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No, no, Yes sir, Yes sir, Yes sir. Let him know, let them know what is his playlist I Want to note this man's playlist right here. This guy has been jamming it out for years. I've seen him like six seven years ago on Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard This guy is still at it and we're in.

Beverly Hills Now Yes Yes sir, Yes sir Dude, we had to make a second round for that boys. A second round Beverly Hills is looking a little Lively boys just a little. Lively So we're gonna do a quick loop around here, see what we see, and obviously do her very best to find the craziest and weirdest stuff for you guys on this channel. Got some nice little dogs over there.

It's literally a pig. Yeah. Pork chop? Yes sir, No way, he's he's he's Wheeling around a pig or chalk dude, it's pointing actively I'm so glad I got that for you guys. But check this out.

We got a little feed at a bar coming up on our left here. that's pretty sick I do like that. that's really nice. Yeah sure.

very cool. In front of us we have a real AMG GTR behind us an AG 250. it's a new model. geez Louise Papa cheese.

They're not even like shy about it anymore. That's not a real AMG Come on, you got at least put like a 43, 53 or 63 brother moons. that ain't no. AMG Now Brothers Come on bro, one can never have too many flags on your truck.

Yes, he's got like 20. Flags Now we're rolling. Say what you will. But man, it's always good to see a Bugatti Chiron just driving around in the back.

of course another Sheeran in there. those Freedom rallies are back. Dude, look at this guy with 20. Flags Let's see this.

My goodness yeah, he's got the Hat he's got the Hat he has. oh man, this guy's dancing. Oh what? Look at this. Oh man, they got the flags on deck.

Dude they got the flags on. Deck Wow dude, what are these drivers doing? Dude. First of all, that's all I'm in a spot and secondly, just go around him. let's go around them.

dude. Go go go go go Oh my. God What are you both doing? Oh Lord Oh buddy, what are you both doing? That's not how you park dude. come on now what in the oh? they had an accident? No wonder.

Oh hold, oh hold, oh what the are you stripping this? What? Get up right there. Yeah they got a guy in cups. All right. let's make a second pass here.

What has transpired here? This guy's stuff is all out of the car. Hold on a second. Oh man. real question is it looks like he's been stealing a couple Amazon boxes.

uh a little uh what do they call those guys that that like just take stuff off her uh doorstep Porch Pirates Porch Pirates Dude Torch fire. Look at this Maybach truck over here two-tone just parked in the middle of the street to our ads with a massive Wayne This is a pretty rare sight. a Tdf out in the wild. That's pretty sick good.

Livery Yellow calipers silver Wheels Very classy dude. You never see Tdfs out in the wild. That's crazy he needs here too. Wow.

it's got like matte carbon inside too. Dude, look at this OG in his SL with a cigar ette. Now now we're talking boys. that is sick.

Old fences just hit man. they just hit man L.A Los Angeles Starter pack get a model 3 Model X Model Y and rapid. Listen, this man's only got one flag this man's got today. brother.

if this is not giving you 20, 20, 21 Vines that's got to be the biggest flag I've seen in a long time. Oh Lord Oh Lord Hey nice Maybach Though there you go. That was fun for you guys. A little spot.

Oh, you got the classic green 3rs and a person stopped in the middle of the road and of course how can you forget the F430 spiders? I Remember when these are out all the time and honestly I kind of hated it because they're so common. but now that they're so uncommon, they're pretty cool now. So let me guess. Rolls Royce McLaren and Huracan and a uh Sheeran Yep, pretty close on the dot and we got a sick Bronco over here.

Gotta have the love a delivery day. What is? Oh a 4GT Pull over and take it man. the first Gen 4 GTS always hit classic red with a white stripe Man civil Wheels red calipers yo What's up boys let's go. Let's go Man what's up? What's up Sir man I Watch all them car meets.

Thanks man. Appreciate it dude. we're back here at the one and only. Peninsula Hotel We got a Dino GT in red and look at this thing.

It's a 300s. Mercedes Wow that's beautiful. So we just looked up the 300s. They're going for around five to six fifty.

That is a beautiful thing. This is in perfect condition too. Damn, look at the mirror right here. Oh that's sick! Wow! what a real treat And the Dino GT as well Must be the same owner.

