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We are back with another video on the Xbox Channel after a week and a half. Hiatus Now I Do apologize for the lack of uploads, but there was an emergency way to attend to in Washington state in Tacoma My friend my good friend Hannah her parents house was robbed and you think it's a one and done situation where the burglars go in, they take a few things and they leave for good and unfortunately that just was not the case. Uh, the burglars came night after night, day after day and they attempted to squat in the house so we had to go up there handle a few things and so far we had to fortify the house and make sure everything's on the up and up. We also have some pretty bad news regarding my 2008 super rare one of potentially eight or ten white Lamborghini Super legeras in North America And uh yeah, it's basically as bad as it gets.

It needs a full engine rebuild and we'll get into the details in just a bit before the time being. the weather is amazing. Let's go do some corresponding let's find some weird stuff the NPCs of Los Angeles. So let's roll that footage before we get into the Lamborghini Super Legend disaster.

Bagpipes, Bagpipes. Wait wait, what bagpipes? Check this out boys. check this out. Football hero? Yes sir, that's a massive dog.

Look at the guys. Yeah, he's got a lead. Yeah, that Lean is nuts. Just in case we all forgot, this man's in a BMW squared 440i All right.

we're currently in the underground garages of a Rite Aid Here in: Beverly Hills This person has taken upon themselves to plug in one of these slow Tesla Chargers and charge up while they're here at Rite Aid Dude, maybe you should use a Supercharger matte red 812 competition. With the red stickers on the tires and the red calipers, there's a lot of red going on over here. Pretty sick. Now the A12 competition apart doesn't get any delivered pretty soon.

The coops and seeing them quite a few of them around Los Angeles But dang, that's sick as well. Combo with the A12 com I Mean hey man, some might say the league of Los Angeles might be a little snow and dead. They're coming out too. Top down Full Carbon Fiber Sf90 Nintendo Are you kidding me? Number five, a twenty and what's going on for the trailer and we're with 1.6 million dollars.

It did not reach the reserve, but one day these cars will be worth well over 1.6 You just got to give it a little bit of time. it's gonna have its day. Trust me. Sf90 spider has got a blue interior.

Look at that. Pretty sick. That's a Nasser Hotani spec. Have I ever seen one? Did not notice that the A12 comp had carbon fiber Wheels Pretty crazy.

What do you guys think? A lot of crazy cars here at Wires Only man. I've never seen that color on a Maserati Quattroporte and it looks like paint. Damn. Not gonna lie, it looks pretty good.

You got some combos up here. brand new GT3 in I'm not really sure what it is. pink magenta Violet insert Pts color that looks sick. Got the G wagon over here Brabus and of course we got the electric Hummer right over there.

All the cool Porsche colors are out today. That's pretty sick. Last week this man had a Tdf out front this week he's got a Ford GT in red. You gotta love it.

It is Chrome red right? Yeah, Oh man dang it makes me miss my Gallardo Where is it I don't know. We think that's a year is performante or it could be the Urus s. No it's just perfect Monty on the side. Yep, that's the first one I seen.

he's putting that extra horsepower to use that purple. Yeah! I'll go through this side now. We got a little surprise for you boys. Oh my goodness and silver.

Now that is a beautiful thing that is an extremely rare color on a silver. Countach Look at that original everything I wonder if those are the original tires? Dude I Can smell the interior? Wow and look at this. No plate, No nothing. Let me go go.

Oh tell me you can't smell that. Oh you can smell it. It's bacon in the sun. That's beautiful.

Wow. If you walk past the cracked Windows over there you can smell the leather. Dude, that's all new. This car smells.

This one is a very interesting spot here at the additional hotel off Sunset We got the Toyota Mega Cruiser in white. It's got a custom camper in the back, but what's interesting is that is Kanye's new wife's car. that was that she's been spotted driving around in. Los Angeles Take a closer look here if we can.

Pretty busy day here for Mother's Day at the Edition hotel. but man, custom paint job and of course it's a camper van in the rear on Vermont plates. These are now over 25 years old. They started production in 95 so they're well over 25 years away.

You can bring them in. Legally Bianca Sensori Kanye's new wife running around in a Toyota Mega Cruiser These are going for like you know between 150 and 300 but this has some custom work, new paint and of course the wheels are the tires. rather like 10 years old. Geez, better be careful now.

