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Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, we're back with another video, but we're going to start off with a heartfelt apology from me to you. The loyal subscriber base the notification squad, the general audience, because i failed you guys two to three videos for the entirety of this month is completely unacceptable. Socal oc, los angeles, even beverly hills, there's been a general lack of activity. Car shows car rallies car events enough with the doom and gloom boys and girls we're moving onwards and upwards.

We've unlocked a monumental achievement. Today's video sponsor is none other than a franchise very dear to my heart need for speed, no limit the video game, but more on that in a little bit today is an exception. We're checking up on the ball zoka tire mounting it, putting tire pressure and, of course, test driving the car and, last but not least, the s600 amg kit is finally near completion. Installation might be happening very very soon, but check this out guys die cast 118 auto art super legera in white, identical to my own car definitely need to get some photos and video of the model car and the actual car together.

That being said, let's go and fix the bozo tire. Look at that arm. Boy, get it brandy, brand new tire right over here: 245 slash 525-14 baby valve stem right here. That needs to tighten up.

That's the one, that's causing a lot of issues there. It is checking for leaks right now, very good. All right, cool man, awesome, sweet dude. Let me clean it up for you real, quick, no worries, dude appreciate it.

Thank you mike over here. Damn god, you back in business boys. Let's go baby man, we got ta, wait for the bullseye band to get here, so we can mop out mob out. That's gon na be crazy.

Thanks to mr uncle mike and bc garage hold on. Let's put this right here. Mr sagaro sits in the middle boom. Just like that boys, we got ta head back to ply vista and check on the benz, get a nice little update on the amg kit, but man she is looking absolutely now before we check up on the s600.

I have a huge announcement to make. This is like a childhood dream, come true: i've been playing their games for years and years, and today's video sponsor is none other than need for speed, no limits the mobile game. Needless to say, everyone that's in the car scene or a car enthusiast has most likely heard of the need for speed franchise. We got it running on the tablet, looking absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, we got the project. Eight getting modified baby boom in the game. You're gon na race to win by steering on the streets of blackridge, accelerate over jumps into traffic against walls and through high speed nitro zones, there's well over 1 000 challenging races. You can compete in.

You can customize your cars and stock, your garage with rear wall cars. You've always wanted. Personally. I've always liked the jaguar project a program i even test drove one on the track a few years ago.

So naturally, i've got one in my garage in game. You can customize almost every aspect of your car, just in this menu alone, i've been changing the body color of my project 8. Since i can't make up my mind, this gives you almost 2.5 million custom combos to play with so download the game on your ios and android device today and race for dominance in the first edition of need for speed made just for mobile devices. This is an absolute no-brainer support the channel and hook yourselves up click.

The link in the description below to download need for speed. No limits looks like someone ran off with the other half of the pump there. You guys have it influencers in the wild, we're having a pretty slow day, spiced it up, baby tick, tock baby, let's go these two guys are always out getting a couple reps in are those an elastic bands. What do they call them? Like resistance bands? Hell yeah? That's what i'm talking about baby? Yes, sir, all day, get those pumps in baby.

Let's go, we have the new ferrari store, looking very, very empty anthony. I think the ferrari needs to come out of hibernation. Okay, make an appearance we might even have to buy something at the store. I think i need a nice little hat.

What do you think? Oh okay, there you go check that out. It's mclaren saber, getting loaded up. Wow looks better in the sun, though, look at that it's always more fun to see these cars on the street. I think there's a 720s at least two mclaren sabers.

I think, there's. Let me uh hop in the street again, but man getting some uh monterey vibes here, look at that. That is a beautiful paint job with the lime green calipers too, pretty unique color on the bentley. Why am i filming this? I have no idea utter desperation and to all the viewers that just saw that i apologize guys whatever you do in life.

Just remember, hashtag be curious, be relevant baby. We just discovered this place called planet smoothie, really good prices anthony. What are you thinking? Dude yeah yeah: this has the acai in it boom very good. Is it better than jamba juice? Oh yeah? It is, and you can get look at this 44 ounces.

44.. Oh there, it is. This is this was nine dollars uh yours was what it might seem. A little expensive but jamba juice.

Unfortunately, their prices are not that cheap either and you get a smaller size, so yeah plant smoothie there you have it all right boys we're currently back here at cms. Motorsport right in front of me, is the mercedes s600. With the 12 000 exhaust disassembled in pieces check this out, we have the front bumper, the rockers, the sides and the rear bumper as well all disassembled, and we have the amg kit ready to roll at the drop of a hat man. She's.

Looking little bare bones looks a little sketchy in this alleyway. First impressions, unbelievable, you are a crazy maniac attention to detail. Man holy crap hold on. That's got a good view.

This thing here, man looking crisp, my goodness. Let's take a look at the rear here, whoa. That is insane. Look at that shy, my goodness this is the man right here.

Cms motorsports he's the one that went through the whole ordeal of dealing with the amg kid from russia such bad condition and look at the final results. It's a lot of work, all the paint, the sanding, the polishing, the detailing even put spaces on. For me, i mean this guy right here has hooked it up. Cannot.

Thank you enough sean. Thank you. So much dude. This looks absolutely beautiful.