Dang! Always a treat here at the Peninsula. Always something classy and cool. The two-car combo, two hitter, the bends and the Ferrari Check out the interior. Oh very nice this man's bike is Chrome Wait for it, wait for it? Yes yeah.

I'm a lawyer if you're a lawyer. what am I I Don't know. old school Toyota Four-wheel drive Land Cruiser with the one plate that's OG dude Bigfoot tires. that's what he said in though.

Listen man, that guy's in the dirt. dude. he's straight up in the in the dirt. He is off the Curve I Mean it's not funny, but like you got you.

Listen you, you got to be careful where you drive man. Like you see, there's ditches over here. There's gravel like the problem is, there's no destination there. That riddle me this.

Well, where is he going? Where was the destination? I Don't know if you're gonna drive into that Los Angeles is like a GTA server. You guys are not wrong. Straight up: Grant That auto dude. Look at this guy's outfit.

Yes dude. NPC Nation here in Los Angeles Are you kidding me? Wait wait wait wait wait Oh Lord Almighty Man walking. That's amazing dude. The Renault Duster on Baja California please.

we got a McLaren Sor suppose he's got ran Tech badges. Let's take a look. Yes sir. Power By rent Tech Wow.

Park in the street. look at that 11.99 plate as you do, just in case you encounter a CHP officer. Look at that. You got the duster and the Sor with the red Tech baby.

Angeles Listen, you got multi-million dollar homes out here and this is happening on the street. Look at this gentlemen. Come on. it's bubbling out.

Oh dude, What? I mean I Don't smell anything. That's because we're in the Tesla Roddy We got them HEPA Filled. We do, but it's literally a flood of just dirt and grime and could be sewage. huh? It could be sewage.

and uh, look at that. Look at all this. oh oh man. oh it's like sludge.

Oh it's real nice. it looks pretty sewagey. dude. look this person just just stuck there.

the door is oh oh my gosh, you gotta get out of there sir. All right. Another 4rs on the streets in Los Angeles Look at this. gold wheels, olive green, the yellow calipers.

pretty sick, carbon hood, not too shabby. Wow. You don't really see a lot of these 4rs's out. They're starting to have them delivered here in Los Angeles So always good to see them being driven on the streets in.

Los Angeles Damn. All right. So I was just in the other room editing and I heard a tremendous noise and the great wall that was the DC The Diet Coke and the sugar-free wall. The Great Wall of DC's is no more.

I Cannot believe it was a tremendous and unnerving noise that I heard in the other room is stacked nearly all the way up to the ceiling and now it is all gone. It's all over the damn sink and all over the floor. Oh my goodness Dude, no way.

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12 thoughts on “Meltdown in los angeles: 10 minutes of pure chaos”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars charlpetra says:

    Damn rip diet coke tower that mustve sounded crazy

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A Link to Zelda says:


  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sam Walling says:

    I could watch these videos all damn day 🤣😂

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sylvia Thompson says:

    Oh my gosh, a pig in LA 😂 I saw chickens And a duck in Manhattan New York, hilarious.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars THRAXX says:

    i knew i saw you driving around.. i was in a white g63 this day

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SVPSkins says:

    Prius: Crashes in to work site.
    Me: You can't park there.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mikey&HollzProductions says:

    Why’s your place such a mess Gordon, I’d figure you would but a clean dude but god damn

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stuart Fitt says:

    LA made GTA5 not the other way around

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael says:

    Trump supporters on the Beverly Hills side of Santa Monica Blvd. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars amitaihout says:

    800k yes sir

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Κωστας Κοτζαι says:

    Bro can you make a video of you telling us problems that you might have faced with the owners of the cars . Or any weird shit that have happens to you with carspotting? Also keep up the great work love your content. Support you from Greece 🇬🇷. Salute 🫡

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pic kle says:

    Reminds me of south Carolina tbh. Last part is a bit sad and creepy. It's like when you go to the beach and share a house but, the number of cans low key says everyone at that party was suffering from c ovid and was try to caffeine pump themselves the pain away. A bit chilling to see such nice can and graphic design innovation from a era we all love so much being used as a obvious help symbol during a dark pandemic.

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