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It’s time to leave los angeles for good – effspot

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All right man give us a low down on exactly what we're looking at here who built this thing yeah here we go 2021 yeah, rpm productions, back cart, built in uh, san dimas, california, by mark irvin, mark irvin. I don't have anything else here that mark has built right, but mark is a madman he's a wizard. He built the queen alien for alien versus predator, the movie oh yeah uh. I think she was like 15 feet big like long and tall like 10 feet tall.

Oh yeah, he built godzilla for the 1998 movie. Oh, he did crazy. Yeah wow, like the animatronics feed everything. Everything like you know like little rigs that, like they would wear to like.

Do the movements crazy stuff uh, he built the t-rex male and female for lost world jurassic park. That was the second movie in the late 90s cold start on a 2021 rpm productions. Back cart: oh yeah you'll hear the jet engines kick in whoa whoa. This is the best part right here: got the brake lights.

Man right here, yeah this thing is uh fully. Everything on the cart is sheet metal and steel. There's no fiberglass! No! You know a lot of these things. They'll make out of clay aluminum or solid.

That's solid all the edges that are actually welded. That's a solid, like you know, quarter inch, steel or anything. Steel, groove, front panels, there's also metal. Looking nail lights too working headlights working, tail lights, brake lights, that's sick! It's it's the details! It's all the details! All the details, little uh, you got your batman from the dark knight, no way zoom in let's uh pour out we're gon na hop in a little starbucks run right around the corner, man.

That is guys. This is like i, i can't even like put this into words. This is literally like a kid's dream right here: they're making a one-on-one tumbler, that's coming very very soon. So, oh wow, you got four cup holders four cup holders.

Yes, sir, you can bring back starbucks for everybody. Oh my god, dude the workers were like who is this guy, all wow, nice and breezy? You know it is nice. I like this road, it's totally wide open. All right drop.

My rear view mirror safety. First, we are out on the streets - oh my god, i'm gon na say a prayer we got ta actually enter here. Oh yeah, we got ta just slow it down. You don't have any signals right.

No, i'm gon na do the human signal. Yes, sir, oh wait. There's the pyramid hold on yo, there's a pyramid right: there parameter. Let's go check the pyramid out.

Dude. Are you kidding me dude? This is some at like weird old church called robert yeah ministries. I think. Okay, we gave this to an nfl player and said you can only use it as a church and if you use it for anything else, you lose your ownership, so just sitting here dude that strawberry funnel cake frappuccino.

You want that. I think it's speaking to me, man, okay, i really think it is. You can go, you can do it. There's a volume switch, but you need like an old apple remote.

Oh, oh, my god, dude at the starbucks baby right there, it's the batmobile! You know. Thank you, it's uh drops been spilled. Crazy are good. That's that fox racing suspension.

It's actually kind of hard to get reactions because everyone's got tints here. I know you can't see through arizona man, it gets hot, so that yeah i i don't blame them. I'm not saying people are unreacting, it's just like i'm not like freaking out. I would definitely take my phone out and take a freaking picture.

That's what i would do we're just in too much of like a little suburban area. You know. Okay, that's all good! Another day, another night of just for the boys, absolutely for the boys, i mean this is truly living the dream, mr lambeau jesus, you, sir, are a maniac. Let's spore up - oh my goodness, god have mercy on us all, make sure we're in corsa and we are ready to roll with the r33 to hang out with a good old buddy.

Mr jordan, guys we're currently here at our buddy jordan's collection max bill 40 will be creaming his pants, the ultimate criminal spec game. All black baby took the r33 and the 50th look at this acr. The extreme edition whoa no jordan's like johnny cash. If it comes in black he'll buy it, this guy's got the one-liners there.

It is crazy. So oh my gosh, probably one of the rarest cars in america. Maybe i don't know it's the only it's one of one. So man, i mean 101 hkes bought this car brand new.

This is their parts development car for all the r33 stuff. It's on alex's car um, so it was called t002 for test zero, zero. Two! It was their second test car first one being uh mk4 supra gotcha um, and then they basically ran sakuba. They broke a bunch of lap records with it broke the zero to 300 km record with it and then like most japanese, like demo cars man that rotted in their graveyard for like 18 years right yeah, my buddy over there, ken who i ended up meeting through Buying this car from them it was his idea to pull it out for tokyo, auto salon in 18., so they restored the whole car, but they put a stock rb in it.

It was like rear wheel drive, it was kind of like half put together just to demo their parts, yeah yeah yeah. Absolutely so i bought the car. The plan was to retune it and then um. I bought it from bh auction, which is like that's right.