I made sure every square inch of the bumper yeah is like we paid attention to it. We wet sanded, it give it. The same texture as the factory - oh yeah, so mercedes does have always a little texture sure um. I didn't want to make it super smooth.

Then it's gon na it's gon na set it off so right, mimic the factory, texture, gotcha and uh. It looks amazing man. We got the blue, velour interior. We got the blue leather right over here.

Of course we got the blue, exterior paint and the wheels as well. We've got the amg badge right over here. So this this is an original piece. Yes, sir, from mercedes from germany, which is ultra rare, so all of the uh all of the pre-merger mercedes didn't come with this after they merged with mercedes.

They started putting these on the spoiler, so the first generation e-class the sport models came with them. Anything that was a sport came with these on the front spoiler, and this is brand new uh wow. I ordered it from germany and the way you can tell the original ones if you can see how it has a little bit of a of a bend yep to fit the spoiler. Oh yes, this is supposed to go right here in the center wow and it stays right there no way, yeah, that's insane and that's an original factory piece there.

It is dude whoa. Now it's official holy bam, wow amg s63. We got the old school s600 with the one and only twelve thousand dollar exhaust. The amg kit is finally complete holy crap.

I cannot say i don't even know what to say: i'm actually speechless my goodness. This thing is going to turn heads left and right and of course you got the sunroof peeking up there uh one other minor thing we might have to sort out the hydraulic suspension. We might have to cut the lines on those and put it on coilovers. That way, we don't really have to deal with the never ending issues with the hydraulic suspension.

Those are known to fail if we fix it they're just going to fail again in the near future, but my god, if you have an old car, even a new car, a collectible car, make sure to check out sean here's, his instagram cms motorsports. They doing an amazing job. The amount of attention to detail that they do on these cars is just literally next level uh. He actually noticed something really really minor that i personally did not even realize until he pointed out there are these 30 millimeter spacers and they're sticking out just a little bit too much, but on his other bends, the 30 millimeter spacers were just fine, but on the S600, apparently it just it's just a little bit too much.

So that being said, we might have to revert to like a 20 millimeter or even a 15 to make it completely flush. Fitment is absolutely perfect in the rear. If you noticed in the past, the rear tires and the wheels were recessed quite a bit without the rear spacers, and now they look pretty damn good. I can't say enough good things about the shop and sean.

That being said, we got ta hop in go for a little spin and let her rip baby. Oh yeah man, it is good to oh, mr sheep, is back in business, guys we're not getting into a pool it's a residential neighborhood, maybe a little just a little little taste, my god hold on a second. What uh? Oh, we got. Ta pull over the other day, we saw a crash off pch in malibu, let's park the car and have a little look-see.

What is going on here holy smokes. What the hell happened here, oh, what damn that is an accident and a half boys and girls, see all the debris here. Jeez that is absolutely gnarly, not a good situation at all. Look at that all right there.

You guys have it los angeles. In a nutshell, this is a liberty, walk special tire. Apparently, the last owner of these two tires uh. He also owned a kaido racer who had the same uh tire size as mine, so he sold his kyle racer and now he sold his two.

His two tires on yahoo auctions and he said that to get these tires now special order from kadusan himself at liberty walk, so we really lucked out. You know i mean it couldn't have gone any better so for racing purposes. Only oh yeah right on the track. Why do you think they call a kaido racer there? It is so when we took the wheel off the tire off.

It was completely deflated at like almost zero psi and that made it so much easier to take out now it's fully inflated the jack is totally maxed out. We have one hockey puck underneath that's holding it up. We might need two anthony, i think. So what should we do? What do you put on some wood? Add a hockey puck there, okay and then that's it and then we'll see what happens in the trunk.

Let's, let's do it: okay, wait! This is one of these hockey pucks here that we got on amazon two for 12 bucks. Now it's on some wood, oh god. I think we're good. It did that when we went on the way up, i'm going to close your door, yeah you're, good, yes, so easy wow, just like that.

Yeah still works baby still thinks we're in japan. All right, you're, probably wondering gordon s spot, got anthony on the official here. He's got the ic you're wrong, you're, probably wondering why is it nighttime and i said i was going to do a test drive in the daytime. Well, don't worry about it.

I think the car is in really good shape here guys. I finally got the card in tip-top shapes looking absolutely gorgeous this guy over. There is like what is going on. Yes, that is a massive vinyl, of course, the front splitter.

I think we're good hold on yes, very good there. You go not bad. Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, there you guys have it. The new tires are on.

We are in business, yes.

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12 thoughts on “It’s finally done! meet my $12,000 exhaust mercedes amg kit”
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    Ur my favorite youtuber man i always do watch ur vids and make me laugh full support

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    Those wheels needed to be 2 inches bigger for a more agressive stance

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    Yo effspot , you ever thought about tinting the s600 windows? Would make it look even better in my opinion. Just a suggestion ofcourse 🙂

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    you need no props from me, but i gotta tell you, your originality is so refreshing – bosozoku on LA streets and pimping out a 90's S600 is so fresh bro. keep doing you, you're killing it

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars allnovieveryday says:

    Have you thought about a Clear wrap for the new paint? Best time to do it is now. Car looks so clean man, sick!

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    I'm in awe…gorgeous w140. Plz bring it out to the Coachella Valley/desert. Plenty of street to rip it, and plenty of scenery for photo content 😀

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