're currently here back at cms motorsports, mr shant himself, has assisted us in sorting this whole situation. Now. Can you just tell us what was going on with the window? Basically, the window regulator was busted, okay, so the motor everything was intact. Yes, sir, replaced the window regulator.

Yep got the window readjusted and recalibrated and you're ready to rock and roll man. Let's check it out yeah. Last time we had the whole body panel off brand new. Look at that word on the street.

Is you got a new youtube channel where you restore a lot of your old cars? Is that correct yeah? It's basically uh cms motorsports, it's on youtube. We launched our first episode a couple of weeks ago. It's a four episode per car deal: yep uh, we're taking a car, we're building it step by step body, paint interior, all the enhancements uh without breaking the bank. Man and that's the whole thing make sure to check out his youtube channel a lot of cool stuff.

It's every two weeks episode every two weeks, two weeks, gotcha um, the next one, we're doing is kind of a surprise. It's a really nice, okay, real nice find so okay, good stuff, oh a little barn. Fine for us, oh yeah, all right sounds good man. Thanks a lot, do you really appreciate it? Yes, sir, that is insane a complimentary car wash this car was getting a little dusty, let's hop in here.

Oh, we need to clean the interior. Oh my goodness, it is good to be back like clockwork like it. Never even happened, cms motorsport guys. This is sean we'll take care of you now word on the street.

Is that there's been another smash and grab here in beverly hills on beverly drive right here, pretty much right across from a couple cafes, a restaurant and south beverly grill? It's to my right and you see, the local news have already arrived i'll play the footage right here. It was captured on multiple angles: beverly hills, police department says it all happened at 1 45 in broad daylight, when what appears to be a group of men got out of an suv approached the window smashed it in and grabbed everything in sight. Of course, numerous people had their cell phones rolling all these strong armed robberies for watches jewelry cars. It's literally out of control, got to pick up the headlines if it bleeds.

It leads. That is the same and it looks like we just lucked out with a spot right over here. Oh, my goodness, gracious you have got to be kidding me all the cameras here, all the local news stations, damn it's crazy smash and grab believe it or not. There is another robbery i think it's right across the street.

It was a guy in a ferrari f12 and they were trying to drag him out of the car and rob him of his watch as he was exiting a jewelry store. So there's another smasher grab here on beverly drive at the local jewelry store, not sure what was taken, but man. That's pretty crazy. All the local news stations are here just because it's the 90210 zip code.
If this was any other street or zip code, no one would give two dams. The benz is looking super clean. Many thanks to sean as cms for always hooking it up my goodness. She is oh looker all right.

What are we? What are we looking at here? We got um ready v mount excellent uh, v-mount yeah uh. What is it? Uh, borgwarner um, excellent eg, 74, whatever the it's called yeah turbo. This is a custom. This is a custom.

These are all custom piping, cheese, louise yeah, all the vacuum lines got taken out. Okay, oh, we got the lighting yeah, so it's like! So it's nice and simple yeah. I don't know if you've seen a stock one before, but it's like. Oh it is it's all crazy.

In there yeah yep but yeah, you can share seats through the floor to the ground, yeah right there yeah, oh nice yeah, so it's you know obviously catless and everything flamethrower. It's a pretty simple setup: yeah! It's not bad 450 wheel, horsepower yeah 450 wheel, very nice. This is gon na get painted on monday to amethyst rx7. Looking pretty nifty all right.

We got the boys out, we got richard and his brand new m3 yeah. We got the rx7 vince's now what is going on over here? What is this concoction? You got for us, this is the juice bro, the juice, the juice. So what do you? What it? What what do we got to do here? You got to put it in before you fill up or after oh, you put it in after yeah yeah um. It lubricates the engine because then the engine burns oil gotcha as uh.

It just functions that way so so yeah we're gon na watch. You squirt it in yeah yeah. So we got one ounce, one ounce for per gallon, really yeah! Oh no way! Oh, i got another. Oh, it's got a little funnel, though a little funnel here, the life of a rx7 over yeah there you go.

Okay, all right. We got one and a half left we're looking good, oh nice. Let's we got the combos on combos. Look at this boys are out tonight ron and center yeah no f's to give everyone is just breaking their necks.

Oh yeah, that fd life, the cops at alhambra, are literally blocking traffic for everyone to leave. Is that amazing, or not shout out to the alhambra police? Look this guy's literally directing traffic holy smokes. Yes, look at the smile on his face he's having a good time. It is a no go here.

That is the dumbest thing at all. They're just sat down in the middle of the bridge. I mean it's a cool picture if they get if they get clipped you're going to see it firsthand. Here.