You were talking about bh auctions yeah. He was there when the top secret supra went for, like we just looked today. 81 000.. I think that's like a half a mill, that's a half, a million dollars for sure dude.

We were saying like three cars invested in in the title right: yeah right, yeah, that's the car in london yeah, oh yeah, you can buy this engine on gun or vivid racing yeah. Oh, what is it fifty six thousand dollars for the long? Oh, my gosh? No! No intake man - this is just the bear long block, so everything else is hks. They basically did the car in 48 days, man insane from start. To finish.

Oh, i see this is where his exhaust comes yeah. I was just looking at that little cutout right there. What in the world is happening in full blown race, cars fighter jet switches up there yeah, so i didn't know then, but hks has a carbon fiber division. So like this, oh no kidding yep that got custom-made door.

That's that's the key yep okay boom yep! Fine! Oh, my goodness, that's naughty whoa! You know what years came over yeah this car came over in 2004, oh wow, this is so dope. The interior looks like no one's ever sat there. It's perfect man, demon, acr extreme edition. You got the m5 right over here guys.

We are in the presence of some pretty insane cars here, which one will you choose? Take your pick. You guys got 10 seconds to comment below 14 000 files. You know amazing abilities, he finds stuff like this and he doesn't wait a second. He just fires.

The buy it now button baby. No, you can. You got to be ready x, fast and the fierce replica restore to stock baby so clean. Now we're talking about a trailer too.

Oh yeah, there you go, cb was bringing a trailer before the market got wild. That's an 11 11 000 mile. Oh five minutes yeah yeah, but jordan will tell you it's a gentleman's seo, so the guy that bought this was yeah older, dude yeah. It was in the 60s and he hated the blue interior okay.

So in 07 they made a limited sti with black leather yeah and he went to the dealership, ordered it from the factory, the black leather seats, rear seats, all the leather door, black leather door cards and the black carpet. So i have all the stock stuff. It has a aps: intercooler, just a mild tune and an aps exhaust, but he was a porsche collector and he just wanted to kind of expand his porsche collection. I consider myself one of those ocd people alive, and this dude makes me look like shameful with how well yeah just take a look at this thing: wild crazy! What's that again, it's not black java black pearl yeah java, like you, could see the sparkle yeah and then like even the factory wax from the tdi when it went down the line, no way yeah dude.

Oh my gosh, that flake that flake is no joke. For 32 000 miles so container type, all right, yeah, itr, 2001 yeah never been modified. This is more of a driver's car. It has some paint paint blemishes here and there, but it's probably one of the cleanest bays.

You, like the gran turismo garage here, everything's like when you're clicking right, left, yeah yeah yeah. It's like a brand new version of it, spinning around jeez. How about this prelude? Just because no a swell right, always 1000 little lady out of washington man. She drove it like 2.9 miles a round trip every day going to work in the store from the store.

It's like perfectly maintained open up the oh, my goodness, can you imagine dude, that's a good smell. I like that yeah, that's a really good smell! That's that japanese jdm smell baby. You know guys look at this. Oh my ultimate man caves on man, the pool table the little bar and stool here got the beard.

I don't. I don't really drink anything, but we got the memorabilia we got. The gallardo table got drake in the background. Have you guys ever seen the collection ones, uh, supercar and hypercar collection in bahrain, we're gaining those vibes right now, except it's all blacked out criminal spect according to max belfort, and we've got these skittles colors right over there.

Man, this is insane we're gon na have to come back to arizona very soon and potentially see some of these cars on the road. You guys recognize this sbj. We took this out with the 50th anniversary when it got the brilliant exhaust. This, too, is getting a brilliant exhaust very very soon, he's had it for several months and it will be installed in no time so we definitely will be back in arizona, but man soak it all in baby, all right, boys and girls.

We're headed back to los angeles, phoenix arizona, has been extremely kind to us. Many thanks to lambo jesus and his wife nelly for hosting me and all their friends, beautiful people, great company, amazing cars. This entire house has been dude. Everyone here with cars, has an amazing dream garage and some sort of man cave right.

That being said time to head out back to the prius, oh back in los angeles. If it's now from here, it's gon na be really loud for behind currently here for a pop-up vh2 rally, we're out, we have around 50 or 75, let's go with 65 cars. Oh hello! Let's bless everyone's ears! Oh no traffic! Already! Let's go we're back here in the garage boys and girls here in my garage with my lamborghini mike. Have you ever seen, tai lopez's, uh infomercials? Yes, i have the guy with the glasses and yeah.