Monoblocks on the Range Rover matte wrap tinted out brand new. Damn that Marine layer is coming in hot I Don't like that but that looks to be a Sammy The rad man in his 300 SL is yeah. Outfits? Hell yeah. NPC Nation Dude Dude, the outfits are oh that.

Top Hat Wow Velvet Top Hat Are you kidding me? Yeah yeah. How about some old white dude? Yes, Oh no oh no. Oh, you got the Speedster and then check out the family right across. We've got pink tracksuit, pink jacket.

is that like a gold track outfit as well tracksuit. Oh my goodness, that is the most Beverly Hills thing ever right there. This is all right. So we're currently doing a little leaping and Mr fell 40 has took it upon himself to get three three butter cakes with the ice cream from Mastro Steakhouse So we got the whipped cream.

Are you kidding me? The ice cream. Yeah. The butter cake itself. Oh my goodness.

Activate here. Oh let me see how this. How does this work? Oh Lord Oh we got the coup de gras. Oh keep it rolling.

Wait this is not even the cake. What is this? Listen now wait you're gonna if you're if you're gonna play oh you're gonna beg. Wait now Gord was chirping he's like oh Garden Gordon's like 20 bucks for butter cake. I'm like dude, wait till you see the butter.

this is just the whipped cream. Wait why do we have three of them? We got three motors in the butter. Okay, we're gonna share the butter cake. There's three of us get a shared one.

oh yeah oh my. God Back today boys. Well Mr sheep. what do you think about this nonsense? Oh my goodness this is wild.

I'm getting a diabetes from just sitting in this car. Oh yes you are. Yes sir. Okay well here we go.

the The Ice Cream's melting boys. We better we go get some of that butt. You gotta drizzle that ice cream whipped cream though. I Can't believe it.

I Can't believe they put the whipped cream on the tray here. Oh my. God And look at that. Oh chocolate syrup? Yes sir.

Oh my goodness. Yes. One, two and three? Yes sir. Sunday Night hitter? That's right.

And then we got show Sanctus Reading the book I mean I Don't know what's going on Like a good book? That's right. Knowledge Knowledge a combo here. We got a G Wagon in front of the front apartment. Okay, okay I See you now boys.

Looks like they just finished a Pearson Ferrari SUV unveiling event here at the Beverly Hills Ferrari dealership. What do you guys think? It looks a lot better in person than the photos. It's got these suicide doors I Don't know the stats. They're right here, but they're inverted because they're from.

They're filming from the outside, but man, not bad. a good looking car. Have you guys seen the meme where they claim that this looks like a Mazda Mx-30 Ferrari spends Millions to make a Ferrari look like an Mx-30 I'll put it on the screen here. but man, what do you guys think? Yeah or an egg? Honestly boys and girls, this stuff just writes itself the craziness in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills I mean the MPC behavior is 24 7.

you just can't make any of this stuff up. but unfortunately this is near the end of the video and we do need to discuss the Lamborghini super Legendary. So hop in the Tesla, have a seat, take a little break, get a little coffee, and a little snack because I'll make it short and sweet and we'll go into more technical detail in the next video because we need to talk to Rageable Performance and see exactly what needs to be done, how much it's going to cost, and how long it's going to take. So long story short, the Lamborghini Super Legera is officially dead.

The engine needs a full rebuild and we did a four-scope test and we did a compression test. Now it passed the compression test with flying colors and then came the boroscope test. They sent a camera down there because it's a little harder reach, a little hard to see, and it found pretty much the worst case scenario with the 5 liter V10 engine on the Lamborghini and essentially it needs a full engine rebuild. Uh, there are parts of the cylinders that has scoring on the walls and that's where a lot of the oil was seeping in and I don't know all the technical details.

I'm going to talk to Frank again and give you guys the full Loadout in the next video video, but he told me Gordon it's a marathon, not a Sprint and it's going to take between six to eight months. Potentially, it might be quicker, it might be longer. Uh, he said, don't get your hopes too high because this is a very long process. It might potentially cost over thirty thousand dollars.