Ladies and gentlemen, oh they're moving! Oh it's a cop! Oh that's, crazy! 450 wheel, horsepower 2500 pounds. I think he's tricked out. I think everybody woke up how you doing hey pretty good. You know why i stopped you right uh.

I think so one second, let me give you all this documentation here. Go for the lambo huh yeah, whatever is loudest. They think that man yeah, we saw you all the way in el segundo. So that's why i say: do you think it's a good idea? We can hear you guys yeah, it's a loud car.
I mean we weren't racing, we're just you know. We see a tunnel loud exhaust, so we were, like you know, go for a nice little, you were, you were with a group of two other cars. Have you had any tickets in the past, oh yeah yeah, or what um stop sign or red light um? No speeding, probably yeah, i mean i can't remember honestly, you can't remember what tickets you've had in your life. I mean.

How far are we going back? Well, i'm i'm 44 and i can tell you every ticket i've had in my entire life. Oh geez, i mean i've gotten. I've had one. Oh yeah, probably a lot of front plate tickets.

It was going for 11 miles over the speed limit. I could tell you where it was in the year. It was oh okay, um, so yeah you tell me. You've had that many tickets that you can't remember i mean tells me that, obviously you are racing.

We know you're racing you're with three other people i mean all i'm gon na say is okay um next time. Yes, sir, you want to play games where you're starting to move forward right and we'll just and and not let everybody get pulled over as a group um you're gon na get your car impounded. Oh that wasn't my intention at all. That's what it should look like.

Oh, no, that's why you ended up being the one getting stopped instead of the whole group. Oh, i didn't realize the whole group would already be on its way: oh okay, but instead you wanted to play games. No that wasn't that wasn't the case at all. No, no, i apologize because we are assuming there's a reason why you're, the one that wants to roll away while the others want to stop.

I mean i, i didn't think that was a safe spot to stop uh near like the the entrance where all the track was coming. So already, your driving behavior doesn't show that you know about safety. So don't try and tell me you want to think about safety. Now, all right, i'm sorry, sir yeah.

Okay, look at how how many tickets have you had a couple yeah a couple, a couple more than five uh honestly. My memory is just so bad honestly, don't remember, sir. Probably three four yeah i mean it depends how far back we're looking at going lifetime - oh probably more than five yeah yeah more than ten! Ah that i'm not so sure, i'm not so sure about all right. Well, my partner's still checking your record he'll be right with you all right, no problem.

Thank you. Why would i do that? Like? Do you not see where we were like that was such a horrible? That is the worst spot like yeah, i'm not even trying to make this up like it was about so basically you're going straight past the tunnel and then there's like the lane merges onto where we are, and he wanted me to pull over there. That's such a bad spot, dude like every time i drive by there, it's terrible every time. It's just always back.

It's always backed up yeah, no matter the time, no matter the time accidents happen all the time so, like i figured this is like a safer spot. I don't know, there's no one here. This is way safer, so he's saying i walked he's reaching harder he's reaching bro he's like racing like that was that was reaching ask me how many ticks i had my life. I don't know.
Dude, like you, want to be honest: it's like a lot like yeah, 3, 14 p.m, on uh january 26th and uh. I i literally don't remember all my tickets shout out to ticket dismissers. Yes, sir, there they hand all my tickets, so you guys have any uh questions reach out to them, but this is uh. This is pretty crazy.

Hi man, look, i'm not gon na give you a ticket. Okay, okay! I appreciate it. Sir yeah, i know you're driving a lamborghini, okay yeah, so i i get it, but you know what just don't do it? No, i appreciate it. Yeah you get into an accident.

I mean yeah, your lamborghini right now. I appreciate it. What do you do for work? Uh, i'm a photographer you're, a photographer yeah a car photographer yeah yeah. So that's it! It's like making money on that's pretty much it! Sir and uh.

I drive a prius daily, so this is like the weekend car. So yeah yeah, it's a f-spot e-f-f-s-p-o-t. Okay! Yes, sure, okay, spot yeah, all right right on man all right. Well, you guys take care of drive safely.

I appreciate it all right have a good night thanks a lot. Oh my god! Oh my god, that is just that he's playing good cop. That was good. Call back, i don't know what to say, i am actually shocked.

They probably couldn't figure out how fast we were going. They probably because, like the sound is like reverberating off the the walls there, that's true so just challenge. Obviously it sounds fast, so they just caught up and they're like wait, a second. How fast were you guys going? I don't know stupid, lambo, exhausted, shut up just pipe it down sitting down birthday, send it down down a little bit.

That's not good! I think they're. Okay, are they out of the car yeah? Oh jeez, louise he's got a gran turismo sticker, so he's good. Look at that he's a professional drifter right there trd those wheels in the wing right into the vault zone got clipped. Some got clipped that trd sticker did not help the driver.

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