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Yo, at least a hundred of these rolling down santa monica boulevard, and they all made their way they got it. They got it. Yes, we're currently in one of the sketchiest parking garages in all of l.a. Look how dark it is, and it's extremely low and there's a weird beeping noise.

We've managed to find all the console plates plated cars s-classes. Look that the toyota's got a console plate on it. What escalades range rovers, that beeping is a little unnerving currently in the s-class valves, open ready to scare off any perpetrators and check this out porsche what's going on over here, so we're currently in the s-class and something has occurred. It's not the biggest issue, but actually is um.

The rear right window is not going up. I think the motor failed listen to this. It goes down and it's struggling. It just does not want to go up past that point.

We tried multiple strategies. We tried pulling it up. It's just locked in we're, headed to cms motorsports shot. Please fix my damn window regulator.

I think it needs to be replaced. As you can see, we are in quite the pickle currently here in the back alleys, the cms motorsport, taking a little peek hanging out with sean, and he has disassembled the door panel in one fell swoop and discovered that the window regulator has indeed failed. Due to the heaviness of the double pane window, so we will be looking for a rear right. One and uh we'll be back later this week, sort that out but check this out.

This is pretty cool. We got a bunch of w140 brothers and sisters, one in like a beautiful burgundy color with the chrome wheels is getting all the chrome deleted. They're gon na refinish the wheels v12 92 600 sel. What a beauty and we've got the white one here too.

Look at that, i think it's a 320. Let me check one second one. Second, yes, s320 triple duty, we'll be back here later this week, hanging out with sean who's going to help fix this. With this situation and a few other smaller things on the car.

It's super dirty. I need to drive this more, but for the time being, let's roll out - oh, my goodness, gracious baddies left and right and the bugatti chiro hold on a second. Oh look at that. That's a beautiful thing you guys inspected he's.

Definitely inspecting the video you got nathan over here, saying that's kim k's ghost, oh no, potentially one of their friends is g-wagon. I think he's got it. It's parallel parking a jeep six by six valet. What a homie dude! Oh he's, got it dude.

The security guard is just literally staring at me hold on i'm just zooming on him. I think he's looking at me. I don't, i don't know that's kind of weird. I'm just checking out the fight.

That's crazy! Oh this! This porsche wants to race here hold on. I don't know man, i don't know i don't wan na they got that they got the green light. They got the green light. Oh there, he goes there.

He goes next next light next light. I got ta get out of this lane bro. This is just jokes. At this point yeah, i can't hit that dip.

No, no, no yeah! It's always the right lanes here on sunset. Now we got him now we got him. Oh the trump he's just driving like a maniac he's not even looking to us bro he's just. Ladies and gentlemen, is this porsche about to swing it? I don't know, probably not probably not check it out, turn off track.

Um me! Oh boy, this guy's got like four fishing rods in the rear. Oh, oh, my god, money, um you're a gentleman everyone back it up over here! Forget about it! Hey don't forget about it, got a couple cops over there, uh foreign leave it to the mustang, so leave it to the american muscle baby. Oh, like that, in a long time, brothers and sisters, my goodness, cops, don't know what to do with you. Wow jesus.

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