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Oh, my goodness, from the world's quietest car to the world's loudest car another milestone on the lambo 33 000 miles. I got this car around a year and a half ago put around 4 500 miles. The miles do add up slowly, but surely, oh my god, absolutely insane. I feel like the car is even louder because i haven't driven it in such a long time and it's a little bit colder outside.

So the exhaust and the intake and the entire engine really likes that the cold weather look at that v10 5 liter internal combustible engine, beautiful, beautiful exhaust, though this generation of the gallardo is the best generation. If your enthusiast, you know you know, but man driving the tesla for the past week and a half has made me appreciate this particular beast - that much more prices are going up. This is a future future classic in the making. You guys got to pick one up before the prices get absolutely ballistic, but man, if you can afford one right now in one of the best colors available for this particular generation of the superleggera.

My goodness gracious i'm a little biased, but i have to admit to you guys that exhaust note on the v10 five leader is all-time hall of fame right there, probably the top five or top 10 exhaust notes of all time. In my opinion, of course, me being an owner, i'm a little biased, but man. It brings an absolute sense of joy and just getting this when you get in the car and you snap at it, and you go my god, this thing rips and roars. We are back in the garage just checking up on all the cars and giving odometer readings for the insurance now check this out.

Kensato a few months ago gave me back my original toyota cresta key check out the design. This is super cool, very, very unique. A lot of people have been wondering what ever happened to the kaido racer. It's been sat here chilling i haven't driven in such a long time and the auction that i put it up on.

It did not hit the reserve, but thankfully i never really want to sell the car, and i wanted to keep it because i feel like the potential of this car and the genuine and funny reactions taking this all over los angeles, never was fully realized, but we're Gon na hop here, on the left hand, side the passenger side open up the glove box and discuss today's amazing video sponsor right over here. It is the phantic x8 tire inflator super portable, we're gon na power up and check the pci on all four tires. As you guys remember, i was having issues with the fitment of the wheel and the tire on this particular side right here. That being said, we're going to test out this fantic xa tire inflator and see what this is all about.

Baby. It has five preset modes and can be used for bicycles, balls, cars and motorcycles. You can inflate anything up to a max psi of 150.. It also has a massive battery with a 5200 mah rating and an inflation speed of 15 l per minute.

This tire inflator also doubles up as a flashlight as such press it one more time. It's gon na start, flashing and pressing one more time to turn off. This is an absolute no-brainer, so hook yourselves up and support the channel and pick up one of the fantic xa tyre inflators, very, very easy to use compact use the coat f-spot 15. you're going to 20 off and you're gon na get an additional five percent off At the amazon checkout, that being said, this car has not been turned on for weeks.

I am most likely sure that the battery is actually dead pop it in the ignition - nothing. Oh dang, it at an undisclosed, location, somewhere, uh near marina del rey, but check out this charging setup he's got the extension cord on the kia and he's plugged in from the second level to the garage down below. That is one hell of a setup, and i do appreciate the effort, but my gosh there's got ta be a better way to charge your hybrid. These we're just casually perusing through some of the open-air garages.

Here we got a lotus with the martini racing livery stripes on the side. Fenders he's got the red accents on the wheels he's got the martini livery on the back. What is go? Oh mister, this guy likes to party - and he probably likes to mr vodka right - we're currently here hanging out on the tesla just trying to kill a little bit time waiting for the delivery truck to show up with a set of packages. It's actually a large amount of packages, and i think at least for me on this channel, it is probably the most important set of packages to have ever been delivered at my doorstep, and it's going to be something absolutely huge for the channel.

Honestly, i i feel like it's a little bit more exciting than actually taking delivery of, say the tesla or even some of my other cars. But i'm going to show you a quick clip that was taken like 10 plus months ago, like in june or july 2021, where i got a sample or a prototype of what's to be in these boxes that are arriving at my doorstep in, like the next 30 45 minutes so anthony unofficial is filming and getting my first reactions of these prototypes and samples so check this out. Okay, what just arrived, gordon, all right! It's on the ground right now, i'm looking at it and uh! It's been a couple months in the making so wow our buddy marcus. If you guys remember, he told me specifically gordon i'm going back to china and i'm going to build a model car company guys follow me right over here.

