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That's right boys, we're going down. We got the Mark 4 Supra Aaron Trump behind the movie I missed Ken Cyto. We gotta do a fit check later looking mighty fine with that brand new sweater my man. Now we're currently here on a car elevator with Mr plan for behind the wheel of this 22b owed and operated by Mr collector taking three cars out a 22b, the S2000 and of course the mark IV Supra Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Foreign Tron behind the mark IV Supra in a beautiful wide right hand drive elevators. going back up should I hop on let's go. We definitely need to head back to Utah very very soon and visit our good friend Mr Stradman Mr James These car elevators are super sick I Love it Here we go. We got the whole crew got all the boys here. three cars lineup a little JDM Fest for you boys and this is Ken Silos S2k. Very nice, a bit dirty but you know what? it's all good. Subaru 22b with Mr Alex penfold what's a cup holder? Oh let's move it open. Aha I'm in perfect. I Did notice it has a mini disc player. let's stick it in. Oh I Haven't seen a mini disc player in a very very long time. Oh God Oh yo, it works. The mini disc player works. We were last on this car was listening to this: Jam Foreign TRD Sportivo decals on it. Wait, this guy's got quad exhaust on the Prius That's amazing. Those who don't know you need an Etc card reader when you have a car in. Japan Uh, we're gonna find out if that car works. Right now, we're gonna go really, really slow on all these. Yes, we're good. What is a strange song Like the robot? Check out these mountain ranges over here. Oh very nice. Very Tabby It's very turboy in the 22b one of 400. this is number 282. being this player is going strong, we've got some twisties on my head. that's hot Damage: 2570 Yen I Think up there and that's 2500 2500 2500. That's 500 yen. Probably about 50 US dollars right now with the currency exchange for three cars. good. God Almighty Police cars here in Kurazawa don't look very intimidating versus the car the cop cars we see in. America We're gonna hop in the soup right here. Bone stock. Hey hey dude, those look like American style houses. The best way to describe this town is like Aspen of Tokyo A lot of people have their second houses here and uh, in the wintertime, that's when things really pop off here. So great scenery Great Cars Great company and uh, flashbacks. it's like we're back in. Los Angeles Roads It's a little bumpy. Suspension on this car is a little stiff. The car is lowered by just a bit. We're dodging potholes left and right here. but we'll make it one piece. it's gonna be okay and Kent Silo is gone. We've been driving through the mountain passes over the past 15 minutes. This is the third. Toll Gate Essentially, we just spent like six to eight dollars in three different toll Gates on the same Mountain Pass going up and going down. Currently here at some sort of, uh, farm equipment storage facility. Check out the views over here. It's amazing. Sun's coming out, Cars are looking good. The 22b S2k mark IV Supra Funny enough, Um, I Do know that these cars are worth quite a bit of money, ranging from 200 to 300 000 for the 22b limited to 400 units. I Think they brought around 24 to the UK afterwards, but that thing is super sick. 22b means 2.2 liter and the B means turbocharged. Now viewers, if you had to choose one car out of these three, which would it be the mark IV Supra 1998 What year? what years is your account? 2005 S2k or the 22b right over there. It's also very easy to forget that this Supra is well over a hundred thousand dollars in today's market with 60 000 kilometers bone stock 1998 model. My goodness, she is a real beaut. This was a dealer option back in the day. Nice little right over there. Very cool. Stands out just a little bit. Stupid suspension man. hold on. look at this. Oh that's nice. Wait a second. Aaron Chun Did not have his camera out this entire time. The views here are just absolutely perfect. It's always the uh clouds. The clouds always give really good definition for any photo. But man, amazing cars. I'm letting the photographers do their thing. Mark for super. If I had to choose one car, it's going to be this one right here. Check out these porta potties. Hold on Boom That not bad. You guys know what an American porta potty looks like. It's complete dog. He's going to summon a demon now. boys, it's a seance. Try and do some housework to your wife's Delight wait, stop, Try and express your gratitude. Try on, listen to what your wife try and let go of your pride. Try and rekindle the closeness of being in love with her. Where'd he go? Oh Tesla Made all the way out here baby. Oh oh let's go. sorry. actually let me take a video of it. Oh 360. Well Mr Kensado has booked us a very fancy hotel. We're getting onto a little uh oh. check this out. Yeah, hop on in boys. Ken What the hell we're paying for it? number 846. That's what I'm talking about. Goodness that LV battery's looking fine. Close the door. oh it is nice and warm. oh that's pretty sick. And then the I'm guessing it's identical on the other side. Yeah, oh this is really nice. That's pretty cute. And then what's in here? Oh toilet, hey not bad. Day two of this mini road trip