He noted that this issue didn't really happen with the 04 or 506s mainly the 08s and we're not really sure why. uh, he said they might have cheaped that on Parts We're not entirely sure, but essentially, this is why my car was basically spitting out oil through the exhaust and it was consuming abnormal amounts of oil I was getting like 200 miles if that per quart, which is absolutely terrible. We did a leak down test before this. Uh, we didn't find any leaks.

We did a 30 000 mile service. I Did the annual service every year replaced the clutch. So I've been putting tens of thousands of dollars into this car to make sure it's in. Tip-Top Condition It's always driven really well.

Fortune Originally the car can still be driven, but I'd rather not take any chances I don't want to grenade the engine or cause any further damage to these cylinders. That's essentially what's going on. Uh, I Hate to be the bear. Bad news, you know.

we just got back from Washington a lot of craziness with my friends parents house. Uh, that's a whole other story for another video. Uh, maybe I'll post it in the near future with her permission. Before the time being, cars are just cars and these things happen.

It's just that this is the worst case scenario. Yeah, it kind of sucks. Uh, thirty thousand dollars to me at least for a YouTuber is a lot of money I Love the car. It's my first super car and it's super rare I just can't sell, you know? Uh I had this issue where a lot of other YouTubers they buy and sell cars.

A lot of them don't even own the cars that they buy and everything I buy is in cash and they're my cars and they're super personal to me. and I just hate letting go of things either I'm a secret hoarder or I just have a very emotional attachment to the things I buy. Um, all the cars I have are so bespoke, so one-off essentially there's only 10 white super Legends left. half of them got twin turbo.

uh, two of them got crashed so there's like you know, less than eight of them in North America I Don't know guys, this is a total bummer. I Essentially have no cars left in the fleet other than the C43 and the Tesla but thank you so much for watching again I Know this took a little longer than usual and we're just chatting to Tesla but we gotta have a heart to heart from time to time now. Word on the street is you want to support the channel and pick up a super cute, floofy plush Mr sheep. You could do so Now he is back in stock right over here.

The OG Mr sheep super cute, super floofy co-pilot for your car and of course Mr minishi over here Mr Mini sheep over here is super cute and very travel friendly. You put in your pocket in your backpack and your suitcase and bada Bean Bada Boom Just like that. So that being said, thanks so much for sticking around to the end of the video. I Know there's been a slew about news, but we're going to turn it around and we're gonna get the S600 back in business and troll Beverly Hills Los Angeles and of course all the car shows.

so thanks for sticking around and I'll see you guys in the next video.

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12 thoughts on “My worst nightmare came true”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cuban Comment King says:

    It's the caring-cancer in us to be passionate about the things we own I can relate bro👍🏽

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! Anton Kurayev says:

    Tough times never last, you will get through, Gordon! Can't wait to see Superleggera, Bosozoku, and S600 back. Much love brotha <3

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas S says:

    What about engine swapping vs rebuild? Could a similar Lambo engine fit in your car for cheaper than rebuilding and quicker in term of time?? 😢🤔

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Schneider says:

    Bro, just order a Revuelto. haha

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adam M says:

    So grateful to be spotting in this city daily

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Williams says:

    No wonder your engine is hurt, you beat the heck out of it!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars zach says:

    gonna buy a sheep now to support you, i wish you the best effspot

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars prospect LA says:

    Always get a 2nd opinion when it comes to cars no matter if economy all the way to exotic. Alot of times, these shops do get it wrong. This would be the time to get super creative with content. Maybe partner with another YouTuber on a rebuild. TJ Hunt or Royalty exotic…. etc etc. But this would be a good car series for transparency on the potential rebuild for the superleggera. When in doubt, reach out to the banks. If you own the vehicle out right, you might be able to pull equity out of that vehicle for the rebuild and max out the months for repayment for cash flow purposes.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jeffslegacy says:

    Tacoma and Lakewood are shitholes. Sorry this happened to your friend. We have an office in Lakewood and have had it broken into twice, fuel tank punched after 10 minutes of being at the office and cats stolen off of multiple vehicles in the complex. There is a reason why Cops was filmed there for so long hahah

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    Italian cars man. Pretty and expensive, but they shit on you always.

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    literally screamed “noooooo, monicaaaa!” prayers to the lambo; you guys will be back!

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