Look at this we're going to give them a shout out again. These are 164 scale boom, bada bing bada bing bada boom sp1 in blue sp1 in blue sp2. Oh that's, silver sp2 with the blue, stripe blue wheels and the red exterior those are sick. These are all resin models.

These are possibly the most detailed 164 scale, resin model cars of the monza sp1 and monza sp2s. You cannot find anything better than this. So long story short. A lot of you guys been asking where's the merchandise for the f-spot channel, we're working on it.

It's been months in the making, and finally, our first samples of the mr sheep have finally arrived. Follow me over here. Yes, uh he's been a staple on the channel for quite some time. Anthony's got one.

I've got one all my friends have one of mine. This is my first reaction to opening the uh samples from marcus, so we have two sizes, a mr sheep and regular size. The one that you just saw down there and a mini mr sheep, so without further ado, let's open her up baby. Here we go.

I like what i see they're both coming out no way no way the keychain, mr sheep plush. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the first sample, so originally our idea was to make a real keychain size. This is obviously a little too big. If we want to do a true key chain size, we need to make it probably like half the size or a little bit smaller, so i'll.

Just take that one off your hands that one's that one's mine - oh here you go anthony. Let me know what you think: okay, but boom here we go, wait for it holy whoa. No way that's this is hold on he's been squished a little bit. Let's fluff him out a little bit.

You got a winner right there dude. This is so cute wow. This is awesome. Take my money, gordon take wow, but a lot of you guys definitely want the full sized sheep, so stay tuned, guys a lot coming to the store, we're getting stickers.

T-Shirts hoodies, mr sheep's on mr sheep's, mr sheep square baby holy wow. Yes, wow. I've always said that this tesla model 3 is just a giant ipad and it really is we're just installing an over-the-air update through wi-fi got 20 seconds left on the uh counter. Here, it's gon na take 25 minutes install you can't touch the screen.

You can't drive the car man times were just so much simpler when i had the prius. This is the moment we've been waiting for for over a year and a half. I can't even remember when i placed this order or when we got the prototypes, but it has finally arrived, we got 32 or is it 35 boxes just sat outside on the street baby? I wonder what my neighbors are thinking right now: department dude, is this guy, like trafficking like some illegal substances, or i don't know, i haven't, had any questions just yet. What's funny, is that, like there's a red pickup truck that had all the boxes, loaded up i'll put a picture of it right here? It reminds me of the scene in the fast and the furious.

Dare i say i am more excited about the sheep than taking delivery of the tesla first impressions, it's busting, it's about to pop out hold on. Oh my gosh, no way there they are they're all individually wrapped hold on. This is awesome. Yes, look at them all.

Oh, my god, i kind of stress to you how perfect these are they're. So fluffy you look at his face, perfect face and then the tag we got the custom s bar and the mr sheep official collab, oh yeah, that is athena beauty. Let's open up another box and check out the mini ones hold on a second guys, wait for it. Yes, the mini sheep they're all here.

Oh my gosh, look at them, they're, perfect, they're, perfect size and we have a prototype perfect. So cute it's a little squished up, but there he is yeah. Currently, here in the second bedroom, as you can see behind me, we have 30 plus boxes from the ground, nearly stacked up to the ceiling, and we got all the the f-spot and mr sheep collab and, of course we got all the model cars. These are the ones that i think i'll be keeping the ones inside these cabinets and over here will be sold very very soon.

But that being said, stay tuned for the launch of the official, mr sheep merchandise, we'll be selling the stuffed animals in limited quantities and we might have some sticker packs. Maybe some merch, with like sweaters and pretty cool designs, we're also kick-starting back the mr sheep official instagram account so make sure to follow that for all your updates and we'll be posting more a lot of stories and some potential giveaways. So that being said, many thanks to our buddy marcus all the way in china for making this happen. Without him, none of this would have been possible.

He was the one that went to the factory, got me the samples, overnighted them and arranged for the shipping, and we experienced a lot of hurdles. We experienced hurdles with the shipping rates everything doubled to triple in price uh. The production was delayed over and over uh materials were not coming in on time, so a lot a lot of setbacks, but we're finally, here better than ever - and we got all the sheep behind me - stay tuned for the official launch of the mr sheep merchandise. That being said, this is a momentous occasion and a momentous time on the spot channel.

So that being said, stay tuned for more videos, we're out here.

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