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Hey throw up that mustang. So a teacher once told me if you get an f minus for your grade at least that's fifty percent versus getting a zero percent so he's still winning max. That's a very modern interpretation of the riddler, i suppose dude he looks like manny coffman no way. Let me know in the comments below, if that looks, like manny cosmo, with a riddler costume bro.

It does oh, my goodness whoa. That is a! Oh goodness. Gracious all right, first impression: stephen, go rainbow two rainbow chew rap dude. It's like someone's marble table top over here, ben's x6m.

In case you forgot, got the red wheels on the c63 chrome gold ghibli holy. We are back in los angeles, anthony the ferrari. I mean these guys have no idea better watch out better watch out, watch out boys about you guys, but i don't think i've ever seen a cos. 550 amg guys look at this priest.

It's chrome no way someone spent the money to wrap their prius in a chameleon chrome color. What the hell is that hold on zoom zoom, zoom, zoom whoa, oh boy, what the hell is that that's wild, so we're actually headed back to the garage, and i just noticed. Why does that not sound like a c63, because it's not what wait wait! That's! What whoa? Oh he heard me he's like oh you're, out of me dude he hurt us that was not a real cc that was fake. It looked off too.

It looked off guys we're currently in the twilight zone check this out. This is literally next level. Oh, my god dude uh yeah. We should probably get the out of here.

Oh my sweet baby. Good! Lord! That's a lot of gold! Oh it is a chrome huracan. What the heck who is going over here whoa! Oh, my goodness, i feel like i'm in japan. Again, look at this fully bedazzled, oh, my goodness, with the five percent tense.

This thing is crazy: dude, oh yeah dude. What happened to this guy's door on the kia's soul? Oh my god! Dude! It's a holographic wrap! Oh mike! It's five percent tense all round! That's nuts dude supreme everything dude. What is this amg badge placement on the lower right hand, corner of this ml or this gl550 come on man? Oh, it's daniel mack! It's the! What do you do for a living kid? Oh seriously? Oh my goodness! Gracious there's a lot going on here in this picture. Ladies and gentlemen, i don't even know what it's gon na get made lad, pull him over for the stripe.

Get that stripe off that car dude wait. What is that thing? That's not very uh! Oh, my gosh dude he's got a matching hat in the corvette. No, what the biggest limo! Oh my gosh! What's this person doing, leaving oh look at the wrap on the giveaway? Oh! No! What the oh! No, oh, no, maybe a no, no mediocre! Oh! No! That is a definitely oh, no right there florida. Oh.

What is this person doing in the escalade? Get a closer look, oh max. What do you think that's disgusting? Is that bad, or is that just bad suspension? I don't know rolls royce limo, i'm not gon na lie, it looks pretty beat guys. We are rodeo drive. Look at this.

We got the supreme wrap and all pink. Oh, my oh sweet. Those buttons do come in handy. This is literally the most los angeles ever e300.

In pink baby, we got the supreme rap he's, got the tire riding too look at that. Oh, my gosh back in beverly hills once again for better for worse and, ladies and gentlemen, it might be for worse a trap combo of the ages. Dude is that paper is that a wrath sea foam green seafoam, green ghibli wow? What does it say on the uh albert castro forever? He is forever wow. I have never seen anything of that sort.

In my entire life check out the trap. Combo on rodeo drive the roses. Someone ran up worst daw spec. Let's do a drive-by.

Take a look hold on wait for it: boys, lam truck. Oh, my sweet baby jesus check out the two holographic mustang and 350z. What in the world holographic making a comeback boys? Look at that fake gaming g match! Look at this guys! What is going on here? What s 500, with an amg, oh dude, yikes, send that to worst off spec. I don't know, what's going over there, what i don't know, that's a lot.

That is a lot, especially at a fine establishment, as the beverly hills hotel, i don't know, doesn't really fit. The mo here, where do we even begin with this ia wow? That's special guys check out this. Bmw i8. Wait for it! Oh no! Oh! No! Oh my goodness! It's a pink! What is it called the rizvani tank pink resvani tank dude? That's a wonder! Woman wrap! Oh, my goodness, that's pretty sick! Oh right over there.