This is your ferrari right by my class i'll teach you how to get one: oh hell, yeah anyways, so we just got back from arizona, uh, boys and girls. There's something we need to talk about. Man-To-Man man, a woman. Does that make any sense like? How do you say, like man and man and like heart, to heart heart to heart, that's what it is and what it is that i have to make a decision.

Do i move out of los angeles to arizona, that's the real question, because you know we're hanging out with lambo jesus alec jordan. His jordan set up with the warehouse and 15 cars down below and he's got the office on the second floor, nice little shower and bathroom dude. That is the ultimate dream setup. That's something that i really want, and unfortunately we can't really have that here in the state of california, due to a lot of zoning restrictions and whatnot.

But the cost of the cost of living in arizona and even vegas is a lot lot cheaper versus california. So should i move listen guys. The car scene, in los angeles and in california, is second to none. You just cannot beat it las vegas forget about it came and touched.

Arizona is actually not bad, but the living cost of california, the just the homelessness the roads are just awful. The traffic is on, but it's unbearable guys, it's so unbearable and honestly, the car scene here, listen like i've been doing this for, like 10 plus years, i've lived in socal for like 11 or 12 years. I was into cars for like a good part of a decade, so i've seen a lot there's not much going on these days. There's no international travel.

Should i move. Let me know comments below guys, but we're gon na head out mike. Take it away by my class everyone: oh man.

By effspot

18 thoughts on “It’s time to leave los angeles for good”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lime says:

    Seeing those GT-Rs is reminding me that I need to buy an R34 before they become available in the U.S. Prices are already crazy but their going to get worse. Got a 2002 Silvia and I need an R34 to keep building out my Nissan legends.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Rajek says:

    Yeah many youtubers i’ve watched on youtube moved out from cali

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Biz says:

    Come to AZ we would love to have you here! Our car scene is growing steadily and your videos will only help!

    P.S. We welcome all $12k exhaust systems.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrChevrolet94 says:

    Come to Altanta Georgia. Lots of car shows and peaceful environments

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars duCK says:

    I would move 100%. Only reason why I wouldn't want to move is family, my little brother is the shit. You can always make trips from Arizona to California if you wanted. No reason to waste money in cali

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Judge Dredd says:

    I have a clk 55 AMG but that looks like a 63 AMG…? Black? I can’t tell.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CIXROSWRLD says:

    If you moved to Seattle yo would love it man you could get to know @Jackultramotive and his crew I could see you guys having a good time in Seattle and the Asian culture is very strong here In Seattle but tons of sports cars aswell.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars E P says:

    If you move I feel it would be harder to get content. L.A. is just full of random content.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jesus saves cars s says:

    I bet lol your ass can’t afford to live there your a baller on a budget hahahah 100% your cars say it all

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Glenn MacArthur says:

    Should you move out of Socal, Oh HELL YA, But you had better equipt your cars with a real cooling system,Ave temp in AZ In the summer is 110 and up, and Nevada is simular so plan for death valley temps! However in the fall you have 2000 miles of united MPH! How ever me and my [2} Ferraris like Florida and if you are into Rallys or stat [SHUUU} runs, there are thoes too!!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CrispCarGuru says:

    You need to get the others to move out of CA too. California is a shitty spot for any car enthusiasts besides meets.

    Taxes, restrictions, etc.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JaY BuDz says:

    I usually tell people from cali not to move here to vegas, but you are definitely an exception my friend.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Lexus Dude says:

    @effspot I live in Vegas and I absolutely love it I have family and friends in california. I used to live in Southern California but it is hot hot hot here but if you like the heat it is totally up to you. I live 25 min away from the strip. But I am looking to move closer to the strip.

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Grenzle 24 says:

    yes finally move out of that shit hole! you deserve nice things! lmao

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ThatOneNigeriansFormulaOne says:

    that car collection was insane he had a little of everything BUT i didnt like how it was all one color you got to switch it up a bit , lol

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frederick0220 says:

    This is a no brainer. Don’t think there’s a city in America with worse quality of life than LA. SF is the only one I can think of…maybe.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan Hale says:

    Yup it's official. The people have spoken and AZ it is. Soo happy to hear you're coming to the bright side

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan Hale says:

    You definitely need to move to AZ! Not only is the cost of living WAY less, we actually do have a pretty sick car scene @coy_christmas, Lambo Jesus, and a real opportunity at creating a business and legacy.

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