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We're currently here at the lax international terminal, just checked in with the security which is waiting to be boarded out on the a350 business class q suites. Apparently, the business class on qatar airways is the best in the world. It's like first class service for business class prices, but that being said, we got the major hookup, mainly thanks to the caraba and the saudi arabia formula. One gp we haven't been on an international flight for over a year and a half just watch the planes take off here boom be documenting the entire journey.

Give you guys an idea what to expect when you go to the saudi arabia formula, one uh circuit and the race so stay tuned, guys, so we're going from lax to doha to uh jetta sparkling water. We got the amenity kit, pillows, blankets, a towel. Another pillow check this out: we've got the uh entire infotainment center here, there's a controller right there as well massive screen for 8b. We've got a little uh here, too water.

This could be my little house for the next 15 and a half hours so uh, oh yeah, finally, breaking the streak of 18 19 20 months of no international travel and we're doing it in absolute luxury and style. Ladies and gentlemen, how the hell did i get to this point in my life? I do not know we're gon na. Take it it's not a definitive review by any means, but check this out. Look at that design got the amenities kit here and we got pj's pajamas in case you want to take a nap amazing.

Perhaps you should just talk to us all right. That's that's pretty corny, but check out the view all right, quick update. We got these snacks here, ginger ale and some warm nuts got the blanket going on here and we got the privacy thing here check this out feeling pretty snug here, just chilling lunch will be served in about an hour, so stay tuned with the chicken and potatoes And the bread whoa, this is no joke check out the silverware. We got two forks spoon and three knives real silverware.

Yes, chicken is amazing, cooked perfectly a little uh crispy at the end, wow jeez dessert here, buttermilk panna cotta, with passion, fruit, raspberry and mint. Oh yeah, if you're not happy with one movie wan na, have two on your portable device right here. Seven hours into the fight. Ladies and gentlemen, i'm feeling absolutely rested for ordering another meal dinner was exceptionally good.

The service here is amazing. You can basically order anything. You want off the avocad menu at any time. It would take 30 to 40 minutes to prepare because the food's cold and then warm it up, but uh here we go check this out.

This looks so good got the sandwich, the pastries, the scones a little moonlighting nice little nap there, my flat uh. That here is amazing of the smoothie granola yogurt croissant got a crate and some fresh fruit wow. This looks so good. We just landed in doha and i'm on a transfer flight to jetta now, so we've got even more food, we're in another q, suites uh business class seat here on qatar airways check this out guys boom.

Oh my goodness, this is not even the real meal. It's just an appetizer still got the war nuts diet. Pepsi main course got lamb, some rice and some veggies, oh yeah. It looks pretty good.

We are currently here at the galleria hotel in jeddah we just arrived after 18 to 20 plus hours of travel. We got off the tarmac got in the 7 series, went to the lounge got on a golf. Cart got another car to take to the hotel we're. Finally, here we'll do a quick tour of the entire place.

This place is insane we're greeted with a super sick formula. One saudi arabian grand prix 2021 model car in gold got the case for it as well. Looking pretty snazzy we've got some flowers yeah. Of course, we got the briefcase check this out boom for all the passes for each day.

Super vip, i think, there's some dates in here as well, a lot of nice little knickknacks. So we have the dining table right over here. Curtains all around for super maximum privacy, a lot of reading lamps, there's three of them or four of them right here. Of course, we got the lounge chair, sofa more chairs tv and, of course, this is actually insane we're greeted with the amenity uh platter.

This is one of two platters, so it's a lot of chocolates a lot of uh goodies, sugary stuff. We got the first platter there. The second platter right over here is super vip super exclusive because it's got the formula one saudi arabia, uh. 2021.

I think it's like a piece of chocolate or something i'm not sure what we got in there. We got some dates from local farms in the area and we have an entire amenity. Description looks like we got a couple: chocolate waffles. Bonbons mammals dates, chocolate ruffle, chocolate, cups, dark choco, white choco and milk choco, so a lot of chocolate, a lot of dates all right, moving along to the main room here, oh by the way, there is a side bathroom right over here, boom nice and tidy we're Gon na head over to the master bedroom right over here, we've got the shower oh yeah and the bathtub right over here and, of course, the master bedroom.

I already uh kind of messed it up a little bit. That being said, tv a little office space and, of course, more curtains and a massive view of the main strip right over here, i can't recall the name of the street, but there we are. Let's try one of these right over here. Oh yeah super chocolatey, very, very rich and really good.

That being said, it's gon na be a busy weekend. We got a lot of car spawn to do we're gon na check out the track. We're gon na check out the pits all the fun stuff stay tuned, see you guys tomorrow. Architecture here is actually pretty stunning here at the galleria hotel.

Currently, on the fourth floor of seven there's, an outdoor pool on the top as well wow, the color on the audi guys do a little correspond before we head to the track currently here at the jetta f1 circuit at the paddock club parking lot. Here. My walk around do a little lookie-loo, but check out this massive building here, a lot of flashy lights hold on a second, a vaf type white looks pretty good lime truck with the green calipers another one over here as well. Co.

65. All right that is pretty sick. There you go a lot of g wagons range rovers, lexus, land, cruisers, jeeps, tahoes, cadillacs, suv, land and saudi ferrari action, but check this out. We have a carrera gt, hiding in front of the radisson blue hotel here near the premium.