Oh, my goodness got the racing stripe there. You go! Oh look at this. The rainbow chew, combo look at that. Is that a thumb there or what boys and girls look at this? Oh, my goodness! Oh, i mean uh if it was all like pink.

That would be okay, we're here back in the prius boys and girls, chrome, gold, i8. Here on rodeo drive, sun is shining down on all of us as per usual here in the state of california. Ding dong trump is gone. Wait! What look at the wheels? Oh, yes, sir, and it's lower too.

Oh damn! It's like uh! That is some anthony unofficial. Tint right there, all around five percent, limited donked out. Oh my goodness, gracious there's a big dent on that rolls royce. On the on the door.

Oh yeah, just bentley wrap here, whoa worst off spec. Where are you at worst off spec, ronald mcdonald's vanderholt? So we got it uh rate the rear wheels from a scale 1 to 10. Go it's uh! It's a 4 out of 10., a big fan whoa, my goodness, gracious four g's, four g's orgies on the i8. You cannot hate wow and then a test.

That's a tesla right, rainbow, chew, chrome wraps are out in force, my goodness, which one you know about this. It's it's it's an eye, catcher! That's for sure. It's an eye! Catcher! We see guys if you are a viewer of this channel. You have seen this corvette flex the doors up when we were aziking out there about a year ago, with our friends, murcielago sv, and this guy opened the door start revving the car on his way to pch.

So it's got a qr code on it too. That's real: oh my gosh check out the bimmer squad. Dude, we got chrome highlighting the trio here. Oh look! How low that thing is guys, we're headed home and look at this.

This is quite possibly a worst dos spec. What is happening with the urus white wheels. Pale skin crap, i don't know interesting cars on the street. We've got the i8 coupe in matte, pink, okay, never seen that before dude check this out, tesla convertible whoa.

I don't think i've ever seen. One check out the zebra porsche over here to my left. I hate to wait on the blade. No way, that's crazy is that a chrome g-wagon hold on let's roll the wizard down holy smoke, what the hell, oh, my goodness, wow hold on a second ask the dazzle whoa look at these rats.

Look at these rats. Look at this lamp troll holy is the camera, picking it up guys percent of rap, never mind. I've never seen this before. Oh all, right guys check out this win on the beamer on the vertable too hold on yeah holy dude, this thing's intense dude.

What is going on with this thing? Oh, oh, look at the this interior missing. The bumper crown. Oh he's fletching the i8 hold on this truck is blocking the eye. Damn it hold on whoa in the car flexing holy yeah.

That's the way to do it. Yes, glitter and it's got underglow hey. We found the triangle car on the beamer, all right, a lot of wraps check out those grabs dude. Oh my goodness, do you see this wrap yeah? It's got everything on it.

Holy smokes vegas check out the hummer bag baby. Oh gee seema right here, glc63 i like the color and everything yeah and then and then the wheels sent out a worse star, spec worst off spec baby. What are these wheels on this s500 w140? Is that a yay or nay? For all you, ladies and gentlemen, though god damn it 4g idols, god damn it. I love a good old, pink car.

Look at this is that matt virginia plates. I mean everything wrong with this car right now front lift wheels, oh carving here, yeah, look at that blue calipers with the blue interior with the forged carbon dude. This is like wonder, woman or something it is no kidding dude, that's pretty cool. I like it.

Look at that rap's gone wild in the o.c. Did you see that guy? In the background? No, i did not he's posing for you. Oh really, oh, we have to check to review the footage. What is that is that, like burgundy or something or like a wood, it's a chrome gold, matte black poverty wheels.

What is going on! Oh, that makes sense. That's what it's? Okay, that's what i was looking at and then look at this thing check out this lexus suv here what is going on here? Oh, my goodness, crazy. Gx470 lex, it's got the v8. It's got the rear, splitter carbon fiber.