we're going to. um well. I'm not going to be trying to pronounce that, but check out these twisty roads. Get that little canyon carbon in the JDM crew. Oh yeah, look at that and that is the final spot right there. Oh God Check out these squigglies Dude, it's gonna be a bumpy and curvy ride Baby boy. Oh it's hot. uh early breakfast at 12 o'clock at noon? I'm gonna feel ill two ugly little Roadshow Check out this tree right over here. Very gorgeous and this is Lake Usui nice little Bridge Dam Lake 22b and a man I'm not really sure what he's doing, but he's got some cowbells around his neck. Maybe he's performing some sort of ritual and we got all the photographers lined up in the Shrubbery over there getting shot. That's right, it's a very beautiful Lake over here the bridges are amazing, the scenery and the changing of the leaves and the colors. absolutely gorgeous. And of course this tree over here fascinated by the street. Beautiful. Very good place for uh, some self-reflection A little bit of Zen Since the Japanese radio is so bad here, we've concocted a solution to this defense title in the front as a Bluetooth FM transmitter. So we set it to the same station and we're basically listening to his music and playlist as we Cruise along. The only problem is the the further you get away from Ken's saddle at the front, we lose more signals. We got to keep it close and keep it tight Eric catch up with your losing signal. What a sick title. Margate with the rice Ken What do you got? Fried rice noodles? same here right here Aaron What do you got? Oh same thing. so mine was 800 Yen I had the Coke Zero the ice cream and then this Bento Box 800 yen is literally six dollars and fifty cents. Time for a group shot here at this beautiful location. And Lake we got a stock WRX and a 22b. Now would he be able to Spot The Difference one is literally 10 to 15 times more expensive than the other. Anyways, it's this one right here. obviously two doors versus four-door The front bumper is a little different. wider arches on the 22b. The slats on the hood are different. What a sick car. Here at the initial D Road right across from us is the starting point of all the races in the anime. I think there's a sign right over there? Hold on Zoom there she blows and I think they go that away. over here on the other side for some photos. Sun's looking good, weather's looking good and it's pretty damn cold so let's get moving. These bumps, wait wait oh oh God meant to slow you down cause too many people been inspired by the initial D look, wait bump. Oh God too many people been drifting around these. Corners going downhill and Uphill there she is. Boys and girls. The S2k mark for Super and the 22b after a two-day stint around the roads in Japan Oh, that is quite warm over there. My goodness, these cars performed absolutely flawlessly. Many thanks to Mr Mook Collector for hooking it up and allowing us to drive and take photos of these two amazing cars. the Mark 4 Super and the 22b. Make sure to check out his Instagram right over here on the upper right hand corner. but dang, what a car! What a machine! I'm still going with the Supra right over there boys. Oh yeah, we're currently at another secondhand shop just to give you guys an idea of the amount of stuff in one of these. these are one of the bigger ones here in the Goya but my goodness gracious. I don't even know where to begin. Oh yeah, do a quick walk around of some of the stuff here. Stuffed animals, a kensaido, some model cars 164s, 143s, dinosaurs. got the whole game section over here. Yup, it literally never ends. Got a lot of figurines cards. oh whoa. look they got a claw machines over here. We got claw machines over here. We're on the iPhone again boy. So if my voice is a little too loud or a little too soft I apologize Training cards, manga, anime CDs DVDs Blu-rays books, vinyls, cassettes CDs I Mean this is literally insane. Camping gear over here fishing electronic section chair TVs Music section over here fishing tackle of course you got the what is this oh more musical items now I got the clothes. you got the hypey stuff of course the Louis vuit the Louis Vuitton Balenciaga pillow I mean you can't even make this stuff. They have luxury items as well. more. Over here we have the Louis V and over here is the VIP room. Gucci A lot of Gucci here more LV Hermes I Mean guys, this is literally just like a 60 of the store. I literally cannot film everything here. This is the quickest of walk arounds that you're gonna see. but just give an idea of how crazy it is here for some of the uh, second-hand stores. yup, Sneakers, boots Air Jordan section over there zoom in right there I'm going wide angle baby hats we got the Hat section more clothes I'm gonna talk over this music so we didn't get copyright striked purses and of course we got the watches over here and some lighters Zippo lighters. Yup, and it keeps you on going baby. It keeps on going. It never ends. So yeah, we're literally spending the entire weekend here looking through some of these shops for toys, model cars, airplanes, and so on and so forth. Got the trading car section over here and the cashier. Anyways, we're gonna head on out. I'll catch you guys on the flip side.

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