Hospitalities uh entrance: let's take a quick looky-loo. What color is it silver? Oh okay got a little bentley mclaren there we go yeah a little car spotting, saudi baby, a special guest appearance here on the channel. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the one and only alex penfold without a camera. Today, hey is that a cat he's a cat cat cat kitty cat got the mercedes, clk dtm, not a black series, but it looks pretty cool.

Of course, the carrera gt, just hiding right over here he's got two cones and the front plate. Placement is quite amazing, old school plate, old school saudi plate, according to the one, and only mr penfold, all the cars are at the rest in blue baby, we're playing 720s bentley, not too shabby what's going on over this porsche turbo s is that the new wing Or is that, like an aftermarket, man alex think it's higher than normal? I have no idea because i don't know anything about porsche's thing. It looks pretty sick. This place is massive way bigger than i ever thought.

It would be goodness gracious. We took one of these buses from the parking lot. We took a shuttle from the hotel to the parking lot bus from the parking lot to here check out the entrance to the paddock club here, ladies and gentlemen, super vip axis. Here we go getting our steps in holy crap.

Where do we even begin here? Yeah, let's go up here! Imagine what let's go in here. The lounge area in here is pretty insane for, like five weeks down here already so much food entire complex is absolutely insane. The race is over, everyone is leaving just walking around checking out the supercar paddock here really nice stuff. Here we got a career gt right over there.

I think that's a different one than the one we saw in front of the radisson hotel, not bad, not bad porsche design. It's the saudi supercar club, 765lt, 675 lt, not too shabby. We haven't actually explored any part of this main village. So i do apologize.

This video is basically all over the place. Didn't really do a good job. Didn't really do a good job covering the event we're not supposed to film anything on track. While the race is happening, you will get.

Copyright strike got a 918 over here, pretty impressive guys. A lot of secrets here in saudi arabia to spend some more time here in the near future, but check out the main village area here too, absolutely insane. I can't look at this thing. Look at the golf cart yes, but uh yeah they're able to pull this off in, like nine to ten months, there's literally almost nothing here when they started construction and they managed to pull it off so stretch golf car three-seater, oh man, we are back here in Los angeles after an 18-plus hour travel day from jeddah to a connecting flight in doha and then back to lax, and unfortunately we only had two full days in jeddah, and most of that was really spent hanging out with friends.

So i didn't really film too much and of course i didn't film anything on track, because i heard the f1 committee are very very strict about filming drivers, pit lane or any cars on the track and they could flag my video for copyright infringement. Now i didn't get a chance to really feel my return flight, because i was tired and you know what i don't want to make this video too repetitive, but here are a few other meals that i had i'm going to throw them on screen here. The qatar airway q suites - i cannot recommend them enough 15 plus hours from doha back to la felt, like nothing, absolutely perfect service. The food was amazing.

We only had two full days in jeddah and, in my opinion, that was barely enough time to really scratch the surface, to visit the sights. The sounds the touristy bits and, of course, explore the supercar community and the culture in jeddah, let alone in most of saudi arabia. So that being said, i think in early or mid 2022. We need to go back to saudi arabia and do it absolutely right, maybe like a one to two week, excursion and sniff out some of the secrets that are hiding there in regards to supercars hiding in garages personal collections and all that fun stuff.

But i'm super grateful for this absolutely insane opportunity. Many thanks to my friend the caraba talal for hooking it up and, of course, the f1 general hospitality team. They were absolutely amazing. On top of it and very, very attentive hope you guys enjoyed today's video.

I know it's a little different and i wish i filmed a bit more, but listen guys. It's. My first international trip in like 18 plus months, haven't seen a lot of friends, so i was just kind of living in the moment. The next international trip will be happening in a few weeks fingers crossed, but that being said, hope you guys enjoyed today's video make sure to like and subscribe for more future travel content and we might be buying a new car relatively soon and possibly selling another anyways See you guys next time,.

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    From sponsoring the September 11 terror attack to sponsoring F1. Nothing like going for a race in a country governed by Sharia law where they'll lop your head off for apostasy and blasphemy. Formula 1 would race in North Korea if Kim Jung Un paid them enough money.

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    Wiki: Main article: Human rights in Saudi Arabia
    In 2014, Saudi Arabian writer Raif Badawi was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for "undermining the regime and officials", "inciting public opinion", and "insulting the judiciary"

    Human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Freedom House condemn both the Saudi criminal justice system and its severe punishments; there are no jury trials in Saudi Arabia and courts observe few formalities.[352] In a 2008 report, Human Rights Watch commented that a criminal procedure code had been introduced for the first time in 2002 but lacked some basic protections, and had been routinely ignored by judges. Those arrested are often not informed of the crime of which they are accused or given access to a lawyer and are subject to abusive treatment and torture if they do not confess. At trial, there is a presumption of guilt and the accused is often unable to examine witnesses and evidence or present a legal defence. Most trials are held in secret.[353][354] An example of sentencing is that of UK pensioner and cancer victim Karl Andree, aged 74, who faced 360 lashes for home brewing alcohol.[355] He was later released due to intervention by the British government.[356]

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    Hope you guys enjoyed a slightly different video with more travel footage! Should I go back and explore more of Saudi Arabia?

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