I can't tell lexus racing parts everywhere: wow hold on what is going on with this gmc truck here this lifted truck, i think, he's a little lost. It's ain't, no texas! It's a slam, tesla yeah! Oh sure, sorry, yeah! We got the homer limo in pink, with some f'd up wheels hold on a second, yes, sir. You just hustle six guys at the valet, so you don't have to wait for a tax. I like it.

Yes, super stretch matching wheels. Wow, it's got the hmm. It's like a world war, two like fighter pilot. What is what is going on here wow, i feel like we're in a constant traffic jam.

Jeez cars stuck left and right here, he's put his steering wheel. What is going on with these teal accents on the take end, dude hold on a second, oh. That is something else. What do you guys think worst off spec or is it a pretty decent spec? You guys, let me know in the comments below check out the kohli pink, some girl driving it too c5 corvette.

It definitely does look like a hot wheels, courtesy by none other than mr arc. Vandalism watch out season assist coming your way: whoa whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. We're gon na blur that out. Oh my god, because i can't the ferrari corporate is not gon na.

Like that one bit. That's sick, though wow i feel like i've had sema all over again. Gls 600 in purple now just hold on a day go on. Second, look at this is that a wrap dude like i don't know it looks like a wrap, yeah.

Okay, yeah. Ah stuffed animal. Oh there, you go yeah! Oh look at that wing here, whoa. What are you so scared about it? Look at that dude.

Look at the drag tires on this thing. Oh my god, dad there's something there's something going on with that car hold on a second guys. This aventador sounds like it doesn't sound right. It sounds broken, wait, listen that did not sound right!.

By effspot

12 thoughts on “Meet the worst spec cars of los angeles 2021”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charlie’s car media says:

    Man said he’s never seen a 550 AMG I’ve never seen a 550 at all we don’t get them in the uk only 500

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fox Slider says:

    Pretty interesting. Some are ok, some not… I almost wrapped my car, but instead i painted it very shittidly. lol.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KingJay360 says:

    Anthony always with the fist up and the most calmest outbursts you've ever seen 😂

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mystic Gaming says:

    Yoo effspot beautiful video mate 👌 ever thought about coming back to the UK for fun dude I missed you on our beautiful country

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hunter Papay says:

    Okay. So I live in Tucson Arizona and I live decently close to the UofA, back in 2016-2017ish there was this exchange student from South Korea and he drove around in a supreme wrapped 458 , drove like a jerk, cutting people off, speeding on UofA property. Stupid kid.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr DejavuKing says:

    Here’s a term to use for butt ugly cars like those… chicken giblets 😂😂🤣. So fxcking disgusting they look like chicken giblets 🤮🤢🥴🤪

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr DejavuKing says:

    Yep your title is definitely correct there worst spec cars!. God it’s like groups went around vomiting all over cars 🤣. Those wraps and mods were so tacky, looks like they drove through a bargain bin warehouse!. No class!. Your old Mercedes looks better than all that tacky crap.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rodrigo Garcia says:

    Why so much hate, let people have Fun and expend money In the things they like. We Are All car guys 🙂

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Boss Media says:

    The corvette with all the weird colors and stuff on the wrap with the matching hat is Mr Organik he’s friends with Tall Guy car reviews

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Grozie says:

    I mean I don’t see what’s the big deal? It’s there’s and their happy. If everyone did the same things to be like everyone else the world wouldn’t be what it is. Be different be yourself. Why judge

    I guess everyone that judges wanna be broke, working 9-5s all driving bloc white or silver Hondas. 😂

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HotwheelsGamer 458 says:

    That Prius wrap should be named as the goblin Prius. Since Tammy Russo has the chrome C8 named Goblinvette

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FiNdiNgGeO J says:

    Can’t hate on people for not wanting to spec their cars like the majority would. Be different, break the mold, get out of your comfort zone. Most importantly , do you and never give a fuck .👍🏾

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