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Dude, we got Batman here at Fuji that's what I'm talking about. we're here at Fuji Speedway There's a lot of events happening at the same time. we got a stance. Nation uh show there's drifting.

There's some Liberty wall cars and some supercars. so holy crap. LX 570 Artisan Alford Executive Lounge Edition Oh boy. DeLorean Yes.

Check out all the trophies up there. This is a Batmobile Oh holy crap. Check this out! Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Variety baby.

Variety at its best. And we got all the trophies up on stage. All right, it's time for a quick walkthrough of: The Stance Show: This guy's got a banner. it's called Red Impact Nation Ride Nationwide Strongest Red.

Holy smokes. there's so many. this one's pink. featuring a magazine right over here.

That's right. number 29. Celsius Oh that's so sick I Love the lights Los Angeles California Style all the time. He's got a mini car.

my Lord that's what I'm talking about. Chromed out Nissan President Super Dry got an athlete over here. got more over here. Crowns Wow.

Take a look inside over here. oh I Honestly feel like I'm at like a better version of Sema Look at all the customizations, the lights, the leather interior of the top, the trim. This is the content you guys been wanting to see. and here we are.

This is a Camry or was a Camry insane Gin complete. Oh yeah, he definitely completed that. Legend Look at the front of this band. it looks like a Transformers Number 60 baby.

That's right, it's over here. Oh Time Attack car beer bottles right over here. That's sick. Whoa.

Look at the exhaust on this thing kind of speakers. you copy girls. VIP Check out the interior. hold on I'm gonna try his talk as loud as I can.

Oh yeah! I Got the seat reclined all the way in the back too I Reckon there's like at least over 200 stand-style cars at this meet. Oh we got the doors up baby on the Toyota This one's got huge Pikachu in the passenger seat and a bunch of Pikachu memorabilia all the dash Louis Vuitton pillows and seat over here. the Louis Vuitton bags and the cup holders and candles. Oh yeah, White Angel Damn dude, this is some serious SEMA Vibes these are less than 2015 2016 SEMA Vibes Over here.

proper old school VIP dude are you look at this? Holy crap we gotta watch these cars driving out. Check out the rear on that one. Oh my goodness. yeah some of you guys don't have air suspension or bags.

This Is How They Ride baby. Honestly, we came here for some of these super cars and the Liberty wall cars that going around the track. Check this out. look at these colors.

Purple, two-tone interior baby. Challenger with the Hemi and this one just says sexy custom Street Custom Factory Taking my uh, elegant design, let's go that. Dory Mom right there. look at that.

It was bouncing early from the base. Oh there it goes. Yeah, we've got some off-roading cars over here as well. Holy crap.

Land Cruiser Damn Incredible. A bit of everything at the Fuji Stance show. I Actually don't even know the name of the show. We got some models over there as well.

Land Cruisers We got the bend section over here. Yeah. 560 SEL It looks like a clinic kit, but we're not sure if it's a real one. Either way, it looks amazing.

Dang dang that is proper Japanese style right there. Wow that looks amazing I Love it shant at CMS Motorsports If you're watching this video, that's right. You really know baby car produced. Go check out the scooters over there.

Wait for it. We got the scooters here. Oh man. look at this.

obviously. I Don't know too much about custom Scooters but look at this. This is sick. Look how low that is.

Look at the engraving and the paintwork. Are you supposed to ride this? I Don't know. and this was covered in grass? yo? Insane! Wow. Look at that.

Is that the animal that it's inspired off of? I Don't know. No, that's the helmet. Oh, that's a helmet. That's the helmet.

Wait, that's the helmet. Oh I See ice? That's awesome. Yeah, completely. Slam.

Dude, Don't know too much about these scooters, but you gotta appreciate the craftsmanship paint jobs It stands. the wheels, sound vents, they're back. Oh my goodness. Yes, obviously none of these are running at full capacity.

Dropping it though sounds good. Oh, it's like a chassis mounted wings. Oh, look at the exhaust. Oh what is that? Well, that's a tow bar, but what's that name? Wires attached to the exhaust.

Massive. Hornet On purpose. Don't put that in the car. Let me see it.

Oh oh my. God Oh, that's not good. Don't open the boot right. Oh oh.

Kenneth's trying to leave. Where do you go? It's there. I Can probably open the boot now. it's on the roof now.

It's just chilling right? Let's don't aggravate it. well. if it gets, if it gets in the car, we'll just leave the car here. We're burning the car.

You've Got The Stance Cars over there drifting right over here. Super cars behind me. Let's check it out. Crazy.

All right. All right on Fleek going my way. Yes, you are got a couple cars Supras Line up over here pretty sick and it's starting to rain just a tad bit teeny bit. Are they actually leaving? Liberty Walk Cars No, no of Supers.

There's a Super Meat happening here at the same time. they're all color-coded white, red, yellow, gray, blue. We got the old Supers over here as well. Holy crap.

Ever see those USS auctions where they sell thousands of cars a day? This is what it looks like. Color-coded mark IV Supers here. Mark five Supers over there? Don't know if I have enough time to fill I refill everything. Got the green and the blue and the purple one.

Yeah, look at these kits. There's so many so little time. Look at all the white ones too. Holy crap the Soc Supra Owners Club Ah the old school ones.

Yes, pink one. Check out the blue one. We've seen that at Daikaka and Tatsu before. Oh my goodness.

Super owners rejoice! I Don't even know what to say. All right, we're going to the Supercar section up there now. Car Guy Supercar Meat. Now down below, let's take a look.

There's a lot going on. a lot going on. Hey look an Sb2 Enzo ice cream truck. Oh Monza that guy's just playing like blue Jazz over there or something I don't know, you're the professional, foreign, foreign GT Black Series oh one an old Porsche All right.

we're currently here at the brand new Fuji Speedway hotel. It is owned and operated by the Hyatt group and is part of the Unbound collection of hotels by: Hyatt On the first and second floor you have the Toyota Museum Third floor you got the lobby check-in and a random Aaron Tron and Alex penfold just chilling over there. Oh hello, got the lobby. some cool artwork.

This place is absolutely sick. Completely brand new. Open just a month and a half ago in October Oh yeah, check this out 787b and they have a death star made out of car parts or something like that. Cafe over there.

a lot of cool stuff. Let's get a walk around of this area. This is completely brand new. There's two new restaurants here as well.

Dang look at that bar. six ceiling. A lot of cool Nicks and knacks around here. Jeez.

Check out this new restaurant over here as well. Buffet Yes! Red, black, Oh blue, red, Yellow and white. Oh we need one of these the Tamiya model car sets. There's the cafe and coffee bar here.

Pretty sick. Oh rally cars to my left. Oh race cars to the right. down we go.

We've got a couple of Amg's over here Gt63s AMG GTR Pros GTRs and this very well lit underground garage underneath the hotel here. Very very sick cool stuff around here. man. Anyways, time to head back to Tokyo What goes in the hole? Okay, open it.

Oh great turn around. turn around, turn around. What does it say? Read it, Read it, Read it. Read it out loud.

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